What can be done from cottage cheese in a pan

Donuts from cottage cheese 4.5 70

Cottage cheese donuts are delicious both hot and cold. They are moderately sweet, crunchy … and the hand reaches for the next one. If desired, you can put pieces of fruit or berries inside the donuts. . Further

Cottage cheese casserole in the microwave 4.2 67

The casserole can be cooked both in the oven and in the microwave. Microwave cooking is quick and easy. It turns out soft and juicy. Tasty and healthy. The dish is suitable for children and expectant mothers. . Further

Cheesecake curd 4.3 36

I tell you how to cook cottage cheese cheesecake at home – a delicate and tasty dessert with a crispy crust, which was originally popular in America, but gradually “won” the whole world. . Further

Cheesecakes: a classic recipe 4.6 31

I tried a lot of cheesecake recipes, but returned to the proven classic recipe. Cheesecakes are beautiful, soft, with a delicate golden crust. . Further

Curd muffins classic 4.2 25

I have always admired airy pastries with cottage cheese. And so I myself learned how to bake the most tender and weightless muffins from cottage cheese! And I am happy to share this recipe with you, go ahead! . Further

Cookies “Houndstooth” 4.6 20

Baking from cottage cheese dough always turns out tender and tasty. And the Houndstooth Cookies just melt in your mouth! This simple recipe will make several baking sheets of cookies! . Further

Hungarian cheesecake 4.6 16

This cake is so delicious that there are not enough words to convey its taste. The best thing to do is to try it yourself. I share the recipe for Hungarian cheesecake! . Further

Cottage cheese casserole in the oven without semolina 4.5 16

I bring to your attention a simple and delicious recipe for making cottage cheese casseroles in the oven without semolina. To make the casserole beautiful and juicy, add fruit. . Further

Cookies “Curd Triangles” 4.5 15

A wonderful baking solution if you have cottage cheese. Preparing cookies “Curd Triangles” at home is very simple, and its taste is amazing! . Further

Cheesecakes that do not float 4.2 15

Want to teach you how to make cheesecakes that don’t float in a pan? Everything is actually quite simple, so you will forget about this problem forever. Memorize and repeat this recipe at home. . Further

Blueberry pie with cottage cheese 4.4 14

Blueberry cottage cheese pie is my wife’s favorite pie. Fortunately, it is not difficult to prepare, so from time to time I pamper her with this delicious, tender and sweet and sour pie. I share the recipe. . Further

Cheesecakes with pumpkin 3.5 13

It is difficult to come up with a tastier cheesecake, and the biggest plus for me is that they do not contain flour, it is only needed for breading. Cheesecakes are beautiful, juicy and mega-tasty! . Further

Curd pie with jam 4.3 12

There are many delicious and unusual recipes for making a pie. I like the version of the pie with cottage cheese filling and jam. Baking can be decorated with chocolate or fruit. I recommend cooking! . Further

Cottage cheese casserole in the oven with semolina 4.6 11

Do you want to feed your baby with healthy cottage cheese, but he is not going to eat it in any way? Prepare him a cottage cheese casserole, and he will gladly gobble it up for both cheeks! And I’ll tell you the recipe. . Further

Cottage cheese pancakes in a pan 4.5 11

Of course, every real housewife should have her own unique recipe for making cottage cheese pancakes in a pan, but if you haven’t found yours yet, it doesn’t matter! Here’s an easy and delicious recipe for you! . Further

Cheese from cottage cheese at home 4.3 10

Homemade cheese is an inexpressible pleasure and a 100% quality product! The taste of cheese cannot be expressed in words, it must be cooked and just tasted! I recommend you check out the recipe. . Further

Cottage cheese cake in a slow cooker 4.2 1

I bring to your attention a healthy, tasty and very soft cottage cheese cake in a slow cooker. Cooking it is a pleasure! . Further

Cottage cheese dough for cookies 4.2 1

Cottage cheese cookies are a very tasty and fragrant baking option for children. It’s easy to make and keeps well in the fridge for up to a day. See the recipe! . Further

