What heals garlic folk remedy

Dear readers, recently we talked about the health benefits and harms of garlic, how extensive its effect on our body and how many diseases can be treated with this simple everyday product for us.

Today we will continue this topic and find out for what diseases garlic will be useful and in what form this remedy is taken for medicinal purposes.

How to take garlic

Without a doubt, the best and most effective way to treat garlic is to consume it fresh. But, unfortunately, this is not always possible, because the plant has a number of serious contraindications, and besides, there is an individual intolerance to garlic. What then to do? Refuse treatment with garlic? Not at all, in this case you can use it in various other forms.

The ways of using garlic are very wide – it is a decoction, infusion, cold infusion, tincture, garlic oil, juice, syrup, extracts, garlic wine and garlic liquor, vinegar, pills, garlic powder, essence, ointment, candles, balls, etc. used for washing, rinsing, inhalation, douching, enemas, baths, compresses, poultices, dressings, etc.

One of the most effective ways to treat garlic is to use it with honey, milk, in the form of tincture. At the same time, the beneficial properties of other products and plants are added to the medicinal properties of garlic.

Pickled, salted or fried garlic can also serve as a substitute for fresh garlic. Of course, in a pickled or salted form, it has much more beneficial and healing properties than in a fried one, but in this case, garlic is not without them. In addition, there is black garlic, which has practically no contraindications.

Garlic treatment. General recommendations

As we said above, the best, most effective and versatile treatments are those that use garlic in its natural form, without being cooked. In this case, the preparations fully retain the beneficial and healing properties of garlic.

When heated, the antibiotic and antiviral properties of the plant are lost first of all, as well as some useful substances, therefore, cold infusion and vodka (alcohol) tincture are used both externally and internally for various inflammatory and viral diseases, bacterial infections. In all other cases, decoctions and infusions are used.

How long and where to store decoctions and infusions of garlic?

Ready-made decoctions, infusions and other dosage forms on water should be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than two days, and it is best to prepare fresh each time.

What dosage and how long to take?

Take a decoction and infusion of garlic for half a cup no more than once every 5-6 hours. If any discomfort occurs after administration, the drug should be taken less frequently.

The course of treatment with garlic is 3 weeks to a month, then you need to take a break (two weeks), and the course can be repeated.

Ways to use garlic in folk medicine

Now let’s look at the most common uses of garlic.

Cold infusion of garlic

A cold infusion of garlic is prepared in cold water and is not exposed to high temperatures, so the vitamin and mineral composition of garlic is fully preserved, as well as its many useful and medicinal properties.

To prepare the infusion, you need 3-5 cloves of garlic and 250 ml of cold purified water (mineral water without gas can be used).
Peel the garlic, chop with a press, pour a small amount of water and grind well, then add the rest of the water and mix. Cover the container with a lid and insist in a dark place for at least 16 hours. Strain.

Decoction of garlic

Put 250 ml of water on the fire and, as soon as the water starts to boil, throw in 0.5 tsp. finely chopped garlic. Reduce heat to low and boil for 5 minutes. Remove the container from heat, cover with a lid, insulate and leave to infuse for 30-45 minutes. Strain.

Infusion of garlic

Finely mince half a medium head of garlic. Pour the resulting slurry with 250 ml of boiling water, cover with a lid, insulate and rise for 30-45 minutes. Strain.

Since the infusion is not boiled, it retains more useful and medicinal properties of fresh garlic compared to the decoction.

Garlic tincture

To prepare the tincture, use only fresh garlic.

Peel 1 medium head of garlic, chop with a press and pour 0.5 l of high-quality vodka or alcohol diluted to 40-50 degrees – first pour a small amount of liquid, mix the mixture well, and then add to the required volume. Close the container tightly with a lid or cork and place in a warm, dark place for 3 weeks. Shake the mixture well twice a day.

After the expiration of the infusion, strain the liquid and store in a dark, cool place. To improve the taste, a bottle of mint pharmacy tincture is added to the finished garlic tincture. Take a tincture of 10-15 drops, dissolved in water, two to three times a day for half an hour before meals.

