What can be smoked in a hot smokehouse

Smoking of any food – be it meat, fish, cheeses, fruits or vegetables – is historically one of the earliest methods of preservation.
Hot smoking is one of the options for this method of thermal exposure to products. Its essence lies in the processing of edible raw materials with smoke at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and above for several hours.

In general, hot smoking is a fairly simple and time-consuming way of cooking.

The choice of products for smoking

Smoked meat, poultry, game, fish, sausages, cheeses. Much less often – fruits, vegetables and nuts.

The basic principle of proper smoking is a careful approach to the choice of raw materials. For example, the freshness of meat is determined by evaluating its appearance, smell, color and texture.

When forming sausages, you should also use exclusively fresh meat products, this directly affects their shelf life. In addition to standard types of meat (beef, pork, veal), horse meat, lamb, venison, poultry, and game are also taken for sausages. It is better if it is the meat of a middle-aged individual, since young meat is loose, oversaturated with moisture.

Carcasses of rabbits, poultry and wild birds should also be selected as fresh as possible.

The main “meat” spices are all types of pepper (white, black, capsicum, allspice). Traditionally, bay leaves, coriander, cloves, dried onions and garlic, nutmeg and cardamom are used.

Fish for smoking should be chosen only fresh. The one that bends and sags on its own weight, if you hold it vertically. A good live fish is always mobile, its scales are not damaged, it does not have spots. The gills are red, rising and falling rhythmically. The fish should smell like a river, algae, not rot.

Before smoking, the fish, as a rule, is not cleaned of scales. Its mission is clear, it is the protection of fish meat from soot that occurs during the entire process.

If the fish is frozen, then before smoking it is thawed in several changes of cool water, and then salted.

In any case, the fish is first gutted, and then, if necessary, butchered. Large fish is subjected to spreading – cut into halves along the spine.

Cheeses are not further processed before smoking due to their soft, delicate texture. There is only one preparation option: large heads of cheese can be cut into pieces that are acceptable in size. Large chunks of cheese, due to the transience of the smoking process (only a few minutes), simply do not have time to be soaked with smoke.

From vegetables, sweet bell peppers, eggplants, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, and corn are most often smoked. They can be used as a side dish for a main course or as a base for an independent meal. After chopping, smoked vegetables can be turned into a decent pâté. They are also frozen for storage.

Fruits are also smoked: cherries, sweet cherries, plums, apricots. Recently, it has been fashionable to cook nuts in this way. Smoked peanuts, almonds, cashews are a great beer snack. When crushed, they can be used to make a good salad or sauce dressing.

Of the huge mass of edible mushrooms, porcini, boletus, boletus, boletus and champignons are smoked. First, they need to be processed in a simple marinade from a mixture of several vegetable oils, soy sauce, ground red or black pepper. Then put on a grill for smoking, without dividing into hats and legs, entirely.

From the mushrooms prepared in this way, you can then bake wonderful pies.

Hot smoking technology

The temperature range for hot smoking is 40 degrees Celsius and above. It is very important to know how much to smoke. The duration of the process is from several minutes to two days. It depends on the original product and its dimensions.

The essence of hot smoking lies not so much in the role of smoke, but in the full heat treatment of raw materials. The determining factor is the right type of smokehouse. It can be either an industrially produced hot-smoked smokehouse or a handicraft one. Making a smokehouse from improvised means is not so difficult. Most often, in country or garden conditions, it is made from a barrel or other container with a good volume. The main thing is to have both heat and smoke at the same time.

The advantages of this smoking method are obvious: the speed of cooking greatly reduces labor costs. At the same time, as is often the case, the main advantage always contains negative aspects. Quickly cooked foods retain too much moisture, are poorly processed by smoke, so their shelf life is not too long.

Hot smoked fish is stored for no more than three days. Meat – more, from a week to three, depending on the temperature at which it will be stored.

So, the two most common methods of hot smoking are:

  • at a temperature of 40 – 60 degrees, in time – from half a day to two days;
  • at a temperature of 90 degrees and above, in time from several minutes to several hours.

The first method is used for those smoked meats that will then be cooked. These are hams, boiled-smoked sausages, brisket, pork knuckle.

The second method is akin to baking in the oven, only with the participation of smoke. Everything happens as quickly as possible, the products are brought to full readiness during the smoking process. This is how fish and poultry are cooked.

Before smoking, the meat is pre-soaked and dried a little. Different brines are used to give the desired salinity and a special taste, which will open up even more after smoking. Without brine, smoked meat will be inedible: the desired taste will not form, it will be impossible to carefully salt it.

