I will give to lift the mood

Choosing a gift is a delicate matter, first of all it should be original and unexpected.

Giving itself gives positive energy and positive emotions, thereby charging the present. Even the smallest item can lift your spirits during periods of depression and sadness.

So that the second half is not sad

The fair sex is constantly changing mood, and to see how sad a woman is, not every man can do.

The girl needs affection and care, but if this is not enough, then you can consider the following presentation options:

  • a large set of Kinder surprises, it is better to choose a collection with Barbie or animals;
  • a large basket with exotic fruits;
  • tickets to your favorite movie or performance;
  • romantic dinner on the roof;
  • decorations. Here are interesting, cute and charming presents:
  • interesting trinkets;
  • mobile phone accessories;
  • shopping.

Sometimes a simple little thing can make a person smile. Write a beautiful SMS to your beloved, where a secret place with a gift will be indicated.

In addition to the fair sex, men also feel sad when something does not work out for them.

What to give a guy to improve his mood?

cigarette case with an inscription. Here is a personalized presentation:

  • a gift certificate to a specialized store, depending on his hobbies;
  • sweet “ambulance” – multi-colored pills in a beautiful jar;
  • cycling or horseback riding;
  • subscription for fishing or hunting;
  • massage session.

You need to choose a gift based on the reason that spoiled the person’s mood. If a man or woman is just tired, then it is better to let them rest by offering to go on a picnic, go for a massage, go to the pool or go shopping. A well-chosen present is the key to success and a great mood!

A Few Ideas

A souvenir or a great present to a friend, colleague, loved one can be given just like that, for absolutely no reason. Suitable ideas:

  • portable acoustic system for connoisseurs of music;
  • stylish player with alarm function;
  • original flash drive;
  • antistress balls;
  • cool ashtrays;
  • a solar-powered globe for travelers;
  • funny computer mouse;
  • alcohol game in Russian roulette;
  • thermo mug with changing picture;
  • T-shirt with a funny inscription or picture.

Sometimes the simplest trinket carries a lot of meaning. If you want to wish a person well-being, stability, harmony, health and good luck, then you can safely choose an elephant figurine with a trunk raised up.

It is a little easier for DIY enthusiasts to solve the problem, as they can independently make a unique thing to raise their state of mind.

What can you do yourself?

A great idea is to create an organizer of positive emotions. To do this is quite simple. You will need:

  1. cut or print nice words;
  2. stick them on the poster;
  3. add sweets;
  4. give.

You can buy a special chest, box or basket where you can put nice, tasty and useful things. For each item, you can attach a special instruction for use, for example:

Coffee should be drunk at the very moment when the forces begin to leave you. And you can also present a cool coffee set as a gift:

  • Eat this chocolate bar if your soul is empty.
  • These gummies look like a rainbow, eat them soon so that everything becomes rainbow.
  • I love you so much that this heart-shaped candy will fill your heart with warmth and love.
  • You are the best friend in the world! As soon as you get lonely, drink this lemonade.


Choosing a gift is always quite difficult, but you can find your own special approach to this matter. Give gifts with a good mood and charge others with positive!

It is customary to call a gift a thing that a person gives to another person free of charge. As a rule, the presentation of a gift is associated with some occasion, with a holiday or with a joyful event.

A gift says a lot about the person who gives it and about the attitude towards the person to whom the gift is intended.

What to give so that the gift is both original and useful? Here are some examples of original gifts.

A gift brings a smile to any person , makes you smile not only from the very fact of giving, but also from his expectation. In our dynamic time, formal and soulless gifts are often presented. But people have always given gifts and will always give each other, because the process of giving adds joy and good mood to our lives. Therefore, here we will consider a gift not only as a way of self-expression, but also as an item to cheer up.

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A Brief History of Original Gift Ideas

Every gift, even the most modest, becomes a great gift if you give it with love. (André Maurois)

In ancient times, gifts were given a special, sacred (mystical) meaning. Very unusual gifts that were presented with good intentions brought happiness and good luck. Otherwise, the gift had a negative and even disastrous effect. Gifts had a ritual value (as a gift to a leader, a king, a chosen one), and later acquired an individual meaning, the main function of which is to show an attitude towards a person, bring him joy or cheer him up.

The current stage in the development of gifts is an abundance of opportunities for expressing oneself with the help of a gift. Choosing a gift , we often no longer pursue the goal of pleasing someone, securing our lives or entering into relationships, now our goal is to tell about ourselves, show our feelings, personal qualities . Now there are many opportunities for this: we give each other not banal little things, but unique, exclusive souvenirs that can not only be put on the shelf and contemplated, but which will bring us benefit and their portion of happiness every day.

