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Monday, November 10, 2014 1:49 pm + to quote pad

Most recently, I talked about an amazing houseplant – a golden mustache. It has been of interest to many people for many years, and most of them never cease to be amazed at its healing properties. However, despite the fact that the plant is widespread, it turned out that not everyone knows about its ability to work miracles, relieving many diseases and ailments. Unfortunately, it is common for a person to remember the healing power of Nature too late, when the “thunder will strike”. The conversation in this article will focus on the treatment with a golden mustache. I hope that thanks to the variety of recipes, this plant healer will take its rightful place in every home first aid kit.

Popular forms of application of the golden mustache

The first question that arises for those who first decided to experience the action of the golden mustache is how to use it as a treatment? I will try to talk about the most common medicinal forms of using the golden mustache available in the arsenal of traditional medicine:

1. Medicinal juice – used for external and internal use. Preparing it is very simple – cut off the upper shoots and leaves of the plant, rinse them with water and dry them. Then grind the raw materials using a blender, squeeze the juice from the resulting mass through cheesecloth. Do not rush to throw away the cake – it will still come in handy. Based on it, I advise you to prepare healing decoctions, oils, ointments, infusions, which will be discussed later.

2. Golden mustache infusions are an excellent remedy for combating nail or skin fungus, as well as such a nuisance as trophic ulcers.

Infusions are prepared in two ways – on alcohol or water:

– in order to prepare an aqueous infusion, I recommend using a golden mustache leaf, 20 cm in size, which must be crushed and brewed in a thermos with 1 liter of boiling water. Infuse the solution for one night, and then store in a dark, cool place;

– to prepare an alcohol infusion, you will need at least 15 rings of the plant. Finely crumble them and fill with a bottle of vodka. The medicine will be ready in 14 days. All this time, the solution should be in a dark place in a glass container. All you need to do at this time is to periodically shake it.

3. A decoction of a golden mustache is a universal remedy that helps get rid of such ailments as: eczema, dermatitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, runny nose.

To prepare it, cut at least 20 golden mustache rings, put the raw materials in a saucepan and cover with water. Boil for a few minutes, wrap the decoction and wait 12 hours for it to infuse. Strain the decoction through cheesecloth and use as directed.

4. Golden mustache ointment is applied externally. This is one of the effective ways to combat sciatica. If the ointment is rubbed into the sore lower back, and then covered with a warm scarf, then the pain will certainly recede. The ointment will also help with hematomas, sprains or bruises. Try to treat varicose veins with ointment, rubbing it daily into sore spots and you will certainly notice a positive effect.

To prepare the ointment, you will need to mix the juice from the plant with an ordinary baby cream in a 3: 1 ratio.

5. Golden mustache oil is more often used for rubbing, but it can also be taken internally, strictly observing the dosage. It will help get rid of heel spurs, runny nose, dry cough and bronchitis. At the same time, in order to become the owner of such a universal medicine, you do not need to spend a lot of effort, time or money. Take the cake from the plant and pour it with warm olive oil in a ratio of 5: 1. Wait 3 weeks for the oil to absorb all the beneficial substances of the plant, and then filter and use the treatment. Store butter in the refrigerator.

Golden mustache – recipes for various diseases

A golden mustache, as many rightly thought, is a universal remedy for almost all occasions. Next, I want to share with you the most effective recipes for the treatment of various diseases and ailments.

