What can be made from date pits

In each pollinated and normally developed fruit of the date palm, a stone is formed, which is an oblong seed from 1.5 to 5 centimeters in length, depending on the plant variety. The pits of dates have a dark brown color, similar to the color of the fruits themselves, and have a longitudinal groove through their entire length, making them look like huge grains.

The main natural function of date pits is to reproduce and spread palm trees to new territories. In overcoming distances, date seeds are helped by such natural phenomena as river floods, characteristic of dry places of storm and wind. In addition, migratory animals and birds that eat dates are able to carry their bones over great distances.

Date pits are very hard and are not eaten by humans, but many other uses have been found for them. Date seeds are usually not used for planting palm plantations; for this purpose, near-stem shoots are taken, since a palm tree grown from a seed will not have characteristic varietal characteristics in its pure form. But, it is from date pits obtained as a result of inter-varietal crossing that new varieties of date palms are obtained, the best of which become new varieties.

The date stone can be used to grow palms for decorative purposes, including at home indoors. Date palms grow in many countries, however, they normally bear fruit only in the hot, dry regions of Africa, Arabia, the Middle East, and the USA. In the popular resorts of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, you can often find colorful palm trees growing exclusively for decoration; seed material is also usually used for their planting.

There are also alternative options for the use of date seeds, characteristic of the places where they are grown. So, date pits are soaked in water until they soften, and then used to feed horses, camels, sheep, goats and cattle. Dried and crushed bones are used for feeding poultry.

The composition of date seeds includes water up to 9%, proteins up to 5%, fats up to 9%, carbohydrates up to 65%, as well as fiber and other substances. The seeds contain 6% – 8% yellow-green, non-drying oil suitable for use in the manufacture of soaps and cosmetics. Among the fatty acids of this oil are: lauric 8%, myristic 4%, palmitic 25%, stearic 10%, oleic 45%, linoleic 10%, as well as small proportions of caprylic and capric acids.

Date seeds after chemical treatment are used as a raw material for the production of oxalic acid. In addition, charcoal is produced from them, after heat treatment, which consists in their partial combustion. Aborigines of the East make necklaces and other jewelry from a variety of date stones.

Dates: benefits and harms to the body

Dates are unique in their composition, they include a huge amount of substances useful for the body, which makes them an excellent alternative to the usual food. Dates contain fats and proteins, as well as carbohydrates and water in large quantities. Disaccharides are present in a significant amount. Due to the ingestion of dates into the human body, a qualitative saturation of his blood with useful substances occurs, which eliminates the feeling of hunger. Dates contain vitamins of groups A, B, C and K, as well as mineral elements in significant volumes. The most important of these are calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium.

The benefits of dates for the body

Eating dates is good for teeth because they strengthen tooth enamel due to the presence of fluoride and dietary fiber in them. In addition, dates are very useful where there is a need to treat certain diseases. Eating them helps strengthen blood vessels, prevents the development of heart disease, and maintains the proper functioning of the immune system. Dates are good for the kidneys, lungs and liver, they are able to eliminate joint inflammation. Doctors often recommend them for high blood pressure as well as anemia. This is due to the presence in the dates of substances that increase the total number of red blood cells and the level of hemoglobin in the blood. In addition, it naturally lowers blood pressure levels. Dates are useful for the body,

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What are the benefits of dates for men

The benefits of dates for men are undeniable. One hundred grams of the product contains at least 300 kilocalories. The presence of selenium in them significantly reduces the likelihood of developing pathologies of the heart and blood vessels. Dates not only can quickly eliminate hunger, but also contribute to the restoration of nervous and brain activity, representing a powerful source of energy. A man who eats dates is able to restore his own masculine strength as soon as possible if he had problems with this before. Their positive properties for men also include the absence of cholesterol in them.

Benefits of dates for women

Dates are used in various women’s diets in dry and fresh form. They contain a significant amount of fiber, several times greater than the amount of daily dose for a woman shown by dietary prescriptions. Many nutritionists, when developing daily rations, include them as an excellent tool for normalizing metabolism.

Dates normalize bowel function, which is very useful if necessary to keep a woman in good health and high performance. The quality of the skin on the face improves, it acquires a healthy color and acne disappears from it. Many women are not even aware of how important the full functioning of the intestines is for them and how it affects their lives.