The influence of gifts on a person’s mood

The process of giving and receiving a gift brings much more emotional satisfaction if the gift is original and unexpected . People who are busy looking for a gift, in addition to light stress)), their mood rises and vital energy increases. Giving is a kind of confirmation of feelings for each other, an “attack” of generosity and sincerity. And even from the ordinary process of finding and choosing a gift, a fascinating action can turn out.

How to choose the right gift for your mood

A beautiful and well-chosen gift will cheer up any person, so it is very important to find exactly what is needed or desired. The choice of gifts is huge and varied, ranging from small trinkets to heavy household appliances.

If you decide to choose a small souvenir as a gift, then approach the choice carefully and carefully, because this can both improve a person’s mood and spoil it. It is very important to proceed from the personal wishes and preferences of the person to whom you give, because the most valuable thing is exactly what is chosen with diligence and with soul.

It can be an inexpensive and small souvenir , but it is important that it pleasantly surprises and pleases. You should not spare money or time for gifts, then you will be rewarded with joy and a smile in return, which are more expensive than any formal thanksgiving.

11 options for original gifts

Based on the definition itself, the original gift must be unique, unlike anything else, and possibly one of a kind. It doesn’t matter how funny it looks, its uniqueness is important, which would emphasize the individuality of the person to whom we hand it. Let’s look at 11 original gifts for a good mood.

One can only envy the happy owner of this invention. The small portable speaker SLH-HY-L01 is made to please its user . Despite its minimal size, the device has a very rich and loud sound. Built-in battery with a capacity of 450 mAh allows the device to work for a long time. The speaker is compatible with a computer, iPod, iPad, iPhone, MP3 / MP4 player with Bluetooth function. A must have for music lovers.

The compact one-piece design of the player has a square-section body, which is made of aluminum alloy. 1.4″ LCD monochrome display shows time, calendar, mp3 files or FM radio. Supports MP3 music format, USB flash drives up to 16GB. A great gift for a great mood!

Always relevant and irreplaceable gift! Zinc alloy housing with glossy surface, water and dust resistant, rugged housing in compact size. Can be worn as an accessory like a key chain or pendant, does not require external power sources.

Have you suddenly spoiled your mood, is it difficult to deal with stress alone? In this case, shrinking multi-colored stress relief balls are the best option! It comes with 6 smiley balls that can be thrown, squeezed and immediately bounce back. A great toy for those who want to instantly relax and relieve nervous tension . The multi-color palette allows you to choose exactly the color that suits your mood. An anti-stress “helper” will always be at hand!

Smoking is harmful to health, but many of us have friends and acquaintances who have not yet got rid of this addiction. In this case, the “military” stainless steel ashtray and the form of a barrel for oil products will give your friend a great mood. At first glance, the object is absolutely not like a standard ashtray and rather resembles a mini-container for transporting petroleum products. In addition, you do not immediately understand its true application. Imagine what your colleagues at work would think when they saw this item on your friend’s desk. It seems that the clarifications will end on a humorous note, and absolutely all members of the working team will be happy. The ashtray has small holes that can also serve as a pen holder. The original gift solution 2 in 1!

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For lovers of distant wanderings and geography, the globe as a color cartographic projection of the globe is an excellent souvenir. The oldest globe that has survived to this day was made in 1492 in Germany. At present, solar-powered globes are very popular. The subject is marked with a political map of the world with topographic shading, major cities and countries, as well as the planet’s water bodies. Four solar panels as a power source guarantee a long service life of the souvenir. An excellent tool for a good mood, which can be contemplated at any time, mentally traveling to your favorite corners of the Earth.

A wonderful and original addition to the interior of a room or office. Bad mood, no opportunity to be in nature? A colored sticker depicting a wonderful view from the window is a great way out of this situation. Everyone knows that the view of nature calms and distracts from any negative thoughts, and the color scheme in white and green tones has a healing effect on the subconscious. Such a souvenir will not replace a full-scale landscape of nature, but will bring a small piece of joy into everyday life. Look at the wall sticker – and you will see a white window overlooking a quiet, green park. What could be better during a nervous tension? Such a gift will help to instantly forget about a bad mood.

