What can be done from old canisters

Crafts from canisters are not only country washbasins. We’ve put together the best recycling ideas for you. Organizers, flowerpots, tool boxes, unusual decor, toys… This is just a part of what you can make from plastic canisters with your own hands. So if you run out of air conditioning, anti-freeze, engine oil or something else, do not rush to get rid of the container.

Almost all the crafts from this collection are made from plastic cans, but in some cases metal cans can also be used. Change the master classes for yourself to make something really useful. By the way, earlier we already told you how to make a travel mini-bar from a canister. Check out this simple tutorial.

Material preparation

Wash the canister with a thick soapy solution. If there was oil in it, fill it with soapy-alkaline water (based on Soviet household water – that’s it) and leave it overnight.

As for painting: we advise you to choose acrylic. Enamel can be used for strong containers with thick walls. Spray paints are great for creating patterns and decorating your canister crafts.

Garage shelves

If you have accumulated a lot of identical plastic canisters, you can make a convenient storage system with shelves from them. Empty, it looks rustic, but if you fill it with various little things, it will work out well.

  • strong thread;
  • sharp knife;
  • hot glue (optional)
  • sandpaper.

On the side of the canister, draw a hole for cutting. Don’t remove too much plastic or things will fall off the shelves. But don’t make them too small either – it will be inconvenient. Get rid of excess with a sharp knife and scissors, sand the edges with sandpaper.

Start tying the canisters together with twine. It is more convenient to collect them first in two, and then fasten them together with such structures. For a more secure fixation, you can use hot glue (apply to the side faces with a thin strip).

Assemble a convenient design in 1, 2 or 3 floors – as you like. A homemade plastic canister shelf can be used for a garage or garden tools. And it’s also very convenient to store country shoes or toys in it (if you have many children, take note of this master class).

Small basket

Crafts from plastic cans are appropriate not only in the country or in the garage – they will look great even in a city apartment. Here’s an idea for you: make a beautiful portable organizer for small things: toys, clothespins, your art supplies, and so on.

  • ice cream sticks;
  • twine (0.5 meters);
  • natural fabric;
  • cardboard;
  • paper tape;
  • paints;
  • glue gun.

If you’re not a popsicle drinker, head to the creative section. There you will find a set of flat wooden craft sticks. Someday they will be useful to you for other crafts.

Cut the canister roughly in half. Or to any mark of the desired height. Cover the edges with paper tape and make holes for the rope handles of your future basket. Glue the sticks around the perimeter of the canister. Paint them any color.

Next, wrap the basket with fabric from the inside and glue the strip along the outside. Separately cut out a piece of plastic that you will place on the bottom of the organizer. Paste it with a cloth and put it inside, for reliability you can glue it.

The canister basket is ready! It can be supplemented with stripes or any other decor on the outside.


If your country house lacks a lamp, you will definitely like this master class on remaking a canister. Just 15-20 minutes of your time, a little imagination – and a boring plastic container will turn into a beautiful thing.

  • cartridge;
  • table lamp cord;
  • decorative fabric;
  • Super glue.

Cut off the top of the canister and adjust the height of the craft. Paste the workpiece with fabric or lace, add any decor. Additionally, you can make several holes in the plastic so that the light is beautifully scattered.

At a distance of 1-2 cm from the bottom in the side face, make a hole for the cord. To do this, you can use a drill, a clerical knife or a hot nail. Insert the cord and glue the cartridge.

Your makeshift canister lamp is ready! If you take the time to decorate, it will turn out really beautiful.

Kitchen organizer

Convenient, beautiful, and most importantly – very simple! A plastic canister organizer will decorate your kitchen and help you keep organized.

  • old T-shirt;
  • napkin for decoupage;
  • paints;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • PVA glue;
  • hot glue.

Cut off the top of the canister, leaving one of the edges longer. From the excess material, cut out several partitions. Glue them to the inside of the 5 liter container with hot glue.

Take an old knitted T-shirt, cut it into ribbons 3-4 cm wide. Twist them so that you get a thick thread. With this impromptu soft and elastic rope, glue the future organizer around the perimeter of the canister. Be sure to go over the edges so they are smooth.

Next, the entire surface must be coated with PVA glue. Take a decorative napkin to decorate. Try to decorate the canister in an unusual way. We have already told you how to properly decoupage. We advise you to use this idea – your organizer will turn out very beautiful.

Cover the craft with acrylic varnish so that it is water-repellent (this is important in the kitchen). Use the canister as a stand for kitchen utensils and various small things.

