We sew a do-it-yourself dog bed

A dog is man’s best friend, and friends should be respected. Does your beloved pet still sleep in a cardboard box covered with rags that smells like a dog from a mile away? Give your friend quite a bit of time and effort – make a comfortable and beautiful sunbed. Believe me, a four-legged friend will definitely appreciate your efforts, thank you with love and devotion. Today in the article we will consider how to make interesting beds for dogs with our own hands, we will present a master class with photos and videos of the process.

A little creativity for dog beds

If you don’t know how to make a dog bed, we bring to your attention some exclusive and at the same time budget product ideas that you definitely won’t meet with neighbors or friends.

  • Bed from an outdated suitcase;
  • a bed made of old furniture, whether it be an old chair, a coffee table, a banquette or a console, and a kitchen table will do for a large dog;
  • an impromptu house can be equipped even from an old bedside table or chest of drawers;
  • from a sweater of not the first freshness you get a first-class bed for a dog;
  • pallets or barrels will fit;
  • for those who like to be creative, we suggest building a dog bed out of a tire.

Benefits of a handmade dog bed

Naturally, it is much easier to go to the pet store and purchase a pet bed there. Manufacturers offer the buyer a lot of original and interesting products – from cheap plastic to solid ones made of wood and fabric. But creating a masterpiece with your own hands is something else, something that demonstrates your affection for an animal, and besides, it’s a good savings for the family budget.

Of the advantages of homemade sunbeds, we note:

  • having decided to sew a dog bed with your own hands, you will definitely take into account all the anatomical features, weight and size of the pet;
  • if the dog strives to get into the master’s bed, then sewing a cozy corner will discourage such a need from the animal;
  • a rag or jacket literally becomes unusable in a week, but a solid base covered with foam rubber and fabric is durable;
  • handmade couch – necessarily care for the health and comfort of the dog.

Basic recommendations before starting sewing

Before you sew a dog bed, you should familiarize yourself with a few useful practical tips:

  • the longer the hair of the animal, the easier it is to clean the design to choose: the easiest way to clean plastic bases with removable covers;
  • watch your pet, evaluate its temperament: open places are suitable for active ones, and build closed places for those prone to solitude;
  • foresee the dimensions in advance, but be prepared that initially a small “pooch” can grow into a large dog.

Step-by-step master class of the process of sewing a dog bed

If you are interested in an excellent bed for a dog, then you can not do without materials and a step-by-step master class.

Tools and materials

Before you start sewing a comfortable place to rest your four-legged pet, prepare:

  • fabric is the main material, you can choose it according to your own taste and artistic design: nylon, old fur coat, cotton, velor;
  • silicone or foam rubber will serve as a filler, but straw or hay is the optimal environment for the reproduction of skin parasites;
  • fabric for removable elements and cover;
  • sheets of paper for drawing patterns;
  • needles, scissors and thread.

Important! It is better to make sure that the materials are wear-resistant. Of course, you will want to decorate the “nest”, but if the pet likes to play pranks and gnaw on things, then you shouldn’t bother – it’s a waste of work.

We sew a model with sides

This master class is suitable for both large dogs and small breeds.

  1. Take a piece of fabric of the right size.
  2. On a sheet of paper, draw a rectangle or oval and sides, as in the photo.
  3. Using a pattern, transfer the silhouettes of the future dog bed onto the fabric.
  4. Cut out all the elements along the contour, sew together, and fill with filler.
  5. We recommend spending time and sewing a zipper into the base or making lacing.
  6. Cut out a cover from the fabric using the same blank, but a couple of cm more on each side. You can sew elastic bands to the cover for convenience.

Pillow bed

It’s easy to sew a place for a dog with sides, but you can turn the procedure in an elementary way.

  • a pattern of a dog bed is drawn on paper, taking into account the previously measured dimensions of the pet (preferably with a margin);
  • transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut out two identical parts;
  • sew on three sides, and stuff the filler into the resulting gap, then sew the 4th side.
  • in the same way, work on sewing a pillowcase, only increase the size of the pattern by 2 cm.

Now you can sew the simplest dog beds on your own.

