What can be done with the balcony in the apartment

A small room can be properly equipped and in this way the usable area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe apartment can be increased. The design of the loggia is preceded by careful insulation. In this article, the photo shows a selection of ideas for decoration.

Coffee table and wicker chairs on the balcony 3 sq. m. Light tulle gives comfort and does not weigh down the space. A soft carpet allows you to take off your shoes while sitting in an armchair and at the same time not freeze on a tiled floor.

Repair of a small balcony. The walls are sheathed with GKLV, the top layer of decoration is wallpaper for painting. For the arrangement, a compact cabinet and a small glass table were chosen, which do not take up much space.

Oriental style in design. The secret of this style consists of little things: warm colors in decoration, textile furniture, soft lighting, Moroccan lamps. Here you can equip a hookah room. Existence of a radiator allows to operate a place for rest all the year round.

Recommendations for decorating a small area:

  • To enlarge a small room (2, 3 or 4 sq. m), you can make an additional takeaway during the installation of double-glazed windows. In this way, you can increase the room by 30 cm;
  • In the event that the removal is not possible, you should turn to visual extension methods. For this you need to use
  • Regardless of the method of repair, finishing materials must match the chosen style.

Loggia furniture

  • For the possibility of transforming space, it is better to purchase folding furniture models;
  • Instead of a bed that will take up the entire area, you can use a hammock for a relaxation area. If necessary, its structure is dismantled, freeing the room.
  • If the loggia is small, you should use compact items when decorating the interior of the room. For example, open shelves are used for storage – such designs look easy, while helping to correctly organize the space.

A relaxation area with a hammock and pillows allows you to use several levels at once in one space. In such a room, a company of 4-6 people can gather for a pleasant conversation.

Open shelves perform not only a functional role, but also a decorative one – they serve as a color accent in this interior.

The role of lighting

Additional light sources allow you to fully use the space during the day.

It is better to think over several lighting scenarios, so you will have the opportunity to use all the devices at once or only a part of them.

With the help of the lighting system, an atmosphere for relaxing in the evening is created. Also on the balcony there is a more powerful light source. The design of the blinds on the windows allows you to adjust the flow of light during the daytime as desired.

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A selection of ideas for design

Consider the photos that show the ideas of interior design.

1. Premises with an area of ​​​​3 square meters. m

PVC panels were chosen for the cladding of the walls of the room. This method is one of the most practical, does not require large financial costs and time for installation. The texture of the panels is perfectly complemented by PVC window frames, the surface of which imitates wood.

Recreation area on the balcony of 3 sq. m. As a basis, a pastel range of shades was used, complementing the interior with active colors due to decor items, furniture, and light sources. The panel with the perspective of the city fits into the general idea of ​​the style and creates the atmosphere of the street in Paris.

The closet is designed specifically to save space and maintain order – with panoramic glazing, the territory is visible from the street if there is no tinting. The ironing board does not interfere with the passage to the apartment. Furniture material – painted elements made of chipboard. The walls are lined with black brick-shaped ceramic tiles.

Balcony design with an area of ​​​​3 square meters. m in black and white. Chairs, a coffee table, a carpet, pillows, dishes and decor items – everything is designed in the same style.

Modern interior. Finishing with natural materials – wood, decorative plaster, textiles.

Decorative plaster in the design of the hookah room (3 sqm).

2. Loggia – continuation of the apartment

The two rooms are merged into one. A dressing table with a pouffe and a built-in wardrobe are placed in the balcony part.

The loggia continues the design idea of ​​the living room. Behind a sliding glass system, residents read books without being distracted by extraneous sounds in the apartment. If you open the partition, you can thereby increase the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room.

Country style in the interior of the working area.

3. Kitchen

Not everyone needs a kitchen that takes up a lot of space. In the space of an insulated balcony, you can make a kitchen with a compact set, a dining area, a domino hob, a coffee machine or a microwave.

Mini-set on the balcony in a studio apartment with a sink and a domino hob.

The window sill acts as a bar counter. Finishing materials: ceramic tiles, linoleum.

4. Children’s

Creative space for kids.

The loggia is combined with the adjoining nursery.

5. Cabinet

Country style interior with workplace.

Decorative stone, paintable wallpaper and moldings are used in the cabinet design. The backlight effectively reveals the texture of the material.

It is better to order furniture for arranging an office in a workshop according to individual sizes. Thus, the interior of the room will turn out to be as convenient as possible for further operation.

Visualization of a home office in a modern style on a loggia with panoramic windows.

Cozy place to work at the computer.

