PVC curtains for outdoor veranda

Curtains for gazebos and verandas made of PVC fabric is a modern and very convenient technology for using synthetic materials to cover your gazebo, veranda or terrace from bad weather. Transparent curtains for gazebos are highly durable, resistant to atmospheric factors such as rain, snow, wind and dust.
PVC outdoor curtains are able to perform both design tasks and purely functional ones, they will effectively protect against drafts and a neighbor’s cat, as well as retain heat from the heater to extend the summer season and provide a comfortable stay in your favorite place. And these are just some of the benefits of roller blinds. Our customers know that if you use protective roller blinds for gazebos and verandas all year round, then the place to relax and spend time with your best friends during the holidays becomes more cozy and comfortable in any weather and season.

Ten reasons to order roller blinds in Ctepan.ru

  1. Large production areas in two capitals
  2. Experienced master measurers with 4-6 years of experience
  3. Ability to perform five installations per day
  4. Assistance in drawing up drawings and recommendations for self-installation of curtains
  5. Each manufactured curtain is personally checked for quality by the shop manager
  6. Experience in installing curtains on non-standard (designer) arbors, of varying complexity
  7. Experience installing curtains at high altitudes.
  8. Compliance with all deadlines and agreements in any weather
  9. Warranty and post-warranty service and repair in case of damage
  10. Ctepan.ru performed works for many well-known people

What does the customer face when ordering products with a low cost

  • Failure to meet deadlines and agreements
  • Errors in measurements and drawings, as a result of which the product is not installed
  • No warranty service, the performer is simply lost
  • Lack of legal and actual address, only a website on the Internet
  • Poor quality PVC fabric: cloudy or badly wrinkled

Price as of November 1, 2019.

Unit price

Transparent PVC fabric 500 micron (Korea) 690 ₽ / m² 590 ₽ / m²
This week only! Transparent PVC fabric 700 microns (China) 790 ₽ / m² 690 ₽ / m²
Only until November 30! Transparent PVC fabric 700 micron (Korea) 890 ₽ / m² 790 ₽ / m²
This week only! Polyurethane 500 microns 1500 ₽ / m² Attachment point in the curtain Strap eyelet 100 ₽ Attachment point
Swivel “French” bracket 120 ₽ Attachment point
small swivel bracket 150 ₽ Attachment point
Plastic colored swivel bracket 180 ₽ Zipper insert 1000 ₽ / m.p. Rolled-up fixing strap 120 ₽ Painting of the fastening unit 50 ₽ Installation from 15 000 ₽ Delivery within Moscow 1500 ₽

Calculate the cost of installation and products for certain sizes, as well as the quantity and cost of the necessary fittings, our employees will help you by phone in the “ Contacts ” section

Video about pvc curtains for gazebos from Ctepan.ru

Advantages of transparent PVC curtains, feature and description

Roll-up windows are a stylish design element for non-glazed verandas and gazebos, they are securely fixed in the opening and therefore:

  • the possibility of precipitation entering the premises is completely excluded, even if it is raining heavily outside;
  • inside the gazebo or veranda, the temperature is optimal for relaxation. Due to their dense texture, they serve as a barrier to wind, cold and sunlight in case of installing curtains made of tinted PVC fabric;
  • protect the furniture in the room from pollution and the harmful effects of the environment;
  • the penetration of animals, birds and insects is excluded;
  • minimize the penetration of extraneous noise from the street, which means that peace will always reign in your gazebo or veranda;
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Elastic roll-up windows can decorate your gazebo. Unlike glass, they do not break into small fragments that can injure households.

You can order and buy PVC roller blinds with high transparency from us. They can be on your building all year round, as they are resistant to frost in our climatic zone, if necessary, they are very quickly removed and mounted in the same way.

Our specialists will carry out the manufacture and installation of transparent roller blinds of any complexity, anywhere in Moscow and the Moscow region, regardless of the weather and season.

Curtains for a summer veranda are a unique solution for restaurants, cafes and other commercial establishments to extend the season and protect customers from cold, wind and other precipitation. They are perfectly anchored with tarpaulin fittings, which are specially designed for trucks, and can withstand strong gusts of wind. And for very large openings, it is possible to install on a guide with rollers, such a mechanism ideally allows you to move the curtains in any direction.

Types of fasteners for roller blinds:

  • Staples, straps and eyelets
  • Swivel brackets (French bracket)
  • Aluminum guides and rollers
  • Zippers and Velcro
  • Rope and carabiners
  • Tie straps

These fasteners allow you to fix the curtain in such a way that it hermetically covers the gazebo. Fittings are placed along the perimeter of window and door openings with a step of about 30-35 centimeters, so the product is hermetically sealed to the gazebo, veranda, terrace. In the upper part of the edging, garter belts with a buckle are installed, which allow the curtain to be fixed in a folded form.
You can learn more about fastening methods and material properties from our managers.
Examples of completed orders can be viewed in the “Photo Gallery” section.