The harm of dates for the body

Despite the abundance of positive qualities, dates have a number of contraindications that should be taken into account when including them in a nutritious diet. First of all, this refers to the high calorie content of the product. Eating dates more than ten times a day can greatly spoil the figure, since they contain up to 300 calories per hundred grams. Also, dates should not be eaten by those people who suffer from severe allergic reactions. Dates contain large amounts of fructose, which makes them undesirable for those people who do not tolerate it well.

Dates have a lot of sugar and this excludes their use for people suffering from diabetes. If diabetics find it difficult to eliminate dates from their nutritious diet, they should at least limit their consumption. In addition, with the help of special devices it is recommended to monitor the level of sugar in the blood.

Dates should be consumed in moderation so that they only benefit the body and do no harm.

Folk recipes from dates

Folk recipes from dates are widely used both in medicine and in cosmetology. Below are some common recipes for using dates.

Decoctions of dates

Decoctions of dates are indicated for infectious diseases and influenza conditions. Everything is determined by the maturity of the fruits that are used in the preparation of the solution. The more ripe the fruit, the better the end result. Decoctions of dates are very useful in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

On the water

A decoction of dates in water is indicated if necessary to treat the flu or the consequences of an infectious disease. When preparing a decoction, 60 grams of dates are used for one glass of water, previously boiled. Due to the large amount of iron in dates, they are recommended for the treatment of anemia.

Malignant formations are also effectively treated by drinking a decoction of dates in water. This is due to the high concentration of magnesium in these fruits, with a lack of which the development of cancerous tumors is observed.

On milk

A decoction of their dates in milk helps to increase sexual arousal and its severity. In addition, a decoction of dates in milk is good for coughing. Dates in milk will help eliminate a dry, lingering cough. To prepare a decoction, the following components are required: seven pieces of fresh dates and 250 grams of milk. The sequence of preparation of the decoction is as follows.
Washed dates are placed in a saucepan, after which they must be poured with cold milk and kept on fire for up to ten minutes. After that, the broth is cooled to an acceptable temperature for consumption. After that, the broth is drunk, and the dates are eaten. It is best to use this technique before going to bed.

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Decoction of dates with rice

A decoction of dates with rice is good for treating diarrhea if necessary. When cooking, five dates are washed, after which they are poured with a liter of water and boiled for a quarter of an hour. Then the broth is cooled and the bones are removed from the dates. After that, the pulp should be passed through a grater and poured with a quarter cup of the liquid in which the dates were cooked. Cooked rice is added to the cooked broth and mixed. The resulting porridge should be eaten throughout the day.

A decoction of date seeds

Crushed date pits are used to treat kidney stones. A decoction is prepared from the seeds of dates in a certain sequence. First, the bones of six dates are crushed into powder, after which it is poured with half a liter of water and the composition is put on fire. After ten minutes of boiling, the composition is removed and cooled, then filtered. Drink on an empty stomach half an hour before meals, three times a day. After the consumption of the prepared dosage, a new one should be prepared, only fresh decoction is used. As a rule, a couple of weeks of daily intake is enough for the stones to begin to come out.

Date tincture

Tincture of dates is recommended to get rid of alcohol intoxication of the body. To do this, you need to soak the dates in water for a day and drink the resulting infusion. The principle of operation of such a tincture is based on the restoration in the human body of useful elements lost due to alcohol consumption. In particular, this applies to potassium. In order to restore the disturbed water-salt balance, up to five fruits are required.

Dates for health

To restore shaken health, dates are used in a wide variety and purpose.

Dates for weight loss

Dates for weight loss are used as part of a special diet, which is designed for ten days. The diet involves eating dates along with green tea without additives and sugar. On the fifth day, oranges can be added to the diet. All other days, from the fifth to the tenth, you can switch to eating other fruits. Dates and green tea are also accepted. After the tenth day, there is a transition to the usual food.

Such a diet allows you to lose up to five kilograms of excess weight.

Dates for the pancreas

For high-quality cleaning of the pancreas, it is recommended to eat dates on an empty stomach in the morning for two weeks. Before use, they are washed and placed on porcelain dishes. During the specified time, the pancreas is well cleansed and high-quality prevention of its subsequent contamination is ensured.