Garlic tincture is a universal remedy, widely used in practice by traditional healers. Unlike fresh garlic, which loses its medicinal properties during storage, over time, enzymes are formed in it that thin the blood and have an antitumor effect. Therefore, two-three-year tinctures are the most healing.

Garlic tincture has proven itself for the treatment of atherosclerosis, hypertension, intestinal atony, it is used to remove stones from the kidneys and bladder, it helps with general weakness and dizziness. In Tibet, it has long been believed that the use of garlic tincture to cleanse blood vessels contributes to active longevity and maintaining vigor.

The best garlic for treatment is garlic harvested before the end of September, then it begins to lose its beneficial and healing properties.

Garlic treatment for various diseases

Now consider specific recipes for the treatment of various diseases with garlic. In this case, garlic can be used both by itself and in combination with other products. In the latter case, the components complement and enhance each other’s action.

For colds and flu

Perhaps we can say that colds are the most common, because each of us at least once, and some two, or three times a season, have the flu, tonsillitis or other similar diseases.

Butter with garlic

A friend of mine told me how she fights a cold just starting with garlic. If she feels that she is starting to tickle or sore in her throat, she takes 1 tbsp. l. mayonnaise (you can also use butter for these purposes – as you like) and adds a few garlic cloves crushed into the gruel. The amount of garlic depends on the desire and tolerance, but it is best that the mixture is noticeably spicy. Add salt and mix well. Everything, the medicine is ready. The mixture can be eaten with bread or made into a sandwich. The main thing is that after eating you need to eat and drink nothing for at least half an hour.

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After half an hour or an hour, she gargles with a solution of apple cider vinegar, about 2 tsp. to a glass of warm water.

Usually this helps her, and the cold recedes. Try it and you, maybe this simple method will help you.

Treatment with garlic and honey

A mixture of garlic and honey is used to treat various manifestations of the common cold. Mix garlic gruel with natural honey in a ratio of 1:1. Before going to bed, take 1 tsp. mixture with water or warm milk.

Treatment with garlic and milk

A combination of garlic and milk also gives a good effect. Bring 250 ml of milk to a boil, add a gruel of 5 cloves of garlic and boil over low heat for 1 minute. Remove the dishes from the heat, wrap and wait until the liquid cools down a bit. Then strain, add honey to taste. Take warm several times a day.

Garlic inhalation treatment

Garlic is also used for inhalation. Finely chop 5 cloves of garlic, place in a teapot and cover with a lid. The treatment consists in inhaling garlic fumes: inhale through the mouth through the spout of the kettle, and exhale through the nose. In total, 15 breaths should be taken. The procedure is carried out twice a day. Such inhalations also have an effect on asthma and whooping cough

Garlic for cleansing blood vessels

Rinse 4 medium lemons well under running water and pour over with boiling water. 2 kg of celery roots and leaves, 200 g of horseradish root, 200 g of garlic, peel and wash. Pass all the ingredients through a meat grinder, put in a jar, tie the neck with a cloth and put in a dark, warm place for 12 hours. Then close the jar with a plastic lid and keep in the refrigerator for another three days.

The released juice is squeezed out and taken 15 ml three times a day for 20 minutes. before meals.

I suggest watching a video about cleaning vessels with garlic. It is very good to use this recipe for high blood pressure. Garlic and lemon – simple and affordable.

Garlic treatment for hypertension and atherosclerosis

Modern herbalists advise with high blood pressure and atherosclerosis to eat 2-3 cloves of garlic a day. This tool also eliminates dizziness and promotes falling asleep.

Treatment with garlic and apple cider vinegar

And the well-known Gennady Malakhov recommends eating 1 clove of garlic on an empty stomach every morning, washing it down with a solution of apple cider vinegar (1 tsp of vinegar per third of a glass of water).

Garlic for asthma

Peel and chop the garlic and horseradish root in a meat grinder, we need 100 g of chopped root vegetables. Add 150 g of natural butter and 600 g of honey to the resulting mixture. Put the mixture on a slow fire, slightly (!) Warm up and mix well. Place the resulting composition in a glass jar, close with a plastic lid and store in the refrigerator.