Non-standard decor

The second life of plastic cans can be fun, too. Use this idea of ​​using 5 liter bottles to decorate your backyard or garage wall.

  • acrylic paints;
  • plastic stoppers;
  • hot glue;
  • screws;
  • any decor.

You can take colored plastic canisters or paint them yourself. Some of them can be cut, and the rest can be used entirely. Add corks from plain plastic bottles. Ears and hats cut out of excess plastic – scraps from canisters.

Glue the parts with hot glue. Throw in old goggles, helmets, darts, whatever. Glue half or whole canisters directly to the wall in the garage or in the country. Create a composition or arrange them in a chaotic manner. Agree, such decor is able to enliven even the most ordinary space.

Well, we advise gardeners to use these canisters as planters. Put flower pots in them or fill them with earth. Plant climbing plants – it will turn out very beautiful.

Bicycle fender

And here’s a great life hack for using plastic cans – make a bike fender out of them!

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Cut off the side (narrow) edge of the canister, capturing the neck. The opposite (also narrow) side will also be needed. Make sure the two pieces are the same width. Such that it corresponds to the standard width of the wing.

Connect the two parts together with hot glue or metal fasteners. Make a hole in the cork with a drill. Place it on the part under the seat and secure.

Knowing this life hack with a plastic canister, you can safely choose a bike without a fender or replace the old one with a new one at any time. Now you are not afraid of any dirt on the roads!


IKEA rests when there are a few plastic canisters and a great fantasy on hand. Let’s make a convenient organizer for books and folders.

You need to take several identical canisters and make identical markings on them. Carefully cut off the excess with a cutter and scissors. Sand or melt the edges so that the canisters do not scratch. If desired, you can paint them in bright colors with acrylic paints.

Fasten the canisters together by the side edges with glue and rivets to form a convenient organizer. It looks simple but will easily fit on a wooden shelf. And if you fill it with books and folders, it will not differ from factory counterparts.

Tool bucket

Plastic canister tool buckets can be hung in a garage or creative workshop. And you can attach them to the wall in the children’s room so that the child puts toys in them.

  • wooden boards;
  • hooks or hangers;
  • compass.

Canisters can be the same, but this is not at all necessary. They can be decorated, but even the original version will look good.

Cut off the top of the plastic can to form a bucket. But leave one side face up. Use a compass to mark the hole. Screw hooks or handles to the boards, hang them on the wall. Now you can hang buckets for tools on the wall.

Car for a child

From an ordinary canister, you can make great entertainment for children. The kids will especially love this idea.

  • 4 stoppers from canisters;
  • metal or wooden pins;
  • glue “liquid nails”;
  • any decor.

Make 4 holes in the bottom of the canister so that the pins can be inserted into them. Do this with a drill or a heated nail. Make wheels for the machine from covers. Then glue them to the pins.

Decorate the car with stickers or paint. Additionally, you can make a hole in the main cork and insert a lace into it. So the child can roll the canister like a toy car.

A selection of life hacks (video)

Still undecided to give a second life to plastic canisters? Then watch this short video for inspirational ideas. Repeating any of them will not be too difficult even for a novice master. In this video you will find great examples of plastic bottle crafts for the garage, garden, cottage and home. There are also toys for children, and various useful little things.

We hope you have been inspired by these workshops on recycling plastic cans. Don’t throw them away, use them wisely. So you will save the environment, and you will make useful gizmos.

Many owners of suburban areas and cottages are faced with the fact that by the end of the season they have accumulated a lot of unnecessary canisters and plastic bottles.

Such things should not be thrown away: from them you can create a wide variety of crafts for the garden, cottage or garage, which can perform both a practical and decorative function.

Most of these items can be built with minimal effort in 10-20 minutes, and they can make the territory more interesting and original .

What canisters are suitable for crafts?

Depending on the characteristics, such containers are classified according to the following parameters :

  1. Volume – from 1-2 to 50-80 liters.
  2. Form. Canisters can be flat and rounded, oval, rectangular or square in cross section, have a handle with a lid.
  3. Color. Plastic products are most often white or translucent, there are also cans of green, blue, red and other shades.

Containers for food products, water, fuels and lubricants, fertilizers, and other liquid products are suitable for creating decorative items and practical devices .

Before you start making crafts, it is advisable to inspect the canister for damage, thoroughly clean and degrease it.

How to make a washbasin?

A 5 liter plastic container is ideal for creating a summer or camping washing device .

The filler hole of the canister will be used to fill with water, and in the bottom you need to make a hole and insert a tap or valve.

To do this, you need to use a pair of seals in the form of rubber gaskets and a fixing nut so that water does not leak out, and the tap is firmly fixed.