Unusual decor of cozy beds for dogs

We bring to your attention some interesting ideas for arranging a personal space for a pet. By upgrading the proposed options, you can also create do-it-yourself cat beds quickly and inexpensively.

  • Put a pillow in a wicker basket, and weave decor into the walls. If desired, you can cut out cardboard around the perimeter of the basket, paste over it with foam rubber and sheathe it with a bright fabric. This removable “protection” insulates the basket, and it can be easily washed.
  • From the bedside table you can arrange a cozy place for your pet. Just take out the drawers and put a pillow or a piece of a fur coat inside.
  • If you have an old monitor or TV, then you can arrange a place for your pet by taking a fresh look at the technology. Remove the insides, leaving the frame. Cover with foam rubber inside, put a pillow. This option is suitable for a bitch and a small dog, and can be considered as a temporary shelter for a small puppy
  • A hammock made of a folding cross, and a bedspread stretched over it. This mobile option is suitable for a small dog or bitch.
  • In an old suitcase, replace the worn-out lining with a new one that is more suitable for the modern design of the apartment. Place a soft pillow inside, and put toys in the pockets or think of any other decor.
  • From an unnecessary wooden box you get the perfect dog house. Drive in all the protruding nails, remove a couple of boards from the future front side, paint over the surface with the necessary acrylic paints.

Attach the legs to the bottom from the outside, which can be sawn out or bought at the hardware store. Place a pillow inside and write the pet’s name.

  • Everyone in the closet will definitely have an old sweater, jacket or golf. They can also be used for work. Sew up the neck of the sweater, and after that, sew the openings of the sleeves so that an arc forms. Stuff with filler, then lay the sleeves like sides, and bast. Sew the product.
  • Many types of furniture will fit for creativity. You can remove drawers from an old chest of drawers, paint the base and put a soft pillow for your pet or even hang a curtain.
  • For a large dog, fasten and then sew two pillows by wearing a homemade sewn pillowcase.

That’s all, a cozy rookery for a cute puppy or a faithful adult dog is ready. Surely the residents of the apartments will appreciate the purchased item not only in terms of comfort, but also from the aesthetic side.

Video: Dog bed from an old sweater without scissors and sewing

A lounger is necessary for any domestic four-legged, like horseshoes. The reason is the same: the floor or pavement is harder than the earth or a living tree, after all, they are not required to have the greatest wear resistance. A do-it-yourself dog bed can be made in an evening or even in 15-20 minutes, and will cost much less than a purchased one. For dog beds, this is more significant than for cats – the price of any product, among other things, depends on its size. Structurally, beds for dogs and cats are similar, but dogs are on average larger than cats. And finally, by making your own bed for your dog, you can accurately take into account the habits and habits of your friend.

Dogs on beds

What you need to know

A bed for a dog is arranged in the same way as for a cat. But in order to properly make a dog bed, you need to keep in mind that:

  • The dog was domesticated by man much earlier than the cat. If domestic cats freely interbreed with wild forest cats and give viable fertile offspring, then nothing is heard about dog-wolf hybrids. Therefore, genetic links with grandparents (ancestral memory) in dogs are much weaker than in cats.
  • Dogs are exclusively terrestrial animals. A poodle or a lap dog can jump on a closet, but they cannot climb a tree.
  • Dog claws do not retract. They are thicker, stronger, less curved than felines and therefore almost never get tangled or stuck.
  • The skin glands of dogs, by nature active pack hunters-beaters, are more developed than those of cats – ambush predators. If a wild cat needs to hide and wait in order to feed, then a wolf or a wild dog must clearly mark its path so that the leader can properly organize the hunting of the pack.
  • A pack of predators of the canine family in nature is a terrible force: neither a bear, nor a tiger, nor a wild buffalo or elephant can cope with it. Dogs do not need to disguise themselves on vacation. On the contrary, the members of the pack must smell each other. All dog lovers felt the smell of dog, but who ever heard that it smelled like cat meat? Therefore, dogs are not as neat as cats: they do not wash themselves and their toilet skills are less developed.
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At home, these differences do not affect so much and a cat bed will generally suit a dog of the same size. The main difference is the padding. A synthetic winterizer or holofiber are unambiguously unsuitable: they firmly hold the fat in themselves and fall off from it. Furniture foam rubber grades from 35 to 45 are more suitable. But the best option is coconut fiber. Under the dog, it is almost eternal, and the padded bed does not need to be washed: it is enough to rinse it vigorously in hot water or rinse it under a strong hot shower; the coconut stuffing dries quickly, almost simultaneously with the fabric. You can often buy coconut fiber much cheaper than a new one in a car service. Thanks to the same qualities, coconut is used to make the top stuffing of car seats.