1. Diseases of the blood and hematopoietic organs:

– anemia – take an infusion of a golden mustache prepared with alcohol three times a day, 1-2 tsp, 30 minutes before meals. It is enough to drink the medicine for 7-10 days, but if necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated;

– arrhythmia – prepare a solution from the juice of 1 lemon, 2-3 sheets of a golden mustache and 200 gr. natural honey. Mix all the ingredients carefully and transfer to a glass container. Take the remedy for 7 days, 2 tsp, 2 times a day;

– atherosclerosis – a remedy prepared from 2 tsp will help. tinctures of a golden mustache for alcohol and 2 tsp. sunflower oil. Take the medicine inside no more than 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Treatment is carried out according to the scheme: 10 days of admission, 5 days – rest, 10 days of admission, 10 days – rest and drink the remedy again for 10 days;

– hypertension – mix 0.5 tsp. tinctures of hawthorn and golden mustache on alcohol and take the remedy 1 time per day, 1 hour before meals. The course of admission is 7 days; and the video offers another recipe for making a medicine based on honey and a golden mustache:

– hypotension – an infusion of a golden mustache on alcohol will help to cope with the disease. Take it 1 tsp. 1 time per day, half an hour before meals.

2. Diseases of the respiratory system:

I especially want to note that children cannot be treated with golden mustache-based products.

– bronchial asthma – pass 10-15 leaves of the golden mustache through a meat grinder and shift them from 250 ml. Cahors and 250 gr. bee honey. Wait 1 month and then take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 1 month. After the end of the course of treatment, rest for 1 month and repeat the treatment again;

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– bronchitis – mix the juice of the plant with natural pork fat and rub the chest with this remedy, which then be sure to keep warm;

– lung cancer – brew 2 tsp. calendula flowers and 1 tsp. shoots of a golden mustache 500 ml of boiling water. Infuse the solution in a thermos for 60 minutes, strain and take 25 ml 3 times a day;

– sinusitis – at the initial stage, I can recommend a compress from the juice of the plant, which must be applied for 5-10 minutes on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nose. Cotton swabs soaked in golden mustache oil are an excellent tool for treating the nasal mucosa.

3. Diseases of the joints:

– arthritis – to get rid of the disease, prepare a tincture of a golden mustache with alcohol and use it as a rub until you feel warm. Then wrap the treated area with a warm scarf to create an additional warming effect.

– glaucoma – instill freshly prepared juice from the plant into the eyes, 2 drops 1 time per day. The course of treatment is 1 week;

– conjunctivitis – prepare an aqueous infusion of a golden mustache and wipe sore eyes with it.

5. Skin diseases:

– warts – cut 2-3 leaves from the plant, chop them and pour 3 tsp. silver water. Wait 30 minutes, allowing the solution to infuse, and then squeeze out the juice. Lubricate them with warts in the morning and evening until they disappear;

– skin cancer – apply oil from the golden mustache in the form of applications to the affected areas 3-4 times a day;

– boils, abscesses – use a golden mustache ointment;

– burns, frostbite – chop the fresh leaves of the plant, wrap them in gauze, attach to the affected area and bandage. Change the bandage every 6-7 hours;

– herpes – wipe the affected area with alcohol tincture from the golden mustache, and then apply a fresh leaf of the plant to it. Another effective way to get rid of herpes can be applied if you mix golden mustache juice with honey in a 1:1 ratio.

6. Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis, thyroid disease – prepare a decoction of the golden mustache and drink it every day, half a glass, 3-4 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

7. Cancer of the rectum – use 15-20 ml. juice from a golden mustache in the form of microclysters.

Golden mustache application in home cosmetics

Golden mustache has found its application in cosmetology, primarily as an ideal tool for skin cleansing procedures, made from side shoots, used as a compress. They wipe the skin with an alcohol extract from a golden mustache, free the epidermis from dead cells, promoting renewal and stimulating the rejuvenating process. Golden mustache is effective for problematic acne on the skin, helps to get rid of pustular formations.

Dry and flaky skin of the face and hands is lubricated with golden mustache oil products.

A golden mustache is very useful for body massage, the use improves blood circulation, vigor appears, strength is added. The remedy from the mustache of the plant turns out to be effective in hair care – it strengthens, stops hair loss, and gives a healthy shine.

Fresh golden mustache juice restores skin elasticity, preventing the appearance of wrinkles. It gives a good result in the treatment of corns and bumps on the legs, and also with its help remove hardened skin on the heels.

