What can be made from knots

The bizarre outlines of the branches involuntarily attract attention, and I want to capture this sophisticated beauty not only in memory or in a photograph, but also in real life. If desired, you can add an unusual decorative touch to the interior, making interesting compositions or creative products with utilitarian features. Crafts from tree branches is a great hobby that allows you to create beautiful decor elements with your own hands without investing any financial costs. The interior of the house, decorated with this natural material, acquires a special sophistication, where everything is aimed at emphasizing its individuality. Before starting work, the blank for future crafts should be carefully prepared, taking into account the individual characteristics of the wood.

Crafts from branches – procurement of material

For creative activities to decorate the selected room (this can be an entrance hall , living room , as well as a kitchen and even a bedroom ), well-dried branches will be required. They are easy to pick up during forest walks, as well as pick up in a square or park. You can independently dry the branches that remain in the garden after performing sanitary pruning activities.

Before work, dry material is carefully prepared for further use:

Inspected for cracks;
Cleaned from dust and dirt;
Exfoliating places on the bark are polished.

To exclude the appearance of unwanted larvae in the house, it is necessary to carry out disinfection using a weak concentration of potassium permanganate solution known to many. Depending on the idea, the branches can be painted in the desired tone, covered with stain or varnish.

Beautiful composition of branches, cones and nuts on the theme of autumn

Such a tree will always find its rightful place in interior decoration.

Decoration of various items

Having brought home a bouquet, you can quickly make a creative vase using branches. For this, any suitable jar is taken – plastic , tin, glass, and pieces of branches are cut into pieces with a length slightly exceeding the height of the container

They are placed close to each other in a vertical direction on the outer surface of the jar and secured by tying it with a beautiful braid or ribbon. You can plant branches with glue. Flower pots are decorated in the same way.

Decorative vase made of branches will decorate any table

To prevent the vase from losing stability to its bottom, the branches do not stick

To make this wonderful vase, in addition to the glass base, you will need: a glue gun, dry willow or birch sticks, wire cutters.

  1. Harvested branches must be cleaned of bark. It is better to do this when the wood has not yet dried up, so it will be much easier to remove the bark;
  2. Next, using wire cutters, cut the bare branches into small pieces. Their size should be calculated based on the height of your workpiece;
  3. After the material dries, we glue each stick to the base in such a way that a kind of crate is obtained;
  4. It remains to give time for the glue to dry for 10-15 minutes. Congratulations, the branch vase is ready!

Crafts from branches will always find their worthy application in interior design of a house or apartment. Their shape and size can be completely different, because different materials can be used for their manufacture. Products made from bark, chips, snags, cut logs or large branches, etc. will look good. It all depends on your imagination and personal preferences.

Unusual vase made of thin willow branches, painted in gilding.

The branches installed inside the glass jar in a continuous layer along the entire side plane will look no less original. So that they do not crumble in an impromptu vase, the bouquet should be quite voluminou

For the products described above, you will need fairly even trimmings from the lower ends of the branches. The upper thin stems will help create a delightful evening with flickering candles. To do this, they are simply placed in a glass container so that they rise above it, pour no more than half the volume of water and lower the floating candles.

Small luminous lights garland lights will give the product a special charm

Original decoration for the festive table

Since ancient times, fire has been considered a symbol of the hearth and family comfort, so its presence in the interior is so necessary.

Charming compositions from branches

Trunks crowned with a web of thin twigs, placed at the head of the bed in a niche cut through one side of the coffee table top, will help to bring an unusual accent to a room, for example, a bedroom. In the dining area or study, a high floor vase will look elegant, in which, along with the branches, there will be dried cereals.

Bizarrely curved branched thin tree trunks are placed in a vase and decorated with decorative elements matching the color of the interior. It can be sparkling stars or snowflakes on the eve of the New Year, bright valentines on the eve of the corresponding holiday of lovers, or just butterflies with fancy ornaments on the wings, birds, flowers, fruits, leaves from any material at hand.

A Christmas tree made of wooden sticks is a more complex product in terms of creation. However, with due skill and diligence, you can make yourself an excellent gift for the New Year.

Various small items and decorations are a good addition to the decor of the branches.

