Strict diets and their negative consequences

Improper nutrition for a long time leads to excess weight in the form of fatty deposits on the sides and abdomen. When it starts to cause inconvenience and distort body proportions, many think about losing weight. All sorts of strict diets , fasting, separate meals, endless fasting days are used, which lead the body into a state of stress. Indeed, by limiting yourself in food, you can lose up to five kilograms in a week. However, body fat will not go anywhere, and the risk of exacerbation and development of various diseases will increase.

Why are diets not working?

Before embarking on a diet for weight loss, you should understand the physiology of the human body in order to avoid the return of extra pounds in the future.

The need for the correct ratio of BZHU

For normal metabolism, the body needs three main nutrients, each of which performs its own function. By excluding one of the elements from the daily diet, you will deprive yourself of vitamins and many nutrients.

  • Proteins perform a building function, thanks to them muscle tissue grows, skin regenerates, hair and nails grow. Proteins transport many micronutrients into cells and also help to increase immune defenses. This is only a small part of the vital tasks that protein structures perform;
  • Fats are part of cells, they are responsible for the nervous system, transmitting impulses to the brain. Vitamins D, A, E dissolve in fats, which affect the elasticity of the skin and youth. And most importantly, they are a source of irreplaceable fatty acids of the Omega group;
  • Carbohydrates are the main source of energy that allows the body to function smoothly. They increase endurance, improve performance, and allow you to build high-quality muscle mass. But their excess without physical activity can lead to obesity.

Strict diets often imply the complete exclusion of one or several elements of BJU , which first leads to weight loss, and then to a slowdown in metabolism, as well as to a number of diseases of the digestive tract, kidneys, liver and cardiovascular system. Since you are not getting the right amount of nutrients, and weight loss occurs dramatically, your skin becomes flabby and saggy, dryness appears, and hair and nails become brittle. You will feel tired, irritable, and hunger will become a faithful companion. As soon as you return to your usual lifestyle, the excess weight will immediately return.

Feature of fat cells

Fat cells are genetically present in the body of every person. Excess energy from high-calorie food is processed into fat and fills our “special” cells with it. Men, due to hormonal characteristics and increased physical activity, are less susceptible to obesity, therefore women are most affected. The growth process of the body fat takes place over a long time. As soon as you go on a hunger strike or switch to a mono-diet, the body will begin to experience stress and slow down metabolic processes. As soon as you return to your normal diet, he will accumulate even more fat so that in the event of another restriction, he does not experience a lack of energy.

The vicious circle can be broken by switching to a balanced fractional food enriched with BJU. At the same time, it is enough to reduce the daily energy value of food by 500 kcal below the norm you need. Do not forget about sports , so that the body does not just lose weight, but remains elastic, and the muscles tightened. Dramatic weight loss is unhealthy, so the slower you burn fat, the better the result will be. By finally changing your lifestyle, you will forever forget about being overweight!

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