Labels for crafts for the exhibition

Municipal institution of culture of club type

Palace of Culture “October” of the municipality, the urban settlement of Zapolyarny, Pechenga district

Director of MUK DK “October”

« 04 » February 2017

Order No. 15 dated 03.02.17

Open city festival of puppet art “KukloGrad”


Founder of the festival: Municipal institution of culture of the club type “Palace of Culture” October “of the municipality of the urban settlement of Zapolyarny, Pechenga district

Period: from March 1 to April 2, 2017

1. Purpose and objectives of the Festival:

The festival of puppet art is held in order to preserve folk traditions and develop modern areas of arts and crafts.
Objectives of the Festival:
1.1. Preservation and development of folk traditions in the field of arts and crafts.
1.2. Development of creative potential and stimulation of the activity of masters of applied art.

1.3. Development of the creative abilities of children and adolescents in arts and crafts, increasing the spiritual culture of youth.
1.4. Education and formation of the aesthetic taste of the younger generation.

2. Participants of the Festival:
Adults and children can take part in the Festival. Age restrictions are not set.

3. Coordination of the Festival activities is carried out by the Organizing Committee, which:
– prepares and distributes documentation on the Festival;
– accepts application forms of the Festival participants;
– organizes master classes and exhibitions of applied art within the framework of the Festival;

– organizes the work of the jury;
– prepares events for awarding the winners of the Festival;
– carries out information and advertising activities;
– prepares prizes and diplomas.

4. The order of the Festival:

4.1. March 1 to April 12, 2017 – author’s doll competition.

March 13 – April 2 – exhibition of the winners of the author’s doll competition

March 4 – March 18 at 16.00. Palace of Culture “October”, office No. 2  master classes “Accessories for a doll”

March 4 – “Umbrella for a doll” (weaving).

March 11 – “Shoes for a doll” (leather).

March 18 – “Hat for a doll” (kanzashi).

March 12 – family master class “Setting the table for a doll” (polymer clay)

March 29 at 17.00 – seminar for teachers

Presentation “History of the Doll”

Master class “Polymer clay doll face”

April 2 – the main day of the Festival, which will be held in the Palace of Culture “October” at the address: Streltsova street, house 1A.
In a programme:

14.00 – 17.00 Exhibition of works by masters of applied arts, fair “Puppet Vernissage”, master classes.

16.00 h. Summing up the results of the competition, the awarding ceremony for the participants of the festival, the performances of the creative teams of the Palace of Culture “October”.

4.2. Participants of the competition present works in the following categories:
– folk, theatrical, souvenir, glove, puppet, textile, attic, interior, etc., made in various techniques and materials (plastic, clay, porcelain, textiles, papier-mâché, natural and etc.)

– accessories for the doll (clothing, shoes, umbrellas, hats, etc. made in various techniques).
4.3. The exhibits of the Festival participant must meet the following criteria: the embodiment of the artistic image, the creative presentation of the work, the originality and complexity of the work in the material, the aesthetic appearance of the product, the correspondence of the work to the age characteristics of the author.

4.4. The procedure and criteria for selecting winners and prize-winners of the competition.

Evaluation of the works of the participants of the Competition and identification of winners is carried out by members of the jury of the Competition.

4.5. Each participant of the Festival draws up an application (Appendix No. 2), a label (Appendix No. 1).
The listed material is accepted from February 20 to February 25, 2017 , to the organizing committee of the festival (DK “October”, room No. 2 or room No. 10).

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The exhibition organizers have the right to:

– post photos of works on the Internet in order to highlight the exhibition;

– to use photos of the exhibition in any print and electronic media to inform the public about the exhibition and its results;

– to use the works of the exhibition for the preparation of photo albums, information booklets, digital media and other products.

The organizers of the exhibition undertake to indicate the name of the author of the work when using it in any form.

Application No. 1


Full name ______________________________
Name __________________________
Technique ________________
City ____________________________

Label (for children’s work).

