What can be made from frozen blueberries

If raspberries and strawberries grow in almost any region, then you still need to look for useful blueberries. And in order to stock up on vitamins for the winter, you have to make preparations for the future. The easiest way is freezing. In this form, they can lie for a long time, and there will be no problems what to do with frozen blueberries. There are quite a few recipes that use both fresh and frozen berries. And it doesn’t matter exactly how they were prepared: frozen whole or grated with sugar. So, we bring to your attention a small selection of “blueberry dishes”.

What to do with frozen blueberries: some simple but delicious recipes

Black berries are used mainly in cooking, but you can add them to almost any dish. Blueberries can serve as the main ingredient (for example, for filling a pie). In addition, it goes well with other berries and fruits. Especially those with a sweet taste. In it, a specific, tart-sour, blueberry note will dissolve and will not be so saturated. It can be a vitamin drink, a pie and even ice cream.

Vitamin drinks with blueberries

What could be better on a hot summer afternoon than a cold drink? Of course, you can brew and cool regular green tea or hibiscus. But smoothies are much tastier, and it’s also a whole vitamin bomb in a glass, especially if you combine blueberries with other berries and fruits.

For example, you can make the following smoothie options:

  1. Pour into a blender 0.5 tbsp. cups of frozen blackberries and cranberries. Add a handful of blueberries, 5-6 large strawberries and 1 banana. Pour 100 ml of green tea and 50 ml of soy milk. At the end, put a couple of tablespoons of honey and beat well until smooth.
  2. Grind a banana with a blender, 60 g of frozen berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries), 150 ml of orange juice and 200 ml of lemon yogurt. At the end, add some honey and 60 g of tofu.
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Baking with blueberries

Sweet dough goes well with sour blueberries. The blueberry pie turns out delicious and beautiful, with a purple filling. And you can cook it in less than an hour. For this you need:

  1. Grate half a packet of butter (about 120 g).
  2. Pour half a glass of sugar, mix well with butter.
  3. Add 2 yolks, mix again.
  4. Pour 1 tbsp. flour and grind to make crumbs.
  5. Enter 2 tbsp. l. sour cream and knead a soft dough, adding more flour if needed. Send it for 10-15 minutes in the refrigerator, wrapping it in a film.
  6. Separately, beat 2 egg whites into a strong foam. Add to it 0.5 tbsp. sugar, 100 g sour cream, 1 tbsp. l. flour and baking powder. Beat again.
  7. Roll the frozen blueberries in flour and add to the resulting mixture.
  8. Roll out the dough into a layer, put on a baking sheet, previously greased with oil. Place the filling on top. Bake for half an hour at 180°.

It is better to take butter directly from the refrigerator, and even better – to freeze a little in the freezer. Then it will move away from the grater with beautiful chips.

blueberry ice cream

For a cold dessert, you will need whole frozen berries (300 g). They need to be thawed and ground in a meat grinder or blender.

Now you can start preparing the base: pour 0.5 liters of milk into the pan. Separately beat 3 egg yolks with 1 tbsp. sugar and add them to the milk. Pour a tablespoon of starch, mix and boil the mass over low heat, preventing it from boiling. Enough 10 minutes.

While the mass is cooling, whip 300 g of heavy cream. Mix them with chopped blueberries and add to the cooled billet. Mix again and put in the freezer to harden, stirring every 2 hours.

How to make frozen blueberry berry mousse – video

It is an extremely useful berry, which carries a lot of advantages. But like any berry, it cannot be stored fresh for a long time, so people have found a way to preserve almost all of its useful properties – to store it frozen. Frozen berries, packaged in small doses, can be stored in the freezer for a long time at a temperature not lower than -18 degrees. In this form, it retains all of its antioxidant properties, and it is cheaper to sell frozen than fresh. And you can cook from frozen berries almost the same as from fresh.

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Frozen blueberries are an excellent dietary supplement to many dishes, as due to their properties it helps to reduce weight, which is very important for the female half. Frozen blueberries are used in the preparation of cocktails, pancakes, oatmeal and other cereals. Recipes with photos of how to cook dishes with the addition of frozen blueberries are presented on our page. And also dishes such as cakes, pastries, desserts, sauces and any other pastries can be decorated with frozen blueberries.

On our page, we invite you to see step-by-step recipes with photos of what delicious things you can cook from frozen blueberries. And since, with proper storage, it can be stored for at least 7-8 months frozen, a set of useful vitamins in any dish is guaranteed to you. We are constantly adding new recipes for what to make with blueberries. Bookmark this page to be the first to see new original recipes.

To prolong the opportunity to enjoy blueberries at any time of the year, housewives prefer to freeze the berries. If you put them unwashed, without sugar in portion bags, they will look like fresh from the forest in a few months. Read more…

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