Kvass from a golden mustache

Many people have this unpretentious golden mustache growing on the windowsill at home, but not everyone knows how to make useful kvass from it. And to make it is very, very simple. Why exactly kvass, and not a decoction or infusion?

The fact is that kvass infused with medicinal plants is much more useful than an infusion or decoction of the same herbs and plants, since as a result of fermentation, many toxic substances turn into very useful and medicinal ones that our body easily perceives.

So, how to cook kvass?

To do this, you need to chop the leaves, mustache, golden mustache stems, take 1 cup of this mixture, wrap it in gauze and press down with a load at the bottom of a 3-liter jar. Dilute 1 cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of sour cream in water, pour almost to the top, cover the jar with gauze and put in a warm place for 2 weeks.

The resulting kvass is taken half a cup 10-20 minutes before meals, 1-2 times a day, for a month. Then it is recommended to take a break for 1 month, then you can repeat the reception. After you start drinking kvass little by little, you can add the same amount of water with sugar dissolved in it to the jar every day (for 1 glass of water – 1 tsp of sugar).

Kvass can be stored in the refrigerator or in a cool place for up to 3 months.

Kvass from the golden mustache is useful not only for prevention – it can effectively treat various serious diseases, such as cancer of the stomach, lungs, breast, diabetes. Kvass is also readily used for weight loss.

You can talk endlessly about the treatment with a golden mustache. This plant is very popular in folk medicine. However, like any other drug, the golden mustache has contraindications. We have already talked about them in a previous article. Therefore, before deciding on treatment with a golden mustache, it is advisable to consult with your doctor.

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The benefits and harms of a golden mustache are a question of interest to many lovers of natural home medicine. With proper use, the plant can be valuable for health, but in order to avoid harm from it, it is necessary to study the features.

What does a golden mustache look like

Golden mustache, callisia or homemade ginseng is a large indoor plant that can reach a height of about 2 m. As you can see in the photo of the golden mustache flower, the shoots of the plant are covered with bright green long leaves and can be either erect or creeping. Horizontal shoots look like long tendrils – from them the name of the plant comes.

The houseplant blooms with small white flowers collected in panicle inflorescences. The flowers smell pleasant, but lovers rarely enjoy the aroma and admire the flowering.

The chemical composition of the golden mustache

The plant has not only aesthetic value – the properties of the golden mustache flower are used in medicine. Leaves contain a huge amount of useful substances, namely:

  • valuable mineral components – potassium, copper, iron and nickel;
  • vitamins C, B and A;
  • manganese;
  • pectins;
  • nicotinic acid;
  • zinc and chromium;
  • tannins;
  • calcium;
  • phytosterols;
  • flavonoids.

Useful properties of the golden mustache

Due to its unique composition, indoor flower has a beneficial effect on the body. The benefits of a golden mustache for the human body is that products based on it help:

  • normalize the work of the endocrine and respiratory systems, improve digestion;
  • strengthen the vascular walls – the golden mustache lowers cholesterol;
  • increase immunity and make the body more resistant to infections, viruses and bacteria;
  • relieve pain – both inflammatory and traumatic.

A golden mustache is used in oncology – flavonoids and phytosterols in the composition of the flower contribute to healthy cell renewal.

What helps the golden mustache

Traditional medicine uses the beneficial properties of the plant in the treatment of many ailments. For example, home remedies use:

  • with atherosclerosis and high blood pressure;
  • with metabolic disorders and diseases of the intestines and stomach;
  • with liver ailments;
  • with endocrine disruptions;
  • with eye diseases and skin irritations;
  • for pain in the joints.

The golden mustache is beneficial for diabetes and obesity, and its valuable properties contribute to the speedy cure of colds.

Traditional medicine recipes based on a golden mustache

To create medicines based on a plant, the properties of green parts are mainly used. Many useful compounds can be prepared from the leaves and stems of the plant.

