What can be made from tile scraps

After the house has been renovated, many materials purchased with a margin remain unnecessary. Tiles are no exception. Of course, if there is very little left, it is better to store it just in case: already laid tiles can be beaten, then it will be nice to have the perfect replacement on hand.

If there are a lot of tiles left, but they don’t accept them back to the store, or more than one generation has accumulated, you will want to put them into action. Here are some ideas on how to use leftover tiles:

Furniture decor

For furniture decoration, it is most convenient to use broken tiles and make a mosaic out of it. If the tile in the remains is whole, it can be carefully broken by putting it in a cloth bag and hitting it with a hammer from above. Picking up pieces of tiles in size, laying out a pattern or alternating colors, you can achieve an interesting decorative effect. Attach the mosaic to the tile adhesive, and fill the gaps between the pieces with grout. In this way, even large pieces of furniture can be decorated. Mosaic can be laid out on the countertop in the kitchen, coffee or coffee table.

For small items such as flower pots, vases or mirror frames, photographs and paintings, mosaics are a great way to decorate. For the same purpose, you can use long tiled borders without breaking them.

A whole tile is also suitable for facing the countertop. To make the edges look neat, they can be closed with a wooden profile or laid out in smaller pieces.

A large tile or porcelain stoneware can become a small table in itself: you just need to stick it on a plywood sheet for strength, come up with legs and process the corners.

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Practical application in the kitchen

From beautiful tiles of a small format, a convenient and heat-resistant stand for hot dishes is obtained, and from very small tiles – for mugs.

Larger tiles or porcelain stoneware can be used to make a durable cutting board. And other useful crafts, not only for the kitchen:

Now it is fashionable to lay out a kitchen apron with multi-colored tiles. If you have remnants of a similar size from different collections (for example, you managed to collect them from family friends or buy them for next to nothing) – this will be an interesting design technique.

Practical application in the country

At the dacha in the house, the remnants of the tiles can be laid out around the fireplace or stove.

The method of turning a tile into a mosaic, which was described above, is also suitable for decorating outdoor planters, a club or a porch: ceramics are not afraid of moisture.

From the remains of porcelain stoneware, you can lay out a path in the country. It is better to use a matte or textured material for this, the gloss will be too slippery.


Tiles, especially plain ones, can be used as a basis for painting. If you want your creativity to become durable, write with paints for ceramics, and then give it to a ceramic workshop for firing in a special oven. Painted tiles can be used both for unique cladding, and in a single copy, hung on walls or placed on shelves.

If you like to draw, tiles can also be used as a palette.

A skillfully composed composition of different tiles and placed on the wall will be a decoration for a bathroom, kitchen or corridor. At first glance, such a panel is easy to make, but in order for the work to turn out stylish and elegant, you need to have good taste.

And finally, a few examples of beautiful mosaic panels:

Anastasia Belogrivtseva

The remains of ceramic tiles or mosaics are a common post-renovation phenomenon. Someone simply did not guess with the quantity, others leave a few tiles in reserve, although in most cases this reserve remains untouched. How to use the remaining tiled treasures – see our today’s selection.

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If you have a few tiles left, you can make them…

Napkin holder

Tray for small things

Tray for food and drinks

Floor tile coffee table

A picture of hand-painted plain tiles

Cache-pot of tiles glued together

Cache-pot from tiles and a wooden base

plant stan

If you have a little more tile left, you can make …

Coffee table with metal base

If there are more than enough tiles left, it can be used like this


Dinner table

Stair decor

From the remains of the mosaic, you can also make a lot of useful things.

If suddenly, after the completion of the repair work, you still have the remains of a whole or broken ceramic tile – do not rush to get rid of them. At first glance, unnecessary building material can be used in a very interesting way in the interior of an apartment.

Domoholic.ru has some cool ideas for you on how to use leftover tiles to decorate walls, decorate an apron in the kitchen, or even update old furniture .

Hot stand

From the remains of the “honeycomb” tile, you can make original hot coasters. They will keep the surface of the dining table in perfect condition and will be an excellent decoration for the interior of the kitchen. The main plus is that the coasters are obtained in absolutely any shape and size.

Apron in the kitchen

Today, the direction of “patchwork” when laying tiles, is at the peak of popularity. Its distinctive and main advantage is the ability to independently create a composition. Dilute the white backsplash with the remains of multi-colored tiles and the kitchen will look stylish and modern.

Looking glass design

Tired of the design of the old mirror? There is a solution: the original frame can be made from the remains of multi-colored ceramic mosaics. Cardboard or plastic is suitable as a basis.

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Refurbishing old furniture

A dining table decorated with tiles will become a real decoration of the apartment. For the countertop, there is not enough tile that you used during the repair. But in hardware stores very often the remnants of old collections are sold, and completely for next to nothing.

Country joys

The remains of the tile will become a bright element of the decor of the garden plot or the local area. Floor tiles (preferably matte), feel free to use in decorating paths and steps. From wall tiles, including a bat, lay out a mosaic on the facade of the house or paste over wells and nondescript flower pots as accents.


The combination of natural wood and ceramic tiles is quite a winning option. Such a tray is very convenient to wipe, it is not afraid of liquid and it will become a real decoration of any interior.

Interesting wall decor

By decorating a small part of the wall with the remains of tiles of different sizes and textures, you will make the interior of the kitchen or bathroom more stylish and interesting.

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