Viburnum berries for the heart

Some trees and shrubs eventually acquire a symbolic meaning, become amulets or business cards of a certain area, an individual, or even an entire nation. Imagination immediately draws a slender white-trunk birch, a vine, a wreath of thorns and a red viburnum …

Friendship is strong

For more than a thousand years, mankind has known the miraculous healing properties of viburnum, and she herself faithfully and faithfully serves us, delighting in the spring with corollas of delicate flowers and generously endowing with juicy clusters of berries, which have no equal in taste, benefit and beauty. You can make fragrant jam and compote from the viburnum fruits, squeeze the juice and make a tincture, freeze and dry the berries, keeping a huge supply of vitamins, including ascorbic acid, which contains about 70% in viburnum.

Kalina, like rose hips and raspberries, is considered an excellent general tonic, and colds are invariably treated with viburnum and honey. The bitter taste of viburnum berries is given by the element viburnin, which has protective powers against many infections, as well as strengthens and dilates the vessels of the circulatory system.

The beneficial effect of viburnum berries has been proven in neurosis and neurasthenia, hysteria and insomnia. And stomach problems, especially ulcers and gastritis with low acidity, can be solved with the help of viburnum.

A reliable friend of the viburnum berry has always been for cores and hypertensive patients, because everyone knows that viburnum significantly reduces blood pressure. However, with hypotension (low blood pressure), the use of berries is contraindicated, as well as with a tendency for blood to clot too quickly, when the risk of blood clots increases dramatically.

Berries should not be consumed in large quantities by women who are carrying a child under their hearts, but this recommendation is more mystical than medical.

Affairs of the Heart

Kalina with arrhythmia

Heart problems are persistently ranked first in the world and are the most common cause of death. The sages say: “Heart diseases are due to the fact that love has become impoverished in human hearts.” It would not hurt to know this opinion, especially when the first symptoms of cardiac arrhythmia appeared – arrhythmia: the frequency, strength and sequence of the normal rhythm of heart contractions changed.

The objective cause of arrhythmia may be temporary functional disorders provoked by external adverse stimuli or internal anxiety states. In this case, the statement that all diseases are from the nerves is especially relevant, and even more so from the heart.

Arrhythmia can be the result of serious disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system or a malfunction in the endocrine system, the result of damage to the heart muscle by a heart attack.

Heart arythmy

Kalina with arrhythmia

Most often, there is an increase in heart rate – tachycardia, a slowdown in the rhythm is called bradycardia, and an extraordinary heart attack is called extrasystole. It is possible to distinguish one type of arrhythmia from another only in the process of a diagnostic study, because subjectively the patient experiences similar symptoms: weakness and fainting, dizziness and sweating, fear of a sudden lack of air with a sharp push in the heart area.

Sometimes a sick person can control his condition, for example, in this way: “I have a cardiac arrhythmia, which I manage to keep under control for many years thanks to folk methods of treatment. Several times a year I undergo herbal treatment courses, which help me to normalize my heart and avoid complications of my illness. A recipe that I heard on TV helped me a lot: mince 500 grams of lemons and 100 grams of viburnum, add 500 grams of honey and mix everything thoroughly. I took this mixture in the morning and in the evening, 1 tablespoon, and after two monthly courses of treatment in spring and autumn, I began to feel much better.

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V.V. Labintsev, Ust-Kut

Doctor’s comment

Viburnum fruits are very useful for the cardiovascular system

The fruits of viburnum are very useful for the cardiovascular system, as they dilate the vessels of the heart, have an anti-sclerotic effect, regulate the rhythms of heart contractions, and normalize blood pressure in the initial stages of hypertension. But viburnum alone is not able to effectively cope with heart rhythm disturbances, as the patient correctly noted, it is necessary to supplement it with herbal preparations. There are many options and recipes, among which the following deserve attention:

A weakened heart muscle is well strengthened by a seeded rosehip berry with honey, and lemon balm has a calming effect, relieving excessive stress on the heart. An infusion is prepared by pouring boiling water over the grass, wrapped, infused and taken several times a day with a mandatory break after a couple of months. The same effect is given by a decoction of the roots of valerian officinalis, flowers and fruits of hawthorn.

