What can be made from sea buckthorn cake

Sea buckthorn cake should not be thrown away.

The simplest thing you can do with it is to freeze it and use it to make fruit drinks, compotes, jelly or jelly (on its own or mixed with other berries).

You can try to cook sea buckthorn marshmallow from sea buckthorn cake: mix the cake with water, bring to a boil, chop with a blender or meat grinder, add sugar (0.5 kg of sugar per 1 kg of sea buckthorn mass) and boil until thick. Let cool, roll out into a layer (about 1 cm thick), dry again, cut into pieces and sprinkle with powdered sugar. You can store such marshmallows in glass jars.

If you have time and a little patience, then you can make sea buckthorn oil from oilcake.
To do this, lay out the remaining well-squeezed cake in a thin layer and dry it in a warm, dry place (usually a day is enough), grind the dry mixture with a mixer, blender or coffee grinder (the finer the dry mass, the better it will give oil).
Next, fill the sea buckthorn cake with vegetable oil in a ratio of two parts of the cake to three parts of oil (for example, 150 grams of oil per 100 grams of cake) and put it in a dark place at room temperature (can be in a closet) for 6-8 weeks, not forgetting to stir from time to time . Then we filter the oil, pour it into dark glass containers, close the lids and put it in the refrigerator.
If there is a lot of cake, then you should not make oil from the whole mass at once. After receiving the first batch of oil, you can repeat the procedure: pour a new batch of cake with the oil obtained after the first infusion. Then the concentration of pure sea buckthorn oil in this mixture will be much higher. The procedure can be repeated a third time.
You can take a different proportion – we pour a third of the dried cake into the jar, and add the rest with oil. The concentration in this case will be weaker, such oil will not be suitable for treatment, but we will get vegetable oil with sea buckthorn sourness, which can be used for dressing salads.

It is worth remembering that sea buckthorn oil is not stored for a very long time, only a few months, so it is better to make a small portion, and put the remaining dried cake in a linen bag to use later to prepare a new portion of oil.

Sea buckthorn oil enjoys well-deserved fame. It has been successfully used in folk medicine since ancient times, and nowadays its unique qualities are recognized and confirmed by official medicine. First of all, it is used as a wound healing agent, for the treatment of ulcers and burns, lichen, eczema, dermatitis (especially in children), etc.

However, sea buckthorn oil can be used not only externally.

With its help, many diseases are treated, especially in combination with propolis, they are used as a prophylactic agent, and they are also used in the treatment of various diseases of the heart, stomach, intestines, in oncology, to strengthen and cleanse blood vessels, improve vision and lower cholesterol, with tonsillitis and laryngitis, stomatitis and a number of other diseases.

It is enough at least a little, but every day to eat sea buckthorn-containing drugs, and this will solve many health problems, since sea buckthorn contains almost all the microelements and bioactive substances that are so necessary for the human body. In cosmetology, products containing sea buckthorn oil are in great demand, since the substances contained in sea buckthorn have a beneficial effect on the skin, make it soft, velvety and at the same time elastic, and give hair shine and density.

In almost every pharmacy, you can now freely purchase a vial of this magical remedy. On an industrial scale, oil is produced on powerful and expensive equipment using sophisticated technology.

In this case, it is made exclusively from peeled sea buckthorn seeds. The result is a product containing a huge amount of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. But there is no carotene and carotenoids in it. And no ascorbic acid. And many other bioactive substances, such as tocopherol and vitamin F, too. All this is contained in the pulp and skin of sea buckthorn fruits.

And although omega-3 is an extremely useful substance, especially for the elderly, this oil is still somewhat inferior to well-made oil from sea buckthorn berries, and not just its seeds.

From this article you will learn

How to make sea buckthorn oil at home

In fact, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, especially since the cake that remains after making the juice can be used to make sea buckthorn oil. No need for complex production, a huge press and a special room. You can do everything yourself, and it often happens that it is the oil that is made with your own hands that brings more benefits than that bought in a store or pharmacy. Perhaps this is because it is possible to independently select the necessary components, which together give such a wonderful effect.

A berry made from jam or compote, like any other berry that has undergone heat treatment, is not suitable for the preparation of a healing drug, but frozen one is suitable .

So, let’s look at step by step how to cook sea buckthorn oil at home. There are a lot of recipes, very different, for every taste. They are all different in some ways and similar in some ways. You can get a valuable product:

  • from juice
  • pomace with bones
  • from peeled seeds
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Therefore, if you have a whole berry, then first you need to prepare juice from sea buckthorn berries, squeeze the sea buckthorn cake well, and only after that it will be possible to proceed directly to the process of making sea buckthorn oil.

If there is no fresh sea buckthorn, but there is a preparation for the winter from frozen berries , it can also be used, only first defrost and squeeze the juice from the pulp and seeds.

You can freeze not even a berry, but a cake, and then use it later. If everything is done correctly, then all the healing properties of sea buckthorn are fully preserved.

Consider first the easiest and fastest way.

Concentrated sea buckthorn juice oil

Actually, real sea buckthorn oil, and not an oil extract, can be obtained from juice. The oil yield with this method is very small, but it will be a real concentrate of healing substances found in sea buckthorn.

