The main mistakes of popular diets: myths and facts

If you want to lose weight, search for “diet”, not “proper nutrition.” The Internet and forums teach that only with strict restrictions and a monotonous diet can you achieve a lean body. But positive reviews after such diets appear only once, and then those who lose weight begin to gain weight. Increasingly severe dietary restrictions and grueling training are required, and the results are getting worse.

Why is this not the right food?

Previously, the word “diet” was considered a medical term and meant dietary restrictions necessary to treat certain diseases. Today, a diet is any change in the diet that can be invented by an absolutely incompetent person, most often without a specialized education. Be careful.

Popular diets and their harm

Let’s take a look at several diets that have been advertised on the Web for a long time: they continue to collect thousands and hundreds of thousands of fans, only worsening the situation of losing weight, increasing the percentage of fat and reducing the percentage of muscle mass.

  • Kremlin.

Principle: remove all carbohydrates from the menu, eat more protein, and the weight will decrease.

Mistake: an excess of protein in the diet will lead to dysbiosis, exacerbations of gout, kidney problems, and the appearance of putrefactive processes in the large intestine. “Kremlevka” is not balanced in vitamins and microelements, which means that hair, teeth, skin and nails will suffer.

  • Fasting according to Bragg.

Principle: lose weight and cleanse the body, treat many diseases with fasting and drinking water.

Mistake: medical fasting is really indicated for certain diseases, for example, allergies and purulent inflammations, but general recovery and weight loss cannot be achieved in this way.

If you do not eat, the body will find how to close the lack of micronutrients. The weight will really go down, not due to fat loss, but due to the breakdown of muscle tissue, because it is easier to decompose it into the necessary substances. And after fasting, the body will start storing fat, because you made it clear that at any moment bad times could come and you need to create a “safety cushion” on your stomach or hips.

  • Separate meals for Shelton.

Principle: You need to eat carbohydrates and proteins separately. According to the author of the diet, they are digested in different parts of the digestive tract and some of the products rots inside a person if they are mixed.

Error: rotting is impossible in the stomach, because there is a high content of hydrochloric acid. In addition, there are no carbohydrate-only or protein-only foods. Even the vegetables promoted by Shelton’s followers contain both carbohydrates and vegetable protein.

The main problem with this diet is that the body secretes different enzymes to digest proteins or carbohydrates. Separate nutrition gives a heterogeneous load on the digestive system; over time, it begins to produce fewer necessary enzymes, and ordinary foods will become difficult to digest. A person who has chosen the Shelton diet will be forced to sit on it for the rest of his life or correct the problem with medication.

  • Fat-free diet.

Principle: Remove all fat and lose weight quickly.

Error: the logic of the creators of this diet is clear, but human physiology is such that his body needs proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Eliminate all fat from the diet, and malfunctions in the body will begin, the amount of sex hormones will decrease, depression will come, and women may have an early menopause.

Low-calorie diets are dangerous too. They can lead to problems with the heart and other internal organs, headaches, and weight gain in the future. Even if you have a sedentary job and no physical activity at all, don’t go below 1000 calories / day.

Now you see that any unbalanced diet will not lead to weight loss, but to worsening health and problems more than being overweight. What to do? Use a method that has worked for centuries and continues to work today.

How to lose weight without dieting?

A little more physical activity, a calorie deficit and a balanced diet are the key to not only a beautiful figure, but also health, a fresh appearance and a surge of strength throughout the day.

The Grow Food diet is balanced, completely covers the body’s needs for trace elements and vitamins, helps to lose weight safely

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