Interesting Christmas decor idea

Having strengthened graceful branches on a velvet fabric, in color harmonizing with the general situation, and placing, after pasting on cardboard, the resulting composition in a wooden frame, you can get an elegant decoration of the interior.

A beautiful branch can be supplemented with golden bows, Christmas balls or forest cones. Such decoration will contribute to a good mood and cause only positive emotions. In addition, New Year’s decorations will create a festive atmosphere on the eve of the main winter celebration.

New Year’s decor from branches can be easily made with your own hands

New Year’s decorative wreath

Branches in the interior: a step-by-step master class

Tall shrub trunks (most often willow is taken) will allow you to zone the space of the room in an unusual way . For example, to separate the sofa corner from the rest of the space in the living room. Such a partition is made very simply:

  1. To do this, a wooden beam of the desired length is taken as a stand. You can use absolutely any type of wood.
  2. In the beam, two rows of non-through holes are drilled in a checkerboard pattern, in which prepared branches are fixed vertically to the glue. In length, they should be about a meter less than the height of the room. The step depends on how openwork the resulting screen should be.
  3. To make the product look stylish, it is varnished.
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For a wooden screen, branches of various thicknesses can be used

The current bedroom design ideas are endless – birch trunks in the interior are proof of this.

A wooden partition will fit well into the interior of a loft-style apartment.

Trimmings of trunks with a diameter of 8-10 cm with strong branches extending upwards from the side at an acute angle easily turn into hangers dear to the heart. They can be mounted on the wall in the hallway, creating a natural corner with a specific purpose. Among the designer finds, you can find birch trunks that play the role of cornices and even racks near the bed for attaching a canopy.

The picture will be complemented by a coffee table, the base of which is a bundle of branches fastened vertically into a stable cylinder, and the tabletop is durable glass of round or oval shape.

You can make an option that is unexpected in effect by fastening the branches in the shape of a cube and laying it on the floor on the side face. A plastic or glass square tabletop is placed on top.

The use of natural materials in interior design gives a feeling of unity between man and nature.

Floor lamp artfully decorated with wooden rods perfectly complements the interio

Luxurious chandelier-candlestick stylized as an eco-friendly interior

Wall mirrors are often decorated with branches. They can be glued around the entire perimeter perpendicular to the frame or along it. There may be many options. Craftsmen easily make frames for photographs, children’s drawings, reproductions of their favorite paintings from scraps of thin trunks.

A gracefully curved thick branch can become the basis of a table lamp. A branch with many branches, mounted on the wall near the mirror on the dressing table, will allow you to easily place all the jewelry.

Natural materials offer a wide scope for creativity. Crafts from them are always beautiful and unique.

Such work requires delicate female hands and special attention

In just a few minutes, an ordinary and inconspicuous glass can be turned into a beautiful art object.

Creative inspiration is the main incentive for a person who wants to create beautiful DIY crafts from branches .

In spacious hallways, one wall can be turned into a fairytale forest by installing trunks reaching the ceiling behind a high plinth with LED lighting installed near the floor. This is one of the best ways to give your interior a scenic look. Both thin and thick tree branches can be used as material.

Small products made from dried snags will look original. For a change, you can use tree bark and wood chips, combining everything later into a single composition.

We make decor from branches with our own hands

Crafts from branches are always distinguished by their originality and unique design. With the help of these uncomplicated sticks and twigs, you can create a beautiful author’s decor on absolutely any subject. Wall shelves , paintings, wreaths, flower pots, whimsical animal figurines – this is just a small part of what can be created from this wonderful natural material.

  1. Making a wreath of branches is probably one of the easiest tasks that even a child can handle. Take thin willow rods and twist them together into a tight ring, then carefully tie them with copper wire. As an additional decoration for a wreath, you can use tree leaves, flowers, forest cones.
  2. You can revive an inconspicuous tree branch using ordinary snowflakes. Cut them out of paper, foil, or colored felt and hang them on each branch. Such compositions will look great in the house against the backdrop of a wall with beautiful wallpaper.
  3. If you still have broken light bulbs, they can also be used as decoration. From a soft wire, make a special mount with which you can hang them on a branch so that the light bulb base is at the top. Further, through a hole specially made in the base, the light bulb is half filled with water. It remains only to give our miniature an elegant look. To do this, the branch can be decorated with decorative braid, ribbons and bows.