Take 1 tbsp. l. 3 times a day one hour before meals. The course of treatment is 2 months, a month break and the course can be repeated.

Garlic treatment for dysbacteriosis

Peel the average head of garlic, chop with a press, place in a glass jar and pour 250 ml of unrefined sunflower oil. Cover the container with a plastic lid and place on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for a day. Shake before use.

Before taking 15 ml of garlic oil, mix well with 15 ml of lemon juice. Take three times a day half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is 1-3 months, then a break for a month and the course can be repeated.

This composition is also used to treat atherosclerosis, helps with spasms of the brain and heart, relieves shortness of breath.

Garlic for joints

Peel 3 medium cloves of garlic. Rinse 4 medium lemons well under running water, pour over with boiling water, remove the peel. Pass all the ingredients through a meat grinder, pour a liter of boiling water, cover, warm and insist until cool. Then place in the refrigerator for a day. Strain.

Take 0.25 cup 3 times a day before meals.

This composition helps with deposits of uric acid (gout).

Garlic for healing the body

Wash 4 medium lemons well and pour over with boiling water. Peel 4 medium cloves of garlic. Lemons with peel, garlic and 4 cups of cranberries pass through a meat grinder. Transfer the mass to a bowl with a lid and pour 2.5 liters of purified boiled water. Place the container in the refrigerator for two days, then strain. Add 550 g of natural honey to the resulting liquid, mix well and leave in the refrigerator for another two days.

Take 1 tbsp. l. three times a day.

Many recipes are collected from books:
R. Akhmedov “Plants – your friends and enemies”
L. G. Dudchenko, V. V. Krivenko “Food healing plants”
N. Bashkirtseva “Garlic – a healing seasoning”

Dear readers, we are once again convinced that garlic is indispensable due to its beneficial properties. Using the availability of this product, you can help yourself with many health problems, especially since there are many options and recipes for garlic treatment. So let’s take note. Health to us.

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Garlic treatment was used many years ago, for example, in Greece, the vegetable was considered a real panacea for all diseases. Europe adopted the ancient medicinal knowledge and skillfully used it in the treatment of many diseases, from the usual abrasion to the plague. Despite the fact that medicine in the 21st century has stepped far enough, people continue to use folk methods of treatment, garlic treatment still has not lost its relevance. Today we will learn how to use a vegetable to treat a particular disease and how this effect is explained. To answer all these questions, let’s start our story with a description of the benefits of garlic.

Composition of garlic

The medicinal beneficial properties of garlic are due to its unique composition, which is why it is possible to achieve a bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and even rejuvenating effect. What is contained in this vegetable:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Squirrels
  • Iron
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
  • Iodine
  • Sulfur
  • Many vitamins
  • Essential oils
  • Phytoncides, which are famous for their biological activity.

Not only is garlic an integral part of many dishes, such as meat dishes, salads, soups and sauces, man has learned to use all of the above positive qualities to treat many diseases.

The use of garlic

We will find out for the treatment of which diseases the described vegetable and the medicinal properties of garlic can be used:

  • In the treatment of diseases associated with the digestive organs (for example, enterobiasis, dysbacteriosis or banal poisoning), its consumption improves the production of necessary enzymes, forcing the intestines to work, and often helps to cope with food allergies.
  • The consumption of garlic has shown itself well as a remedy for the treatment of acute respiratory infections, runny nose, colds with the help of garlic, influenza, viral diseases, sinusitis, polyps in the nose, and an inflamed ear. Due to this useful property, garlic in folk medicine is called a natural antibiotic.
  • With the help of garlic, you can get rid of worms, pinworms and other parasites in a short time.
  • A vegetable is useful in the presence of such dangerous conditions as hypertension (high blood pressure), stroke, heart attack, as it has a vasodilating effect, and also strengthens blood vessels and capillaries
  • With the help of this vegetable, you can quickly get rid of nail fungus, candidiasis (thrush) and opisthorchiasis
  • Garlic consumption is recommended for atherosclerosis and liver diseases, it is noted that cholesterol levels can decrease by 10%
  • Garlic helps in the treatment of diabetes, as it helps to significantly reduce blood sugar levels.
  • The vegetable is used in the treatment of gout, heel spurs, thorns, as it helps speed up the metabolism.
  • The described vegetable has a positive effect on the course of skin diseases, such as herpes, scabies, alopecia, eczema, papilloma, warts (including plantar warts), lichen (ringworm also)
  • As an adjunct treatment, garlic is used in the treatment of oncology (cancer), fibroids, psoriasis and thyroid pathologies.

