Sisal balls master class

Sisal topiary is an excellent gift that will be gladly accepted by any person: both adults and children. What is remarkable, you can get a masterpiece the first time! Even if, until recently, any mention of creativity was bewildering. A little patience, desire, efforts and skills, watching thematic videos … The wonderful fruit of the work will not take too long to wait!

DIY sisal topiary: preparation of materials

The first thing you need in the process of work is a special floristic fiber called sisal. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be very difficult to find it, so it is quite possible to make this material from improvised materials.

It’s worth starting with a trip to the hardware store, where brushes for whitewashing houses are usually sold. It is worth choosing only the option with natural pile, which is both thin and durable. However, the economic “sisal” has no color, which the future topiary categorically does not accept.

You can make it colorful in the following way:

  • Buy the dye in the form of tablets or powder.
  • Collect warm water in a vessel, add a few drops of vinegar there, and then the dye itself in the indicated amount.
  • The fibers of the brush must be separated from each other and soaked in the solution for several hours.
  • After a period of time, the sisal fibers should be laid out to dry on a clean surface.

Of course, when doing work for the first time, you can use just one color, making sure that all the fibers are thoroughly dyed. In the future, it will be more expedient to mix several shades at once in order to get a more interesting composition. On this account, there is not a single master class designed to become a real assistant in this matter.

Starting work, it is very important to pay attention to exactly where the sisal will be dried. For these purposes, a newspaper or paper with a printed print is categorically not suitable, the prints of which may well remain on the blanks. Perfectly clean and snow-white surface – that’s what is the perfect solution!

Do-it-yourself sisal topiary: a master class for lovers

Making a topiary from sisal is no more difficult than from any other material.

First you need to prepare the following components:

  • Building plaster.
  • A flower pot.
  • Wooden stick.
  • Sisal.
  • Decor elements.
  • Glue.

First of all, it is necessary to “strengthen” the topiary by planting it in a solution of building gypsum. At the initial stage, it is enough to fix only the trunk. The crown can be installed after it dries.

While the gypsum is drying, you can start making sisal balls that look quite impressive on topiary. It’s too early to glue them on the base.

A small rubber ball that tightly holds its shape or crumpled paper tied with twine can act as a crown of a tree. It all depends on the capabilities and desires of the master. In order for this element to hold on to the base more tightly, it must be fixed with instant adhesive and held in a given position for several hours. Now you can safely proceed to the design.

Sisal balls are also securely fastened around the perimeter with glue, and then decorated with any elements you like: ribbons, flowers, beads or decorative mesh. The pot in which the tree will grow from now on is also decorated in a similar way. Everything is very simple, stylish and elegant.

How to make sisal balls for topiary: simple tips

When deciding to make a sisal topiary, in most cases you have to deal with small balls, which will not be difficult to roll up.

For these purposes, the fibers must be separated from each other and laid out on a flat surface. Now, choosing each of them, you need to roll the pieces in the palm of your hand. This should be done slowly, practically without using force. After about 10 minutes, a small but rather dense ball will appear in the hand, the edge of which can be fixed with glue. Based on the size of the product, you can calculate how many glomeruli are needed for the topiary. Of course, it can take quite a long time to make the first of them, however, when the hand is stuffed, it will be possible to make them in a matter of minutes.

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Of these, completely outstanding designs, a New Year’s gift can also be realized – a Christmas tree that can stand for a single year! In addition, it is this Christmas tree that is popular among all modern designers.

Its main advantages are:

  • Ease of implementation.
  • Conciseness of forms.
  • The uncommonness of the composition.

What is remarkable, you can make balls of different colors and sizes! And the most interesting thing is a ball rolled up from two colors at once! This will not only make the work more interesting, but also add a touch of spice to the topiary!

Sisal and flower topiary

Taking on the manufacture of a topiary with your own hands, you need to look around and understand what else can be useful in the manufacturing process. You can decorate it not only with decorative elements suitable for these purposes, but also with fruits or flowers. The latter option is more preferable, however, over time, fresh flowers tend to fade and lose their appearance. The only way out of this situation is to use their dried or artificial equivalents.

In this case, the flowers must be chosen correctly, based on the following rules:

  • The chosen option should ideally match the color and style.
  • It is better to choose flowers of small sizes so that the topiary does not look too bulky.
  • It is better to remove the flower legs before installation.