Decorative wreath of willow branches

If you approach the process with a soul, you can achieve good results.

Light bulbs on a tree branch look unusual and very impressive

Even the most ordinary painted twigs can be a great material for making fun crafts. For example, in interior design, unique products made from branches in the shape of a star will look very beautiful and fun. You can make them with your own hands on a regular table.

  1. Material preparation. For each craft, we need 5 sticks. It can be branches of any tree, as long as they are even and have the same length. The material should be dried and varnished in advance, so your products will last longer. We also need a thread, rope or thin ribbon. With their help, we will tie the ends of our sticks.
  2. Making a star. Lay the sticks on the table so that they form a closed figure of a pentagonal star. Tie each formed corner with a thread or rope and decorate with satin ribbons. The resulting star can be hung on a Christmas tree or given to friends.

Do-it-yourself pentagonal star made of branches

To create something unique for your interior, do not copy someone else’s ideas, but try to do everything yourself. Feel the mood of your home, think about what exactly it lacks, what things and objects could highlight its own style. Write down everything that comes to your mind in a notebook – when creating an interior design, these thoughts may come in handy for you.

Pay attention to the little things. It is they who, in a creative union with non-standard design solutions, create an unsurpassed atmosphere and focus on a specific element of the interior

Festive decorations from bleached branches

Decor from a branch in the design of walnuts

The original floor lamp is a creative interior decoration

You can diversify the decor of the room with the help of funny figurines of animals and animals.

Miniature branch candlestick

Beautiful frame for family photos

Crafts from branches are not only beautiful, but also profitable. The main advantage is that no funds are required for their manufacture, because the material itself is literally lying around under our feet. Moreover, all compositions can be created with your own hands, involving your children in this entertaining process.

Crafts from branches can be easily and quickly sold, because this is a unique decor, which is always in high demand. You can also earn extra money by teaching paid workshops on creating designer jewelry for beginners

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We really hope that this article was useful to you. Create, create, experiment and perhaps this interesting hobby will grow into your professional field of activity.

Wood is a unique material, so it is widely used in the manufacture of art products. Thanks to the natural warmth, it brings warmth and comfort to the house. It is pleasant to look at it, it warms and soothes, sets in a calm mood. This review describes how to make simple crafts from wood cuts, gives examples of work and indicates the necessary tool

Preparation of material for crafts

Often in gardens and parks you can see fallen trees. At the dacha, you have to regularly prune trees. When walking through the forest, fallen trees are sure to be encountered. Therefore, there will never be any problems with the preparation of material. Almost any material will do.

Depending on the size of the branch or trunk, you can implement various ideas for decorative crafts. From thin branches, you can make small small crafts. From small trunks you can make small interior decorations. And from the trunks of large trees you can make large interior items: tables, chairs and even beds.

Any material can be used: both recently harvested and lain in the forest for several years. When choosing a material, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to its safety. Has the process of decay begun in it? If the tree has not begun to deteriorate, or these processes have been stopped, then you can make a wonderful decoration out of it.

The uniqueness of the tree lies in the fact that its cross sections are very beautiful. Therefore, various photos of crafts from a saw cut of a tree are so mesmerizing. This is widely used in art.

Having cut the tree trunk, the tree rings will be very well and beautifully visible annual rings. Cuts in the area of ​​knots have a very beautiful texture.

simple crafts

In order to make the first simple wood craft with your own hands, you must first read the simple instructions on how to make it. Cutting wood requires a tool. Of course, you can use a hand tool, but the cut will turn out with an uneven surface. It is better to use an electric tool: a jigsaw or a circular saw.

Sliced ​​blanks are processed with sandpaper to eliminate irregularities. From the prepared blanks, you can immediately start doing something.

First of all, small saws are used to make coasters. They can be glued together, grouped together. Such boards are used as coasters for mugs, teapots and other hot items.