Infusion of golden mustache

To make a simple healing infusion, you need to take 1 large leaf of the plant and pour about 1 liter of boiling water. The remedy is infused for a day in ceramic or glassware.

Ready infusion drink 1 large spoon no more than three times a day, so as not to get harm. The infusion helps with stomach diseases, chronic pancreatitis or liver ailments.

Decoction of the golden mustache

To create a medicinal decoction, you can use the properties of both leaves and stems. The raw material is finely chopped, poured with water and boiled for several minutes, and then removed from heat and insisted under the lid for 7 hours.

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Golden mustache inside is taken in a large spoon for hepatic ailments, gastritis and ulcers three times a day. Also, a decoction can be used to treat skin inflammation – the remedy relieves irritation.

Alcohol tincture of a golden mustache on vodka

An alcoholic drug is prepared mainly from the stems of the plant. A small amount of raw material is finely chopped, poured into a glass container and poured with vodka, and then plugged with a cork and infused for about 2 weeks in a dark place.

The product should be shaken daily. The readiness of the tincture will be indicated by its dark purple color. The liquid should be drained and drunk twice a day. The benefits of alcohol tincture of the golden mustache are clearly manifested in the treatment of hypertension, colds and inflammatory processes in the body.

Golden mustache juice

Fresh juice contains a large concentration of nutrients and is an effective anti-inflammatory and healing agent. It is prepared very simply – you just need to cut the leaves of callisia and squeeze out a sufficient amount of juice through cheesecloth.

Most often, a useful remedy is used externally for burns, wounds, dermatitis, corns, as compresses for joints. But in small doses, you can also drink a golden mustache – take it only 30 drops, after diluting it in a large spoonful of water so that there is no harm to the mucous membranes. When used internally, the properties of the juice significantly increase immunity.

Oil on a golden mustache

Golden mustache for feet, and also for treating skin irritations, is often used as a homemade oil. Cooking butter is not difficult, although it will take a long time.

  1. Fresh stems and leaves of the plant are crushed and the juice is squeezed out of them.
  2. The remaining cake is dried, then placed in a small glass container and poured with olive oil.
  3. The remedy is insisted for 3 weeks in a dark place.
  4. At the end of the period, the cake is filtered, and the oil is poured into another vessel.

Healing oil is good for allergic rashes, abrasions and scratches, promotes healing of burns and corns. The beneficial properties of the oil are manifested in the treatment of joints, it is often used for compresses from the golden mustache and rubbing.

Ointment on a golden mustache

Another home remedy for external use is an ointment made from the leaves of the plant. To prepare it, you need to properly grind the raw materials and mix with ordinary petroleum jelly until completely homogeneous.

A useful ointment is used for bruises and inflammation on the skin, with frostbite. The tool is useful in pain relief compresses for diseased joints, for example, you can treat a heel spur with a golden mustache.

Balm golden mustache

One of the most interesting plant-based remedies is a healing balm. For its preparation:

  • mix 30 ml of strong tincture of the plant with 40 ml of sunflower oil;
  • stopper in a small glass vessel and shake vigorously for several minutes.

It is not necessary to insist on the balm – it is used immediately. It is necessary to drink the medicine in a large spoonful, three times a day, shortly before eating.

The properties of the golden mustache are especially effective in gynecology and in hemorrhoids. A balm based on a plant is not only taken orally, but microclysters are also made, and in case of gynecological diseases, swabs soaked in balm are injected inside.

golden mustache syrup

Plant-based sweet syrup is beneficial for colds and loosens phlegm for dry coughs.

The medicine is prepared as follows:

  • a large leaf of callisia is rubbed;
  • pour a glass of water and boil for 7-10 minutes;
  • cool and mix with 1 large spoon of vodka;
  • filter and add a little ready-made sugar syrup.

