The best diet for a month for weight loss

No time for sports, but you want to lose weight quickly and without harming your health? We offer you four options for a diet menu that will allow you to lose extra pounds without stress and hunger strikes. Effective diet , calculated monthly , is perfect for slimming the abdomen, thighs and sides. In doing so, you will improve your digestion by tuning into a new diet with five meals a day. Small portions and a low calorie diet will create an energy deficit in the body, it will start the process of burning fat. Thus, you can lose weight in a short time, and by sticking to a healthy diet for a long time , you can stabilize your weight for a long time.

All about Grow Food’s delicious and inexpensive slimming food

We have developed six diets, four of which are suitable for weight loss, depending on the amount of body fat. For advice on nutrition, you can write to our consultants. They will tell you which menu is best for you, in accordance with your lifestyle, physical fitness and employment at work. You can determine the best diet option for yourself, based on its calorie content, the number of meals and your gastronomic preferences.

Vegetarian menu “Vega”

A tasty, satisfying and low-calorie menu without meat dishes with a daily energy value of about 1500 kcal. We’ve diversified your diet with dairy products, eggs and plant proteins in the form of legumes and various grains that are high in protein to keep your muscles strong and strong. The amount of proteins and fats in the daily menu is 75 g, and carbohydrates – up to 150 g. Despite the predominance of carbohydrates, you can lose a couple of extra pounds, but with a little excess weight.

“Daily” for meat eaters

A delicious analogue of a vegetarian menu with meat dishes in the form of cutlets and soups from chicken or turkey. The calorie content does not exceed 1400 kcal per day, divided into four meals. This diet will allow you to “dry out” your muscles a little, become slim and fit, especially when doing light sports activities.

Fit for active

Severe overweight requires strict nutrition, so our nutritionists have developed a diet for a month for weight loss with an energy value of 1200 kcal per day and five meals. It does not contain simple carbohydrates (refined sugar and all products, drinks with its content), hot spices, flavor enhancers. However, the desserts are sweetened with natural sweetener “Fitparad 7”. The menu is suitable for active men and women who regularly engage in aerobic sports (running, dancing, jumping rope, walking, swimming). It can be called the best diet for weight loss!

“Super Fit” for those who do not have time for sports

Do you have a busy work schedule but want to get lean and fit again? We have developed a new “Super Fit” menu, which is already available to order. It contains only 1000 kcal per day for five meals, while the diet is balanced in terms of BJU (proteins, fats and carbohydrates). You can make a preliminary application for it on social networks, online chat, messengers or by phone.

How to eat according to the program during the month?

We’ve designed seven-day diets with a variety of options to maximize your body’s nutritional intake, vitamins and minerals. Thus, you will not have time to get used to the food, and therefore you will be able to enjoy your food for a long time. If you want to become a regular customer, then you just need to register your personal account and place your first order . Please note that all orders made during the week will be delivered starting next Monday. In the future, we will call you and remind you of the need to extend the tariff!

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