How to make a sisal topiary (video)

A little effort, a sense of proportion and taste … Making topiary is not at all difficult. Especially if you approach the issue with a soul.

We show step by step how to make small sisal balls with your own hands. Sisal balls are used to create topiary or decorative Christmas trees, as well as for other creative work. We offer the easiest and fastest way to make. Take away!

Sisal is a natural fiber that is isolated from the fresh leaves of the Sisal Agave plant. The material is widely used for almost any craft – due to its unique properties, variety of colors and applications. All information about sisal (article in development).

How to make sisal balls step by step

Stage 1. Roll up the balls. From a common sheet of sisal, we select a bundle of fibers and roll them intensively with our palms, giving the material a spherical shape. If the size of the ball turned out to be less than necessary, add more fibers and roll it. We form the required amount of material.

For topiary, sisal balls of the same color are used, but fibers of 2, 3 or even 4 colors can also be combined. Experiment!

Stage 2. Working with glue. Rolled sisal balls can crumble, fall apart and are inconvenient to use. To strengthen the balls, it is necessary to glue them: we smear one palm with PVA glue, roll the sisal balls again. After drying, the product acquires a frame and does not fall apart.

PVA glue is environmentally friendly, allergic reactions or harm to the skin are excluded. After you have finished the work, wash your hands with soap, the glue is washed off easily.

Stage 3. Cutting off excess fibers. Sisal for topiary or decor is a rather rigid and unyielding fiber. That is why, even after gluing, individual threads stick out shapelessly. To fix this, it is necessary, after the balls have dried, to inspect and cut off the protruding fibers, as well as to roll those products that have flattened or lost their shape.

Video master class – do-it-yourself sisal balls for topiary

Master class in excellent FullHD 1080p quality on how to make sisal balls for topiary. Watch and share with your friends in the easiest way!

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Topiaries are a fashionable interior decoration and are perfect as a gift for any celebration. Making it is easy enough. The main thing is to think over the design and style, and if you are new to this business, follow the step-by-step instructions. In this article we will look at: how to make a sisal topiary with your own hands.

Exquisite topiary

You will need: cream-colored sisal, alabaster, glue gun, newspaper, planter, yarn, trunk, scissors, decoration elements – flowers, beads ..

Master Class

  1. Form a ball out of newspaper and secure with yarn.
  2. Roll into balls of sisal.
  3. Cover the ball with flowers and sisal balls, just leave room for the trunk.
  4. Make a hole with scissors to the depth of the ball, apply glue to the barrel and fix it in the ball.
  5. Dilute the gypsum to the consistency of sour cream, pour it into a pot, immerse the tree trunk in it and hold it upright for 3 minutes.
  6. Wait until the plaster hardens.
  7. Decorate the base of the tree with sisal and flowers.
  8. Decorate the topiary by gluing beads.

Exquisite sisal topiary is ready!

Autumn topiary from sisal

You will need: a foam ball with a diameter of 15 cm, brown sisal, twine, pva glue, a brush, a stick for a 33 cm long trunk, plasticine, acrylic bronze paint, walnut shell halves, dried chestnuts, acorns with caps, dried apricot pits, gypsum, water, snail shell, decorative dragonfly, plastic pot 10 cm high, foam mushrooms, pumpkins, pears, apples, berries, artificial flowers and grape leaves, scissors, glue gun, sandpaper.

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Topiary parameters: height – 40cm, crown diameter – 20cm.

Master Class

  1. Make the branch smooth using sandpaper.
  2. Paint the trunk, walnut halves, and acorns with bronze paint.
  3. Attach the stem to the bottom of the pot using plasticine.
  4. Knead a thick solution of gypsum in a ratio of 2: 1 and fill ¾ of the pot, then leave to harden for a day.
  5. Wrap the styrofoam ball with twine.
  6. Apply hot glue to the twine and wrap with sisal.
  7. Paste the ball with chestnuts and halves of the nut shell, do not forget to leave a place for attaching the trunk.
  8. Make a hole to the middle of the depth of the ball.
  9. Thoroughly coat the table with glue and fix it in the ball.
  10. Coat your palms with pva glue and roll the sisal balls.
  11. Decorate the crown in this way: glue vine leaves, pumpkin, mushroom, pear, acorns, berries, sisal balls, decorative dragonfly and flowers.
  12. Sprinkle a layer of dried apricot kernels on the plaster surface and decorate with sisal on top.
  13. Create a composition at the base in this way: glue 4 leaves of grapes, an apple, an acorn, a pear and a chestnut, and attach flowers between them.
  14. Glue the snail shell opposite the main composition.