Classic cottage cheese casserole 4.4 10

In the classic version of cottage cheese casseroles, it is customary to use only semolina, sugar and an egg. You can diversify the taste with vanilla sugar, fruit essences or fresh fruits and berries. . Further

Cottage cheese bagels with filling 4.7 10

Tender-tender, melting in your mouth and very tasty bagels are obtained from this curd dough. I fell in love with them from the first try! I am sharing with you a recipe on how to cook cottage cheese bagels with filling. . Further

Delicious cottage cheese casserole 5.0 10

This casserole bribed me with the fact that it does not contain any flour or semolina. It is prepared with cream and starch. And it remains tender even on the second day. Watch how to make delicious cottage cheese casserole! . Further

Cottage cheese pie with semolina 3.9 9

In search of a light and tasty pie with cottage cheese and semolina, I stumbled upon this recipe. Tried it and was pleasantly surprised. The cake is tender and moist, with a light curd taste. . Further

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Cottage cheese casserole without semolina 4.2 9

Of all the casseroles that I have tried, perhaps this is the most tender and soft. Semolina casseroles have a more elastic texture. Do you want the casserole to become a delicate dessert? Look! . Further

Curd cake without baking 4.6 9

Try this deliciously soft and easy no-bake cheesecake for your loved ones. I’m sure he won’t leave anyone indifferent. Watch and write down the recipe! . Further

Curd cheesecake “Royal” 4.1 

If you want to cook not only delicious, but also healthy dessert for children and adults, then do not pass by and pay attention to this cool recipe. It will appeal to both children and adults. . Further

Curd dessert with marshmallows 5.0 8

Do you like to eat cottage cheese with jam for breakfast? I propose to arrange this delicacy in the form of a dessert! Add tender marshmallows and berries, and get an extraordinary beauty! . Further

Puffs with cottage cheese from ready-made puff pastry 4.6 8

Today I prepared incredibly tasty and juicy puffs with cottage cheese. I used ready-made puff pastry, it is very convenient, you just need to defrost it – and go! See recipe. . Further

Steamed cottage cheese dumplings 5.0 8

I decided to cook dumplings with cottage cheese, but not simple, but steamed! The dish is not only incredibly tasty, but also healthy! Help yourself! . Further

Casserole with cottage cheese and apples 4.1 8

A tender casserole with cottage cheese and apples can replace a light dinner. It’s also great for an afternoon snack. And the dessert is absolutely amazing! You can eat the casserole both warm and cold. . Further

Curd bars 4.9 8

I propose to cook a delicious and satisfying dish – cottage cheese bars. The dish is affordable and preparing it will not be any problem. See the recipe, I’ll tell you how to cook “Curd bars”! . Further

Cottage cheese-pumpkin casserole with poppy seeds 4.3 8

I want to offer you such a beautiful dessert. Pleasant taste and aroma, delicate texture of the casserole will make the usual homemade tea drinking festive and bright. . Further

Casserole “Sissy” 4.0 8

I propose to cook the casserole “Sissy”. Very light and delicious! Even those who are not very fond of cottage cheese will like it. . Further

Beet salad with cottage cheese 4.6 8

I propose to prepare a light and healthy salad that will not harm the figure, but will definitely add pleasure! Unusual and delicious! Suitable for nutritionists. . Further

Grandma’s pie with cottage cheese 4.5 

Amazing recipe. This cake will not leave anyone indifferent. The recipe is interesting in that the dough is poured into a mold here, and the filling is poured out. . Further

Two-layer cottage cheese casserole 5.0 8

Unusually tender, airy and light cottage cheese casserole that instantly melts on the lips and on the dish! It can be attributed to the most delicious desserts! Be sure to cook for your kids! . Further

Old Russian cottage cheese balls 3.8 8

If your children do not eat cottage cheese well, then cottage cheese workers will help solve this problem! A delicious dish that can be prepared for breakfast or a light dinner. Help yourself! . Further