The fish is smoked with smoke in the temperature range from 60 to 140 degrees. It is kept in the smokehouse for several hours (up to three), after which it is simultaneously baked and smoked

Dry alder, juniper branches are used for smoking. In no case should coniferous wood, which emits excess soot, be used. Other hardwoods are also suitable: beech, oak, chestnut, maple, fruit trees. For additional flavoring, dry heather, dried grapevine, fresh hay, field herbs (sage, thyme, etc.) are added.

Raw juniper branches are often placed along with berries. The smoke generated from them is highly bactericidal. As a result, smoked fish is stored a little longer, it does not immediately become moldy.

As for the great variety of fish, you can smoke almost any fish. Best of all, this cooking method is suitable for salmon, carp, sturgeon, cod breeds.

Before smoking, the fish must be salted in a well-concentrated brine (0.5 kg per 10 liters of water) for half an hour. Then it is soaked for a day, washed. Next comes the drying stage: small individuals are dried for two or three days, large ones for five.

Spread large fish put spacers in the belly. The most tender fish is wrapped in thermal paper before smoking.

The appearance of a golden color on the scales is a sign of readiness of the fish. The finished product is cooled in the open air, protecting from insects for a couple of days. This slight drying will only improve the taste of the fish, slightly increase the shelf life.

Popular hot smoked recipes

It is not necessary to think long about what can be smoked. In practice, almost all parts of meat carcasses, any edible game, poultry, and fish are smoked. Consider the most popular recipes.

Smoked marinated brisket

You will need: a piece of brisket (1 – 2 kg), tomato paste, vinegar, garlic, salt, ground red and black pepper.

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For the marinade, chop three cloves of garlic, mix it with 100 grams of tomato paste, a tablespoon of vinegar, a pinch of black, red pepper, salt.

Cut the washed brisket into several pieces, marinate for about half a day. Smoke on a grate or tray, depending on the type of smoker, over moderate heat for two hours. Turn the pieces over after about an hour. As the process progresses, you can add the rest of the marinade.

Smoked-boiled pork ribs

You will need: a good piece of the rib part of the carcass, peeled from the skin and subcutaneous fat. Prepare the brine from 2 liters of water, 300 g of salt, 1 g of saltpeter.

Cut the rib parts into slices weighing about 500 g. It is desirable that the meat between the ribs be in a ratio of one to one. Peel the pieces of meat from films, keep in the cold in brine for two to three days.

Then rinse them, dry on hooks for three hours. Smoke at a low temperature of about 40 degrees for 4 hours, preferably using the wood of fruit-bearing fruit trees.

Put the smoked ribs in boiling water, cook for about half an hour.


You will need: pork neck, garlic. Brine of 10 liters of water and 2 kg of salt per 10 kg of meat.

Clean the meat from fat, films, cut into approximately the same slices 3 cm thick. Use a large saucepan for salting, put the meat in it, pour the previously prepared brine. Exposure time – 3 days.

Rinse the salted meat, dry thoroughly. Grind a few cloves of garlic, rub the surface of all the slices with it. Next, put the meat in an enamel bowl, hold for about half a day.

Next, tie the pieces of meat with twine, smoke for 2 hours at a temperature of 90 – 100 degrees.

Salo with paprika

You will need: a kilogram of lard, garlic, ground sweet paprika.

Cut a large piece of lard into small rectangular pieces, roll them well in salt on all sides, put them in a jar and do not touch them for three weeks.
Rinse the salted lard, remove excess salt, and dry. Smoke until a delicious golden crust forms.

Smoked chicken breast

You will need: two chicken breasts. For the marinade – soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, ground ginger, vegetable oil. For flavoring – a little rice, a bag of black tea, sugar, cinnamon.

Cut in half the washed chicken fillet. Mix for the marinade a tablespoon of soy sauce, vegetable oil, balsamic vinegar, a pinch of ginger. Marinate chicken meat overnight.

Next, fry the breasts over high heat. Put a set of flavors in the smoker tray, place over the fire in the smokehouse.

Put the breasts on a grill or hang, smoke for 10 minutes on high heat, another half an hour on moderate heat.

Smoked chicken wings

You will need: a few dozen chicken wings, salt, sugar.

For brine – for 5 liters of water: 100 g of salt, bay leaf, dried cloves, allspice peas.

Wings need to be washed, dried, rolled out in a mixture of salt and sugar.