It is best to squeeze the juice with a grinding centrifugal juicer, since after it the resulting juice is separated into fractions much faster. But if there is no such unit at home, then you can simply squeeze the juice in any accessible and convenient way: through an ordinary juicer, through a sieve, or through gauze folded in half.

Some housewives prefer to squeeze juice through a nylon stocking, since nylon is quite durable and does not absorb either juice or oil, and the cake can be squeezed out almost dry. By the way, it can be used to prepare sea buckthorn oil using one of the methods described below or frozen. And in this recipe we use only sea buckthorn juice.

  1. Pour the resulting juice into a container or bowl, but not a metal one, you can put it in a glass jar.
  2. The juice should stand for about a day, then an oily film forms on top of it.
  3. You can collect the oil with a spoon or pipette. We do this several times, trying not to scoop up the juice.
  4. We put the resulting liquid again for a day in a cool place. If, nevertheless, juice got there, again we separate the oil from the juice.
  5. We store only in a tightly closed bottle at a temperature not exceeding +10 ° C.

As you can see, a very simple recipe. This product has a shorter shelf life compared to the oil extract – no more than a year. And it is best to prepare it little by little and use it immediately after preparation.

Sea buckthorn oil extract by extraction method


Simple and reliable, however, the concentration of nutrients here is somewhat lower than when cooking in other ways.

Recipe “Elementary, Watson!”

We take the pulp left after making the juice. We spread it in a thin layer on a baking sheet and dry it in an oven with an open door at a temperature not higher than + 50-60 ° C. At a higher temperature, valuable substances, such as carotenoids, tocopherons, and some others, decompose, while losing their useful properties.

You can also dry it not in the oven, but simply in the room, then it will be even easier, but a little longer.

Tip: when drying the berry pomace, stir it periodically, then the process will go faster, and the result will be of better quality.

The resulting raw material is ground in a coffee grinder, or passed through a meat grinder. If the amount is small, you can simply grind in a wooden or stone mortar. It is not necessary to grind into dust, it is quite enough to grind to the state of coarse coffee.

Pour the ground pulp with refined olive oil heated to + 45-50 ° C so that it covers it only by 0.5 cm (do not pour too much oil!). You can also pour it cold, but then you need to insist a little longer. Now you need to cover the jar with a lid and put it in a dark secluded place, for example, in a kitchen cabinet for at least a week, and preferably a month.

Tip: To speed up the process, you can use a thermos . We put the sea buckthorn cake in a thermos and fill it with hot oil so that it barely covers the pulp. This method of preparation allows you to reduce the time of infusion to 3-5 days.

During this time, the oil will turn an orange-golden color, as it should be. This means that everything worked out, it absorbed the substances useful for the human body contained in sea buckthorn.

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Now we carefully filter the resulting oil extract and pour it into a suitable tightly closed container, preferably made of dark glass and with a narrow neck.

Pour so that there is practically no air left in the bottle, just under the cap . All these precautions are needed in order to preserve all the healing properties of sea buckthorn oil without loss. If half or less of the drug remains in the vial after use, it is better to pour it into a smaller container.

The less oil comes into contact with air, the better, since then it oxidizes less, retains more useful substances, which means that the treatment will be more effective.
This was the so-called “cold method” for obtaining sea buckthorn oil.


This method is a little more complicated, but the result is more effective in the end.

Recipe 1. “Tired Sun”

  • Pour the prepared sea buckthorn cake with refined vegetable oil, preferably olive oil, as it is universal and suitable for both external and internal use.
  • We put the container in a water or steam bath, or, alternatively, in the oven. We simmer the mixture for 24 hours at a temperature of + 40-45 ° C.
  • After that, cool, filter and pour into a prepared jar. Close tightly, put in a dark place for a week.
  • After a week, carefully drain so as not to disturb the sediment. Strain and set aside again for a week.
  • Repeat the cleaning and filtering procedure until it brightens and becomes transparent.

Who has a slow cooker, you can cook this oil in a slow cooker. Pour the ground cake into the bowl of the multicooker and fill it with oil. We set the program “Lanning” (“Heating”) for at least 4 hours, if desired, it is possible for 8-10 hours. After the end of the process, we filter and pour into containers, store in a cool dark place, preferably in tightly closed bottles or bottles with a narrow neck.

Tip: if possible, do not use metal tools and utensils when cooking, especially aluminum. Sea buckthorn contains many different acids that can react with the metal

Recipe 2. “Triple strength”

As in the previous recipe, pour and heat the mixture to + 40-45 ° C. But we warm it up only for 4 hours, and then set it aside for a day. We do this three times. If desired, the cake can be changed each time to fresh, so an oil is obtained that is more saturated with useful substances. At the end, again, we filter several times and cork for storage.

Tip: after opening, it is better to store the oil infusion in small tightly closed bottles. So it will be better preserved and it will be more convenient to use it.

Oil extract from sea buckthorn seeds

This is the most difficult and laborious way. But on the other hand, the result most closely resembles the finished oil, which is sold in pharmacies. Due to the fact that there is no carotene in the seed oil, its color will not be orange, but yellowish-brown, the difference is clearly visible in the photo.