A finished washbasin or washstand can be hung on a crossbar , hook, attached to a vertical surface with a belt or even adhesive tape. A funnel can be inserted into the filler hole for convenience: this way, when filling the canister, water will not spill onto the ground.

If you put a simple faucet, you can adjust the pressure by turning the handle.

Master class on creating a swan

Sculptures of birds to decorate a suburban area are often made of plastic. We present to your attention a small master class on making a swan from an old canister.

For this purpose, you will need 5 liter containers . It is necessary to cut the product so that the body, tail and long neck are immediately cut.

Then you need to prepare the wings from thick cardboard.

The neck should be pasted over with newspapers and tape , then do the same for the entire workpiece.

After that, you need to apply a layer of simple napkins and coat the future sculpture with a plaster solution.

As they dry, the surfaces are sanded, painted and decorated with additional elements (for example, bird eyes can be made from colored stones or glass).

Garden flowerbed

Many owners equip flower beds in the garden or front garden, and plastic canisters can be adapted for two purposes :

  1. Container for planting flowers . You will need to cut the product, turning it into two halves, and dig it into the ground, then pour the prepared soil with fertilizers inside and sow flowers. The canisters themselves can be optionally decorated with colored paper, paint, and in other ways. In addition, the mini-flower beds themselves can be raised above the ground , as shown in the photo below: this is especially true if the soil is not initially suitable for specific varieties or it is too wet.
  2. Fencing for a finished flower bed. The option is great for large flower plantings: canisters are dug around the perimeter, blocking the plants. This design is rather decorative , for it it is better to use colored containers of the same shade or alternate 2-3, then the fence will look aesthetically pleasing.

plastic scoop

If the canister is small (1.5-2 liters), you can make a scoop for cleaning or summer work from it .

You will need to mark the future product on the surface and cut it out; the handle matches the handle of the container. The bow can be made both triangular and square.

In the first case, it is convenient to use a scoop for digging up plants with a small root system from soft soil, and in the second case, for collecting garbage.


A large capacity (10-30 liters) can be adapted for spraying plants with chemicals that protect plantings from pests.

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The canister is equipped with a manual or electric pump for easy spraying. For carrying, you can adapt the handle or straps to carry it on your back.

The hose, spray nozzles, and rod can be purchased at any hardware or plumbing store.

A rubber nipple can be used to install the valve.

Such a sprayer is suitable for processing small gardens and front gardens, for larger areas an extension may be required.

Most often, a plastic canister device is used to spray chemicals against pest beetles, cabbage, as well as mold and fungus. You can also use products prepared according to folk recipes, from soap solution to urea.

Tool box in the garage

To create such a device, you can use cans of different sizes, the choice depends on how many things you plan to put inside.

The most commonly used containers are 10-20 liters from under water, food, chemical, combustible products. The shape should be rectangular, in the middle at the top is the handle.

Manufacturing instructions :

  • make a vertical cut on the side of the neck and handle, leaving the wall intact from the narrow part of the canister;
  • bend the resulting “door”, opening the container. Inside you can place sections of plastic cups or boxes, any other fasteners. In such a box, you can store small items (nails, screws, paper clips, electrical tape, etc.) or tools directly (hammer, pliers, pliers, etc.).

To make the tool box more durable and airtight, the sides can be strengthened with metal plates , for this the walls will need to be drilled and fixed with bolts and nuts.

Watering can

For such a product, it is optimal to take a canister from under detergent or other products that has a slightly flattened shape and a comfortable handle .

It is necessary to thoroughly wash the internal parts from liquid residues, then drill thin holes in the lid. The optimal size is 1-1.5 mm. Just above the handle, you need to make a larger hole for air supply: if this is not done, it will be more difficult to water the beds due to the pressure drop.

If necessary, you can equip the watering can with a plastic tube, which is purchased in household goods or plumbing stores: it will increase the spray range.

Water is poured through a cork, for this it is convenient to use a funnel or hoseso that the liquid does not spill.

You can also cut a wider lid, then the use of a funnel when filling with a regular bucket is not necessary. However, in this case, care should be taken to ensure that when watering the plants, water from the watering can does not flow to the ground through the lid.

We create a planter

Hanging or stationary flower pots can also be made from plastic containers.

The canister can be cut in half horizontally , then process the edge of the medium so that it is not sharp: grinding will be required. After that, holes are made 0.5-1 cm from the edge, into which a cord or rope of small thickness is inserted, fastened with an allowance of 20-40 cm (the size depends on which plant the pots will be used for).