Polyvinyl chloride is widely used in everyday life. The physical properties of the material make it possible to produce wear-resistant and durable PVC curtains. They are used for industrial and domestic purposes. Available in transparent or opaque film. They can be combined or have only a border.

PVC curtains

Depending on the place of application, frost-resistant, heat-saving, increased and standard strength soft curtains are used. The main places where PVC curtains are installed are:

  • Warehouses, car washes, industrial premises
  • Cafes, restaurants
  • Pergolas, terraces, verandas of private houses

The only place where such curtains are not used is the interior living space – rooms, kitchen, hallway.

Types and functions of plastic curtains

PVC protective products are divided into 3 types:

  1. Strip curtains
  2. Role constructs
  3. soft windows

Strip curtains

These sheer PVC curtains are similar to vertical blinds. With the help of special fasteners, film strips-lamellas are hung on the eaves in two rows. Their mutual overlap is mandatory. The mobility of the upper connection gives a partial free play to the lamellas. The design is stationary or moving.

The curtain is hung in a doorway and is commonly used in warehouses in handling areas or to separate parts of a room with different temperatures.

Important: The larger the opening into which the strip curtains are installed, the wider the strips are chosen and the mutual overlap is made.

When using curtains such as blinds, PVC film helps:

  • Save up to 50% heat indoors
  • Ensure safe passage for vehicles and people
  • Maintain the level of light and humidity in the room
  • PVC curtains for a warehouse protect the premises from drafts, insects, birds, dust, noise

Tape curtains are installed at the entrance to the gazebo, exit to the terrace or veranda.

Role constructs

They are a single transparent sheet, which is rolled into a roll automatically or manually. It is possible to use an electric drive. Suitable for placement in small openings of street structures. When choosing PVC roller blinds for a gazebo or veranda, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • If there is a weighting agent at the bottom of the canvas, then it is made of stainless material
  • The presence of upper straps – they keep the roll fastened in a folded state, at least 2 pieces per curtain.
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It is possible to make PVC curtains for the veranda and terrace from perforated film. The smallest holes allow air to penetrate, which prevents the greenhouse effect. With the help of role-playing structures, a terrace, a veranda, an arbor are reliably protected from rain, wind, dust and insects.

soft windows

Soft windows installed

Considered as an alternative to glazing. The film, connected along the perimeter with awning material, is stretched in the openings of arbors, on open terraces or verandas. The edging is done in different colors. The soft window is made in two types: stationary and removable.

When choosing transparent PVC curtains for a gazebo or other structure, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Fasteners are inserted into the edge edged with awning material
  • The type of connection between the edging and the film material is more reliable and durable with the use of an HDTV machine. You can find out from the seller, there are no visual signs of difference from other connection methods
  • Type of fasteners – transparent curtains with rings around the perimeter, which are fastened with twist locks, show themselves to be reliable. The fastening option is used with a zipper, adhesive tape, using a cable and eyelets, straps.

Compared with traditional glazing, the use of transparent film to protect window openings has several advantages:

  1. Security – the window cannot be broken
  2. Durability – up to 10 years of service life with proper use and care
  3. Dismantling and assembly speed

By choosing transparent PVC curtains for a gazebo or terrace, reliable protection from precipitation, wind, dust, insects, and animals will be provided. Products have an attractive design. They do not have a harmful effect on humans.

Plastic systems for production

Transparent, combined and opaque canvases are used to keep heat in industrial premises with access to the street or for zoning. Curtains made of plastic strips are widely used here. They are installed in the openings of warehouse gates, at car washes, pharmaceutical enterprises to create a clean zone. Tape transparent PVC curtains provide free movement for people, forklifts and other equipment, each time returning to their original position.

Roller blinds for warehouses are often used with an electric drive.

Film curtains for cafes and restaurants

Film curtains in a cafe

Any systems of transparent curtains are put up to protect visitors to open verandas from precipitation, wind, and sun. The logo can be printed on the film. Manufacturers of soft windows offer edging in any color to choose the best option for the image of the institution. When protecting large spaces, zippers are inserted into the film to highlight windows or doors.

Transparent material is used to create mobile tents selling various goods.

Protection and decoration for giving

Any open structure can be closed with a film structure. PVC plastic curtains for verandas and outdoor structures are popular with summer residents and owners of private houses.