It will also be useful to consume a vegetable for chronic constipation and stagnation in the intestines, diseases of the urogenital area (for example, prostatitis and prostate adenoma in men, impotence and cystitis in women), hemorrhoids (known as non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids), lesions of the joints of the extremities, sleep disorders, neuritis of the facial nerve, dental diseases (eg periodontal disease of the gums, stomatitis), and so on.

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Let’s talk about those cases when the plant is the most effective.

Garlic in the treatment of influenza and acute respiratory infections

Garlic for colds

Due to the fact that garlic contains phytoncides, it is often used to treat viruses, colds and even flu. In addition, it can be used as a prophylactic, this is especially true in the autumn-winter period, when outbreaks of viral diseases occur.

For sore throat

If you feel pain and sore throat (symptoms of a sore throat), you need to chop the garlic as finely as possible, place the resulting mass in half a walnut shell. Now listen to your feelings, which side of the throat bothers you the most. If this is the right side, pinch the halves of the nut with the fingers of your right hand, attach to the place that hurts so that the garlic paste comes into contact with the skin of the neck near the ears. Such procedures should be done 5-6 times a day, so you quickly get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of tonsillitis. Moreover, when breathed into the nose, phytoncides also exhibit a bactericidal effect.

For diseases of the upper respiratory tract

For the treatment of conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, tracheitis, there is a folk method. To use it you will need 5 cloves of garlic and you will be cured. It is necessary to peel the vegetable from the husk, and then pass it through a press or garlic press, the consistency should resemble a squash lecho. After that, pour the resulting mixture with warm milk. It is necessary to put milk with garlic on a slow fire, bring to a boil, then cool to room temperature. This mixture should be consumed 4-5 times a day, one tablespoon after meals.

Garlic for cough

If you suffer from cough and runny nose, garlic can also help you, as if used properly, you can increase the physical expectorant effect. It is recommended to use it for diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia and even tuberculosis, when you need to help a person remove sputum from the bronchi or lungs, that is, it is effective for inflammation of the lower respiratory tract. Treatment with garlic is that the patient should chew one garlic every day before going to bed. However, do not abuse this folk remedy, chew no more than one clove at a time.

Prevention of ARI

As mentioned earlier, with the help of garlic, you can effectively resist viruses and colds. To prepare a seasonal prophylactic, you can prepare the following garlic elixir. To prepare it you will need:

  • Lemons – 10 pieces
  • 4-6 heads of garlic
  • Domestic bee honey – 1 liter
  • A few drops of apple cider vinegar

It is necessary to squeeze out all the juice from lemons, garlic must be passed through a press or meat grinder. Honey is added to the resulting mass, after which it is thoroughly mixed. Medicinal serum is stored in a glass container, in a dark place, protected from direct sunlight, it is recommended to choose a refrigerator for storage.

The prepared elixir is taken one tablespoon per day, strictly after meals, drinking plenty of water, do not overdose.

Universal garlic tincture

Garlic can be used to make a versatile garlic tincture or garlic wine. It will be an excellent means of preventing diseases such as gout, hypertension, stroke, heart attack, high cholesterol, and various urolithiasis. There are reviews that the use of tincture helped a person get rid of even cysts and hernia. To prepare it, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Chopped garlic and onion – 30 grams
  • Vodka – 100 grams

Medicines from garlic

It is necessary to withstand the miraculous elixir for at least 14 days, while periodically shaking the vessel. The course consists of 30 calendar days, that is, for a month you need to use tincture every day, 3-4 drops. Of course, it is not so easy to take vodka undiluted with anything, so it is recommended to dilute it in 10 ml of milk. As for the frequency, the infusion is consumed 3-4 times a day, strictly before meals.

