Southern shrub plant producing yellow-red dye

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Question: Southern shrub plant that gives yellow-red paint (The word consists of 3 letters)

Answer: Henna (3 letters)

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Answer for the clue “Southern shrub plant producing yellow-red dye”, 3 letters:

Alternative questions in crossword puzzles for the word henna

Dyes her hair red

Herbal hair dye obtained from the lavsonia shrub

Hair dye that gives a radical red color

Word definitions for henna in dictionaries

Explanatory dictionary of the Russian language. D.N. Ushakov Meaning of the word in the dictionary Explanatory dictionary of the Russian language. D.N. Ushakov
and henna, henna, pl. no, w. (arab. hena). The name of some plants that give yellow-red paint, which dye hair, nails, sometimes skin (bot.). Hair dye of this color. Perfume, a kind of liquid soap for washing hair.

New explanatory and derivational dictionary of the Russian language, T. F. Efremova. The meaning of the word in the dictionary New explanatory and derivational dictionary of the Russian language, T. F. Efremova.
well. Shrub of the loosestrife family, from the leaves of which yellow-red paint is obtained. Vegetable dye of yellow-red color, used as a dye and as a means for strengthening and coloring hair.

Wikipedia The meaning of the word in the Wikipedia dictionary
Henna is a paint made from the dried leaves of non-thorny Lawsonia (Lawsonia inermis). It is traditionally used for body decoration in India, Pakistan, North Africa and many Arab countries. From the leaves that are harvested during flowering, after drying.

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Great Soviet Encyclopedia The meaning of the word in the dictionary Great Soviet Encyclopedia
henna (Arabic), a red-yellow paint obtained from the leaves of the lavsonia shrub. It is used for dyeing fabrics (wool, silk) in a red-brown, very resistant (to light) color and for dyeing hair and nails. H. is sometimes also called the plant from which it is.

Examples of the use of the word henna in the literature.

A huge city in the middle of a desert, almost uninhabited country, and she immediately liked: Wawel, elevated above the city, and peaked houses, closely pressed to each other, with intricate stone carvings, and a multilingual dense crowd of townspeople in various clothes, among which, in addition to German philistines and artisans, Polish gentry and ubiquitous Jews, Tatar merchants, Armenians, Russians and even oriental guests with henna-dyed beards came across .

They did not suspect that the camel belonged to the governor, and before letting her go on all four sides, they worked until dawn, painting her head with henna and her legs with indigo.

The nails of the beloved are painted with henna this night, The feet in morocco shoes with braid this night, On the night of Novruz, the beloved bestows on the beggars, I would be a beggar with outstretched hand on this night.

In a working glutton, for such a caress, he would probably get in the face from the waitress, but here at least henna .

In chekmen – he managed to pull, – but barefoot, Buzar stood on the trampled earth, mixed with snow and blood, fiddling with his henna -dyed beard, furiously rolling the reddish whites of his eyes.

Source: Maxim Moshkov Library

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