Why are mono diets dangerous?

Probably only those who have never suffered from excess weight do not know about mono-diets. Any of them looks like a magic pill: eat this product, drink water and lose 10 kg in 10 days. Such offers will bribe any newbie, and sometimes the pros fall for the bait.

A mono- diet is any dietary restriction that prescribes the use of one product or one group of products (protein, milk, cereals, fruits, vegetables) for a long time, longer than 2 days.

Why are mono diets dangerous?

The only plus of the diet is fast weight loss. There is much more harm from it:

    1. Deteriorating health . Lack of essential vitamins, minerals, micronutrients will quickly worsen the condition of your skin, hair and nails. And vitamin complexes will not be able to compensate for this deficiency.
    2. Psychological changes . Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder – this is not a complete list of problems that require the intervention of a psychotherapist, and possibly medication. Two weeks of mono-diet, and you will understand that it is already difficult to return to proper nutrition.
    3. Rapid growth of body fat . Once you stop limiting yourself, your body will go all out and even eating right will increase your fat percentage.

The most harmful mono diets

Protein . This includes all mono-diets with milk or large amounts of meat, without the addition of complex carbohydrates or other foods. It has a bad effect on both internal organs and joints. Also, the hair becomes thinner and drier, the skin begins to thin and lose moisture.

Buckwheat . Practitioners of such restrictions can expect hypoglycemia, stomach problems, exacerbation of ulcers and the risk of compulsive overeating, since buckwheat becomes boring very quickly.

Cabbage . An extremely poor vitamin and mineral composition quickly leads to vitamin deficiency, flatulence and adds psychological discomfort. Brittle nails appear, hair falls out and splits, the skin becomes dry, peeling appears, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, teeth, and oral mucosa are aggravated.

Fruit . A huge amount of fructose will provoke the production of insulin, which will lead to problems with the endocrine system. The increased calorie content of fruits will lead to a decrease in the amount of food, which means that you will become overeating or starving.

Energy drinks and water . This is a dangerous diet that can be very damaging to your health. Large amounts of energy drinks and lack of food will trigger heart problems. There is a deterioration in vision, stomach problems, joints and liver begin to ache.

Any of the diets will lead to a deterioration in mood, health, and subsequent weight gain. It is a must pay for trying to drastically change your eating habits.

A mono-diet on juices and smoothies for 1-2 days will help to cleanse the body tasty and effective

When a mono diet is the way out

There are situations where such a radical change in the diet will lead to positive results.

1 product and clean water is a fasting day, which is recommended to be done once a week.

Physicians, psychotherapists, athletes, nutritionists approve of unloading and recommend them for weight loss and cleansing. Dairy products (kefir, cottage cheese, sugar-free yogurt) are well suited for a one-day mono-diet. Such a diet relieves swelling, improves the quality of the skin, reduces the weekly calorie intake without constant restrictions for 7 days. Can be peeled on cucumbers, apples, boiled chicken. Take your favorite product and eat no more than 1 kilogram during the day.

As one of the options for fasting days, you can use our new Detox program, which will transfer you to a drinking diet of smoothies, fruit juices, fresh natural cocktails for two days.

You can view Grow Food’s Detox menu here .

If you have any questions about diet or cleansing, call or email us, we will advise anyone who wants to lose weight or stay in shape.

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