  • Separate the juice from the pulp. We use the juice for its intended purpose, and dry the resulting mass from the seeds, pulp and skin of the berries in the oven at a temperature not exceeding +45 ° C, stirring occasionally so that the process goes faster and more evenly. You can also dry it naturally by spreading it in a thin layer on a baking sheet. The main thing is not to be in the sun.
  • We rub the dried cake in the palms, separating the bones from the remnants of the pulp of the berry. The obtained peeled sea buckthorn seeds are ground in a coffee grinder or passed through a meat grinder and poured with refined vegetable oil.
  • We insist in a dark place for 3-4 weeks, or better – a couple of months.
  • We filter. We put it again for a week so that the sediment settles. We merge. We go through this several times. The product should become clean and transparent. After achieving the desired result, pour it into bottles, close tightly and put in the refrigerator.

Tip: sea buckthorn is a brightly colored berry. If the juice gets on your clothes, it can leave stubborn stains. Therefore, be careful not to spill any juice or oil on your clothes.

Helpful information

In the video below, you can learn more about exactly how the oil can be made, how to use it and why it is useful.

Storage conditions

It is very important not only to properly prepare the oil, but also to preserve it so that it does not lose its healing properties. Therefore, you should follow a few simple rules for storage.

  1. First of all, it is absolutely impossible to leave the container where the oil is stored open. It oxidizes rapidly in air. Always close container tightly after use.
  2. It is necessary to protect the oil from direct sunlight by all means. It is no coincidence that in a pharmacy it is sold exclusively in bottles made of dark glass. Store the vial in a dark place. The ideal option is a refrigerator or cellar with a constant temperature of about +8 o C.
  3. Choose small containers with narrow necks for storage. Better 5-6 small bottles of 100 ml than one liter jar.
  4. Pour the liquid to the very top, so that there is practically no air left in the container. Pour the oil into smaller bottles as you use it.
  5. Use only jars with tight-fitting lids and vials with well-ground stoppers.
  6. Do not store the received product for more than 2 years. It is better to make less, but use fresh. This is especially true of the oil extracted from the juice. Even in the refrigerator in a tightly closed jar, its shelf life is no more than 1 year.
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We hope that this small instruction will help you keep all the beneficial active substances in sea buckthorn safe and sound.

What is the best oil to use for extraction?

Oil, which is poured into cake or ground bones, is called basic or basic, as it is the basis for making extracts from sea buckthorn fruits. Sometimes it is also called transport , and this is no coincidence. The substances that make up this product, like a vehicle, deliver their “passengers” to our cells – bioactive substances useful to our body and essential oils contained in the berry.

The additional qualities of the final product largely depend on the chosen “vehicle”.

  • The most neutral and suitable is olive. In addition, it is universal – suitable for both external and internal use.
  • For the preparation of cosmetics, you can use peach, apricot, grape or avocado.
  • For hair care and problematic skin, a jojoba base is perfect.
  • Who cares about the figure and wants to get an additional healing effect, can use linen.
  • If there is nothing else, then you can, in extreme cases, take sunflower, corn or cottonseed.

Important! It is best to use refined oil, as it oxidizes less and lasts longer. It is advisable to store the finished product in a cool dark place for no more than 2 years.

What kind of sea buckthorn is the most suitable

Sea buckthorn is not a new plant, it has many different varieties of both domestic and foreign selection. For our purposes, the simplest, wild sea buckthorn, sour, tart, fine, is best suited. It has little juice, but a lot of everything else. Of the cultivated varieties, the following varieties can be recommended: “Oil”, “Chechek”, “Dar Katun”, “Jam” and “Solnechnaya”.

What is the value of sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is a unique plant, everything is healing in it! The leaves and twigs of the “northern pineapple” are a real gift of nature to people. They contain a huge amount of tannin, vitamin C and serotonin. Infusion is very useful to rinse the hair, especially with seborrhea. It can be brewed as tea and drink a little every day. This is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis, diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension and liver problems.

In addition, the decoction rinses the face and rinses the eyes, gargle with sore throats and laryngitis. Who has arthritis – you can make compresses from boiled leaves. Not only healing infusions and decoctions are very effective, but also alcohol tinctures on the leaves. It is easy to make them, and the benefits are undeniable. Folk recipes are an inexhaustible source of knowledge.

Now you know how to make oil from sea buckthorn, how to use it, how sea buckthorn is useful. By the way, sea buckthorn oil can be used both pure and added to ointments, rubbing and compresses. It is also very tasty and healthy to make salads with it, especially from fresh vegetables.

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In autumn I cooked sea buckthorn jam, ground sea buckthorn with sugar into a sieve. There is still quite a lot of “meal”. I thought I would use it as tea, put it in special bags for tea leaves. But it turned out that the cake gives only a slight smell of sea buckthorn. The jam turned out cool, but it’s a cake. where to put him? I closed it in jars and put it in the refrigerator.
Does anyone have a secret/idea for using this pomace in cooking?

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