What can be made from plastic forks

Svetlana Kozhevnikova
Crafts from disposable spoons and forks

In December, I participated in the competition “Educator of the Year 2016 in Kindergarten” de took 2nd place. I provided work, crafts from disposable spoons and forks . Created paintings and flowers from disposable spoons and forks . Often, when we go to nature and have a picnic, we take plastic spoons with us.

After that, as a rule , there are still many such spoons , and they are stored in a locker for a long time.

Do not throw away plastic spoons. Even more than that, buy a few more spoons so that you can make a beautiful craft or even a few crafts .

Here are some interesting craftsthat can be easily done using plastic spoons :

for example : Ladybug made of plastic spoons .

– three plastic spoons

– superglue or hot glue

Creative people with a rich imagination and imagination can make wonderful decorative gizmos from almost any material. An example of this is crafts from plastic spoons and forks .

It would seem that they are intended only for one thing – to keep us company when eating, and then only once. But it was not there, the craftsmen decided that the range of their application could be much wider and more interesting.

So wonderful crafts from plastic spoons and forks were born . You can try to make something out of them yourself. And let our today’s selection serve as inspiration.

Try to do something too, it’s very interesting and fast. Theater from disposable spoons All children love the theater and look forward to seeing them. We have a theater studio “Fairy Tale” in kindergarten, which is visited.

“A fan for a princess” (from disposable spoons) In a hot summer, a fan is more useful than ever. The history of this mysterious product is very ancient. Many centuries ago in the East it was made from palm trees.

Ladybug from disposable plastic spoons. Master class Ladybug from disposable plastic spoons. Master class This little girl puts on a red polka-dot dress. And he knows how to fly deftly. This ….

Children’s master class “Daisies from disposable spoons” On the eve of the holiday “Day of Family, Love and Fidelity”, the children and I decided to make daisies using various techniques. Since chamomile is a symbol of this.

Master class “Vase of disposable spoons” Master class. “Vase of disposable spoons”. Mother’s Day is coming soon. On the eve of this holiday, I would like to congratulate everyone.

Master class “Napkin holder-fan from disposable forks” MK “Napkin holder-fan” from disposable forks Making such a napkin holder is not difficult at all. We will need: a napkin holder (can be cut out of cardboard.

My creativity from disposable plastic spoons and forks My creativity from disposable plastic spoons and forks Dear friends, I welcome everyone who looked at my page. Women are very.

Fans from disposable forks. Master Class. I probably will not surprise anyone with my fans, because I have seen a lot of such master classes on our portal. But I’ll give you a few.

Master class “Fan from disposable forks” Purpose: To acquaint teachers with non-traditional techniques from activities. Unleash the creative potential of teachers. Tasks: teaching: to teach.Mirror from disposable spoons. Master class Here is such a wonderful craft from disposable spoons. The mirror looks very original, it would not even be a shame to give such a mirror to.

Fork crafts are one of the types of jewelry made from disposable tableware. They came into fashion relatively recently in connection with the boom of handmade that broke out in the world. Today, a variety of things are created from them, for example, jewelry and accessories for holidays, while the scope of their application is constantly expanding

Pros of crafts from disposable tableware

Crafts from disposable spoons and forks have quite serious advantages over crafts made from other types of materials, which naturally has a positive effect on their popularity. So, these cutlery is very cheap, and for a couple of tens of rubles you can buy about a hundred forks and spoons. For example, from a financial point of view, beading is a more expensive type of leisure, since the beads themselves and a set of accessories can cost hundreds of rubles.

The second advantage of this material for handmade is its availability. So, in order to make crafts from plastic forks, just go to any supermarket or go to the nearest kiosk. There, usually sets of disposable tableware are sold in large quantities. In addition, if necessary, you can take such dishes directly from the table, as a result, you will make a craft gift right in front of the astonished guests of your holiday, which will be remembered by them for a long time.

By the way, using disposable tableware in needlework, you thereby contribute to environmental protection. The fact is that the period of decomposition of plastic is at least 150 years. If you use disposable tableware after its intended use, you will thereby remove waste from nature that will pollute the Earth for such a long time.

Separately, it is worth talking about the benefits of handmade when working with children. The fact is that crafts from forks allow children to actively develop their imagination, as well as fine motor skills of their hands. As a result, your child, engaged in amateur creativity, will demonstrate a higher level of development of intelligence and imagination compared to their peers. In addition, the ability to work independently with improvised material will be very useful to them in life, for example, at school, in the army, in production.