Strawberry biscuits from curd dough 4.6 8

Strawberries and cottage cheese! Already by these ingredients it is not difficult to guess how delicious the pastries are! Pretty hassle-free biscuit recipe for berry season! . Further

Antique Roman Pie 5.0 7

The antique Roman pie is easy to make but delicious. Loose shortbread dough, cottage cheese layer and cherry jam – quick pastries for family tea drinking. . Further

Diet cottage cheese casserole 4.1 7

To make the casserole more low-calorie, you just need to replace the flour with semolina, you need less of it. The casserole will not only not suffer, but will also acquire an interesting structure when the semolina swells. . Further

Cottage cheese muffins with lemon 5.0 7

The finest cupcakes. Lush, fragrant and very tasty – they will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. The recipe is very simple, the dough is kneaded quickly enough, and the result is always successful! Shall we try? . Further

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Fresh or in the composition of dishes, the fermented milk product performs two tasks: it saturates the body with energy and enriches it with irreplaceable natural vitamins. For example, calcium in the composition strengthens bones and teeth, and casein gives a feeling of satiety for a long time and normalizes body weight. Vitamin A can solve problems with vision and reduced immunity. In general, more than a hundred macro- and microelements in the composition have the most positive effect on human health. And it’s not worth talking about calorie content – cottage cheese is among the top ten dietary products recommended for reducing or maintaining body weight. For example, 100 g of a fatty 9% product contains only 158 kcal, and if you take a fat-free 0.5%, then its calorie content will not exceed 85 kcal. If you choose the right recipes from cottage cheese, you can eat the right foods every day and enjoy the diversity of your diet. It is especially useful to learn how to cook a fermented milk product at home. This is easy to do with the advice of experienced chefs. And then start mastering dishes from homemade cottage cheese, of which there are a great many. These are sweet cheesecakes, and salty dumplings, and classic casseroles. As a dish on its own, it can be mixed with sour cream, condensed milk, honey, jam, nuts, and even cucumbers and herbs. Delicate fillings from the dairy product are delicious – pies and cheesecakes with it come out fabulous. And if you rub it through a sieve before cooking or grind it in a food processor, then the finished dish will turn out amazingly soft and airy. It is especially useful to learn how to cook a fermented milk product at home. This is easy to do with the advice of experienced chefs. And then start mastering dishes from homemade cottage cheese, of which there are a great many. These are sweet cheesecakes, and salty dumplings, and classic casseroles. As a dish on its own, it can be mixed with sour cream, condensed milk, honey, jam, nuts, and even cucumbers and herbs. Delicate fillings from the dairy product are delicious – pies and cheesecakes with it come out fabulous. And if you rub it through a sieve before cooking or grind it in a food processor, then the finished dish will turn out amazingly soft and airy. It is especially useful to learn how to cook a fermented milk product at home. This is easy to do with the advice of experienced chefs. And then start mastering dishes from homemade cottage cheese, of which there are a great many. These are sweet cheesecakes, and salty dumplings, and classic casseroles. As a dish on its own, it can be mixed with sour cream, condensed milk, honey, jam, nuts, and even cucumbers and herbs. Delicate fillings from the dairy product are delicious – pies and cheesecakes with it come out fabulous. And if you rub it through a sieve before cooking or grind it in a food processor, then the finished dish will turn out amazingly soft and airy. and salted dumplings, and classic casseroles. As a dish on its own, it can be mixed with sour cream, condensed milk, honey, jam, nuts, and even cucumbers and herbs. Delicate fillings from the dairy product are delicious – pies and cheesecakes with it come out fabulous. And if you rub it through a sieve before cooking or grind it in a food processor, then the finished dish will turn out amazingly soft and airy. and salted dumplings, and classic casseroles. As a dish on its own, it can be mixed with sour cream, condensed milk, honey, jam, nuts, and even cucumbers and herbs. Delicate fillings from the dairy product are delicious – pies and cheesecakes with it come out fabulous. And if you rub it through a sieve before cooking or grind it in a food processor, then the finished dish will turn out amazingly soft and airy.

