Pokémon GO MOD APK v0.221.0 (Fake GPS, Location, Coins) 2021 Edition

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Pokémon GO is an adventure game with mischievous Pokemon. The game allows players to capture and train virtual Pokemon based on the real world. The Niantic family has released an extremely fun and attractive game. Players will go everywhere, using the Pokeball to find and collect Pokemon along the way. Many Pokemon live in different regions. Discover many new landmarks and expand your map. Move to different locations using the Pokeball to find and collect Pokemon along the way. Simple gameplay helps you entertain, connect with friends to go to new lands and conquer Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk: v0.219.1 – A social feature has been added in Pokémon GO which now allows users to connect socially and commercial features that allow Trainers to connect with each other by adding friends, sending gifts and participating in a new Friendship level system that unlocks bonuses. Coaches can now exchange Pokemon among themselves and in return, they earn Pokemon Candy on behalf.

Join coaches from around the world who are discovering Pokémon as they explore the world around them. Pokémon GO is the global game sensation that has been downloaded more than 800 million times and called “Best game for mobile devices” by the Game Choice Choice Awards and “Best application of the year” by TechCrunch.


In the original games of the franchise, players will control the virtual character to catch pokemon that appear scattered worldwide. But Pokémon GO uses Augmented Reality technology and applies many elements of fiction to the real world through the player’s device camera. From there, it let players experience a new feeling with more realism and vividness in the search for pokémon. The game will also provide players with a radar that uses the real map data in real-time, tracking the player’s position and randomly creating the pokémon nearby to engage.


When the player collides with any pokemon in the environment, they will enter a battle mode, and until certain conditions are reached, they can proceed to capture. However, catching pokemon requires high precision as the player has to flick the poke balls accurately to hit the targets to trigger the capture process. Depending on the type of pokemon they encounter, the battle process will be different, including external factors that can affect combat effectiveness or capture. It’s a novel mechanic introduced in a Pokémon game, and it keeps giving players plenty of surprises throughout the process of becoming a great trainer in the game.

Download Pokemon GO Mod Apk Latest Version 2021

App Name Pokemon GO
Size 220 MB
Version v0.219.2
Android Support 4.4 or above
Last Updated 1 October 2021
Offered By
Niantic, Inc.
Price FREE

Download Pokémon GO mod – Adventures with Pokemon

Pokémon GO opens up a fighting adventure with opponents. The player controls his Pokemon to attack them again. Join teams to fight and search for items. Players will have touch stops to collect items to increase their level. Overcome challenges and learn more about Pokemon, enjoy the exciting life with them. Answer Pokemon questions and get valuable rewards. Improve combat abilities and get more information about Pokemon. Join Pokemon in battle and defeat all opponents.

Compete with rivals

The competitive game gives you great experiences. Bringing a variety of Pokemon species, attracting players to participate. During special weather, the player finds rare Pokemon. Participating in Raid battles with Pokémon requires concentration and effort. Cooperate with trainers to defeat many monsters. In addition, there is a need for solidarity to coordinate with each other in the Friend system. Exchange with other trainers sharing gifts from PokéStop. Pokemon can then be exchanged to get the monsters you want.

Mobilize with Pokemon

Players mobilize and connect with many different Pokemon species, choose Adventure Sync to save their moves. You can choose how to play as you like, fight hard. Play with Pokemon to become more intimate, accompany you in times of entertainment. Anyone who is a coach or a fighter warrior always play the way you want. Reinforce strength after each match to energize the next time. With Pokemon mobilize not only for entertainment but also improve combat.

Many Mission

Collect Pokemon and in-game items. There are many types of Pokemon including Pokemon belonging to the water system of lakes or rivers. Pokemon belonging to the tree system you can find them in parks and grasslands. Weather also affects the appearance of Pokemon, with water-type Pokemon going out in the rain and fire-type Pokemon like sunshine. In addition, items in the game can not be ignored. Pokeball helps you collect Pokemon, revive them after each battle. Pokemon eggs can be hatched to hatch a complete Pokemon. Complete the quests well and collect many precious items.

Download the magical version for the enhanced benefits

Get ready for your craved and most desired features in the Pokemon GO game interface!!

Introducing the Pokemon GO MOD APK. It’s all you need to fulfill all your pokemon collecting desires. Basically, the Pokemon GO MOD APK is a cracked application developed after attaching all the top-notch scripts. After having this game on your smartphone, you can simply capture all the legendary Pokemons without even getting out of your home. Got surprised, right?

Yeah, it’s true!! Fundamentally, The Pokemon GO MOD APK contains the Fake GPS MOD that’ll help you in swapping your location. After using this MOD, you can choose any of your desired locations and change your GPS signals to that appropriate pin.

In simple words, you can catch the US-located pokemon even while sitting in India. Moreover, you can also use your real account here without getting stressed about the ban crisis. So what’re you waiting for, Download the app right now and conquer all your dreams instantly!!

Use the Fake GPS here for collecting all the legendary Pokemons

Fake GPS is a futuristic feature of Pokemon GO MOD APK containing millions of fan-following. It’s everything you need for collecting the legendary Pokemons without getting out of your house. Fake GPS is basically a leisurely feature that enables you to change your location in just a few smartphone taps. Moreover, the Pokemon GO MOD APK contains a convenient UI, which means all scripts here are pre-enabled. You don’t need to use any toggles for conquering your dreams.

Screenshots Pokémon GO MOD APK


MOD Instruction (Hack):

  • download and install Pokemon GO Apk
  • download and install Mod Zip and then install Hide Mock Location (inside mod zip file)
  • Download and install Xposed Ins6taller and Update framework inside the app if needed (in mod zip file)
  • Open the Hide Mock Location App and select Pokemon Go
  • Activate Hide Mock Location Module using Xposed Installer
  • Reboot your device
  • Download and Install Xposed Pokemon app (inside mod zip file)
  • Activate Xposed Pokemon Module using Xposed Installer
  • Reboot your device
  • Open up Xposed Pokemon app and select a location (Use “search” to look for a specific location)
  • Press “Start”
  • Open Pokemon GO and Move using on-screen joystick
  • You can also enable “Walk” Feature and Use joystick to specify direction, Player will keep moving in that direction.


Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO!– Get ready for an exciting new Season!
– Various quality-of-life updates have been made.

How to download and install Pokemon Go mod apk:

Pokémon GO mod apk is available for free in RevDL and you can download and install this game with hack radar , fake gps , anti ban and joystick on your android device without root. This game allows you to take possession of creatures and train them so that you can prepare them for various battles. This game is definitely a fascinating game. And if you are into exploring and exploring, you will definitely enjoy this game. But if you like to play with a console controller or mouse and keyboard, this game will not appeal to you.


➤ Is the Pokémon game free or paid?

Yes, this game is free, and you can access all the features for free, but some premiums are paid. But if you want to unlock all the premium features for free, you can download and install our given Pokémon Go Mod APK.

➤ Can you still spoof in Pokémon Go 2021?

Yes, you can spoof, but you have to install a separate GPS spoofing app. 

➤ How do you get free Pokecoins in 2021?

For getting free Pokecoins in 2021, you have to download and install our give Pokémon go Mod APK and get unlimited free Pokecoins. 


If you are an anime game lover in 2021, then you must try this amazing game because it is the best anime game since its launched date. This game has millions of active followers and still increasing day by day. So, don’t waste your time and download the Pokémon go Mod APK for free and enjoy all the premium features for free.

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