Age __________________________
Name __________________________
Technique ________________

Educational institution _________
City ____________________________

Application No. 2

Festival-competition of puppet art “KukloGrad”

for participation in a competition, fair, master class (for participation in master classes, indicate which ones), seminar (indicate the events in which you will participate) ______________________________________________

1. Surname, name, patronymic of the participant
2. Name of the institution __________________________________________________________________
3. Address __________________________________________________________________
5. Contact numbers __________________________________________________________________

4. Names of works (technique, quantity) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I am familiar with the conditions for holding the city festival “Kuklograd” and participation in it.

In accordance with the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 N 152-ФЗ “On Personal Data”, I express my consent to the MUK “Palace of Culture  October”, located at the address: 184430 Zapolyarny st. Streltsova d. 1a, to process the personal data provided by me and use them to ensure my participation in the city festival-competition “Kuklograd”

Date _____________________ Signature ____________________

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Works must correspond to the name and theme of the exhibition-competition

8. Evaluation criteria:

– artistic solution 10 points

– the complexity of the work 10 points

– correct decision 10 points

– artistic solution 10 points

– painting/decorative solution 10 points

– correct decision 10 points

– complexity and light and shade analysis 10 points

– aesthetic design of the product 10 points

– finishing quality 10 points

– novelty and originality 10 points

– complexity and literacy of the solution 5 points

– practical significance 5 points

– artistic solution 10 points

– correct decision 10 points

– light-shadow solution 10 points

9. Requirements for exhibits:

· Exhibits that previously participated in exhibitions and competitions of the regional and higher levels in the exhibition-competition do not participate and are not evaluated;

Works made in 2013, 2014 are presented for the exhibition-competition.

· works on drawing, painting and composition are framed, each work must have a label (Appendix 2).

· Exhibits on arts and crafts must be of high quality and aesthetically beautifully designed, each work must have a label (Appendix 2) well attached to the work.

Photographs are issued either in a frame and a passport or in files, a label is attached to the right in the lower corner

to the REGULATIONS on the regional exhibition-competition of drawing, painting, composition, arts and crafts “Golden Autumn”

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Application for the regional exhibition-competition of drawing, painting, composition, arts and crafts “Golden Autumn”

No. FULL NAME. participant Exhibit name Category, nomination Name of institution Address, contact phone

to the REGULATIONS on the regional exhibition-competition of drawing, painting, composition, arts and crafts “Golden Autumn”

FULL NAME. participant, age
Job title
Category, nomination
Contact Information
AGREED: Director of KOGBUDPO “Educational and methodological center for advanced training of workers of culture and art” ________________ O.V. Bakuna _____ September 2014 I APPROVE: the head of the IMO with the center in the city of Kirovo-Chepetsk ____________V.V. Prokashev “___” __________2014 No. ______

Jury composition:

Jury President:

Honored Artist of Russia, Member of the Union of Artists of Russia

Jury members:

G.A. Chepurina senior researcher at the Museum. br. Vasnetsov

L.M. Shakleina director of the art salon “Etude”, Kirovo-Chepetsk

I.V. Kolosov director, teacher MBOU DO Children’s Art School named after. L.T. Brylin, Kirovo-Chepetsk,

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About holding a regional exhibition-competition of children’s creative works

“Earth is our common home”, dedicated to the Year of Ecology

– attracting the attention of schoolchildren to understanding the importance of a conscious careful attitude to nature and the need to preserve it.

– organization and holding of the Competition of children’s creative works;

– to promote the involvement of children in the promotion of environmental protection;

– the development in children of a sense of belonging to all living things;

– fostering an active environmental position, striving to preserve the nature of our planet;

– fostering love for the native land, the ability to see the beauty of nature, wanting to protect and increase its wealth;

– identification and support of creative talented children.

Exhibition organizers

MAU DO “Children’s School of Arts”

3. Conditions and procedure for holding the Contest:

3.1 The exhibition-competition is held from May 16 to May 26, 2017.

After the closing of the exhibition, the safety of the works is not guaranteed.