In terms of volume, the finished drink should take only half a glass. Drink this remedy for a teaspoon twice a day, with a strong dry cough and cold.

fresh golden mustache leaves

For quick healing of abrasions, burns, abscesses and ulcers, gruel from fresh leaves of a houseplant is used. The cut leaf is washed, crushed, poured with a minimum amount of hot water, and then a compress is applied to the sore spot.

golden mustache treatment

For certain diseases, formulations based on a medicinal houseplant are most often used. In order not to harm the body, you need to know exactly how to use the golden mustache for medicinal purposes.

Golden mustache for the treatment of joints

Pain in arthritis or arthrosis is perfectly relieved by compresses from the slurry of a houseplant. Fresh leaves are cut and ground until a mushy mass is obtained, then wrapped in gauze and applied to a sore spot. Since you need to keep the compress for 2 hours, it should be fixed with a bandage, and the procedure itself is best done in the evening.

Also useful tincture on the golden mustache for the joints – the tool can rub sore spots.

Golden mustache from atherosclerosis and arrhythmia

Useful tincture of homemade ginseng is the best remedy for problems with blood vessels and heart rhythm failures. In a glass of pure water, it is necessary to dilute 30 drops of a healing agent and drink no more than twice a day half an hour before meals so that the alcoholic agent does not cause harm.

It is recommended to carry out therapy for 10 days, after which you should take a break of the same duration, and then, if necessary, continue treatment.

Cough and bronchitis treatment

The most useful cold remedy is a syrup based on a houseplant. The remedy is taken in the amount of 1 teaspoon twice a day on an empty stomach until the symptoms of the disease recede. The syrup has excellent expectorant properties and quickly reduces the temperature.

Treatment of eye diseases

The use of a golden mustache is manifested in astigmatism, conjunctivitis and myopia. Usually, an infusion of leaves is used for medicinal purposes, cotton pads are moistened in a fresh preparation and applied to the eyes three times a day for 5 minutes.

Getting rid of warts, boils, herpes and burns

Homemade medicinal plant helps fight skin damage, cosmetic defects and inflammatory rashes. For herpes, burns and boils, it is customary to use juice, strong decoctions and a medicinal tincture of a golden mustache – wipe the inflamed areas on the skin with a cotton swab dipped in liquid several times a day.

Elimination of problems with the gastrointestinal tract

Useful decoctions and infusions on water help fight a variety of ailments of the digestive tract.

  1. With a stomach ulcer, it is recommended to use 1 large spoonful of the decoction of the plant three times a day on an empty stomach before meals.
  2. With cholecystitis, it will be useful to drink 1/2 cup of infusion before meals on an empty stomach three times a day.
  3. From constipation, 1 large spoonful of medicinal decoction, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, will help. For chronic problems with bowel movements, you can make enemas from a weak chamomile decoction, to which 1 large spoonful of callisia infusion is added.
  4. With hemorrhoids, painful nodes are recommended to be treated with plant oil – its properties will quickly relieve inflammation and relieve pain.

With gastric diseases, you can simply chew the golden mustache in the morning and before going to bed on an empty stomach, but in an amount of not more than 1 joint of the stem.

Liver treatment

The houseplant benefits the liver. To help the work of this organ and cleanse the body of harmful substances, you need to drink 1 large spoonful of decoction before meals three times a day. The course of therapy lasts a week, then they take a break for the same period and, if necessary, continue treatment.

Golden mustache from osteochondrosis

Cervical osteochondrosis is usually treated in a complex way.

  1. Callisia tincture is taken inside – it should be drunk 1 large spoon an hour before eating, three times a day. Treatment lasts no longer than a week, then you need to take a break for 2 weeks so that the medicine does not harm.
  2. The tincture is also used externally – you can rub the sore spots twice a day for 3 minutes. Pain and inflammation from the cervical spine remove compresses with gruel of the golden mustache – they need to be done twice a day, and kept for about 2 hours.