Treatment of hypertension

Even such a dangerous condition as hypertension can be cured with the most common garlic. The fact is that its regular use helps to clean the vessels, which is extremely important in the presence of hypertension, as it helps to keep the pressure normal. To achieve this effect, you need to eat 1 clove of garlic before going to bed, seizing it with one teaspoon of honey. The course of garlic treatment lasts only 2 days, after which a 3-day break is made, then garlic treatment is resumed, the course can be repeated if necessary.

Treatment of atherosclerosis

To get rid of atherosclerosis, as well as ascospherosis, garlic is also suitable, or rather, an infusion based on it. To prepare it, you will need the miraculous vegetable itself, 3 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and boiled water – 1 liter. Place all the listed ingredients in a glass jar, close it with a lid and leave to infuse for two days.

In order to control the course of atherosclerosis, you need to use the prepared tincture three times a day, with a single dose of 1 tablespoon.

Youth elixir

There is a special elixir of youth, which was invented in ancient times on the territory of Ancient Russia. There is evidence that even Genghis Khan himself drank it, there are also references to the use of this elixir by Tibetan and Indian healers in their practice. If your goal is to look young and healthy for as long as possible, you should pay attention to a similar product. The recipe for making such an elixir is quite simple, you will need milk, garlic and bee bread.

Put milk on low heat, bring it to a boil, add garlic and boil for 2-3 minutes. After that, strain the mixture through a sieve and add 1-2 teaspoons of perga seeds. The elixir is considered ready in 10-15 minutes. It is recommended to take the remedy once a day in the amount of 1 tablespoon, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.

Treatment of sciatica

Garlic helps relieve pain in diseases of the back, including relief from discomfort associated with sciatica, osteochondrosis, trigeminal nerve damage, and even help alleviate the condition of an umbilical hernia. To help a person with back pain, you need to attach crushed garlic to the state of pulp to the sore spot.

This application must be kept on the back for about 20 minutes, after which the place should be thoroughly washed off with water. This must be done strictly to prevent the formation of irritation and burns on the skin. After the skin is cleansed of garlic, apply sunflower or olive oil to the sore spot.

For healing calluses

Plantar corns bring a lot of trouble to their owner, which people just don’t try to get rid of annoying corns on the heels and feet. It is worth saying that an excellent assistant in the treatment of this condition is garlic ointment, which can be prepared at home on your own. To prepare it you will need the following ingredients:

  • Garlic – 2 heads
  • Butter – 50 grams

Garlic treatment occupies an honorable place among the recipes of traditional medicine. The magical properties of garlic have been known for a long time, separately and in combination with other plants, it is used to normalize processes in the body.

How rich is garlic?

The benefits of garlic are due to substances that make up the composition of the cells:

  • Essential oils, thanks to which garlic has a specific smell and burning taste;
  • sulfurous substances;
  • nitrogenous substances;
  • Phytosterols are plant steroidal alcohols;
  • Allicin is a sulfoxide that has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect;
  • metal salts;
  • Vitamins of group B, PP, C, A, E;
  • Zinc;
  • Selenium;
  • Germany

Healing properties of garlic

The components contained in garlic make its use for medicinal purposes quite wide:

  1. As a disinfectant for the treatment and prevention of colds and viral diseases;
  2. To normalize the work of the cardiovascular system;
  3. Improvement of blood supply;
  4. weight loss;
  5. Increased vascular tone and prevention of varicose veins;
  6. Lowering blood cholesterol levels;
  7. Strengthening immunity;
  8. Cleansing the body of toxins and toxins;
  9. Fight against dysbacteriosis, improve digestion;
  10. Improving metabolism, maintaining the tone of life, increasing efficiency

For viral diseases

The bactericidal components of garlic make it an indispensable tool for the treatment and prevention of colds.

