How to Download Raft Survival Ocean Nomad v262 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

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Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad (MOD, Unlimited Coins) – survival simulator in the ocean – Raft. Your main goal is to survive on the raft, look for food and water on the islands to hold out as long as possible. Dive into the depths of the ocean to search for rare items, trash, copper, sand and other things to craft. Expand your raft using the resources of the ocean. In this game, you can fish, craft things and use the hook to collect different things.

Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean is the game for you to be the luckiest person to have a life after an accident. On a flight that you were on, unfortunately, something happened that caused the plane to crash into the sea. You are the only one who has survived but is floating on the water. Forget about modern life with many doubts in the past. Now is the time to show your ability to survive in this challenging new environment. Fish can be food, but they also have the ability to take your life. Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean gives you life with the basics. To have life in the ocean is not easy.

At sea, though difficult to live, there is not necessarily only despair. Are players ready enough to get started with a do-it-all mode to live in new conditions? Beware of the hungry sharks, they are always waiting for your loophole to have a delicious meal. Get unlucky after your unlucky flight and get used to living at sea. It is also a memorable experience for you to gain more experience when encountering life-threatening events. Enhance your own skills capable of surviving the worst.

Download Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean mod – Survive the catastrophic accident

When you encounter problems such as characters in Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean, you can feel the value of your present life. Losing all contact with relatives, friends, even your certain interests cannot be done right now. But you may not have time with that either, the only thing now is to find a way not to end this life. New ocean adventure gives you many valuable lessons. The seemingly discarded objects on the sea but it is an indispensable saviour in emergencies. Collect it to create items of value to you. The sun radiates hot temperatures around, the hungry sharks are difficult for you.


It seems that there is no hope anymore, maybe you are just luckier than the rest of the people on the flight to live a little longer. But no, fate has smiled at you, that’s the real good news, not that you’re dreaming in a coma. Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean has specific stats like health, hunger and thirst that help players keep track. Make them as high as you can, that means ensuring the safety of the main character. The raft is a temporary lifeline, you need to refine it to make it more like a shelter.

Crafting widgets

Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean has many recipes for players to create essential items. Catching fish, growing vegetables, getting water, are some of the activities that are essential to sustaining your life. Creating building materials for the construction of mobile homes at sea. Collect items to create more clothes. Gradually developing a new life, you still have good conditions and living environment even at sea. Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean gives you a chance to capture a glimmer of hope that won’t end life.

Gather resources

On the water is not peaceful like in movies or comic books you have read. Debris, algae, boxes, … they can all be used in the event you are experiencing. Maybe if in the past life, these items are often discarded but they are not useless in vital situations. Collect resources to improve many of the equipment to protect your raft against incoming waves. Besides, resources are also an indispensable raw material for the making of new items.

Survival Elements

In order to survive and succeed in the game, you’ll need to note the following aspects:

Utilize your hook to catch different resources: Tons of useful items will be floating around the ocean. Don’t miss your opportunity to obtain them all. Keep your hook ready at all times, you never know what useful items you’ll find next.

Craft different weapons and armour: You can’t have much luck protecting yourself if you aren’t armed and ready for battle. The flesh is easy to crush and break, but a gun or two-handed weapon can turn the tides in an instant.

Keep your raft safe: Also, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the condition of your raft. Without any clear understanding of the space and quality, you’ll sink in an instant. Make sure to always expand your raft and keep it in the best possible condition to extend your survival.

Exploration: What exactly is awaiting you in the outside world? You’ll need to go out and explore for yourself. There are many different isolated islands with hidden secrets and treasures for you to unlock. On the other hand, some may also spell danger and even death. Be careful and proceed with caution.

Some Features in Survival on Raft

Here are a few features included when you choose the download game Survival on Raft:

  • First, you’ll have access to hundreds of different weapons and usable items to further your survivability.
  • The world is completely open for exploration. Feel immersed in the game as you explore different islands and on your own raft.
  • Speaking of which, you’ll need to build and constantly improve your own raft in order to continue surviving.

Controls and Interface

The controls are very easy to understand. The same can also be said for the user interface. All buttons and actions are displayed on your mobile screen. So, there is never a moment of feeling lost or confused. The two-hand controls feel comfortable and natural, as you grip your mobile while playing.

The interface is also easy to read. You have an accessible inventory and menu to assist you at all times. Nothing is too difficult to locate or understand.


The graphics of the Survival on Raft game are quite decent. Everything is rendered in 3D, but nothing is too detailed. The visuals are distinguishable and everything looks natural for the world they’re in.

Although these graphics are nothing to write home about, they still get the job done. You can blame them, for such an expansive game available on mobile devices, it makes sense.