Golden mustache from sciatica

An ointment from the leaves of an indoor flower will help restore mobility to the back with sciatica. To do this, the lower back must be lubricated three times a day and for half an hour after the procedure, maintain a stationary position.

Diet in the treatment of golden mustache

A medicinal plant has a medicinal effect if a healthy diet is followed along with its intake. In particular, from the diet you will need to exclude:

  • soda and bread kvass;
  • confectionery and foods high in animal fats;
  • milk and dairy products;
  • peanut;
  • potatoes and bread made with yeast;
  • pickled vegetables and pickles.
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The benefits during a wellness diet will be from cheeses and vegetables, grain bread and boiled fish, nuts and vegetable oils.

Recipe for kvass on a golden mustache for weight loss

Home flower not only helps in the treatment of ailments, but also helps to get rid of extra pounds. Healthy and tasty kvass can be prepared from the leaves and stems of plants. Make a drink as follows:

  • several leaves and stems of the plant are crushed, wrapped in clean gauze and placed in a three-liter jar;
  • a glass of sugar and 1 teaspoon of sour cream are added to the raw materials;
  • kvass components are poured with clean water to the top of the jar and the container is removed for 2 weeks in a warm and dark place.

After this period, fermented kvass will be ready for use. You need to drink a drink in a certain dosage – no more than half a glass before meals in order to avoid harm. Useful kvass will speed up the digestive processes, help to remove excess substances from the body and help to quickly restore harmony.

The use of a golden mustache in home cosmetology

The valuable properties of callisia are used for facial skin care, plant-based products cleanse the skin, make it softer, and eliminate irritation.

Nourishing face mask

For dry and normal skin, the properties of such a mask will be of great benefit:

  1. a small cucumber is peeled, chopped and mixed with egg yolk;
  2. add 3 large spoons of olive oil;
  3. pour into the mixture 2 large spoons of mustache infusion, previously mixed with baby cream.

All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, and then applied to the skin for half an hour.

Facial skin tonic

As a refreshing and rejuvenating tonic, a useful remedy from a golden mustache and sage is used.

  • 100 g of dry sage is poured with boiling water and infused for 8 hours;
  • the cooled infusion is filtered and 7 teaspoons of mustache juice are added.

Tonic will benefit if you wipe your skin with it in the mornings and evenings, it will remove fine wrinkles and deeply cleanse your face.

Harm of the golden mustache and contraindications for use

The properties of the golden mustache almost do not harm health. But the plant still has several contraindications. These include:

  • allergy;
  • bronchial asthma in the acute phase;
  • severe kidney disease;
  • prostate adenoma in men;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Golden mustache for children can be applied externally. But it is not recommended to give funds from the plant inside to babies – this will cause harm.

Collection and preparation of a golden mustache

Usually, fresh leaves and shoots are used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes; they should be cut off from the plant immediately before use. The most beneficial are brownish-purple stems with a lot of “knots” and the leaves located on them, you can see how they look in the video with a golden mustache.

If desired, the leaves and stems of the plant can be dried. Drying is carried out in a standard way – the raw materials are laid out in an even layer in a shaded place with good air access. Dry blanks are stored in paper bags or linen bags for 1-2 years.


The benefits and harms of the golden mustache depend on whether there are any contraindications to the use of the plant. If these are not observed, then the indoor flower will be of great benefit and will become a valuable element of the home first aid kit.


Golden mustache (spironema fragrant) is a tropical plant, a relative of the popular tradescantia. Its homeland is the forests of South America. In our latitudes, spironema is grown as an indoor crop, and it is valued not so much for its decorative effect, but for its exceptional healing properties.

The composition of the golden mustache includes catechins, bioflavonoids, pectins, carotenoids, tannins and phytohormones. The plant has an analgesic, antiseptic, immunomodulatory, wound healing and antitumor effect, contributes to the normalization of blood composition, helps to improve the functioning of the circulatory, digestive, respiratory and urinary systems. All parts of the plant have healing properties.

Let’s talk about medicines that can be made from a golden mustache at home.