A large number of sawn tree trunks can decorate rooms, create interior items. For example, you can make a base for an analogue clock, candlesticks, decorate paintings, decorate walls, and make picture frames from a cut.

Sliced ​​​​cuts of trees can be used as blanks for further creativity. From them, various toys and figurines of animals (all kinds of foxes, ducks, bears, dogs, birds) are very successfully obtained.

The scope for creativity is limitless. Such products are best made with children. The manufacture of small items is also possible at home, apartment conditions. At the same time, the child will develop useful skills.

complex crafts

From large wood blanks, various more complex crafts can be made. Some of them do not require serious carpentry skills and physical strength, while others require special knowledge and skills to make.

After reviewing the most beautiful crafts from a saw cut tree, you can choose a direction for creativity in accordance with your skills. From sawn trees, you can make a variety of garden furniture, put animal figures in the garden, or lay out a garden path from cuts.

From logs you can make a very beautiful rustic well with a roof. But this is already a subject of serious carpentry work. From tree trunks you can make beautiful flower beds. Such work will be quite easy.

The tree trunk will lie on the ground, and flowers will grow in its cutouts. It should be remembered that products that are planned to be used outdoors must be coated with protective paints or antiseptics.

Entire master classes on making crafts are devoted to the manufacture of such items. Their visit will be very useful for children. Such classes develop creative potential, accustom to work, give the first experience of pleasure from creativity.

Ordinary twigs of trees, which usually abound in an orchard or a personal plot, are a unique material.

Nature has already given them bizarre forms, which, with due imagination and a little skill, can be turned into a real work of art. Crafts from tree branches will originally fit into the home environment, help to diversify and decorate the interior.

material requirements

Of course, not every branch is suitable for making crafts. It is better to harvest the material in early spring or autumn, when the bark and core are not touched by bark beetles.

There are no requirements for the type of wood: birch, willow, grape and other branches are equally suitable for making crafts. The main thing is that the material does not have traces of the presence of pests, chips and other defects.

To exclude the appearance of any insect larvae in the house, it is recommended to treat the collected branches with a weakly concentrated solution of potassium permanganate.

So that the craft from branches and snags for the interior does not warp, the material must be pre-dried. You can do this in two ways:

  • in vivo, spreading the branches in an even layer on the floor and keeping at room temperature for about 2 weeks;
  • accelerated process – spread on a baking sheet and place in the oven for 3 hours. There must be a slow fire and an ajar door so that the moisture comes out evenly.

If it is planned to remove the bark from the wood for crafts, this operation must be performed before drying begins. When the branches are freed from excess moisture, the surface can be coated with wood varnish.

Decorative candlestick

This is the easiest way to make DIY crafts. It will take less than an hour to make a decorative ornament. For work you will need:

  • glass cup. A container with high and low walls is suitable, it is better to choose transparent glass, but this moment remains at the discretion of the master;
  • glue;
  • thin dry branches;
  • small secateurs.

At the initial stage, the lower parts of the branches need to be cut so that they lie flat against the bottom of the glass. The proportionality of the upper part does not play a significant role.

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The further operation is simple: we spread the branches with glue and glue them to the wall of the glass close to each other. The candle is inserted inside the glass container, and the original candlestick for decorating a room or a romantic dinner is ready.

The second version of this craft: the branches are glued directly to the candle. For this, thin willow twigs that have a straight shape are more suitable. However, such products are used only as a decor: it is not worth lighting a candle pasted over with dry wood for reasons of fire safety.

Photo frames and mirrors

From tree branches, you can make a beautiful frame for a family photo or a mirror in the hallway. The work is carried out according to an identical scheme, the difference lies only in the method of registration and the amount of consumables for crafts.

To decorate a photograph, dried and varnished thin twigs are glued to a wooden frame.

Note! The basis of the photo frame can also be made independently by sawing a rectangle out of plywood with a jigsaw.

Pasting starts from the long sides. The branches are laid close, it is allowed to apply two or three rows. Then, in a similar way, the short sides of the frame are pasted over. At the corners, the ends of the branches can be laid end-to-end or with an intersection, both options look equally interesting. As an additional decor for crafts, you can use dried moss or any other decoration at the discretion of the master.