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Another advantage of working with such an unusual design material is the ability to use it to create original and exclusive art objects, as well as unique interiors. In addition, homemade products allow you to replace quite utilitarian household items, such as a lampshade, with unusual and memorable ones. By gaining some experience, you will be able to manufacture such things for sale, providing yourself with quite a decent income. By the way, many well-known designers started with handmade, where they acquired the skills and knowledge they needed in their work. The other way to do it is much more expensive and more difficult.

Types of crafts from disposable spoons and forks

Attention! Crafts from plastic spoons and forks are of several types, while their classification depends not only on what items are made from them, but also on the method of processing this decorative material.

So, from these cutlery you can make:

  • souvenirs;
  • decorations;
  • accessories;
  • decor elements;
  • household items.

For example, the same forks can be used to create a variety of hangers, hooks, coasters. For the manufacture of the same coasters or shelves, disposable spoons can also be useful. If you use metal appliances for this, they can become very original design elements of the room, for example, in high-tech or steampunk style.

In addition, disposable tableware is great for replacing a variety of household items on hikes or while in nature. At home, you can make beautiful lampshades for a lamp from it. As a result, you will not only save quite decent money, but also become the owner of an original and unusual thing.

As for the methods of making crafts from disposable cutlery, there are several of them. So, crafts from plastic forks can be made using glue. To do this, use a glue gun or glue “Moment”. The result is, for example, children’s toys or, for example, a frame for a mirror.

The second method of working with plastic is heating it. In this way, you can make a huge number of things, for example, artificial flowers or a Christmas tree. Usually, a heat gun is used for this, which softens the plastic and allows it to be modified.

Products made from several types of disposable tableware stand apart. For example, using disposable forks, spoons, and plastic cups, you can create an original garland or a stand for cold dishes. At the same time, combining different types of disposable tableware and cutlery will allow you to invent the most unusual things, for example, a fan of disposable forks.

You can learn how to create crafts from plastic forks by visiting the corresponding master class. In addition, you can always get the knowledge necessary for work by studying the material posted on thematic sites. It will also be possible to find ideas for original plastic products. In any case, experienced handmade craftsmen do not advise beginners to perform complex crafts from forks. It is better to hone the technique on the simplest products and only then proceed to more complex ones.

Making artificial flowers

If you decide to make crafts from forks with your own hands, such a product as an artificial flower will suit you for a start. The fact is that such handmade is in demand in everyday life and is easy to manufacture. Usually, in order to learn how to independently perform such crafts from plastic spoons and forks, it is enough to study their photos. After that, you will be able to cope with such work.

So, to create the simplest flower from plastic cutlery, you will need:

  • disposable spoons and forks, preferably multi-colored;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • candle;
  • tweezers.

To begin with, you will need to purchase plastic spoons and forks of different colors, while trying to buy them so that there are a few more forks. The fact is that you will need the forks as stamens, so their consumption will be greater. Forks of bright colors are best suited for this, but not white or light. From spoons, you can perfectly make petals for a future artificial flower.

Attention! Crafts from forks, as well as disposable spoons, created in the form of flowers, require the use of high temperatures, as they will change during processing.

The easiest way to create a high temperature to warm up this or another item of crafts from disposable tableware is a candle. If you are afraid that you will not be able to cope with it, and your craft will deteriorate, take a thermal gun. This device can maintain a certain temperature without the use of open flames.

In order to figure out how exactly you can make crafts from forks and spoons in the form of flowers, you will need to study their photos. So, with the help of the corresponding image, you will quickly understand exactly how it will be necessary to deform plastic spoons and forks with tweezers under the influence of high temperature. After you make a stamen or a flower petal from them, you just have to cut off the finished product from the stem.

Finished petals and stamens are combined into a single structure using the same thermal gun. In this case, you can use a plastic bottle or a plastic rod as the stem of such a flower. In addition, ready-made crafts can be used as separate decorations, for example, for hanging on a Christmas tree.

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Having mastered the creation of such simple products, you can then proceed to the manufacture of more complex crafts, for example, make an original fan with your own hands.

Making a fan and plastic forks

In order to make a fan of plastic elements, you must first do crafts from spoons and forks with your own hands at least in the amount of 2-3 copies. As a result, you will gain basic skills in working with plastic, which will allow you to further make very complex products from it.