3.2 To participate in the competition, it is necessary to submit works until May 12, 2017 (inclusive). They are accompanied by an application and labels with the name of the work (see Appendix 1, 2 and 3). The application is also sent electronically.

3.3 Students from different educational institutions can take part in the exhibition-competition. The competition is held for the following age groups:

Nomination “Fine Arts”

1. Nature in the works of Russian painters

2. Our clean city!

3. Environmental problems of the Chernushinsky district

1. Natural landscape

4. Reportage (genre photography)

5. Requirements for work:

5.1 All works must correspond to the stated topic.

5.2 Competitive fine works can be made in any technique using materials at the discretion of the author; drawing format A4 and A3, decorated in a passe-partout (the width of the passe-partout is 2-3 cm).

5.3 Requirements for the content of photographic materials submitted to the exhibition: photographing within the Chernushinsky district; photo dimensions 21 x 30 cm (A-4 format), designed in a passe-partout (on white thick paper, passe-partout width – 3 cm), no more than two color or black-and-white photographs that meet the requirements are accepted from one participant.

5.4 Submitted works must have an application and labels with the name of the work (Appendix 1, 2 and 3).

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5.5 The Jury of the Exhibition-Competition reserves the right not to consider works of a low artistic level, as well as works whose design does not meet the requirements of these Regulations.

5.6 Participants of the Exhibition-competition collect the competitive works on the closing day of the exhibition. After the closing of the exhibition, the safety of the works is not guaranteed.


6.1 The author must be the sole owner of the material provided by him. By submitting works to the competition “The Earth is Our Common Home”, the author gives permission for the use of the material provided by him to the organizers of the competition for any purpose related to the competition itself. The organizers of the competition reserve the right to use the works of the finalists in any print and electronic media to inform the public about the competition and its results.

6.2 The organizers of the competition are obliged to indicate the name of the author of the work when using it in any form. Any commercial use is possible only with the consent of the author.

6.3 The submission of works and applications for participation in the competition automatically constitutes acceptance of the above conditions.

7. Evaluation criteria:

– disclosure of the theme of the competition

– creative approach to work

– color scheme of the picture

– aesthetic appearance of the product (product design)

Summing up the results of the competition. Winner’s reward ceremony

8.1 The results of the competition are summed up by the jury on the day of the competition and drawn up in a protocol. The jury’s decision is final and not subject to revision.

8.2 The jury consists of teachers of the Children’s Art School of Children’s Art School and representatives of the Committee for Environmental Protection of the Chernushinsky Municipal District

8.3 Based on the results of the exhibition, the winners in each age group of the competition are awarded with diplomas of I, II, III degrees and prizes

8.4 All participants of the competition who did not become prize-winners are awarded certificates of participation.

8.5 The awarding of I, II, III degree diplomas will take place at the conference dedicated to the completion of the “Year of Ecology” in December 2017

Contact Information

Applications and works for participation, drawn up in accordance with Appendix 1, 2, 3, are accepted to the organizing committee at:

st. Communist, 35 b (office No. 30)

Inquiries by phone: 4-28-60

to participate in the regional exhibition-competition of children’s creative works

“Earth is our common home”, dedicated to the Year of Ecology

No. Surname and Name of the participant age job title performance technique Teacher (full name ) Phone (required) E-mail institution name


to participate in the photo exhibition “Earth is our common home”

Full name* (in full)
Date of Birth
contact number e-mail
Other information about the author (optional)
Information about the presented works (approximate):
12. job title
the shoot place
shooting date
other information
job title
the shoot place
shooting date
other information

Labels for the nominations “Fine Arts” and “Photography”

Size 3×9 cm, font Arial, 14, bold, text in the middle of the label

Participant’s FI, age

Job title



Sample: (we attach the label to the right only on the passe-partout or under the passe-partout

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