Note: the upholstery fabric for a dog bed is the same as for a cat bed, except for fleece, flock, microfiber, etc. fluffy, retaining lard and other secretions. Jeans, linen, any synthetics will do – thanks to the same skin glands, dogs are not very sensitive to static electricity, less than us. Experienced villains know that putting down a guard dog with a stun gun is unrealistic.

The second is the origin of the dog breed. We will touch on some of the nuances of this kind further, but for now we will not wind up a mustache: dogs of indoor decorative breeds have almost completely lost the memory of their ancestors and, resting, sometimes fall apart in the most shameless way, see fig. on right. Therefore, a bed for a miniature lap dog should be about the same size as for a medium-sized mongrel.

How to make a large bed for a small dog, see the video below:

Video: cushion bed for a small dog

With big ones and more problems

With a bed for a large dog, the situation is more complicated, but not by much, you just need to know what’s what. And most importantly, what’s what – a dog’s dream. It will not sleep well, will not feel the full care of the owner and will not be able to respond with the same dog affection.

Each dog has its own preferred sleeping position, see fig. And depending on the breed and personal, individual.

How do dogs sleep

But just like humans, a dog’s favorite sleeping position can change with age and circumstances. It is advisable to arrange a sleeping place for the dog so that the dog sleeps sweetly on it once and for all from a puppy to senile decrepitude. There is a way, this is a transformer couch, see below.

The second snag is the weight of the dog. More precisely, the mass of her body, which may be more human. If you’ve ever slept on the floor, have you ever woken up stretching sweetly? And why? Because people toss and turn in their sleep. Dogs, too. And the hard floor, as it were, gives every movement of the sleeping person back into his body.

Simply put, a more or less large dog needs a kind of bed for normal sleep, a little “playing” under the lying one. Therefore, branded dog beds are often made on a rigid frame (item 1 in the figure) with an elastic bottom raised above the floor.

Beds for large dogs

For a puppy, it is possible to replace this with a wooden cat bed (pos. 2), only the mattress stuffing is needed differently, see above. For an adult dog, it is advisable to make a simple bed (pos. 3) with lamellas from planks or strips of plywood 6-12 mm thick. Dogs do not understand human aesthetics, and ergonomics are easier for them, so a dog bed can be a very simple wooden frame with slats and a mattress, pos. 4.

Note: the bed is also good because the place for the dog can be located anywhere in the house – it won’t blow the dog from below, but warms its own wool well from above.

From the point of view of a dog, a rookery on lamellas is generally royal luxury, but not absolutely obligatory. And a person could have a good night’s sleep on a wide bench in an old peasant hut, if there would be at least some kind of damper between the mattress with the body and the floor, a kind of spring of at least 2 plates. Therefore, a bed for a large dog can be made in different ways, see for example. video clip:

Video: bed for large dogs

Bed for all occasions

The presentation of any cognitive material is usually carried out from simple to complex. And we will start with a soft transformer bed: it is even easier to sew it than the simple sewn ones described below.

The pattern and appearance of the transforming bed for a Spanish-designed dog are shown in fig. Dimensions are given without machining allowance, see below.

The advantages of this bed are as follows:

  1. Dimensions can be proportionally changed according to the size of the dog;
  2. With all sides raised, this bed is suitable for puppies and small playful lap dogs;
  3. By tilting the front and, possibly, one of the side boards, the transforming bed can be adapted to any favorite sleeping position for a dog of any size, except for a giant one;
  4. On a wooden bed for a large dog, a transforming bed is laid in the same way as a regular bed;
  5. When folded, the transforming bed can be taken with you in your luggage if the dog accompanies you on a trip.