The reason why Raft Survival is so famous and popular is its innovative resource collection tool and mechanism. The player’s range of movement will be limited on the raft and wooden boards, but they can use a hook connected to a long rope. The player will have to toss them, point to items or resources, and then pull the rope to pull all the resources it catches along the way. That mechanism is unique and impressive to players, allowing them to delight in pulling whatever they want within a given range. Furthermore, players can adjust the hook force and angle to get high accuracy and drag resources on its path.


Other survival games will cause players to expand their range to bring in more resources, but not with Raft Survival, as it will continuously spawn resources endlessly. And the player must collect as much as possible to craft or build structures. The game will even give players wooden crates or safes, and they always contain rare items for the player. However, pulling them in will become more difficult, creating authenticity when living in a vast sea.


The player’s raft can be infinitely expanded and apply various building architectures. However, the player must know to protect it from dangers, like sharks and many others. Especially sharks will immediately attack the player if they stay in the water for too long, creating a feeling of fear and thrill every time the player risks their life into the water to pick up resources. Sharks will often hover around the player’s raft, and they can randomly attack at a certain angle to destroy the raft. Players can use special tools to chase them away or exploit rare materials from sharks while they are attacking.


Raft Survival will adopt a novel and impressive survival system, giving players an impressive sea survival experience. Players can craft tools or items for survival, such as cooking or farming facilities. A variety of special tools in the game will give the player access to new functions, like the wooden hammer, to build with existing structures. Players can design and build rafts creatively, improve their habitats, and upgrade many functions. The player also needs to know how to eat, drink, and search for food in the vast sea and use special tools to have everything for life necessities.

Raft Survival’s creativity and immersive gameplay are almost endless, as it gives players a new experience of survival on the vast sea, with hidden dangers. Furthermore, the player will have to depend on a reliable hook, gather resources, and build a new raft to survive until tomorrow. If you are bored with the gameplay style repeated in other survival games, join Raft Survival and experience survival at sea with a whole new mechanism and content.

What to Spend Doubloons on

Doubloons are precious golden coins, and they serve as the game’s premium currency. There are a lot of restrictions when you play Raft Survival Ocean Nomad, from inventory limits to crafting limits – there is seemingly no end to them.

To help alleviate some of the frustration, doubloons can be spent on improving certain things. The first and foremost thing you can upgrade is to expand your inventory, and we recommend this being your first action. Being able to carry more stuff is always helpful, no matter the situation.

Follow the Quests for Crafting Station Progression

The main quests will lead you down the general progression route, and it will teach you about the advanced crafting stations. You will be mainly creating the refinery stations, and these are the crafting stations that let you turn raw materials into the more advanced stuff.

The Furnace can turn clay into bricks, the sawmill can turn logs into wooden boards, and so forth. If you want to create better gear and structures, you will need to start to making the advanced materials.

Salvaging Islands

At any point, you can use your smaller sailboat to sail to a nearby island. These islands are randomly generated and they can contain a variety of fauna and flora, so be sure to take the time to check them out. The perfect time to do so is after you load up all of your processes.

Islands can contain wild animals which can be hunted for meat and materials, and they also contain ore veins that can be mined with a pickaxe for precious minerals. There are also trees, but you do not really need to worry about logs as long as you consistently using your hook to fish out the logs that drift by your raft.

There are even hidden bunkers on some islands, but you need a lot of rare and hard to get materials to open them. It is worth it though, as these bunkers often contain all sorts of super rare equipment and treasure. They also start the storyline of the game, and you can see how the world came to be.

Here is a tip: make sure to bring some lockpicks with you when you head out to an island. Islands are full of locked crates and cargo, and these things have a random chance to give you rare loot. To open them, you have to either use a lockpick or watch an ad, and we know how tiresome the ads can get. You can craft lockpicks at the raft.

Attacking other Rafts

In addition to the islands, you can also see other players’ rafts. You can attack their rafts and try to steal their items and equipment, but be warned – the game keeps a log of all players who attack, so it is very likely the player you attack will seek revenge.

You can get some good loot this way obviously but be prepared for the consequences. Try to put your chests and other precious facilities inside a locked room on your raft, as players will attempt to break down your raft to try to steal your stuff.

If you are going to be actively participating in PvP, make sure you start using the better raft materials. The regular raft platforms that you craft with just logs will not cut it against armed players – you will need the reinforced pieces that use the wooden boards at the very minimum.

One Final Mystery

One of the islands you can go to has another bunker. Once you open it, you will need to build the Radio Outlet on your raft, but in order to get further into the bunker, you need a special keycard to access it.

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