What makes vinegar sweet

Alternative questions in crossword puzzles for the word freebie

A meal not paid for by you (simple)

In Dahl’s dictionary, this word is given several interpretations, in particular: “boot shaft”, “glass blown into a bubble” and “obscene woman”

Mouth, mouth, pharynx, hailo, freebie

What’s free is free

That which is for free (colloquial)

Word definitions for freebie in dictionaries

Examples of the use of the word freebie in the literature.

When the construction of the hydro-construction of the century was completed, the local intelligentsia began to intensively exploit the resulting decent bath for free .

May Carrier be with you forever and ever, may your loins rest on the Iskra Freebie , may Allah forgive you the bottle of beer that was not given to me a year ago.

Dazdraperma thought for a bit, hiccupped and melancholy answered: – That’s because there is methanol buv for free .

All of them would only make fun of for free , and then they themselves live ten years longer.

Brotherhood – so that they would let them get away with it for free , help to hold the constriction or shirnut.

Source: Maxim Moshkov Library

Question: What makes vinegar sweet, 6 letters, starts with X, ends with A

6 letter word: First letter is X, second letter is A, third letter is L, fourth letter is I, fifth letter is B, sixth letter is A

Full answer to the crossword puzzle: FREE

A word of 6 letters, the first letter is “X”, the second letter is “A”, the third letter is “L”, the fourth letter is “I”, the fifth letter is “B”, the sixth letter is “A”, the word for the letter “X”, the last “A”. If you do not know a word from a crossword puzzle or a crossword puzzle, then our site will help you find the most difficult and unfamiliar words.

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The oyster opened its doors, Washed its pearls in the river, It shone, shone, Like a raindrop on a clear day. And when the night came, the oyster closed its doors and went to the bottom. Show answer>>

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Random riddle:

Parashka is standing – Holding a cup, Bowing her head, Lowering her spout, And pure water flows from her spout into the cup.

Random joke:

What is the most disgusting thing you can imagine in life?
– Siamese twins. Grown lips. One of them starts to vomit.

Did you know?

Italian scientists argue that moderate consumption of natural red and white wine is a prevention against caries. 100% of the various bacteria present in the human mouth die in a glass of wine in 2 hours.

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