Sewn classic

According to the same scheme, you can make a bed for a dog of a slightly different type. With folding sides with ties or zippers, it will also be transformable, and sewn tightly – permanent home. Of course, in this case, it can also be put on the frame for a large dog.

Patterns of simple soft beds for medium-sized dogs are given in fig. On the left – “for growth”, with an entrance for a puppy; on the right – for an adult dog. Dimensions are for solid foam padding; textile parts should be given a processing allowance of 2-3 cm.

Patterns of simple soft beds for dogs

Sewing method is normal with an eversion:

  • On the sides of the parts mating in the product, opposite the fold lines, the allowance is doubled;
  • Modules (pillow, sidewalls) are stitched from the inside, while openings for stuffing are left;
  • The mating sides of the modules are stitched with a double seam, so that a 2-3 cm wide wing free from stuffing is formed;
  • Stitched modules are turned inside out on the face through armholes;
  • The wings of the sidewalls and pillows are folded to the inside (where the dog will be) and sewn with a facial seam;
  • Stuffing is placed in stitched modules through the armholes;
  • The armholes are sutured with a front seam;
  • The sidewalls are sewn together according to clause 5.

This is also not the only possible way of tailoring. You can also sew a soft dog bed as shown in the plot.

Video: soft dog bed

Round beds

Indoor decorative dogs like round beds more, this is their other feature besides the tendency to lay out for show. In addition, the round soft couch is more convenient to fit in luggage. You can make a round bed for a small dog in haste from an old sweater, see at the end. And a permanent, decorative no less than an inhabitant, it would be better to sew according to a universal pattern

Universal pattern of a round bed for a dog and options for its use

A pattern of a round bed for a dog is given on the left in the figure, and on the right are options for products made using it. The base size in any case is the bottom diameter. It lies in the range of 25-60 cm, depending on the breed and its particular representative. The base size is determined simply: wait until yours settles better and fades. Measure it along the bottom from the ends of the front paws to the sacrum, and add 5-10 cm.

Very simple

For a simple couch (top right in the figure), 3 different parts are cut: 2 on the bottom (with a processing allowance, see above), and a board along the contour of the white circle in fig. They give 2 allowances on board: out and into the cutout under the bottom. Bottom details from different fabrics: the bottom, which will lie on the floor or somewhere else, from burlap, jeans, etc. The top is made of decorative fabric. The bottom is sewn with a pillow, the side with a donut, and then all together with the wing fold inward, see above. The stuffing of such a couch should not be dense and solid, otherwise you will not sew and lay it beautifully. The best option is old knitted things or coconut fiber cut into shreds, see above.

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On cord or elastic

With a low side and a bow

For this version (for very small dogs, at the bottom right in the figure), 2 different parts are needed from soft, well-stretching fabric: one along the contour of the white circle (white rim – allowance), the other – along the green circle + the same allowance. Filler – fibrous or crumbly; side padding is loose. The sewing order is the same as before. case, but after flashing the bottom and filling the side, the outer wing of the sidewall is folded inward, a braid (tape) is put into the sleeve and a double seam is made; outer – 0.5-1 cm from the bend. You can also sew in one seam, but then the assembly will go messy when you tighten the braid.

Beds with a house

A dog house is not like a dog house. Just a house – it is for playing or serious business, for example, for a puppy bitch with a brood. A dog bed with a house is needed in other very specific cases.

Cottages for dogs

A dog of northern origin, sledding or shepherding, needs a solid home kennel, on the left in fig. Her closest ancestors (possibly parents) lived in horrendous conditions: they were fed from hand to mouth, they had to spend the night in the snow at -40 and below. Their owners were beaten by mortal combat for the slightest offense; the sick or exhausted were abandoned to the mercy of fate, in the tundra very evil and short-lived. The owners themselves could eat. Amundsen’s expedition to Antarctica only reached the South Pole and returned back in full force and in good health because along the way they abandoned the sleds that were freed from the luggage, and the sled dogs that were freed from them … ate! At that time, this caused the strongest indignation in the world, but the Norwegian polar explorers were only surprised: how so? Whats wrong with that? Those are dogs! They are not only draft power, but also food!