Soft curtains perform the following functions:

  • Preservation of heat in unheated street buildings
  • Creating a comfortable environment for relaxation
  • Preservation of buildings for the winter – the film coating can withstand sub-zero temperatures up to 40 degrees, so frost-resistant PVC curtains for the gazebo reliably protect it from snow. The curtain falls in the fall and rises in the spring when it’s warm. This will keep it safe from damage.
  • Protection of structures from the effects of external aggressive factors – waterproof curtains for a terrace, veranda or gazebo will keep it from decay, the development of fungus and mold

Film system options

Depending on the design of the outdoor structure, a transparent version of the curtains or a combination is used. Fully transparent curtains for the gazebo are purchased if the bottom of the building is closed. If the gazebo is open from top to bottom, then a combined option is considered. Half of the canvas in height will be opaque, and the other half will be translucent. Visually it will look like windows.

The film from which transparent curtains for gazebos or other structures are ordered can be tinted. The translucent version does not interfere with the penetration of light, but protects from prying eyes.

Tip: If transparent PVC curtains for the veranda close the entrance, then they can be made with a zipper – it will become much more convenient to get inside.

Mounting methods

The choice of mounting method depends on the placement of the plastic protection:

  • External hinge – twist locks, zippers, Velcro, straps are used
  • Internal linkage – movement occurs along the cable from side to side. This method of fixation does not completely protect the room from weather factors, but is simple for self-installation.
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Rotary locks are considered optimal. They allow you to easily hang, remove, open and fix PVC curtains for a gazebo or veranda at any height.

How to care for film curtains

Plastic curtains are washed with water and soap. Often, PVC has a dust-repellent coating that prevents heavy contamination. When caring for the film, do not use abrasive products – the plastic will lose transparency.

If the plastic curtain is removed for a while, then it is cleaned of dirt, dried, and then wound into a roll. When the canvases are hung back, there will be no creases left on them, and the shape will be restored.

The choice of film curtains is due to convenience, competitive cost compared to other types of protective structures, versatility and attractive design. Curtains are used for a warehouse, industrial premises, cafes, restaurants, organization of tent trade. Widely used for arranging arbors, verandas, terraces.

Verandas and gazebos perfectly complement a country house, cafe, restaurant or cottage, providing a comfortable pastime. For year-round operation of such premises, modern and aesthetically attractive solutions are used. Each object can be designed in strict accordance with its features, as we have a variety of options for execution and a wide range of sizes.

When ordering curtains with installation -10% before the end of November !
Lightning as a gift when ordering 3 curtains with installation!

Features of the operation of transparent PVC curtains

Outdoor transparent PVC curtains for gazebos and verandas is the most rational and financially beneficial solution. The products offer many benefits:

  • provide a high level of comfort in any weather, protecting the room from wind and rain;
  • have an attractive aesthetic appearance, complementing the exterior design;
  • a wide variety of colors, which will allow you to find a harmonious combination with other elements of landscape design;
  • retains its original performance characteristics throughout the entire period of operation;
  • transparent curtains for gazebos and verandas have an excellent level of light transmission;
  • assembly / dismantling will require the use of a standard set of tools.

You can buy PVC curtains for gazebos in St. Petersburg from us on favorable terms. You will definitely evaluate the effectiveness of using such a solution, since the products quickly pay off due to the optimal price.

Price for PVC curtains per square meter with fittings

Transparent PVC film

Thickness, country of manufacture, warranty

Distance between fittings 30 cm 40 cm 50 cm 700 microns, KOREA

Warranty 1 year1 500 rub. per sq. m. 1 300 rub. per sq. m. 1 200 rub. per sq. m. 700 micron, CHINA

Warranty 6 months

1 300 rub. per sq. m. 1 100 rub. per sq. m. 1 000 rub. per sq. m. 500 micron, KOREA

Warranty 1 year

1 300 rub. per sq. m. 1 100 rub. per sq. m. 1 000 rub. per sq. m.

*the calculation takes into account the minimum side of the curtain 1.4 meters

Calculate the cost on the calculator

Profitable solution for gazebos and terraces

If you need PVC fabric roller blinds for gazebos and porches, you can also use them in cases where they need to be opened and closed frequently.

Soft PVC curtains for gazebos and verandas can be both transparent and colored. When ordering a product, it is necessary to provide for the seasonality of their use. We also offer frost-resistant materials that perfectly cope with sudden changes in temperature and high levels of humidity. The frost-resistant PVC curtains for gazebos offered by us will not crack and will not lose their original attractive appearance. We provide a 1 year warranty for all products.

We provide a full range of services: consultation when buying and ordering products, installation of curtains, and also give advice on the operation of curtains.

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