Whether you agree that “all men are children” or disagree, you must give them a high-quality and funny gift . Fashionable men’s T-shirt with short sleeves and print in the shape of a kid’s torso with a soccer ball is a great solution for those who want to constantly be in a state of uncontrollable laughter, or for those who want to deliver a dose of fun to their friend or loved one. You can choose a different name for such a gift “Feel like a big child.” Isn’t this the dream of humor lovers?

Do you want your friend to work on a PC in an exciting activity , and not in the banal clicking on the mouse buttons? Then a wireless optical mouse in the form of a car is your trump card when choosing a gift. An inexpensive, but very necessary thing will constantly remind him of you and bring a lot of joy every minute. Suitable as a small souvenir for both men and women. Still, everyone deep down dreams of their own car. ))

10. “Drinking” game of roulette

Popular board game in 16 glasses. Instead of alcohol, you can use any other drink. In any case, such a game will not leave anyone indifferent , because. can smoothly move into a friendly feast. The ball hit the cell – drank! Of course, your friend will like this version of the popular game. “Place your bets, gentlemen!”

The cup is intended as a souvenir for creative, dreamy people who like to turn any ordinary processes into a fairy tale story. For example, while taking your favorite drink, if the temperature of the liquid reaches 60 degrees, the surface of the cup will change color. In this case, the black color of the ceramics will be “repainted” in yellow. It resembles day and night, sunset and dawn. What a pleasure to have a cup of tea and dream! Give such a gift, and you will definitely be grateful.

Unusual gifts will be able to offer a lot of ideas and options and express your feelings towards the person to whom you give these gifts. In any case, remember that the gift must be chosen and given with soul . Only then will it bring to your loved ones not only a sea of ​​positive emotions, but will also be a “talisman” to cheer you up for a long time.

Interesting people for you to present and unusual gifts for you!

Aggregator of advice and knowledge on the web

Sometimes you have to work hard on a good mood. And nothing helps in this as well as reading funny and life-affirming quotes, jokes and aphorisms that uplift your mood and charge you with positive.

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Some quotes motivate and thus make it clear that there is no place in life for sad thoughts. Others simply amuse and drive away sadness. This collection of fun, life-affirming phrases will lift your spirits.

This collection of funny phrases will set you up for positive

Phrases that lift your spirits

  1. “I love you sweetheart!” – excellent status! And all the suns are pleased, and you will not sleep …
  2. Alcohol does not help to find the answer, it helps to forget the question….
  3. Squirrels eat snow. What are you doing to make winter end faster?
  4. Take care of the motherland! Vacation abroad!
  5. The Bible teaches to love your neighbor, and the Kama Sutra explains exactly how.
  6. God gave the man two heads, but there is so little blood that one can only think of them one by one.
  7. An alarm clock is like the sound of a gunshot. Most lie dead.
  8. There are such seconds when minutes decide everything. And it lasts for hours.
  9. There is a genius in each of us. And every day it gets stronger and stronger…
  10. Each person has exactly as much vanity as he lacks intelligence.
  11. In any situation, say “everything is going according to plan” – you never know what kind of fucked up plan you have.
  12. There are no perpetual motion machines in the world, but there are plenty of perpetual brakes!
  13. One does not believe in rheumatism and love until the first attack.
  14. In Russia, the people have not yet spoken their word, but it is already written on the fence …
  15. Physics has been abolished in Estonian schools so as not to injure children with the concept of “speed”.
  16. Do you still feel like the world is against you? Remember that planes take off against the wind!
  17. I would look at you for a century – through an optical sight. 
  18. Spring is late for us, summer is delayed … And autumn, you bastard, is punctual!
  19. Instead of carefully erasing an event from your memory, take out colorful crayons and draw it!
  20. The grandchildren of a 120-year-old grandmother freaked out and decided to buy an apartment themselves.
  21. In the look of my cat it is read that I live in her apartment and it seems it is time for me to move out.
  22. Look for the positive in everything. A fire is being put out above you in an apartment, which means it’s worth having a foam party.
  23. NANOtechnologies are being developed all over the world, and NAKHERtechnologies are being developed in our country.
  24. You need to return to the woman as quickly as possible. So quickly that she does not have time to understand that she is fine without you.
  25. A well-mannered man will not make remarks to a woman who does not carry a sleeper well.
  26. I admire my friend! Now that’s loyalty! Fourth time married. And the lover is still the same!
  27. Here you send someone in a hurry. And in your soul you worry: did you get there? … didn’t you get there? …

Positive funny video to cheer up

This video will charge you with positive and excellent mood for a very long time, you won’t have to be sad:

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