Note: Northern peoples do not eat hunting dogs. To train a hunting dog is a long hard work that requires a lot of experience, and a hunting dog is too valuable.

These horrors are firmly ingrained in the northern canine gene pool. That is why Huskies and Russian Reindeer Laikas respond so warmly to care and do not forgive evil. And if the owner has endowed a reliable shelter worth considerable work, then he will not leave, will not eat, and you need to respond to him with complete reciprocity. Dog logic is simple and extremely rational.

The puppy also needs a couch with a house-shelter (in the center in the picture) or a couch-cradle, see below. For similar reasons: he is still small. Did not like it – they can throw it out or give it to someone bad. And they made the house – everything, got accustomed! You can sleep peacefully.

The miniature adult lap dog has taken root quite well and knows that she is loved. But she is too small, they can step on the sleeping one by chance. Therefore, she also needs a house above the bed, but not soft, embroidered, like a puppy, but stronger (on the right in the figure), so that in which case she has time to wake up and jump out. The sensitivity in a dream and the reaction of all dogs are quite wild, it’s the instinct of self-preservation that works.

Cradle house

A bed with a house for a puppy or a miniature dog can be completely sewn soft. These creatures are too small and light to excite and feel the “return” of the floor on their movement and even pampering.

Patterns and a scheme for sewing a cradle for a dog are given in the figure:

Patterns and sewing patterns for a dog cradle

Due to the fact that it is all zippered, this couch can be taken with you to the country house and on long trips. Sizes are designed for suitability not only for young animals and small things, but also for an adult dog of medium size.

How to make another version of the dog house with a cradle, see the video below:

Video: dog house cradle

It is generally accepted that every cat needs its own soft and comfortable bed. Dogs have enough space on the mat. But this is not entirely fair to man’s best friends. Own space is an important psychological factor in bonding an animal to a home, and, of course, most breeds would prefer to rest in a soft, cozy couch than on a thin doormat.

Pros and cons

Many dog ​​owners, having seen the cost of a bed in the store, prefer to make this item on their own. This is set up and the advantages of a homemade product.

  • Only the owner thoroughly knows all the habits of his pet, he is familiar with the pet’s favorite postures and therefore will determine exactly which base is more suitable for the dog: soft, elastic or hard.
  • Each animal needs an individual place that would suit him in all respects. The pet supply departments cannot offer a wide variety of beds, and only sell standard designs for miniature breeds.
  • Making a product with your own hands is very simple. This does not require experience or at least basic sewing skills. It is enough to allocate one evening on a weekday – and a comfortable soft dog bed is ready.
  • Do-it-yourself production saves a lot of money, since only improvised materials are needed to create a home-made vacation spot.
  • If you make a stove bench with your own hands, then you can give it an exclusive look and choose a design that will harmoniously fit into your home interior.

Among the minuses, it can be noted only that it will take some time to create. However, it can be turned into a plus. After all, you can attract children to work by spending a pleasant family evening with them making a bed for a pet.

By the way, pet owners know that their pets love to sleep on their owner’s clothes. The fact is that four-legged friends in the absence of the owner experience longing and boredom. Clothes that have fallen on the floor smell like their loved one, so dogs and cats love to rest on their master’s things. In this regard, a home-made bed made from the owner’s old clothes will please the dog much more than a purchased copy.

Another plus in favor of any couch is keeping the wool in one place. A dog that does not have its own place can lie down in the bedroom in the morning, in the hallway in the afternoon, and in the kitchen in the evening. Accordingly, for the whole day the whole apartment will be filled with dog hair.

If the animal rests in only one place, then the owner will have to clean one couch from wool, and not run around with a vacuum cleaner throughout the house

What materials can be made from?

When choosing material for the manufacture of a dog bed, listen to the recommendations of experts.