  • Chop 4-5 medium cloves of garlic and pour 0.2 liters of milk. Put the mixture on fire and bring to a boil. Cooled medicine is taken in 1 tsp. three times a day after meals;
  • For severe sore throat, chew 1-2 cloves of garlic. It is better to treat at bedtime, since the strong smell of garlic is difficult to neutralize even with such means as parsley or celery leaves;
  • Crushed garlic cloves are mixed with butter or animal fat and rubbed on the chest and back for bronchitis;
  • The healing properties of garlic will be enhanced if honey and lemon are added to it. To prepare the medicine, take the juice of 10 medium lemons, the pulp of 5 heads of garlic (peeled and minced) and 1 liter of honey. The mixture is infused in the refrigerator for a week, after which they take 1 tbsp. l. once a day to prevent colds
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We treat a runny nose

  • Dried garlic arrows are used to combat severe nasal congestion. They are set on fire so that the arrow smokes, and they breathe smoke;
  • Chopped garlic is mixed with vegetable oil and instilled into each nostril. The antibacterial properties of garlic help to cope not only with the symptoms, but also defeat the virus.

Fighting atherosclerosis

Infusions and ointments using garlic help to cure atherosclerosis without expensive pills.

  1. Grind 0.1 kg of garlic, pour 0.5 liters of vodka. Infuse in a glass dish placed in a dark, cool place for 3 days. The dishes must be shaken 1-2 times a day. 10 drops of the finished tincture are dissolved in 1 tsp. water and take 30 minutes before meals.
  2. To prepare garlic oil, the pulp of one head of garlic is mixed with 0.2 l of unrefined vegetable oil. After 24 hours, juice squeezed from 1 lemon is added to the mixture, mixed and infused for a week in the refrigerator, shaking occasionally. Take oil 1 tsp. three times a day before meals. After a course of 3 months, you need to take a break for a month, and then return to treatment.
  3. Pour the crushed pulp (head) with a bottle of dessert wine, leave for 6-7 days in a dark, cool place, periodically shaking the dishes. Take 1 tbsp. 3 times a day before meals.
  4. Mix in equal proportions chopped garlic, walnuts and sunflower oil. Use as a dressing for salads, an additive for second courses.
  5. Fill a 0.5 liter jar halfway with pre-chopped garlic and top up with vodka to the neck. Insist 10-14 days in a dark place. Take 5 drops, stirring in 1 tsp. water before meals.
  6. Mix in equal proportions (0.1 kg) garlic pulp and honey. Use 1 tbsp. l. three times a day before meals. The duration of the course is 1-1.5 months.
  7. Peel and mince 5 cloves of garlic. Mix with table salt and 0.5 l of vegetable oil. Add to salads, second courses, eat with bread.

For hypertensive patients

  • 20 cloves of garlic, 5 large onions and 1 lemon without peel and seeds are passed through a meat grinder, 1 kg of sugar is added and 2 liters of chilled boiled water are poured. Insist and store in the refrigerator. After 10 days, the medicine is ready for use. Take 1 tbsp before meals. Onion and lemon enhance the effect of garlic.
  • In the morning on an empty stomach, eat 1 clove of garlic, drinking it with a third glass of chilled boiled water with apple cider vinegar dissolved in it (1 tsp)
  • Grind 0.2 l of peeled cloves, pour a bottle of vodka, leave for 10 days in a dark place. Take before meals, 1 tbsp.

Treatment of skin diseases with garlic

  • Pustules, acne are treated with garlic slurry mixed in alcohol (2:8). The mixture is evenly distributed on the affected areas, a gauze bandage is applied on top.
  • A mixture of baked garlic and butter is applied to inflamed skin, abscesses.
  • Ulcers, wounds, abscesses are treated with garlic compresses. The gruel is poured with vodka, insisted for 2-3 days and a gauze napkin is moistened in it. A flannel diaper is placed on top of the superimposed napkin, you can additionally use a heating pad.
  • With the help of garlic juice get rid of warts and papillomas. They need to be lubricated with fresh juice 5-6 times a day until they disappear completely.
  • Crushed teeth are poured with boiling water (5-6 pieces per 0.5 l), insisted for an hour, not allowing to cool. Ready infusion lubricate the warts until they disappear.

