The trend for bay windows with brick partition

To take advantage of the light and bring a touch of glamor to your interior, there is nothing better than XXL openings. Several choices are available to you, of course, but the bay windows are by far the most impressive.

Why opt for bay windows with brick partition?

This opening system is characterized by the possibility of sliding the leaves in the walls in order to optimize the space. Thus, the advantage of bay windows is to bring maximum brightness to your room. It gives the impression of being both outside and inside.

Fineness and aesthetics in your interior design

Compared to conventional windows, the bay window with brick partition brings more elegance to your interior. The fact that it disappears when fully opened remains an undeniable advantage. The leaves will therefore no longer be obstacles for your interior design. In addition, you can customize the color of the visible edges so that they accompany the interior decoration. In a Scandinavian setting, this opening system can create the illusion of a spacious room.

An ecological and economic advantage

If you want to save energy, the bay window is a possible option. Since it lets in natural light, energy consumption for lighting decreases at the same time. It is also a solution to limit the use of air conditioning in summer. The installation of bay windows is not only economical, but also ecological.

Which bay windows to choose?

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