  • It should be a fabric that is comfortable for the dog. Particularly careful selection of material is required for short-haired breeds. The pile should not cause irritation, the canvas should not be creaky. Consider options that are resistant to abrasion, rubbing, and scrubbing.
  • For smooth-haired breeds, it is recommended to choose materials that accumulate and retain heat. These include flock, velor, plush, felt, velveteen. For dogs that prefer to sleep in warmth, you can make a faux fur bed, but this material should be avoided if the bed is made for pets with allergies.
  • For long-haired dogs, beds made of smooth but dense material, such as linen, jeans, and tapestry, are suitable.
  • Comfortable, warm and soft stuffing will be obtained from foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, batting, holofiber. Do not use fluff or straw as they can harbor bacteria and insects.
  • Try not to use synthetic fabrics, they accumulate static electricity and can scare your pet. In addition, this material can provoke an allergy in an animal.

As you can see, all these materials can often be found in an apartment without leaving home to go to the store. You can use a pillowcase as the main material, take a pallet or a box instead of a frame, and fill the bed itself with unnecessary things or put an old sofa cushion. You can try to make a couch from a sweatshirt, jacket, old jeans.

There are many options, you just have to show your imagination.

In addition to the above materials, in the manufacture of a homemade bed, you will need other means: threads, scissors, pattern paper. All this is in every home, and paper can be replaced with an ordinary newspaper. Before drawing up a project and choosing a material, it is worth studying the varieties of dog beds.

  • Pillow. Suitable for both large and small dogs. It is carried out quickly, it is simply stuffed with foam rubber or padding polyester. It does not take up much space, you can simply put it in a dog basket.
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  • Bed with side. It is a bed with “walls”. Sometimes it can be made from the above pillow, embedded in a base with sides. Plywood or corrugated board is used as the base.
  • House. Usually created for small breed dogs. Requires a lot of time to make. Tailoring can be carried out by taking the base, for example, a box. For warmth, you can lay out sheepskin or faux fur inside.
  • Wooden bed. This option is made for guard dogs of large breeds. A wooden lounger is often installed on the street next to the booth or directly in the aviary. More complex variety. For the manufacture will require wood, screws, a screwdriver and other tools.

Sewing master class

We offer you to try to make one of three options for homemade dog beds – simple, complicated and complex. To create the most ordinary lounger, you will need an old knitted sweater. Next, you need to follow a few steps.

  • Make a horizontal stitch from one armpit to the other. You should get two parts, among which the lower one will become the bottom, and the sleeves and chest area will become the sides.
  • Stuff the bottom with the materials suggested above, or lay down an old pillow that fits. Sew the resulting “bag” tightly with threads or pull it off with a cord.
  • Sew the sleeves to each other so that they form a so-called pipe, which also needs to be filled with filler through the collar. The more elastic the sides are, the more durable and comfortable the product will be for the dog.
  • Sew up the neck and fasten the sides obtained from the sleeves around the perimeter of the lounger.

It will take about half an hour to make such a couch, and even a child can cope with this task.

A pet will definitely appreciate a homemade bed.

A slightly more complicated model can be made from old jeans. Step-by-step instructions for creating a denim couch:

  • cut old jeans into 12 identical rectangles 24 cm high;
  • attach the strips to each other with the front sides and sew their edges, iron the seams;
  • from the sewn flaps, one strip about 150 cm long should be obtained;
  • sew the ends of the strip into a ring;
  • cut out a circle with a radius of 24 cm from jeans – if the length is not enough, then you can create the missing parts using the application;
  • lay a layer of synthetic winterizer and an old towel in the bottom area, sew two circles with a filler hidden inside;
  • bend the side in half and sew to the bottom, and when about 10 cm is left to sew, fill the side with padding polyester, you can use a stick or wire for stuffing;
  • sew the remaining hole, if there are unused ends, cut them off, or sew them into the sides.

This option can be used from two different sides – with or without sides. Depending on the size of the dog, the parameters of the bed may vary. This option is made for miniature breeds.

A more complex model for dog rest is a house. It will take a little more time and materials. To create a house, follow these steps:

  • pick up the fabric for the lining, fold it in half, draw a pattern in sizes that are comfortable for the dog;
  • cut out all the details with seam allowances;
  • cut out the same parts from dense sheet foam rubber, but a couple of centimeters less than fabric elements;
  • sheathe all the details of the foam rubber with fabric clippings, fasten them securely.