Water decoctions and infusions

Decoctions and infusions of the golden mustache treat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, pathology of the gallbladder and liver. Such remedies strengthen the immune system, relieve the symptoms of colds.

Leaves and stems are poured with boiling water (1 leaf at least 20 cm long per 1 liter of water) and infused for 1 day in glassware or 5-6 hours in a thermos. You can prepare a decoction of crushed vegetable raw materials. It is poured into 1 liter of cool water, the mixture is brought to a boil, and then filtered. Water extracts of the golden mustache can not be stored for more than 2 days.

Alcohol tinctures

Spironema tinctures on vodka or alcohol are used to treat colds and other diseases of the respiratory system, inflammation of the joints, benign neoplasms of the reproductive organs, hypertension, cardiac disorders (arrhythmias, etc.), as well as skin lesions. In addition, alcohol extracts are used for rubbing and soaking compresses. Prepare them in the following ways:

  • the leaves and stems of the golden mustache are crushed, the juice is squeezed out and mixed with vodka in a ratio of 1: 1, insisted for 7-10 days, shaking occasionally;
  • chopped raw materials (12 rings of mature shoots) are poured into 0.5 liters of vodka, insisted in a dark glass dish for 2 weeks, shaking daily. Vodka can be replaced with 150 ml of medical alcohol.

Properly prepared alcohol infusions of spironema should have a rich purple color. They are stored in a tightly closed container in a cool place. Vodka extracts are taken 30 minutes before meals 2 times a day, 1 incomplete tablespoon, and preparations prepared with alcohol – 10 drops dissolved in 50 ml of water. The course of treatment is at least six months, and every 3 weeks of taking it is necessary to take a break for 1 week.

Oil extracts

For the manufacture of extracts using vegetable oil (preferably olive oil). Oil extracts of the golden mustache are used as rubbing in the treatment of joint diseases, as well as for massage.

Ways to prepare extracts:

  • a mixture of fresh crushed raw materials (at least 12 knees) and 0.5 l of oil is placed in a heat-resistant non-metallic dish and simmered for 7-8 hours in a slightly heated oven or on a steam bath. Then the liquid is filtered and stored in a sealed container in a cool place;
  • juice squeezed from the stems and leaves of the golden mustache is combined with vegetable oil in equal proportions and infused for 2-3 weeks.

Ointments with a golden mustache are made on the basis of unsalted butter, baby cream, petroleum jelly or refined interior fat. For their preparation, 1 part of crushed fresh vegetable raw materials is mixed with 3 parts of the base

The resulting product is stored in ceramic or dark glassware in a cool place and used in the same way as hoods – for rubbing and massage.

Dry powders

For the preparation of a healing agent, mature shoots or the whole plant without roots are taken. The raw materials are crushed, dried at room temperature and ground into a fine powder. Use it as a powder for wounds and weeping ulcers. In addition, dry powder can replace fresh plant materials in the manufacture of extracts and ointments.

The golden mustache is unpretentious; even inexperienced flower growers can grow it. The plant is undemanding to the soil and conditions of detention. At home, it is enough to keep it warm in the absence of direct sunlight and water it periodically so that it develops actively. In summer, a pot with spironema feels good on an open balcony or in a country garden.

Leaves at least 20 cm long and horizontal shoots painted purple and having 10 or more knees are suitable for the preparation of medicines. When processing fresh raw materials (cutting, squeezing juice), non-metallic knives and graters are used to prevent the loss of healing properties.

Medicines from the golden mustache can have side effects. For example, long-term use of water and alcohol infusions can lead to coarsening of the vocal cords, manifested by hoarseness, hoarseness, and coughing. It is also possible the appearance of swelling of the nasal mucosa or headache.

Absolute contraindications to spironema preparations:

  • individual intolerance;
  • propensity to allergies;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding;
  • age up to 12 years.

Before using medicines made from the golden mustache, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

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