6. Space to relax

Despite the small area, the lounge allows you to retire from the common space of the apartment.

Swing chair in the design of the room.

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Mini living room with sofa.

Modern interior style.

A place to relax in a small space. The base is used to store various items.

7. Green corner

On the loggia, the plants will be comfortable, here they will not lack natural light.

Whatnot for flowers on the balcony greenhouse

Recreation area and winter garden.

To arrange flowers, open shelves are mounted, special shelves or racks are created.

8. Terrace

Terrace on the balcony. Wicker furniture, bamboo curtains and houseplants. The parapet is lined with wooden clapboard. The brick walls of the house are painted white.

Natural furniture materials, a street lamp and decorative stone in the wall decoration – all this creates the atmosphere of a summer terrace even in winter cold.

9. Dressing room

This way of storing things allows you to free up space in the apartment.

Spring is the time when a bicycle is taken out of the balcony, skis and skates are put in a corner, clotheslines are pulled… And this is instead of drinking tea on the balcony, having parties overlooking the city or reading books in a cozy atmosphere among the flowers. On the balcony you can meet sunrises with your loved ones, relax and play sports, create and work. To turn a balcony into a dream room, you need to take a drop of inspiration, a couple of free days and the following tips.

We collected the best ideas for decorating balconies and loggias that we could find on the Internet, and asked Olga Kostyukova, a master consultant for the OBI chain of hypermarkets for summer cottages and repairs, to comment on how and with what materials the same result can be achieved.


Sleeping in the fresh air and looking at the stars is romance in action. Or a solution for apartments with limited space. You can also sleep well on the balcony.

The first issue is insulation. Even in summer, outdoors at night can freeze. This is a costly repair: you need to install good windows, insulate the walls, floor and ceiling. But the new area is worth it. The main problem is the inevitable loss of space, since the insulation must be laid from the inside, and any insulating materials take up space. The output is rolled polymeric materials coated with aluminum foil. For their laying, a massive crate is not needed (wooden slats are enough on top of the insulation), they themselves are thinner than other materials and have good thermal insulation properties. The insulation will already be covered with a finishing material of your choice.

The small area of ​​​​the balcony sometimes dictates an erroneous decision – to do repairs here last. And only then it turns out that it is no longer possible to do this for a number of reasons. Timur Abdrakhmanov, co-founder of the Kvadrim repair service, tells how to get a few comfortable square meters in an apartment at the expense of a balcony and deal with problems on your own.

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Perfect time to renovate

Repair of the balcony will inevitably affect other rooms of the apartment, because:

need somewhere to store building materials;

dust, debris and dirt will be no less than from the repair of any other room;

power sources are needed to connect the balcony electrical network.

To minimize inconvenience, you need to start repairing the balcony at the same time as other rooms.

How will you use the balcony?

Before you start repairs on the balcony, find out for what purpose you need additional space in the apartment. This will help determine the materials, scope of work and financial costs.

Are you planning to equip a spacious pantry?
Perfect solution! In this case, you can safely save on thermal insulation of the room. The best solution would be cold glazing of the balcony and insulation of the walls with foam plastic.

Need a job? Consider better quality amenities.

Will you use the balcony as a dining room? Combine it with the kitchen! But remember: redevelopment is required.

Do you want to make a winter garden or flower garden? Well, this is quite an obvious solution, since the balcony has the most daylight. Just do not forget that for heat-loving plants, not only good insulation should be provided, but also room heating.

What kind of work to entrust to specialists?

Consider a typical repair option on the balcony – with insulation . If the house has been in operation for several years, then external improvement of the balcony may be necessary. The most popular, inexpensive and practical material for wall cladding is siding. Additionally, you can insulate the outside of the balcony with polystyrene foam or mineral wool.

Glazing is of two types: cold or warm. The first option is suitable for arranging auxiliary premises: a pantry or a summer room. Warm glazing is used to create solid premises, when the balcony is combined with a living room or used as a fully functional space in winter and summer.

You can cope with these works on your own, if only you have sufficient experience, free time and all the necessary tools.

What is the best way to insulate the floor?

You can insulate the floor on the balcony using various materials and technologies. The easiest option: to make a wooden crate, in the grooves of which to lay foam plates and close the entire structure from above with a sheet of fiberboard or chipboard. You can also make a screed of expanded clay concrete (a mixture of cement mortar and expanded clay).

A modern way to insulate the coating is a warm electric floor. Use heating mats or cables so as not to clutter free space with heating radiators. Laminate, carpet, linoleum or floorboards are suitable as the top flooring.

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