The house is ready, but for convenience, you can put a pillow or a blanket inside. Alternatively, one of the sides can be made with a zipper.

In this case, it will be easy to clean up the house or get things out of there that the dog hid in its lair

Instructions for making a wooden bench

For large dogs, it is impractical to make a soft bed, because under the heavy weight of the animal, the design is crushed and quickly becomes unusable. To make the dog bed last longer, it is recommended to make it from wood. This option is perfect for both a house dog and a street dog. A rigid wooden frame will allow a large animal to comfortably accommodate. To make a cozy dog ​​resting place, follow a series of consistent steps.

  • Prepare boards of the right size. To do this, you can take old pallets, disassemble them into parts, sand them well and saw them into boards of suitable parameters.
  • Sand the blanks so that the dog does not get hurt by burrs.
  • In total, four blanks should be obtained: the bottom and sides on three sides. More skilled craftsmen can overlay the sides on all four sides, making an entrance in one of the walls.
  • Do not use nails for fastening, but self-tapping screws, as nails can injure the dog. Drill holes in the material, deepen the heads of the screws as much as possible so that the pet does not cling to them.
  • To enhance the strength of the structure during assembly, use metal corners.

The simplest wooden dog bed is ready. For convenience, you can attach a cabinet next to it, in which toys for the dog will be stored. And also some craftsmen fit the bed on wheels – so it can be moved around the apartment during the rearrangement.

Do not forget to cover the top of the bed with a bedspread to create coziness.

If you have experience working with wood, then you can try to make a two-story structure for several dogs. In this case, a wooden staircase will lead to the second level. You can make a similar structure for one dog, but place, for example, bowls for food and water on the ground floor. Then the building will look like a whole dog corner.

If the size of the dog allows, then when creating a wooden bed, you can limit yourself to a simple wooden box turned upside down. Another option is to make a bed from solid wooden pallets. In this case, four pallets are required: one base and three sides. The shape of the pallets visually resembles a classic children’s bed, which looks very aesthetically pleasing. You can paint the entire material in your favorite color, and varnish it on top.

Expert advice

When making a dog bed, use additional recommendations.

  • Any pillows and stuffed materials should be fluffed at least 2 times a year. You need to regularly clean the upholstery from debris and wool. To do this, you can use, for example, a vacuum cleaner or a wool roller, which is sold at an economical price in the household department.
  • When choosing a sewing fabric, give preference to materials with a small print. The fact is that the white canvas gets dirty quickly, it will often have to be washed, and wool is clearly visible on a black background. Bright fabric with small details will not have to be vacuumed as often.
  • For convenience, you can initially choose a sheathing made of materials that repel wool and water. An even simpler option is to make the entire structure in a case. Then it just remains to remove the pillow from the cover, clean the cover from wool and wash it in the machine.
  • When decorating a homemade bed, refuse to use beads, beads, bows and other decorations. Not only can a dog cling to such a detail and injure its paw, but also active individuals will not mind chewing on such a peculiar toy or swallowing it.
  • When making a soft bed, use strong threads and reliable fittings. Many dogs, especially at a young age, like to gnaw, tear, taste everything, so a weakly stitched design will quickly become unusable. For the same purpose, try to choose a strong wear-resistant material for sheathing.
  • Before manufacturing, measure the dog several times, and also think in advance where you can put the dog bed. Perhaps the residents of small apartments should completely abandon the dog bed so as not to force the space. In such cases, you can put sunbeds and houses on the balcony, but this option is only suitable for the warm season.
  • The type of bed is selected taking into account the breed of the dog. If this is a miniature perpetually shivering dog, experiencing constant cold, then she will be happy with a couch with high sides, behind which she can hide from the dangers of the outside world, and a thick mattress laid inside for warmth. Active dogs, participants in any household chores, will prefer a bed with low sides that will not restrict their view.

If this is a dog with warm long hair, then he will refuse to sleep in a fur bed; a light construction made of smooth material will suit him.

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