Healing herbal preparations

Calendula inflorescences, young shoots of medicinal asparagus, blue cornflower flowers, horsetail herb, backache, adonis and yarrow have always been considered good “heart” remedies. The composition of the herbal collection may include motherwort, goldenrod, lemon balm and field buckwheat with young shoots of viburnum and ground flax seeds. From the ingredients mixed in equal proportions, take two spoons, pour boiling water, insist until cool, squeeze, filter, restore the original volume with boiled water. You need to drink in small sips for a long time.

As for viburnum, mashed with sugar or mixed with honey, it will support and strengthen the body for a long time, saturate it with energy and vigor better and safer than the usual cup of coffee in the morning. And the viburnum berry applied to the face will rejuvenate, soothe and revitalize tired features, because it is not for nothing that the viburnum bush has become a symbol with us.


Kalina – stands in the forefront in terms of the content of USEFUL substances.
In viburnum healing: bark, twigs, flowers, berries and dried bones.
Our great-grandfathers widely used the medicinal properties of viburnum and knew about its properties to improve heart function, cure colds and improve health.

Take care of yourself and STAY HEALTHY!

Vitamin C in viburnum is 1.5 times more than in lemon. It contains iron, selenium, iodine, carotene, phosphorus.

With honey, viburnum was prescribed for colds.
Tea from viburnum was drunk with pustular skin diseases, with inflammation of the gums.
A decoction of the roots and bark was given to children for scrofula, convulsions and insomnia, a decoction of flowers and berries for colds.
And even the juice from the leaves was used as a tonic after serious illnesses, with furunculosis, skin rashes and lichen.

Someone does not like it because of bitterness, but it is this bitterness that is useful for diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Viburnum berries kill mold, bacteria and viruses.

Viburnum juice has a POWERFUL anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. It is favorable to take viburnum juice with polyps of the stomach and intestines, hypertension, with climatic neurosis, hysteria and epilepsy. Juice is effective for diathesis, severe cough and whooping cough.

If you list all the diseases that are treated with viburnum, you would have to touch on almost all human organs – the brain, and the heart, and the stomach, and the liver, and the genitals, and the lungs, and blood vessels – from allergies to malignant tumors.

The fruits and flowers of viburnum are harvested as they bloom and ripen in dry weather. It is better to dry the fruits in dryers or ovens at a temperature of about 80 degrees. Dry the flowers in dryers, the temperature is about 45 degrees. Store dried flowers and fruits for no more than 2 years.

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Viburnum bark is harvested during sap flow (April) only from the side branches (not from the main trunk). Dry under awnings in the open air. Keep no more than four years.

& # 127808; Kalina has useful properties:
– antispasmodic, – anti-
atherosclerotic, –
antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory,

– enveloping, astringent, choleretic,

– laxative,
– hemostatic,
– sedative,
– anticonvulsant, –
analgesic, –
diaphoretic, –
expectorant, –
diuretic, –
hypoglycemic, –

Fresh berries can be eaten only after frost. This is a multivitamin that increases efficiency, has a preventive effect in atherosclerosis, and stimulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.


Kalina in honey
Kalina in honey is very tasty, being prepared in a different way. Viburnum berries with sprigs are first dipped in heated honey, and then dried on a baking sheet in a warm oven. Such branches with berries are stored for a long time, all winter.

Viburnum berries boiled with honey are USEFUL for colds, coughs, hoarseness, choking, diarrhea, liver disease, jaundice.

The fruits of viburnum are used as a diaphoretic, laxative and emetic, as well as for ulcers and other diseases of the stomach.
Kalina lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, so it is very useful for the treatment of atherosclerosis.

If you eat a teaspoon of viburnum berries with honey every evening all year round, this will prevent problems with pressure and will be an excellent prevention of stomach diseases and tumors.