Cottage cheese can deservedly be called one of the most delicious and healthy products that is present in the refrigerator of almost all housewives. There are many recipes on the network with photos that tell you what you can cook from cottage cheese quickly and tasty. We have selected the most appetizing dishes for you and are ready to share them in this article.

Cottage cheese pancakes

Classic cottage cheese pancakes

The first thing that comes to mind when the question arises of what is delicious to quickly cook from cottage cheese, and when looking for recipes with photos, is cheesecakes. A traditional Russian dish that will not leave indifferent any lover of cottage cheese products.


  • dry cottage cheese – 560 g;
  • eggs – 4 pcs.;
  • wheat flour – 4 tbsp. l.;
  • sugar – 2 tbsp. l.;
  • salt;
  • vegetable oil;
  • jam or sour cream (for serving).


  1. Pound dry cottage cheese with a fork or wipe through a sieve. You can also use liquid cottage cheese, but before that you must first throw it on a sieve and wait until all excess moisture has disappeared.
  2. Add eggs, sugar and a pinch of salt to the curd. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Sift the flour and add it to the curd mass, mix until smooth.
  4. Now you can start forming cheesecakes. To do this, roll the sausage from the dough and cut it into thin circles. Roll in flour.
  5. Add a little vegetable oil to a hot frying pan, put the cheesecakes. When they are browned on one side, flip to the other. When ready, turn off the heat, cover the pan with a lid and let the cheesecakes brew.

Quick casserole

Cottage cheese casserole with fruit

Considering what can be prepared from cottage cheese so that it is quick and tasty, you cannot ignore the recipe with a photo of a quick casserole.


  • cottage cheese – 300 g;
  • semolina – 4 tbsp. l.;
  • butter – 4 tbsp. l.;
  • sugar – 4 tbsp. l.;
  • eggs – 2 pcs.;
  • salt;
  • soda.


  1. For this recipe, it is also better to take dry cottage cheese, but liquid cottage cheese is also suitable if you get rid of unnecessary moisture with a sieve.
  2. Add semolina, sugar, eggs and 2 tablespoons of butter to cottage cheese. The remaining 2 tablespoons will go to lubricate the mold.
  3. Before adding soda to the dough, it must be extinguished with boiling water or vinegar. In this case, the method with boiling water would be more appropriate, since the casserole has a delicate creamy taste and even the sweet taste of soda will be completely inopportune. After soda, add salt and vanilla, if desired. Mix well.
  4. The main advantage of this casserole is that it is baked in only 8 minutes in the microwave. It is worth noting that you can also cook this dish from cottage cheese quickly and tasty in the oven. Our photo recipe is based on the traditional oven casserole recipe.
  5. So, grease the baking dish with 2 tablespoons of butter, put the dough in it and put it in the microwave for 8 minutes or in the oven for 40 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.
  6. When the casserole has cooled, remove it from the mold and serve.
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Important! Do not forget that it is forbidden to bake anything in iron objects in the microwave. If you decide to cook a casserole using this particular kitchen technique, use a glass mold or a deep plate.

Vareniki with curd filling

Vareniki with cottage cheese

Vareniki went down in history as a dish that takes a long time to prepare and is difficult: first you need to prepare the filling, then the dough, mold them and only then cook them. But what if we improve this recipe to turn it into a quick-cooking dish without losing taste?


  • cottage cheese – 200 g;
  • egg – 1 pc.;
  • semolina – 2 tbsp. l.;
  • sugar – to taste;
  • raisins and other dried fruits – to taste;
  • vanillin – to taste.


  1. Mix all ingredients in a deep bowl. Make dumplings from the resulting dough. Immediately place them on a flat, even surface, which you will later put in the freezer. If this is not done, dumplings that have warmed up from your hands may break or flatten during the transfer to the freezer.
  2. As is already clear from the previous subparagraph, the dumplings must be frozen before cooking. This requires at least one night. At sub-zero temperatures, dumplings can be stored for about 1 week.
  3. When dumplings are frozen, take them out of the freezer and drop them into boiling water. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the dumplings float to the top.

