What can be twisted for the winter

Cake “Napoleon” with delicious cream

For cooking you will need:
For cakes:
80 g butter, room temperature;
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100 g of sugar;
2 eggs, room temperature;
300-350 ml. milk;
½ tsp baking powder;
about 800-900 g of flour.

For cream:
400 g of boiled condensed milk;
600 ml. fat cream (from 30%);
500 ml. milk;
4 tbsp starch;
2 eggs;
0.5 st. powdered sugar

Put butter and sugar in a bowl
And beat with a mixer
Add eggs
Beat with a mixer
Add milk Mix with
a whisk
Measure about 150 g of flour, add soda
Sift into a mixture of milk and eggs.
We mix. Gradually add the rest of the flour (sift better, then there will be no lumps)
When the dough is thick enough.
put it on the table.
and knead with hands. The dough should be elastic and not sticky to your hands. Leave it on the table for 30 minutes

And let’s take care of the cream ourselves:
Mix the eggs and starch well with a whisk so that there are no lumps
Heat the milk a little and pour it into the yolk mixture a little
and pour everything into the warmed milk
Cook over medium heat in a non-stick bowl until thick, stirring constantly. If there is no non-stick cookware. then in a water bath.
If you have lumps in the cream, beat it with an immersed blender.
This is how it should turn out. Now we leave the cream to cool to room temperature, and we ourselves will take care of the dough.

Divide the dough into 4 parts,
then each part into 5 more parts. You should get 20 pieces
. We take a piece, roll it well in flour, roll it out thinly
(the dough is elastic, obedient, does not tear)
We prick with a fork We wind it
on a rolling pin We
transfer it to a baking sheet (it is not necessary to cover the baking sheet with paper, because the cakes do not stick)
Bake at 180 -200 From minute 4. I took them out when ruddy islands appeared
. Edges need to be cut off immediately (I have a lid with a diameter of 21 cm)
Trimmings are useful for sprinkling
. Bake all the cakes in this way

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Between baking the cakes, you can continue to cook the cream.
If you do not have ready-made boiled condensed milk, then cook it in advance. She must be cold.
Add a jar of boiled condensed milk to
the cooled
Then add the cream to the cream and mix everything well . The
cream, of course, there are no words – very tasty. With him, a chic honey cake would have turned out. Tastes like melted ice cream.

Lubricate the cooled cakes with cream. Approximately 3 tbsp. on the cake Distribute over the entire surface. And thus lubricate all the cakes. The cream was just enough. Pour the rest on top. Spread the cream well on the sides. Sprinkle with crumbs and refrigerate overnight. The cake is quite tall. But after a night in the refrigerator, it will settle.
The cake is quite elastic when cutting. Cakes are poorly impregnated, harsh.
So he disappointed me a little. Only delicious cream saved him. Although my husband liked it. And children. And a guest.
But when I tried the cake the next day, when it was already well soaked, I changed my mind about it. Still delicious! And although I do not like Napoleons, even I liked him. Well, fans of Napoleon should definitely like it. Just let him soak for a day.

Spins for the winter and preparations for the winter will help you prepare vitaminized summer fruits, berries and vegetables in advance before the onset of cold weather. Also, recipes for preparations for the winter make it possible to save a good budget in the winter, and sometimes really surprise guests with delicious jam or summer vegetable salad.

It is interesting that the twists themselves for the winter and preparations for the winter are prepared mainly by Slavic housewives, although various jams and other sweet delicacies of this kind are very popular in America and Europe. This is due, perhaps, to the cult of growing their own vegetables and fruits, and to a more developed agriculture in the countries of the post-Soviet space.

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This year, preparations and spins for the winter are doubly relevant, as rising food prices make us think in advance about preparing for winter. The recipes presented on our website are as simple and reliable as possible. We have personally tried to cook spins from all the recipes presented, so we can guarantee that you will not spoil the products in vain and will not waste time.

So the summer is over, the days are getting shorter, the weather is less and less happy with hot days, and most importantly, the season for picking vegetables is slowly coming to an end. Very soon, our gardens will run out of fresh cucumbers and zucchini, juicy tomatoes and eggplants. But in autumn and winter, you really want to continue to please yourself and your loved ones with them. Harvesting for the winter is a great way to extend the life of a summer crop.

Recipes for preparations for the winter are very diverse. You just need to choose a recipe that will be to your liking. Vegetables can be made sweet and salty, tender and spicy, sour and bitter, add herbs and berries to them. While harvesting vegetables, you can safely experiment and show imagination.

Perhaps the most popular among our summer residents are harvesting cucumbers for the winter. Each family has its own signature recipe for such blanks, and the process of their preparation has become a real ritual for us. It is simply impossible to count the number of such recipes. The simplest of them is the cold way of harvesting cucumbers. To do this, you need to prepare and rinse the jar, cucumbers, herbs and spices to taste. Then put cucumbers in a jar, cover with salt, add the rest of the ingredients, pour water and close the workpiece with a lid. You will not spend a lot of energy on cucumbers prepared in this way, but they will be stored and delight you all winter.

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No less tasty and original are homemade preparations for the winter from zucchini. Zucchini can be pickled by adding other vegetables, various spices and herbs to them. But the main thing is that amazing and incomparable snacks are obtained from zucchini – zucchini caviar, lecho, as well as the famous “mother-in-law’s tongue”. Such treats will decorate your autumn and winter table, they will go well, for example, with main dishes of meat or potatoes.

And finally, do not forget about what unique combinations of tastes can give us tomato preparations for the winter. Pickled tomatoes in a jar are sweet and juicy, they perfectly complement crispy pickled cucumbers. Oven-dried sun-dried tomatoes go great with meat, fish, and salads. And how can you not mention what a delicate and delicate taste homemade tomato paste, tomato juice and ketchup from your grown tomatoes have. Winter with such snacks will become much warmer, and every family dinner will remind you of sunny summer days.

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