In order to assemble a fan from plastic forks, you will need the following set:

  • plastic forks in the amount of 30 pcs.;
  • ribbons and lace;
  • cardboard;
  • glue, scissors, as well as a used CD;
  • glue or glue gun.

By the way, such crafts from disposable forks can be made using various techniques. For example, such fans can be decorated in the style of kanzashi, which will make them unique and original. As a result, you can use them not only for interior decoration, but also, for example, as an accessory at a carnival

So, first you will need to take a piece of cardboard and cut a circle out of it to fit the size of the CD. Then it is cut in half into 2 equal parts, which are then glued together with glue or a glue gun.

Attention! It is necessary to glue all the constituent elements to each other very accurately so that the future craft looks beautiful.

The next step will be to outline a semicircle inside the disk on cardboard. It will create a border up to which the forks will be pasted. First, they are glued to one part of the semicircle. For this, twenty-four disposable forks are taken, which are first glued with their lower part to each other. From above, the lower part of the forks is closed by the second part of the semicircle.

In order for the plastic fork crafts made in this way to look good, you will need to decorate them. To do this, take 2 satin ribbons in quantity and intertwine them, threading them through the forks, tying bows at their ends. After that, you will need to take a lace ribbon and fix it with glue on the last element – the fork. In the future, it is threaded between the teeth of the forks, forming the edge of the fan.

The next step may be to fix the lace ribbon on a cardboard semicircle. First, you will need to pull it off with a needle and thread to the size you need. The remaining one-time tape must be glued so as to close the teeth of the forks from below.

You can finally decorate such crafts from forks with the help of roses folded from satin ribbons. To do this, they are attached to the surface of the fan at your discretion. By the way, you can use it not only for decorative purposes, but also for its intended purpose – to combat stuffiness.

Crafts from spoons and forks provide ample opportunities for creativity, so do not focus on the products you have already mastered, but improvise. Try, for example, to make a bracelet or a ring out of plastic. This will give you the opportunity to learn new techniques and techniques, as well as expand your range of work performed as a handmade master.

No matter how fast modern life is, you always want to find some time for yourself, your loved ones and children. And it is much more pleasant to spend free time on exciting activities than to devote it to complete inactivity.

For example, independently make crafts from spoons, a small master class for which will be presented below.

What to stock up and where to put

There are a lot of ideas for making various crafts from plastic spoons. As a rule, most of these products will require basic elements: the spoons themselves, cardboard, glue, sometimes paints or colored paper, scissors.

You can start making crafts without looking back at where to “attach” the craft later – thanks to the convenience of the material itself, any product will be so cute and original that acquaintances, friends and relatives will be happy to receive such a gift.

In addition, such crafts are often used in everyday life, to decorate a house or summer cottage. On a well-groomed lawn or garden, crafts made as flowers are most often used – this way you can give the plantings a beautiful accent. And for the New Year holidays, plastic spoons will give unlimited scope for creativity.

Separately, it is worth noting such types of crafts that can be functional and useful in the household. Perhaps this is a significant advantage for any craft, because usually the result of creative success does not find a place in the house and is safely forgotten or thrown away.

Flowers from disposable spoons

Flower crafts are easy to make. There are many options – tulips, water lilies, roses.

It is important to understand that to make a rose, you will need to manipulate fire, so you need to be careful when doing such crafts with children.

To make roses from plastic spoons you will need:

  • 13 disposable spoons of the same color. If there are only white spoons, and you want a rose of a different color, then you will need to paint the spoons only after the product is completely ready;
  • Lighter, candle or fire on the stove;
  • Scissors;
  • Convenient tongs or pliers;
  • Glue gun.

Action plan for making a rose

Making a rose from plastic spoons is necessary only in a well-ventilated area. Light a fire (using a lighter in this case is not very convenient), prepare tongs and all the required spoons. You can start.

  1. We take a spoon in our hands and hold it over the fire. It is important not to overexpose the spoon, because. plastic may start to drip. During the heating process, the spoon will begin to deform.
  2. Armed with tongs, we change the shape of the spoon softened from the fire, preferably by folding it into almost a bag, because. the first spoon should become the middle of the future rose.
  3. Take the second spoon, its shape should become slightly wider than the previous one, and each subsequent spoon should be less and less deformed.
  4. After the formation of all the elements – “petals”, we cut off the handles of the spoons, but we leave the first spoon – the middle of the flower, full-fledged.
  5. We take glue and glue all the “petals”, giving the shape of a blossoming rose.
  6. Now the product can be painted in your favorite color.
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There are many variations of making crafts from disposable spoons in the form of flowers. Perhaps, such products are easy to create, incredibly beautiful and can decorate any home or garden.

