The candy bar: here’s a great idea for Christmas!

The candy bar or the Candy Bar as it is also called, has been very trendy for some time. He knows how to make his effect in parties and receptions. As well appreciated by children as by adults, the candy bar will highlight your treats, but also your gluttony! Your guests will only have to help themselves if they want a little treat. Installing this little preparation is not very complicated: all you need to do is place your candies in decorative accessories to enjoy a successful exhibition! And if you are good with your hands, why not make some candy objects like a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, snowman or others… In short, something to celebrate!

Celebrate Christmas in the colors of your candies!

Sweets are loved by everyone, you know that. By setting up a candy bar, you will bet on originality, the joy of all and above all, it will not cost you much. To complete your decor, consider adding a few colors and a few handmade objects… But anyway, one thing is certain: with the candy bar, your Christmas will be a success! However, here are some tips for successfully completing your festivities. Even though the concept of a candy bar is quite simple, it must be successful if you want to woo all your diners.

There are thousands of candies, of all kinds, in different tastes and in various colors. You will therefore be able to make a splendid decoration with your sweet treats. Your candy bar will take you all back to childhood, for your greatest pleasure! To achieve this organization, you can add decorative elements to further enhance your presentation. You can also put beautiful candy boxes or suitable containers and match them with the colors of the Haribo Christmas candies . Bright colors are much appreciated. To polish your Candy Bar, you can also create candy Christmas trees, snowmen …

Some tips for making delicious sweet creations

For the tree, you will need a white polystyrene cone or cardboard, with which you will form a cone, by rolling it. This can be covered with aluminum foil. By making sure to equalize the edges of the cone, its base can be placed on the table. Then, all you have to do is stick your candies on them or prick them with toothpicks, always starting from the bottom. Repeat the operation until the cone is completely covered.

It is also possible to decorate a ‘real’ Christmas tree with candies, provided they are wrapped. With marshmallow it will be easy for you to make snowmen. You will need toothpicks, Chamallows, melted chocolate and a little know-how. Prick 3 marshmallows using the toothpick, stack them and with the melted chocolate, draw a face to your snowman with a toothpick then buttons. With an orange candy that you will have previously cut in the shape of a triangle, form its nose. The candy garland will be a hit too! Your decoration will be original… and edible!

A sumptuous and original candy bar

There are plenty of websites where you can find some ideas that will help you make a truly perfect candy bar for a magical Christmas. However, care should be taken to take care of all the details. Indeed, you will have to choose sweets that match the atmosphere you want to create. For a soft atmosphere, plan rather pastel candies, otherwise, favor delicacies in bright colors, different colors.

Lollipops are sure to satisfy everyone, but know that old-fashioned candy will bring a little nostalgic touch to your evening. There is also one thing that should not be overlooked: the number of candies. Indeed, the quantity must be sufficient so that everyone can easily benefit from it. 200 to 250 grams per person should be sufficient. This equates to roughly ten candies each. Do not hesitate to increase this quantity if you have big sweet tooth at your table. Either way, nothing will be lost! The more choices there are, the better it will be to satisfy all the palates and desires of your guests. If children are present, you can plan a little more and make small packages with which they will leave.

Simple Christmas gifts that always make you happy

Having a candy bar available to everyone will also allow you to wait before the gifts are opened. The wait will seem shorter … especially for the youngest, thanks to these tasty sweets that will sparkle in front of the Christmas tree. And then, if you run out of ideas for gifts, sweets will always be a pleasure! So, start slipping them into Christmas socks or the tree.

The most greedy will appreciate. Candy advent calendars are also a must-have idea, not to mention personalized calendars. So, to start preparing for your New Year’s Eve and filling your or Santa’s hood, don’t delay too long. Christmas is two months away now, maybe it would be time to think about it seriously. Remember, whatever is done is no longer to be done. This will give you peace of mind when the big day arrives and you will be able to prepare everything in the best conditions.

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