How to deal with gastrointestinal diseases

  1. Garlic juice added to warm milk (10 drops per 0.2 l of milk) will help get rid of parasites. Drink 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach.
  2. It will also help to solve the problem of enema with the addition of garlic juice.
  3. In case of poisoning, garlic and honey, mixed in equal proportions, are eaten 3-4 times a day, 1 tbsp. l.
  4. With colitis, enterocolitis, 10 cloves of garlic are boiled in an enamel bowl along with 0.3 kg of potatoes. Garlic mashed potatoes are eaten throughout the day.
  5. Garlic, eaten daily, will help restore the low acidity of the stomach, positively affect the state of the body as a whole.

For male power

Garlic will help cure prostatitis:

  • Grind 5 cloves, pour 0.7 liters of water, let it brew overnight. Drink before meals 0.1 l
  • Grind 0.4 kg of garlic and pour 0.5 liters of alcohol. Insist 21 days in a dark cool place. Take 1 dec. l. morning and evening on an empty stomach.
  • Peeled garlic cloves are covered with sugar at the rate of 1 tsp. for 1 slice. Add 0.1 l of water and simmer until the sugar is completely dissolved. Strained broth is taken 1 tbsp 3-4 times a day
  • For men suffering from prostate diseases, it is useful to use oil with garlic. To prepare it, the teeth of one head are crushed and mixed with 0.2 liters of vegetable oil. The mixture is stored in the refrigerator. Take 1 tsp. 3 times a day before meals. You can add lemon juice.

Recipes for women

Thrush, which is caused by Candida fungus, is also treated with garlic infusions. 2 cloves pour 1 liter of water, insist overnight and douche the vagina 2 times a day.

For the treatment of polyps, gauze swabs are soaked in garlic juice and inserted into the vagina overnight.

Getting rid of extra pounds

Tea with garlic and ginger will help the body to quickly lose extra pounds. It is recommended to drink no more than one serving per day. Optionally, you can add honey, lemon.

To raise vitality

To increase efficiency, recharge with vital energy, it is worth preparing a drink, which includes apple cider vinegar, garlic and honey.

  • 1 st. apple cider vinegar
  • 1 st. lime honey
  • 5-6 garlic cloves

The components are mixed, pour 0.2 l of chilled boiled water and beat with a blender. After 5 days, the medicine is ready. Stir 1 tbsp. l. in a glass of water and drink before meals.

Benefits of garlic peel

Decoctions and infusions based on garlic peel serve as a prophylactic against cancer, diabetes, and atherosclerosis.

Water decoctions treat dandruff, rinsing the hair after washing.

Types of garlic

  • wild garlic (ramson) increases appetite, normalizes the functioning of the digestive tract, lowers blood pressure, cleanses blood vessels;
  • Indian garlic is not used for food, it is used to make warming ointments or compresses for joint pain;
  • fermented black garlic is used as a food supplement, but, unlike the usual white, black garlic is sweet in taste and does not have the usual spicy pungency and pungency. It improves immunity, prevents the occurrence of malignant neoplasms, charges with strength and energy;
  • Rocambole combines the taste and aroma of garlic and onion at the same time. It has the usual properties – it reduces blood pressure and glucose levels, helps to normalize digestion and increase appetite, fights parasites, and improves blood circulation.

Most useful substances contain young garlic. It is he who should be given preference when preparing decoctions and tinctures.


The beneficial properties of garlic can turn into harmful if treated without taking into account the existing contraindications:

  • Ulcer of the stomach and duodenum;
  • Chronic diseases of the digestive tract;
  • Chronic liver diseases;
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Individual intolerance to the components

Garlic, without exaggeration, is the cure for all diseases. Since ancient times, magical properties have been attributed to him – the ability to exorcise evil spirits, defeat vampires. One can argue about vampires, but there is no doubt that it effectively defeats viruses and bacteria.

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