Kebab on mineral water reviews

Is it really delicious? I need it with gas, as I understand it, that the whole secret is in it, right?

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We made a marinade with kiwi or also with pineapple (on a grater), the meat becomes soft and juicy very quickly!

With kiwi, too, by the way, it is sooooo soft, but you can keep it in kiwi for no more than an hour, otherwise it will turn sour.

Last time they made it in kiwi, the meat is very soft. Kill 4-5 pieces of kiwi without skin with a blender. mmmmm delicious

how many kg of meat?

I also tend to such a set) And onion rings or on a grater?

Rings! To fry with meat)) It is desirable to marinate for 8 hours. And if you need it quickly, then kiwi, as already mentioned) 20 minutes and the softest kebab is ready)))

Well, then how will you string it on a skewer?
Of course rings.

For 1.5 kg. We had steaks on the ribs 5 pieces
And I marinate the onions separately, pour boiling water for a couple of minutes, then drain and add vinegar + oil growth a little.
I like it so much more because my husband likes to sip raw onions while stringing them, and it’s not very right to eat it from meat marinade.

I want to ask the veterans. I bought a pork entrecote, I myself don’t rummage in marinades, but I read on the Internet that you can marinate in mineral water.

I bought a bottle of Borjomi, chopped onions, herbs, spices, mixed everything with salt and meat and filled it with mineral water. I put it in the refrigerator. Go to barbecue tomorrow evening.

Now they are tormented by vague doubts, but will the meat lie in mineral water until tomorrow? Maybe drain it in the evening?? Or will it be ok?

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for such a long time, I would not add anything other than onions and spices

I confirm – with pomegranate juice it turns out awesome.

I did it on pomegranate, somehow it didn’t work

There are no proportions, maybe he poured 1 liter of mineral water into 100g of meat.

Beer and kefir in equal proportions. Plus spices to taste. The meat is juicy and soft.

and what kind of beer is better to use and what is the fat content of kefir and how does the fat content of kefir affect meat during pickling?

Have you been looking for a barbecue recipe for two years?)))

I took simple beer – Zhigulevskoe and kefir, which was in the store and did not bother with fat content.

The barbecue was marinated from 2 to 12 hours.

Now I marinate only with Yalta onions and spices for 12 hours.

how many people there are so many barbecue recipes)) I have a more complex one on tomato paste

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but if I were you, I would still look in the evening, because. mineral water in this regard has one minus, due to the content of gases, the meat softens and loosens, check that it is not “marinated” too much, otherwise you can come tomorrow with meat that will simply fall off the skewers.

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Vinegar is not needed. Marinade on mineral water never fails)). Great with pomegranate juice too. On apple cider with rosemary and garlic – just awesome.

And this year I tried another way, but sooo simple: a few tablespoons of sunflower oil (odorless), a large bunch of dill, salt and pepper to taste. Mix everything, massage the meat well in this matter, put it tightly in an enameled saucepan and let it rest for at least 4 hours, preferably at night. Everything! CHIC AND SHINE! ))

Of course, I’m not a cook, but I always thought that there should be acid in the marinade (vinegar, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, etc.), but here it’s only water, onions and spices))

2-3 days if you lie down there will be a sharp taste of onions, etc. And nothing happens for a day. And the mineral water will make the meat more tender. As a true Israeli, I confirm that pork in mineral water and barbecue. mmm yummy

Better in pineapple.

it if in fresh, NOT CANNED. only pineapple itself “digests” meat.

Fuck. You take a fresh greener pineapple, cut it into cubes and mix it thoroughly with the meat. You can add a little water. The main thing is not to overdo it! In an hour, the meat will become tender.

wouldn’t it be sweet?

in mineral water marinates slowly, so the rules.

if you add vinegar, it will marinate in a couple of hours, and if you overdo it, it will become vile.

Lichto I marinate without a heap of liquids at all. I just coat it with spices sometimes with tomato, kefir or cream and leave it to lie down. everyone likes it 🙂

Better vinegar or kefir

Just not vinegar. Delicious kebab on a mineral water

And you try to add a good fruity vinegar. The barbecue will be great!

On wine, natural vinegar it turns out fucking

Exactly. The main thing is not to overdo it.

And in general, any meat can be marinated in a mixture of vinegars before frying.

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Good day, my beloved readers!

Having tried a kebab on a mineral water once , you may give up traditional pickling methods and recognize this recipe as your favorite.

So the long-awaited spring has come – blooming, green and fragrant. Spring forests are filled not only with the aromas of awakening nature, but also with the smell of the first kebabs.

How to marinate barbecue in mineral water with lemon

What country vacation can do without meat cooked on coals? Without barbecue, going out into nature turns into a waste of time.

So that you do not regret the aimlessly lived weekend, we offer you a very tasty barbecue recipe in which pork is marinated in mineral water with lemon.

Pork with this method of pickling is very tender. The taste of meat does not fade into the background, but remains the leader, since carbonated water does not dominate, but loosens the meat fibers, thereby helping them absorb spices better. Gas bubbles play the role of catalysts, so the pickling process is fast.

In just two hours (this time can be reduced to one and a half hours), the pieces of pork will be ready to be strung on skewers. If marinated meat was not used immediately, then it can be stored for up to twelve hours without sacrificing taste.

How to cook

Everything is very simple. It is best to take the loin or pork neck. In these parts there are small layers of fat, which means that the barbecue will be sure to be juicy.

The ham is fine too. You can object – there is not enough fat here. But we will prepare a wonderful marinade that will provide softness to our barbecue.

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You can complement the taste of meat with any spices that you like the most. If you want to add fresh parsley, dill, basil or barberry, then do not chop it, as small pieces will turn into coal chips on the coals. Before frying, green twigs are removed from the meat.

Pay attention to the mineral water – it plays an important role in the preparation of a delicious barbecue. Of course, it should not contain dyes and artificial flavors. After analyzing the main points, you can proceed to cooking.

We take the necessary products:

  • Meat – 3 kg.
  • Bulb onion – 3 onions.
  • Lemons – 1 pc.
  • Spices – to taste and desire.
  • Black pepper and salt – optional and to taste.
  • Mineral water – 1 liter.

Step-by-step recipe for kebabs on mineral water

1. We wash the pork and divide it into pieces (up to five centimeters thick). Thin pieces will be dry after frying, and thick ones will remain raw.

2. Peel the onion, rinse in cold water and cut into half rings. We send the onion to the meat.

3. Cut the washed lemon into two halves and squeeze the juice from one of them. Cut the second part of the lemon into slices and send to the meat and onions

4. The turn of spices has come. Salt, pepper and add aromatic herbs. Everything is according to taste and desire.

5. Pour mineral water and lemon juice into the dishes. We carefully stir everything – the juice and spices should be evenly distributed throughout the dishes. There should be enough mineral water to cover the meat.

Overflow must not be allowed – pieces of meat should not float on top. The press is not needed, it is enough to cover the dishes with the future barbecue with a lid. In this form, we leave the meat alone for at least an hour and a half.

6. The further process is well known to you – we cook barbecue on hot coals in the classic way

The peculiarity of such a barbecue is a unique aroma, rich taste and tender meat, which, after mineral water, is fried very quickly.

But we want to warn you – such a barbecue is eaten even faster! In a word, everything happens very quickly and imperceptibly, as, indeed, all life does

So you need to fill it with bright and joyful moments as often as possible – cooking delicious and fragrant barbecue. Bon Appetit!

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