Autumn topiary of sisal and chestnuts is ready! I recommend watching the video tutorial!

Topiary “Berries in the snow”

You will need: red sisal, a 9 cm wooden pot (planter), pieces of sponge or foam, gypsum, water, scissors, white acrylic paint, corylus branch for the trunk, halves of a walnut shell, a foam ball with a diameter of 12 cm, artificial snow in a can , glue gun, decoration elements – plastic red snowflakes, small and large red apples, sugar berries, white fabric leaves, snow-covered stamens, rhinestones and semi-beads.

Topiary parameters: height – 33cm, crown diameter – 18cm.

Master Class

  1. Make a small hole in the styrofoam ball with scissors.
  2. Prepare the barrel so that it is smooth, then sharpen it at one end.
  3. Apply hot glue to the end of the barrel and insert into the hole of the foam ball.
  4. Glue the walnut shell halves over the ball, placing them close to each other.
  5. Paint the stem and crown of the topiary with 2 coats of white acrylic paint, then leave to dry.
  6. Roll the sisal balls so that they are slightly smaller than the size of the shell.
  7. Paint the plastic snowflakes white on one side.
  8. Decorate the crown by gluing sisal balls, apples, berries, stamens, snowflakes and beads.
  9. Glue snowflakes and rhinestones on the pots.
  10. Place the sponge pieces in the pot, then mix a thick gypsum mortar in a ratio of 2:1, pour ¾ of the pot and leave to harden.
  11. Paint the plaster surface white and leave to dry.
  12. Decorate the plaster surface by attaching red sisal, bullseye and stamens.
  13. Treat the finished tree with an artificial one.

New Year’s topiary “Berries in the Snow” is ready! I recommend watching the video tutorial!

Bright sisal topiary

You will need: a foam ball, a flower pot, green and white acrylic paints, a branch for the trunk, green sisal, small stones, paper, a glue gun, a brush, wire, scissors, jute thread, decoration elements – berries, flowers …

Master Class

  1. Paint the styrofoam ball green and the branch white.
  2. Make a hole to the middle of the depth of the ball.
  3. Thoroughly coat the table with glue and fix it in the ball.
  4. Fix the tree in the pot in this way: place a sheet of paper on the bottom of the pot and fill it with stones, set the trunk among them.
  5. Wrap the ball with sisal, fixing it with hot glue.
  6. Attach berries and flowers, decorating the crown of the tree.
  7. Decorate the base of the tree with sisal and decorative elements.

Bright sisal topiary is ready!

original topiary

You will need: white and purple sisal, glue gun, artificial flower stems, scissors, gypsum, purple planter, 6 cm foam ball, purple flowers, lilac ribbon for bows, white openwork braid, beads, key pendant, lavender essential oil .

Master Class

  1. Make a small hole in the styrofoam ball with scissors.
  2. Twist the stems of the flowers together, put some hot glue inside the Styrofoam ball and insert the stems.
  3. Roll white and purple sisal into balls of the same size.
  4. Glue the balloons onto the styrofoam ball, placing them tightly together.
  5. Glue flowers between some balloons to your liking.
  6. Make ribbon bows, then glue them onto the sisal balls.
  7. Dilute the gypsum to the consistency of sour cream, pour it into a pot, immerse the tree trunk in it and hold it upright for 3 minutes.
  8. Wait for the plaster to harden.
  9. Prepare the sisal, apply hot glue on the plaster surface and stick the sisal, then glue the flower.
  10. Attach a key pendant and tie an openwork braid around the tree trunk.
  11. Decorate the topiary by gluing beads to your taste.
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The original sisal topiary is ready! I recommend watching this video!

sisal tree of happiness

You will need: planter, thin and thick wire, building plaster (alabaster), green sisal, foam ball with a diameter of 8cm, glue gun, thick threads, brown acrylic paint, pva glue, 4pcs wooden skewers, chain, scissors, decoration elements – apples, leaves and a bird.