Cottage cheese dumplings are considered not only a tasty and satisfying lunch, but also a sweet, appetizing breakfast. It will especially appeal to children who are tired of the same type of cereal in the morning.

Donuts with cottage cheese

Sweet cottage cheese donuts

Such a dessert as donuts is considered a harmful product due to the large number of preservatives that are used in their manufacture in large enterprises. All myths about the dangers of donuts will be destroyed if you cook them yourself at home.


  • cottage cheese – 500 g;
  • eggs – 4 pcs.;
  • vegetable oil – 0.5 l;
  • sugar – 8 tbsp. l.;
  • flour – 4 tbsp.;
  • lemon juice – 2 tsp;
  • soda – 1 tsp;
  • sugar, salt, vanillin – to taste.


  1. Beat eggs and sugar with a mixer. In the resulting mixture, add cottage cheese and slaked soda. It can be extinguished with vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice. In the same bowl, add flour, a little salt and vanilla.
  2. Mix thoroughly. The dough is ready! It should be sticky.
  3. Roll the dough into small balls. To prevent the mixture from sticking to your hands, grease them with vegetable oil or sprinkle with a little flour.
  4. In order to cook donuts from cottage cheese just as in the recipe with the photo – quickly and tasty, you will need a large amount of sunflower oil, because donuts are not fried on it, but rather boiled. Therefore, pour 0.5 liters of sunflower oil into the pan, bring it to a boil and immediately reduce the heat.
  5. Put the balls into the hot oil and keep them there until they are browned on all sides. On average, this process takes 2-3 minutes.
  6. Remove donuts from oil, place on paper towels to drain excess oil.
  7. Sprinkle the dish with icing sugar or drizzle with maple syrup. Delicious donuts for tea are ready!

Macaroni with cheese and cottage cheese

Macaroni with cottage cheese and cheese

Perhaps the name of this dish seemed strange to you. But as soon as you try it, all your doubts about the taste will disappear. This recipe with a photo dispels the myths that only sweet dishes can be prepared quickly and tasty from cottage cheese.


  • pasta – 700 g;
  • cottage cheese – 500 g;
  • vegetable oil – 2 tbsp. l.;
  • hard cheese – 200 g;
  • cream – 1 tbsp.;
  • fresh greens;
  • salt, pepper, ground ginger – to taste.


  1. First you need to do the preparation of the basis of this dish – pasta. You can use any pasta except spaghetti, but cones are the best option. And also, before buying, pay attention to the composition of pasta: products made from durum flour will be much tastier and healthier.
  2. When you have decided on the type of pasta, they must be boiled. This should be done in accordance with the instructions on the package, but there is a classic version that is suitable for almost all types. Add pasta to boiling water, based on the proportion of 100 g of pasta per 1 liter of water, salt. Cook for 7 to 10 minutes, periodically checking readiness. After the time has elapsed, drain the water and let the pasta cool.
  3. Now let’s move on to another equally important component of the dish – cottage cheese. Put it in a saucepan, add spices and heavy cream there. Mix the ingredients well together and heat over low heat.
  4. At this time, heat the pasta in a frying pan greased with vegetable oil and arrange them in portions on plates. When the curd is soft, pour it over the pasta.
  5. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater and sprinkle it over the finished dish. Top with fresh parsley or dill. The dish is ready!

Pomeranian gates

Pomeranian gates with cottage cheese

This is another salty cottage cheese dish that even the most demanding gourmet can get enough of. By the unusual name of the dish, you might think that it is prepared for a long time and difficult. In fact, it’s not like that at all.

Dough Ingredients:

  • flour – 500 g;
  • sour cream – 500 g;
  • butter / margarine – 120 g;
  • salt;
  • soda.

Filling Ingredients:

  • eggs – 3 pcs.;
  • cottage cheese – 500 g;
  • flour – 1 tbsp. l.;
  • sugar – 0.5 tbsp.;
  • sour cream – 1 tbsp.