Then pour them with chilled, strained brine. Put some oppression, do not touch for about six hours.

Dry the salted wings, wrap in thick thermal paper, smoke at a moderate temperature until they turn golden brown. Smoked wings are aired for several days in dry, warm conditions.

Homemade smoked meats prepared in this way will certainly become a real decoration of the home table, enrich the festive table, and undoubtedly surprise and delight guests.

Supporters of a healthy lifestyle are probably not interested in this topic. But what is the percentage of lovers of homemade smoked meats? We can say with confidence – they are no less than “naturalists”. Unfortunately, the majority believes that only fish or meat can be smoked, while experienced smokers operate with a much wider arsenal of products. Let’s study their experience and find out what kind of products they are.

Features of processing semi-finished products with high temperature smoke

  1. Low salinity – about 1.5-4%.
  2. High moisture content – more than 60%.

At home, the processing of the semi-finished product is carried out with a smoke-air mixture by burning wood. Finished products acquire unique taste and aromatic qualities. However, if the technology is violated, harmful substances also enter the product.

Much depends on the quality of the smoke and the conditions of its combustion. The smoke obtained from fruit trees, as well as oak, birch, alder, etc., has the best properties. To improve the aroma, branches or fruits of juniper, sage and heather are added. Fuel is used in the form of firewood, wood chips or sawdust.

To the topic: what they like to smoke in a home smoked smokehouse most often

The basis of any smoking process is the right choice of raw materials. For smoke treatment, they most often take:

Each of the listed products needs preliminary manipulations. For example, to get delicious smoked fish , it must be marinated in saline. The drying stage is no less important, since a lot of carcinogens will penetrate into the overly wet semi-finished product from the smoke.

Of course, to the question of what you can smoke yourself in a hot-smoked smokehouse, everyone will answer – meat. Store analogues cannot be compared with homemade smoked meats. And this is despite the fact that the classic method of cooking with a smoke-air mixture is not much different from the use of liquid smoke.

To all this, we can add a few important facts. Almost any meat can be smoked at home, while choosing seasonings that match your own taste. Moreover, a home smoking chamber is made from any material at hand, whether it is a cardboard box or an old refrigerator.

A simple recipe for smoking meat

To prepare the dish you will need the following ingredients:

  • Pork – 3 kg.
  • Salt – 1 cup.
  • Garlic – 4-5 cloves.
  • Allspice – 10-15 peas.
  • Bay leaf – 3-4 pieces.
  • Sugar, ground pepper, wig – to taste.
  • Water – 4 liters.

The water is put to boil, after adding spices, crushed garlic, parsley and salt. After boiling, cool the brine, then put the meat into it. Store the product for 18-28 hours in a refrigerator. When the meat is marinated, the product is hung out to dry in a ventilated place for 8-12 hours. Dried products are smoked depending on the chosen type of smoking – cold or hot.

The second most popular product that real gourmets love. Almost any fish is suitable for smoking – sea or river, small or large:

  • Mackerel.
  • Sea bass.
  • Fever.
  • Sturgeon and Beluga.
  • Herring.
  • Bream and asp.
  • Acne.

If large carcasses do not fit into the smoking chamber, then it is cut into pieces. To prevent the meat from going rancid, it is advisable to cut off the head and remove the gills. Masters who know what can be smoked in a home smoked smokehouse always choose fatter fish. A certain part of the fat will go away in the process, and the product will remain juicy and soft.

How to smoke fish

The frozen semi-finished product is pre-thawed, then salted. Who knows the secrets of marinating fish , use coarse salt only. After removing the gills and entrails, the fish is washed and rubbed with salt. Another option: prepare a solution with spices:

  • Two tablespoons of salt.
  • One onion and half a lemon or orange.
  • A teaspoon of sugar, cinnamon and a mixture of peppers.
  • Thyme, sage and rosemary half a gram.

The listed ingredients will be enough for one liter of water, which is boiled. Only after that add the onion, cut into half rings, salt and other components. The solution must be boiled for another 5-10 minutes and allowed to cool.

The carcasses are placed in a container, poured with fragrant marinade and left to marinate for 12-14 hours. After the process, the meat is washed, dried in a draft for at least three hours and placed in a smoking chamber.


You will hardly find anything easier and tastier than smoked chicken. Of course, duck, goose, and other game are not bad, but the chicken is a classic. There are many interesting recipes here, but we will focus on one:
For a liter of boiled water, you need to take 80 g of ordinary salt, 30 g of sugar and 40 ml of apple cider vinegar.