Then a single suspension is formed, it can be made in the form of a loop. The planter can be hung on hooks, wire, nails.

If the products are planned to be placed on a stand, it is not necessary to make holes for fasteners .

In any case, small cuts are needed in the bottom: they allow you to create a competent soil microclimate and remove excess moisture

The surface of the finished planters can be braided into knitted covers, decorated with appliqué or painted – a sample of such crafts is shown in the photo below.

fishing box

For this purpose, 20 liter oil cans can be used; side pockets, if necessary, are made from less capacious containers.

The canister is cut off, leaving a height at which it will be comfortable for the fisherman to sit for a long time , the cut is reinforced with an aluminum strip with rivet fastening.

Inside you need to place a partition made of thick plastic: it not only divides the object into compartments, but also serves as an auxiliary stiffener and prevents the lid from deforming.

The lid is cut out of a thick plywood sheet and attached to the hinges. The upper part is usually covered with a soft material for comfort .

A strap is attached to the sides of the canister so that you can carry the fishing box on your shoulder. The internal tool compartment can be divided into smaller segments (for rigging, rods, donks, circles, etc.).

Drinker for chickens

A device for providing fresh water to poultry can also be made from a 20-30 liter canister.

You will need to prepare a wide pallet that does not allow moisture to pass through. Make cuts in the bottom, then put the canister in the pan, leaving a gap between it and the bottom of 1-2 cm (for this, you can make coasters along the edge under the container).

The structure should be fixed so that the water container does not turn over from an accidental push.

After filling, the liquid will evenly flow into the pan , from where the chickens can drink.

Such a drinker for chickens is good not only for its simplicity, but also for the absence of the need to manually adjust the water flow.


It is very simple to make such products: just cut off the upper part and make holes in the bottom to remove excess moisture. Canisters are placed on stands, soil is poured inside and seeds or seedlings of flowers are planted.

Such flowerpots can be decorated or processed with moisture-resistant paint, decorated with appliqué.

Most often they are placed on terraces and in gazebos, turning the resting place into a piece of paradise filled with greenery.

A raft of empty containers

This design is suitable for crossing the river, fishing, mobile bridges on the pond.

The frame of the raft is made from a 3 mm board, knocking it down with nails or self-tapping screws .

A raft is made from empty canisters with a volume of 40-50 liters, they are attached to the frame with packing tape or a special darkened film.

The second option is interesting in that it protects plastic surfaces from fading under the rays of the sun. The frame must first be coated with antifungal agents and varnish to protect it from decay upon contact with water.

The finished structure can be equipped with the following equipment :

  • mooring ladder;
  • feeders for luring fish;
  • seats, loungers;
  • shelter from the sun;
  • anchor.

Shower for giving

The procedure for creating such a structure includes the following steps:

  1. Creating a handle . To do this, you can use a simple rope, passing it through the handle of the container and tying it around a tree or other structure where the shower will be attached.
  2. Nozzle installation . A lot of small holes should be made in the lid, blow through them, then insert it into the container faucet. The joint should be sealed so that moisture does not leak.
  3. Creation of a stopcock that regulates the pressure of water. Such a product can be found in the plumbing department. Rubber seals are required for installation.
  4. Arrangement of a lid where water will be poured. It is better to make it closed so that dirt, foliage and insects do not get into the canister.
  5. The side parts are glued with black electrical tapeso that the water inside warms up faster: black walls absorb ultraviolet better.

Useful video

Another idea for using a plastic canister is the toilet paper holder plus shelf in this video:


If you still have unnecessary plastic canisters and you cannot find a use for them, you should not throw them in the trash.

Recycling plastic with reuse in industry is the best option that allows you to rationally spend resources without harming the environment .

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In addition, the containers themselves can be used both for decorative and practical purposes – the choice depends only on the owner’s imagination.

From the article, you learned what can be made from 10-50 liter canisters for a garden or garage, got acquainted with how to make a washbasin, a swan, a watering can, a raft, garage boxes and other useful tools.

Most people accumulate a lot of old and unnecessary canisters. This problem is easy to solve. Do not rush to throw away this good! We suggest you build some useful crafts from canisters with your own hands for the garden. Everything can be created on your own in a small amount of time and without additional extra costs. In this article, you can get acquainted with a series of ideas that will be useful in the country, in the garden, or come in handy in your garden.

Material preparation

The first thing to do is prepare the container. It does not matter which canister is plastic or metal, it can be washed with the addition of detergents under plenty of water.

As for painting, acrylic is best. If you come across a strong container with thick walls, then you can use enamel. Paints such as spray paints are ideal for using patterns and embellishments.