  1. Despite the large number of ingredients and steps, it is worth noting that you can cook cottage cheese wickets quickly and tasty if you strictly follow the recipe with the photo. The first step is to prepare the dough. To do this, add sour cream to soft butter or margarine. The butter can be softened in a water bath, in the microwave, or taken out of the refrigerator in advance. Beat the butter and sour cream with a mixer or mix well by hand for a few minutes.
  2. Add flour sifted through a sieve, soda slaked with boiling water or vinegar, salt to the sour cream mass. Thoroughly mix the dough until smooth.
  3. Divide the resulting dough into small balls of the same mass (about 50 g). If the dough sticks to your hands too much, add some flour to it.
  4. Roll out the balls and put the stuffing on it. How to cook it, see the following steps. Spread the filling evenly over the dough, leaving 5 mm intact from the edge.
  5. To prepare the filling, you first need to wipe the cottage cheese through a sieve, then add eggs, sugar, flour to it and mix everything thoroughly. You should get a homogeneous consistency without lumps. Put sour cream on top of the filling and send the dish to the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees for 20 minutes.


Sochniki with cottage cheese filling

Now let’s cook Tver succulents. They can be prepared both for a regular dinner and on the occasion of the arrival of invited guests. The ingredients are listed below with the expectation that from a given amount, according to the recipe with a photo, you can quickly cook 7-10 delicious curd succulents.

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  • flour – 2.5 tbsp.;
  • water – 0.5 tbsp.;
  • butter – 25 g;
  • cottage cheese – 350 g;
  • eggs – 3 pcs.;
  • sour cream – 2 tbsp. l.;
  • sugar – 2 tbsp. l.


  1. This recipe for succulents involves preparing a dish from unleavened dough, consisting of two ingredients – flour and water. Mix them well, after which you will have a dough.
  2. Divide the dough into equal parts, roll out with a rolling pin. The resulting cakes should be no more than 15 cm in diameter. Put the rolled out dough in a dry frying pan and dry it. Make sure that the cakes do not start to bake.
  3. While the cakes are drying in the pan, prepare the filling. To do this, mix cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs and sugar.
  4. Immediately after you have removed the dough from the pan, put the filling on one half of it, close the juicer on top with the other half. Pinch the edges with your fingers so that the filling does not leak out during baking.
  5. Send the juicers to bake in the oven at 160 degrees for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on how thick the dough is and how long you kept it in the pan.
  6. When ready, pour melted butter on top of the succulents.

Pancake cake with cottage cheese

Pancake cake with curd filling

Pancake torus is the simplest thing that you can cook quickly and tasty from cottage cheese according to a recipe with a photo from the category of cakes. The ingredients for this dish are also extremely simple.

Dough Ingredients:

  • flour – 600 g;
  • sugar – 240 g;
  • cottage cheese – 500 g;
  • eggs – 4 pcs.;
  • baking powder;
  • vanilla sugar.

Ingredients for cream and decoration:

  • chocolate – 50 g;
  • nuts – 100 g;
  • cottage cheese or curd paste – 800 g;
  • sugar – 300 g;
  • sour cream – 400 g;
  • vanilla sugar – 2 tsp


  1. Using an immersion blender, mix sugar (vanilla and regular), cottage cheese, eggs. Add half of the sifted flour to the resulting mass, mix thoroughly and add the rest.
  2. Divide the resulting dough into 16 parts and roll it with a rolling pin to the diameter of the pan in which you will bake pancakes.
  3. Lubricate the pan with a small amount of vegetable oil and bake pancakes one by one, after making holes on them with a fork.
  4. When all the pancakes are ready, let them cool and cut so that they are the same size.
  5. Now let’s make the cream. To do this, mix all the ingredients except chocolate and nuts with a blender.
  6. Assemble the cake, brushing each pancake with a layer of cream. Spread the edges and top of the cake with the rest of the cream and decorate with finely chopped nuts and chocolate. The cake is ready!