In a similar way, you can make the original frame for the mirror. However, here the base has a larger area, and finding relatively straight branches can be problematic. In such cases, the source material can be cut into small pieces (3-5 cm) and the branches can be glued not parallel, but perpendicular to the base. There will be more time to make such crafts from branches, but an ordinary mirror will look elegant, unusual.


Having cut down an old tree in the country, you do not need to immediately send it to the fire. From a small part of the trunk, you can make an original stand for stationery. To create this craft you will need:

  • cut a trunk with a diameter of not more than 15 cm, a height of 5-8 cm;
  • drill with a set of drills;
  • fine-grained sandpaper;
  • wood varnish.

The workpiece is cleaned of bark if necessary, the lower part, which will serve as the base, is leveled to give stability. Holes are drilled in the upper part, the distance between each is kept at 5-10 mm. Then all surfaces and corners are sanded with sandpaper. At the final stage, the wood is covered with several layers of varnish, and after drying, the stand for pencils and pens is ready for use.


Homemade hangers are ideal for decorating the hallways of apartment and private houses, summer cottages. This is not even a craft, but a real joinery made from tree branches.

For manufacturing you will need:

  • board. Its length and width are chosen arbitrarily, depending on the number of clothes that will be placed on the hanger;
  • thick branches of trees with branches of branches, preferably located at an acute angle.
  • self-tapping screws;
  • saw;
  • paints and varnishes.

The base board must be sawn in accordance with the specified dimensions, varnished or painted, having previously treated the surface with sandpaper.

Each thick bough is cut to a length of 30-40 cm, 1-2 processes are left on the base, which will serve as hooks for clothes. The back surface of the knots can be bevelled to ensure a snug fit to the base.

Hook branches are fastened with self-tapping screws, if a home-made hanger is not supposed to be used to store heavy things, you can get by with glue.

Flower pots and flower vases can also be beautifully decorated with branches. To do this, the branches are cut on both sides so that the source material has the same dimensions. The branches are laid out in one row on the table, tied together with a strong thick thread, twine. To make the design more presentable and durable, the branches are fixed in two places: above and below. If the work is done correctly, you should get a path of tightly fitting branches.

A vase or flower pot is covered with burlap. At the final stage, the branches are wrapped around the base, the ends of the twine are tied together with a bow. As an additional decoration, the surface of wood crafts can be varnished or decorated with decorative elements.

As a decor for branches for a vase, do-it-yourself flowers are made of paper, then glued to the craft. Use cones, old beads, pieces of cotton wool. Diode bulbs look beautiful as a backlight for a floor vase.

Crafts from roots and snags

It is noteworthy, but a stylish decorative ornament or a handmade wooden sculpture can be created with a minimum of effort. This will help stumps, snags, roots, which remain in large quantities after harvesting trees. In fact, the snag is already a finished sculpture, which only needs to be cleaned of bark, dried and varnished. Children are happy to look for interesting forms. Crafts from snags are suitable for older kindergarten groups and for school.

To create a real masterpiece, it is enough to look closely at the remains of cut trees. Perhaps, the outlines of a fabulous dragon, goblin, wolf and other animals and birds will flash in the stump. Having found suitable material, you will have to work a little with an ax or a chisel to complete the similarity begun by nature. This work should be done by an adult.

Other options for decorative ornaments from branches

Wood in general is a unique raw material for construction or home crafts. This is an environmentally friendly material that is easy to process, retains its original properties for a long time, does not require special care.

In addition, even ordinary branches and twigs that are used to kindle a fire can turn into real works of art even in the hands of an inexperienced master. Crafts are made from small branches and large branches, after sawing off all that is superfluous.

From scraps of tree trunks, you can fold a low woodpile, decorating it with thin branches on top – you get an interesting coffee table that will organically fit into any interior.

Branches with a diameter of 5-7 cm and a height of 1.5 m are assembled into a rectangular frame. The walls are created from branches folded crosswise. We lay glass on top and get a beautiful dressing table.

Tree branches can decorate the interior and decorate almost any piece of home furniture: floor lamps, shelves, ceiling chandeliers and wall lamps. Finally, thin twigs can simply be placed in a vase, making a decorative composition.

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