Functional crafts from plastic spoons

Surprisingly, from such a seemingly trinket as disposable spoons, you can create many useful and functional items for the home. For example, a mirror, a candlestick or a lamp.

Beautiful and unobtrusive light sources will never be superfluous in the house. Of particular value will be an unusual lamp made of disposable spoons, made by hand.

One of these options is a pineapple lamp, which can be made in the company of children.

DIY materials

For “pineapple” from plastic spoons, you will need to prepare:

  • A small oval-shaped lamp;
  • 125 white plastic spoons;
  • Wide plastic bottle;
  • Glue gun;
  • Acrylic paint yellow;
  • Stationery or kitchen knife;
  • Green cardboard.

Before you start making crafts, it is better to free up more work space.

Creating a pineapple lamp – step by step instructions

When making this craft, it is better for children to entrust the work with paints, and the rest of the manipulations should be performed by adults.

  1. You need to get a cylinder from a plastic bottle. To do this, it is enough to cut off the neck and base with a knife.
  2. Next, paint the white spoons with yellow paint. The handles will not be needed for the craft, but for the convenience of applying paint, you can leave them for now. Later, when the paint dries, the handles will need to be cut off.
  3. Armed with glue, we begin to apply the yellow “petals” of spoons to the base of the bottle. It’s more correct to start from the bottom row, gluing the spoons evenly in a circle.
  4. The second row of spoons will need to cover the gaps in the first row. So, row by row, you should glue the entire bottle.
  5. If there are gaps on the bottle pasted over with spoons, they should be covered with new “petals”.
  6. From green cardboard, you need to cut out the figure of the sun, with a cut out center and sharp edges-leaves of the future “pineapple”. It is important that the diameter of the hole in the cardboard is not much larger than the hole of the bottle.
  7. The cut out figure from cardboard must be glued to the base of the bottle.
  8. Additionally, we cut out large leaves from cardboard, glue them also to the base.
  9. The finished ceiling made of plastic spoons can be put on a suitable lamp and a bright, colorful and dear interior detail is ready.

Cute things and funny trinkets

An excellent option for the development of fine motor skills, imagination and perseverance in children will be crafts from spoons in the form of animals, insects or birds. Ordinary spoons can make a large peacock or beautiful ladybugs, the manufacture of which will be discussed in more detail.

For future ladybugs you will need:

  • Plastic spoons in an amount that is a multiple of 3 – that’s how much you need for one product;
  • Red, white and black paint;
  • Glue gun;
  • Black caps from plastic bottles or buttons;
  • Scissors.

Steps to create ladybugs from disposable spoons

It will certainly be very interesting for children to perform such crafts, however, some manipulations can only be done with adults.

  1. All spoons need to cut off the handles, but it is better to do this after the spoons have been painted and the paint has dried.
  2. One spoon should be painted black, and two – red. At the red spoons you need to finish the black dots.
  3. To create the “head” of a ladybug, you need to put 2 white dots on the cap or button.
  4. We glue the “insect” – two red spoons are glued A-shaped to the black spoon – the “wings” of the ladybug.
  5. Glue a button or cover to the base of the structure. And here we have the cutest craft, the manufacture of which will take no more than 10 minutes.

Any craft made of plastic spoons is always attractive for its simplicity and beauty at the same time. No special tools are required for making, and almost every craft can be done by even the youngest inventors.

You can absolutely not limit your imagination and go beyond the master classes studied, creating unique products. In addition, such crafts can be incredibly useful in everyday life, which makes them especially valuable.

Photo ideas for crafts from plastic spoons

Question answer

Undoubtedly. One of the interesting ways to use disposable spoons is to paint them in different colors and apply inscriptions indicating which seedling or flower is planted in a pot. For the same purpose, you can use spice spoons – if the spices are stored in glass jars, you can also put a spoon there indicating what is in the jar.

In order to completely eliminate this possibility, it is better to use energy-saving light bulbs in lamps. They certainly won’t let the spoons melt.

In order for the paint to lay down perfectly evenly and without streaks, it is better to use a foam rubber sponge, a nylon brush or paint in an aerosol can.

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