Master Class

  1. Form a barrel with thick wire, fastening with a thin one, as shown in the image.
  2. Dilute the gypsum to the consistency of sour cream, pour it into a pot, immerse the tree trunk in it and hold it upright for 3 minutes.
  3. Wait until the plaster hardens.
  4. Form another branch of thin wire and attach it to the trunk.
  5. Wrap the ball with thick thread.
  6. Make a small hole in the styrofoam ball with scissors.
  7. Apply hot glue to the end of the barrel and insert into the hole of the foam ball.
  8. Make a mass for modeling in this way: mix alabaster, water and pva glue to the consistency of thick sour cream, then coat the entire trunk and wait for it to harden.
  9. Paint the trunk 2 coats of brown acrylic paint and leave to dry.
  10. Roll the sisal balls.
  11. Glue the sisal balls, apples and leaves onto the foam ball.
  12. Make a swing out of skewers and a chain.
  13. Hang the rocker on a branch and attach the bird.

The sisal tree of happiness is ready! I recommend watching this video!

flower topiary

You will need: pink and beige sisal, building plaster (alabaster), a small pot, white fabric, pink tulle, glue gun, newspaper, thick floral wire, decoration elements – flowers, beads, ribbons …

Master Class

  1. Form a newspaper ball with a diameter of 10 cm.
  2. Roll into balls of sisal.
  3. Glue the flower to the top of the balloon, then glue the sisal balls around the flower. Thus, decorate the entire crown.
  4. Form a rope of beige sisal and wrap it around the wire, fixing it with hot glue.
  5. Bend the wire to make a curly trunk.
  6. Glue the beads around the perimeter of the trunk.
  7. Make a small hole at the base of the crown and glue the trunk into it.
  8. Glue the beads and berries to the crown.
  9. Dilute the gypsum to the consistency of sour cream, pour it into a pot, immerse the tree trunk in it and hold it upright for 3 minutes.
  10. Wait until the plaster hardens.
  11. Prepare a square of white fabric, gather it to the trunk and tie it with a ribbon. Repeat this process with tulle.
  12. Glue the berries, butterfly and rose to the base of the tree.
  13. Tie a ribbon at the base of the tree crown.

The sisal flower topiary is ready!

Topiary in Kusudama technique

You will need: green sisal, decorative banknotes, planter, green satin ribbon, plaster (alabaster), glue gun, scissors, strong cable, wire, 7 cm foam ball or newspaper ball, thick thread, food bag or bag, decoration elements – golden berries or sweets, a bird …

Master Class

  1. Cut the bill in half to make a square.
  2. Fold the workpiece diagonally.
  3. Bend the edges of the triangle up to make a diamond.
  4. Spread the small triangles in height, then bend the corners.
  5. Bend the triangles inward along the marked lines.
  6. Fold in half and glue the module inside.
  7. Make 5 pieces in the same way, then glue them together to form a flower.
  8. Make 22 flowers.
  9. Line the inside of the pot with sisal.
  10. Cut off a corner from the food bag, or use a bag and place it on top of the sisal.
  11. Dilute alabaster with water to the consistency of thick sour cream and pour it into a bag.
  12. Install a cable in plaster as a trunk and 3 pieces of wire for twigs.
  13. Leave the plaster for a day for complete solidification.
  14. Remove the bag from the plaster.
  15. Insert the plaster into the planter and hide it under the sisal.
  16. Wrap the trunk and branches with green tape, fix the edges and ends of the tapes with hot glue.
  17. Twist the wire to make beautiful curls.
  18. Make a “pound” in this way: cut the bill in half, glue the edges to form a cone, fill it with sisal and golden berries, then insert the pound into the curl.
  19. Wrap the ball with thread.
  20. Wrap the ball with sisal, fixing it with hot glue.
  21. Make a hole to the middle of the depth of the ball.
  22. Thoroughly coat the table with glue and fix it in the ball.
  23. Cover the balloon with kusudama banknote flowers.
  24. Glue the bird to the crown of the tree.
  25. Decorate the base of the tree with golden berries.

Kusudama topiary is ready! I recommend watching this video!

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