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Cottage cheese pancakes according to GOST

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Homemade cottage cheese “Special”

The peculiarity of the preparation of this cottage cheese is that the original product, although it is subjected to heat treatment, is NOT BOILED! We all know that if you digest, the cottage cheese will turn out to be grains. Do not boil – the sour clot will not separate well from the whey. In this case, everything will ALWAYS work out. I couldn’t find this recipe by searching.

Buns with cottage cheese in cream filling

Girls and boys! I want to share with you the most delicious buns (buns or cheesecakes) I don’t know how to call them correctly. but I want to say one thing! It’s soooo delicious, I can’t tell! Butter sweet dough with cottage cheese filling and all this is poured and baked in cream. Well, very tasty! Be sure to cook, especially since they are not at all difficult to prepare!

Homemade cottage cheese “It doesn’t get any easier”

There are a lot of homemade cottage cheese recipes on the site, but I cook it a little differently. Cottage cheese is very tender and not sour at all. Help yourself.

Juice with cottage cheese

Juicewith cottage cheese is a delicious treat for children and adults for tea.

Pies-puffs with cottage cheese

Delicate, light crispy dough with cottage cheese filling, this delicious pastry can be described in this way. Make puff pastries and your family will not be disappointed.

Pancake pie with cottage cheese

Delicious and beautiful alternative to cottage cheese pancakes! They gave me 6 liters of homemade milk and homemade eggs. I collected the cream, then warmed the cottage cheese and collected the whey. I decided to use everything at once, and at the same time I will share the recipe with you.

Flatbreads in a spiral with cheese and cottage cheese

Crispy dough, tender, melted filling. The whole “chip” in the form of cakes. Today my brother is coming, we haven’t seen each other for a month, he asked for pasties, but I decided to please him with something new.

Rolls with cottage cheese under apple caramel

I offer cooks amazingly delicious pita rolls, cooked with cottage cheese filling and filled with apple caramel. This combination of ingredients is sure to delight family and friends.

Curd . Cottage cheese is a healthy and tasty ingredient in a huge number of dishes.

The first secret of cottage cheese lies in its benefits – thanks to animal proteins, it has a huge nutritional value. Also, cottage cheese is an important source of calcium and is necessary at any age. The next secret of the product is that it goes well with a variety of products – flour, sugar, cocoa, nuts, vanillin, cinnamon, mustard, herbs and spices.

You should know that cottage cheese spoils very quickly, so it is not recommended to store it in the refrigerator for more than 2-3 days. And, however, he is unlikely to stay there for so long. After all, from cottage cheese you can cook both the main dish and a huge number of desserts.

The easiest recipe is to mix cottage cheese with any berries, pour over sour cream or milk and sprinkle with sugar. It goes well with cottage cheese honey and any jam or jam. You can also make a “salty” version of this express dish by mixing cottage cheese with green onions or lettuce.

Pancakes with cottage cheese are a hearty and tasty dish that will be appreciated not only by adults, but also by children. Dumplings are prepared from cottage cheese, which can be made for at least a week, and then boiled at any convenient time and served with sour cream or jam. Another extremely popular dish is tender cheesecakes (you can add grated carrots, apples and raisins to them, which will make the dish even healthier and tastier). Cottage cheese dumplings will also leave with a bang.

Cottage cheese is capable of many miracles – for example, turning ordinary scrambled eggs into a hearty, tasty and original dish. Peel and stew carrots, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes. Add a couple of tablespoons of cottage cheese to two eggs, salt and pepper. Season the curd mass with stewed vegetables. Get a great vitamin breakfast.

Hearty and tasty curd casseroles and curd grandmothers are obtained. By the way, it is the cottage cheese casserole that is the most popular casserole in Russia. They are prepared with nuts, fruits and dried fruits.

Extraordinarily delicious cheesecake. These are juicy, and donuts, and cheesecakes, and cottage cheese cakes, and pies with cottage cheese filling, and a variety of cottage cheese cookies.

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