A decoction from the bark of viburnum :
a tablespoon for 0.2 liters of boiling water, warm for half an hour in a water bath, insist for half an hour, strain, squeeze, bring to 0.2 liters with water, drink a couple of tablespoons three times before eating (can be applied externally).

Infusion of viburnum fruits:
cook as a decoction, drink all the times for 3. Drink the juice from the fruits in a third of a glass with honey 3 times before meals.

Kalinovy ​​MORS is a good multivitamin remedy for low acidity of gastric juice, hypertension and skin diseases.
Viburnum leaf juice is effective for boosting immunity, recuperating after serious illnesses, and helps in the treatment of furunculosis and juvenile acne. Drink it in 0.5 cups with the addition of 1 tbsp. spoons of honey 3 times a day. Undiluted juice lubricates the affected areas on the skin.

For skin allergies, take viburnum baths : pour 100-300 g of viburnum sprigs with boiling water (4-5 l), let it brew, strain and pour into a bath with a water temperature of 36-37 degrees.
Kalina well cleans the air of dust, releases phytoncides. It is probably no coincidence that in the old days it was a custom to put a bouquet of blooming viburnum in front of the bride and groom.

Berries with honey are taken for hypertension, heart disease, liver, colds.
Juice is a good cosmetic product for removing freckles, acne, skin whitening.

Viburnum fruits also have a calming effect. Berries are brewed as tea (1 tablespoon in a glass of boiling water) and drink 1/2 cup 2 times a day. With a lack of vitamins, fruits are eaten in their natural form, juice, fruit drink, compote, jelly, jam, jelly are prepared from them.
Fruit drink from viburnum
0.5 cup viburnum juice, 1 liter of water, sugar to taste. Mix the juice with hot water, add sugar to taste and leave for 3-5 hours. Serve cold

Traditional medicine uses a decoction of the bark for bronchitis, tracheitis, hysteria and convulsions in children, and externally for eczema, skin tuberculosis. And for the treatment of diathesis in children, a decoction of young shoots is used (in the form of baths).
As a sedative, a decoction of the bark is prepared at the rate of 2 tbsp. spoons for 1 glass of water. Drink it 1/2 cup 2 times a day. A decoction is also given orally to children with colds and scrofula. Sometimes as a diaphoretic, it is also recommended for adults.

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For athletes and people of physical labor, the following composition is recommended: pour 1 glass of berries, stirring slowly, 1 liter of boiling water. Infuse for 4 hours and drink the resulting mixture 3 times a day in a glass.

In the postpartum period, a decoction works well as a cleanser: 7 g of the bark is poured with a glass of boiling water and kept on low heat for no more than 30 minutes, then filtered through a two-layer gauze and drunk 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day.

Viburnum berries boiled with honey are an effective remedy for cough, suffocation, jaundice, indigestion and some other diseases.

 How to remove bitterness from viburnum berries : The
bitterness of the berries also disappears after freezing.
To make the viburnum less bitter and at the same time not to lose vitamins and nutrients, rub the fresh berry with sugar (or honey) in a ratio of 1:1.

Contraindications for the use of viburnum:
pregnancy, high blood clotting, thrombosis and a tendency to them, gout, kidney disease. Kalina is not equally tolerated by everyone.
With hypotension, you can use viburnum only when absolutely necessary, for a short time, since it significantly lowers blood pressure in large quantities (even one large bunch of fresh berries, I’m not talking about a mixture of berry juice with honey). Kalina treats gastric ulcer and gastritis, but with high acidity of gastric juice, it can only do harm.
It is impossible to use viburnum for a long time as a remedy for arthritis, gout, urolithiasis and kidney disease. In all these cases, we mean the duration of treatment, and not a single, episodic eating of berries.

For more than ten hundred years, people have known about the benefits of viburnum. The shrubs of this berry give us not only beautiful inflorescences in spring, but also bring gifts in the fall in the form of viburnum fruits. We can make delicious jam or compote from them, some even make dumplings.
And all this is due to the fact that these berries have a huge amount of nutrients. Vitamins are preserved even when the fetus is dried. Many people know that viburnum is useful not only for the heart , but for the whole body.

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