  • It is better to cut the chicken carcasses into halves, generously grease them with crushed garlic and ground pepper. Put the meat in a container and carefully, so as not to wash off the spices, pour the brine.
  • Leave the product to marinate for three days.
  • Remove the finished semi-finished product from the pan, place for 20 seconds in hot water or pour boiling water over it. This is done so that the skin of the bird remains soft after being treated with hot smoke.
  • Drain off the water and place the chicken in the oven for one hour at 60°C without smoke and then smoke for three hours at 90°C.
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Knowing what you can smoke yourself in a hot smoked smokehouse is not all – technology is important. So, according to all the rules, you should not immediately pounce on the finished meat, you need to let it stand in the refrigerator for a day. So it will be evenly saturated with smoked taste, so much so that any gourmet will gnaw all the bones with pleasure.

What else can be smoked hot

Many lovers of smoked meats did not stop at the products listed above and significantly expanded their gastronomic research.

Sausages and sausages

Sausage products according to exclusive recipes are a topic for a separate discussion. For their preparation, pork, beef or lamb intestines are taken, which are filled with ground minced meat with spices. Separate varieties of smoked sausages are filled with coarsely chopped meat. The sausage is smoked for about an hour.

Milk or water is usually added to minced meat. Nitrite salt helps to preserve the appetizing bright appearance of the product, and also eliminates pathogenic microflora. You can get by with ordinary salt, but then the shelf life of the product is significantly reduced.

Mussels and shrimps

Seafood preparation begins with soaking in brine for 24 hours. Then they are dried and treated with hot smoke until a golden color is obtained. You can refuse the marinade, but then you will have to use lemon juice or soy sauce to give the mussels a refined taste.
After smoking for 20-30 minutes, drizzle the shrimp with olive oil and add herbs. Such a dish is able to decorate the table in any life situation. It is traditionally served with cilantro and white wine sauce.


Advanced cooks know that you can also smoke vegetables in a hot smoked smokehouse, which are then used to prepare all kinds of snacks. By the way, the procedure is quite short, and on the table such dishes look very tempting, not to mention the taste.

An appetizing vegetable salad is created simply. They take several different vegetables, for example, pepper, zucchini, mushrooms, tomato, onion. The whole thing is marinated in a mixture of lemon juice, soy sauce, salt and ground pepper. Enough 12-14 hours. Next, the ingredients need to be dried and sent to the smoking chamber for 20-30 minutes.
If necessary, pierce the vegetables with a fork. Smoking is used for cold appetizers and salads. Eggplants are good in pâtés.


Summing up, it must be said that almost any product can be smoked. Classical recipes are based on the use of meat and fish, but practice shows that even eggs can be smoked. And if you add assorted vegetables to everything, then the table will be unforgettable. Smoked products are not only excellent in taste, but also perfectly stored for a long time.

The taste of smoked meat or fish is always associated with the festive table. Indeed, on a holiday, some kind of delicacy is an obligatory item on any menu. Most often, its role is assigned to smoked products. Why did they get into a number of delicacies and appeared in the daily diet? Perhaps because of the high price that almost all suppliers set uncompromisingly. If we take into account a certain “cheating” that sellers perform, then the reason for the inaccessibility of such products to the average consumer becomes clear.

Rigid pricing policy is far from the only factor influencing the frequency of appearance of delicacies on our table. Many refuse to consume smoked meats because of their harm. Today it has become fashionable to talk about healthy food, especially in the age of GMOs and substitutes.

By an erroneous judgment, smoked meats were attributed to artificial goods filled with chemistry. To destroy this stereotype, we recall that even the “liquid smoke” extract was obtained by dissolving substances in water that are a natural product of wood combustion. So there is no more chemistry in it than in real smoke from an ordinary fire.

Smoking itself has an ancient history. Long before the beginning of our reckoning, people discovered that products after processing with smoke can be stored for much longer. Over time, the recipes improved, and the technology made it possible not only to impregnate the smell of smoke, but also to add variety to the taste.

What is hot smoking

In order to bring the meat product to readiness, it must be subjected to heat treatment. As a result of this, all bacteria, which are abundant in the fibers, die. Under the influence of high temperature, fiber is transformed, it becomes looser due to protein denaturation. The change in structure also explains the appearance of a specific taste. If such processing is combined with smoke impregnation, then hot smoking will be obtained, which is discussed in all recipes.