For seedlings

Cut the canister horizontally, mark the height that suits you in advance. It is necessary to take into account the capacity of the soil and the height of the plant. The top is not needed, but the bottom is suitable for growing seedlings. With paints or a waterproof marker, you need to mark where and what you have sown.

Flower pots

You need to cut off the top, then build a small hole in the bottom for moisture. Put the flowerpot on a stand, the containers themselves can be painted with paints, preferably waterproof. Everything is ready! Plant your favorite flowers and decorate gazebos or terraces with them.


Cut the canister horizontally, after which it is good to process the edges so that they are not sharp. At 0.5-1 cm from the edges, make small holes into which you need to insert something of small thickness (a rope or cord will do). Fasten them by making a pass, the size of which depends on which plant this planter will be used for. The product itself can be hung on whatever you can get your hands on. Decorate the surface in various ways. We present the types of samples in the photo.


You need to cut the container into two parts, then, at your request, bury it a little in the ground or put it on a small pallet, then pour soil inside and sow flowers. In the photo below – ideas for your flower beds.


For this product, you should pick up a small canister. The handle must match the handle of the container. The scoop itself is up to you, you can make it triangular or square.


For a sprayer, it is worth choosing a larger container. You will need additional materials: a hose, nozzles and the rod itself. All of the above are sold in hardware or plumbing stores. With a rubber nipple you can put the valve. That’s all! This thing is used to treat trees, bushes, beds and small flower beds from pest beetles.

Watering can

From the canister you can build a good and convenient watering can. Just make holes in the canister lid and you’re done!

Wash basin

If you want a small and simple washbasin in the country, then you will need a canister of 5 liters or more. Attach the container itself to a hook or crossbar (here, as you wish). From the outside, closer to the bottom, you need to cut a hole for a tap or valve. If you attach a simple faucet, then it will be possible to regulate the water supply with a handle.

Bird feeders

Everyone loves to feed the birds, and making a good feeder with your own hands is easier than ever. It is only necessary to cut windows in the walls of the canister, then holes into which to stick the perches. Color, pour food and wait for guests.

Drinker for chickens

For this kind of homemade, you need a larger container. First you need to cut slots in the bottom, then prepare a large pallet and put a canister on it. Do not forget to leave a gap of 1-2 cm. It is desirable to fix the structure itself. This chicken drinker is easy to manufacture, you will not need to manually adjust the water flow

An example of how to cut slots in the bottom


It will take a little of your imagination. Add a regular canister and you have a beautiful, practical item that will look perfect anywhere.

  • cartridge;
  • table lamp cord;
  • Super glue.

First you need to cut off the top from the canister, it will not be needed in the future, but the bottom is a good blank. Choose the height of the product yourself and note in advance which one suits you. Next, your imagination should connect. The container can be pasted over with: transparent fabric, lace, decorative flowers or any other decor. Even in the plastic itself, you can make a few small holes, thanks to which the light will become brighter. At the bottom in the middle, cut a slot for the cord to which you will need to glue the cartridge. That’s all, the unique lamp is ready.

Box for small tools

A box is such an indispensable thing that will always come in handy in everyday life. To create, you can use any container and no matter what size it is. It is better that the shape of the product is rectangular. An example is shown in the photo. Draw, then evenly and carefully cut out to make a door, you just need to bend it. To make the toolbox stronger, the sides are reinforced with metal plates. From wire or other improvised means, you can make a hook, thanks to which the door will close. Easy and simple, the tool box is ready!



  1. Mark the height you need in advance and cut off the top from the canister.
  2. Then it is desirable to paste over all the edges of the lower part with paper tape.
  3. In two walls closer to the top, you need to make a couple of holes for handles from simple ropes.
  4. On the entire container, except for the bottom, it is necessary to stick ice cream sticks.
  5. Wrap the basket inside with a cloth.
  6. After cutting out the bottom from plastic, which should also be wrapped in fabric and put inside the product. For greater reliability, it is worth gluing it.
  7. Decorate the outside with any decor: flowers, beads, pebbles and whatever your imagination comes up with. Thus, you get a beautiful and unique product that will come in handy everywhere.

In this article, we looked at what crafts you can make from canisters with your own hands for your garden, cottage or vegetable garden. These homemade products are very simple and necessary for each of us in everyday life. You will not spend any of your strength or additional resources in the manufacture.

In this list of ideas, anyone can choose the right solution for themselves. Try to do something with your own hands, because such a process is not only very exciting, but also helps to develop hidden creative talents inside each of us. Give free rein to your imagination, and you will get original products that decorate your home and benefit you.

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