Dates for childbirth

Dates are useful for pregnant women to take long before childbirth, as they contain many useful substances that the female body needs in the process of bearing a child. The oxytocin found in dates strengthens the walls of the uterus and promotes quality labor. As a result, childbirth proceeds relatively quickly and painlessly. In addition, oxytocin promotes the production of breast milk.

Dates are high in fructose and are beneficial to take from the third trimester of pregnancy. Fructose helps the female body prepare for childbirth and stimulates normal labor activity.

dates for hair

The usefulness of dates for hair is determined by the content of selenium in them, without which normal hair growth is simply impossible. To strengthen the hair roots, it is recommended to take dates at least three times a week. If you do this regularly for at least three years, hair problems will disappear.

Dates for the heart

Dates are good for the heart due to the selenium and vitamins of groups A and B contained in them. Eating three dates on an empty stomach in the morning significantly reduces the risk of occurrence and development of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. This is due to a decrease in the oxidation of cholesterol in the blood and a decrease in triglyceride levels. The use of dates can significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks and vascular diseases.

Dates for potency

Dates help to strengthen male potency, as they have great healing properties. The high protein content in dates determines their usefulness for restoring lost strength and ensuring the process of regeneration of body cells. If you regularly eat dates, the risk of violations in the genital area in men is several times reduced.

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homemade treatment with dates

Dates are known as one of the means of folk medicine arsenal. They are successfully used to treat various diseases and eliminate painful conditions.

Dates for cough

Dried dates help with lingering coughs when taken with milk. To do this, pour milk over six washed dates, previously placed in a saucepan. After bringing the milk to a boil, you need to wait ten minutes, after which the broth cools to room temperature. Milk is drunk and dates are eaten. It is recommended to take before going to bed.

Dates for constipation

In the event that the occurrence of constipation is associated with a violation of the diet, dates will be useful, since they normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. They contain a lot of dietary fiber and oils of high fat content, which leads to a good laxative effect of dates.

You can eat dates as a whole, or as part of a compote of dried fruits. In the latter case, it is necessary to calculate based on the number of five dates per half liter of water.

Dates for worms

Dates are effective when necessary to eliminate worms in children. This requires eating up to one hundred grams of dates in the morning and not eating anything else until lunch. A week of such practice is enough and the worms will be removed.

dates for cancer

The usefulness of dates as a remedy against cancer is explained by the presence of magnesium in their composition, which prevents the development of cancer. Also, this element strengthens muscles, prevents general aging of the body and can be useful for people with disorders of the nervous system.

Dates for pressure

Dates are able to lower blood pressure if taken regularly in the morning on an empty stomach in a volume of up to 50 grams. It is only important not to overdo it with the dosage, since in large volumes these dried fruits can cause unwanted weight gain, which often leads to an increase in pressure.

Dates for heartburn

Dates are useful for heartburn due to the glutamic acid they contain. This acid effectively removes stomach acid, which causes heartburn. It is enough to eat three dates in the morning for three days and heartburn will stop.

dates for cholesterol

Eating up to one hundred grams of dates per day helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. As a result, the vessels are cleansed and the conditions for the occurrence of atherosclerotic plaques are eliminated in them.

dates for acne

When acne occurs on the face, it is recommended to eat fresh dates. The vitamins and microelements contained in them qualitatively heal the skin of the face and gradually eliminate acne formed on the face. It is recommended to eat at least 50 grams of dates per day to gradually eliminate acne on the face and prevent their subsequent formation.

Dates – use whole! And even a bone.

The date has replaced many sweeteners and gets along well instead of sugar in pastries, chocolate, tonic smoothies.
But, as it would seem, a useless bone is wasted! But there are a lot of useful and non-standard ideas for its use.

Date seeds can be used for medicinal purposes.
They have medicinal properties: in crushed form they are used to treat kidney stones. The powder of their date stones is useful for internal use in stool disorders, and externally for festering wounds and skin ulcers. The beneficial properties of date seeds have long been used to improve male strength.

Another way to benefit from dates is to use the pit for decorative purposes. After boiling and drying, the kernels become durable and can serve as both decorations and more practical things – buttons.
Bones are used to make decorative panels, beads and bracelets, as well as curtains and garlands. They decorate vases, make coasters for hot dishes and expand the palette of materials for decorating household items in every possible way.

Delicious sweet dates with a stone and even on a branch are waiting for you in Ecotopia.

And for lovers of syrups, date pekmez is available – a great alternative to sugar!

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