It is not known for certain when exactly cold and hot smoking began to be separated, but today it is customary to consider treatment with smoke with a temperature above 75 ° C as hot smoking. This process implements two tasks at once: the first is to fill the product with a specific taste and smell, and the second is to bake the product to soften and disinfect it.


It makes no sense to compare hot smoking with cold smoking, since two completely different cooking methods differ in all respects. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, in the high-temperature processing method, there are nuances that everyone must reckon with.

  • Simple algorithm. Here we would like to emphasize not so much the triviality of the actions (for preparation it is necessary to carry out several stages, including preliminary salting), but the variability of their execution. Agree, it is much easier to withstand a temperature range of 30-40°C degrees than 2-3°C degrees (for cold smoking). You can also improvise with the amount of salt when marinating. Even if it turns out to be insufficient, this will not lead to product spoilage, because there is still a heat treatment stage ahead. That is why it is hot smoking that is recommended if for the first time in your life you have ventured into self-smoking.
  • Cooking speed. The time to readiness is determined depending on several parameters: the type of product, the method of salting, the method of cutting into pieces, the size of these pieces. But with all the variety of recipes, it is calculated in hours for meat and lard, minutes for fish and cheese products, which is fundamentally different from the period of cold smoking, when you have to “keep watch” for several days.
  • Reduction in calories. Recently, it is customary to calculate the energy output of each dish. We will not judge the degree of effectiveness of this method. We only note that with hot smoking, a decrease in the calorie content of the product can sometimes be observed. This happens due to the melting of fats, which made a huge contribution to the energy value. The above should not be taken as a pattern. Calorie reduction can be observed only in some cases.

How to choose the right products

There can be no rules in a generalized article, since the selection, cutting and salting algorithms for different products can be radically different. There are only general established rules on the basis of which personal recipes are built. Everyone, even a novice master, must know these rules.

Regardless of what you decide to smoke, you need to choose the freshest product in the store. In particularly difficult situations, it is better to completely get rid of the purchase than to spoil the whole idea of ​​​​smoking.

  • If we are talking about fish, then it is advisable to opt for chilled carcasses, since after defrosting the fish will significantly lose its taste and beneficial properties. Pay attention to her eyes. They should not be covered with a cloudy film. The scales may contain mucus, but it remains transparent. Finally, fish beginning to deteriorate smells unpleasant. Even according to these criteria, it is possible to choose a quality product.

It is difficult to check poultry meat for freshness, because there are several not entirely legal ways to return a stagnant product to its previous appearance. The whole carcass presented at the choice of the buyer will tell a lot. The skin should not be dry, but excessive moisture is also considered a bad sign. Bruising on the surface or dark areas of the skin indicates long-term storage. Pay attention to the cut made along the joint (on the wing or on the foot). The joint should be moist and white. Dry and yellowed bone cannot indicate a recent cut.

  • When choosing meat, it is necessary to evaluate its appearance and smell. It should be slightly damp, but not slippery. The color of the meat may differ and vary from pale to scarlet, but on any background, spots of blood that has stagnated in the vessels will immediately be visible. Fresh meat has a great flavor. Even those who do not like this smell can quite easily distinguish it from the smell of a perishable product.
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Why carve meat

The cutting step is present in the recipe for poultry, fish or meat. In some cases, it is necessary, since the dimensions of the smokehouse do not allow the whole product to be placed, but to a greater extent this process has a different purpose.

To bring to readiness, it is necessary that the product is processed evenly, throughout the entire volume. If you smoke uncut carcasses of large dimensions, then traces of prolonged baking may appear on the surface (a black bitter crust forms), while the meat will be raw inside. Carcasses are cut so that the pieces have time to cook, and at the same time the upper layers do not burn.

The second purpose of cutting is to bring the product to the same dimensions. Pieces of different sizes will reach readiness at different times. This will complicate the task of the cook too much, so you have to lay only such parts that will be salted and smoked at the same time.

Several popular recipes

Surprisingly, when it comes to smoking recipes, the dominant step is not the process in the smokehouse, but the pre-salting of the product. To date, there are hundreds of ways to prepare meat or fish, but they are all variations of the main, key recipes.

  • simple ambassador. The method of simple salting consists in abundantly rolling the product in salt, followed by pouring between layers. Some spices can be added to salt, which is where different recipes originate. In general, salt adds flavor and also breaks down fibers. After hot smoking, such a product will be soft enough if the recommended salting time is maintained. Dry salting is used for both hot and cold smoking, but before cooking in a hot way, the product is soaked for several hours, freeing from excess salt, and then dried, while for cold smoking it is enough just to remove the salt with a paper towel.

Soaking with vinegar. Vinegar is added to soften the fibers. Instead, you can use kefir, mineral water, mustard or lemon juice. Citric acid and vinegar cannot be used for cold smoking, since the sour taste cannot be eliminated, but with the hot method, the smell and taste disappear, and the meat or fish is juicy and tender. The marinade is prepared on the basis of its own juice. You can add a little vegetable oil. Pieces are sprinkled with salt and pepper to taste. After the product gives juice, vinegar is added to it. After a few hours, even the toughest meat can be sent to the smokehouse.

  • Spicy marinade recipe. Traditional recipes, where various spices are used, are prepared on the basis of ordinary drinking water. For proper disinfection, it is brought to a boil. Salt, pepper, garlic, thyme, basil, mustard are added to boiling water. Naturally, not all of these components are applied simultaneously. The most important thing is to salt the brine, and the rest of the seasonings are added to taste. From this point on, there is another branching of the development of the recipe. Products are soaked in chilled brine. During hot smoking, the liquid from the fibers evaporates, but the product remains soft in consistency.
  • Smoking with liquid smoke. By and large, the recipe that we will now present does not apply to smoking. However, it allows you to enjoy the taste of meat with a smoky aroma, even for those who live in an apartment. It all comes down to cooking meat in the oven, slow cooker or regular cooking. The product is then placed in the “liquid smoke” solution for a few seconds. After drying, a dish is obtained that is very reminiscent of smoked meat in taste. We will tell you a secret, many modern manufacturers of smoked delicacies use this particular method, it allows you to cook meat, fish or poultry at minimal cost in the shortest possible time.

Smokehouse device

Another reason why hot smoking is recommended to start their activities is the simplicity of the smokehouse. Even if it is not possible to purchase it in a store, it is easy to make a smokehouse with your own hands. It is a metal box with a lid on top. As a design improvement, the box is equipped with a water seal that prevents smoke from escaping through the slots under the lid, as well as a special nozzle through which gases can escape when high pressure is reached.

Sawdust or wood chips are poured into the bottom of the box. They begin to smolder under the influence of high temperature, because the box is installed above the fire. What device will be used for this does not matter for smoking. It is most convenient to put the smoking box on the grill. Hot smoking is obtained due to the fact that the furnace and products are located in close proximity to each other.

The composition of such a smokehouse must include a tray for collecting melted fat, as well as sieves or suspensions that allow you to place smoked meats.

It is important to remember that hot smoked products become soft. If their suspension is provided, then ordinary hooks may not hold carcasses or pieces of carcasses, so the latter have to be tied with string.

Some suppliers, in order to emphasize the naturalness of smoking, tie products with a thread. But if you remember that their smoking is reduced to processing with liquid smoke, then such a deceitful gesture seems funny.

hot smoking process

Smoking should begin with a fire. Do not try to build a powerful fire with an active flame. In this technology, the constancy of temperature is of particular importance, rather than its absolute values. It is recommended that you first make a fire in the brazier, and only then put a box on the brazier. Sawdust is poured on its bottom, and a pallet is installed on top. If fat gets on the wood chips, the smoke will give the food a bitter taste.

Special sieves are mounted in the upper part of the smoking box. Products are laid out on them so that the latter do not touch each other. A distance of several centimeters should be maintained between the pieces. Only in this case, the smoke envelops the pieces from all sides evenly.

The recipes roughly describe the duration of smoking each product. But you need to time the time not immediately after the bookmark. After a few minutes, white smoke will appear, indicating the beginning of the smoldering of sawdust. After the appearance of smoke, the fish will be ready in 30 minutes, poultry in 1 hour, and meat in 1.5 hours.

These indicators are very average, so you should take a toothpick, slightly open the lid of the smokehouse and pierce the carcass. If the stick entered easily, and a clear liquid stood out at the puncture site, then the product can be considered ready. A bloody liquid indicates that the process will have to be continued, and after 10-15 minutes the check should be repeated.

If all the facts point to the readiness of the product, then do not rush to remove it from the smokehouse. You need to remove the box itself from the barbecue, and then wait for it to cool completely. Only then do we start sampling. Hot-smoked products are used as a main dish, but cold-smoked products are used as a snack. It should be noted that the shelf life of such a dish is a maximum of two days, so you have to use the masterpiece as quickly as possible.

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