How to lose weight in a month

Today there are a large number of ways and methods of losing weight , ranging from copyright techniques to patented diets. Some of them suggest losing more than 10 kg in one month through taking medications, others – completely eliminating some foods, and still others – resorting to serious physical training. Without a doubt, each of the proposed options will be quite effective, but where is the guarantee that in a couple of months after losing weight, the volumes will not return to their previous and higher rates.

Let’s try to figure out how to lose weight in a month and start the process of restoring the correct metabolism so that the weight not only reaches the desired indicators, but also continues to decline until it is completely normalized.

First. Analyze the ratio of your real weight to the desired result. If you do not plan to cause irreparable harm to your health and do not want to gain another few tens of kilograms, the monthly weight loss rate should not exceed 5-6 percent. That is, with a mass of 100 kg, the optimal figure will be 5-6 kg, and with a weight of 52 kg – 2.5 kg. This rule should not be neglected. In the event of an emergency weight loss, the body will work to the limit of its capabilities and, when the usual regimen is restored, it will brutally recoup for every lost gram.

Second. Pay attention to your diet. If you eat once or twice a day, even with fewer calories, you will not be in danger of healthy weight loss. Consider switching to five or six meals a day. By eating more often, you will not feel hungry, therefore, reduce the amount of food consumed and, of course, begin to lose weight.

Third. Review your diet. Include more protein, vegetables and fruits in it. Don’t forget fats and carbohydrates. An excessive amount of them can lead to obesity, and a deficiency in the malfunctioning of the metabolic system, in both the first and second cases, the process of losing weight can significantly slow down or stop. Please note that for weight loss, it is advisable to adhere to the following rules for compiling the menu: the total daily calorie content of food should not exceed 1200-1300 calories, the distribution of proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be built in a ratio of 35:15:50. It is recommended to exclude from your diet as much as possible rich flour products, carbonated sweet drinks and chemical sweets, the required amount of carbohydrates can be obtained from fruits, honey and dried fruits.

The transition to proper fractional nutrition will help to painlessly and evenly part with extra pounds in the first month, while maintaining the balance of all the substances necessary for the body. You do not have to sit on a strict diet and suffer from hunger. The main thing is to correctly approach the development and compilation of your daily menu . For example, curd-chocolate cream with oatmeal pancakes for breakfast will perfectly charge you with vigor and excellent mood, chicken fillet with blue-cheese sauce and rice can easily replace a burger or shawarma at lunchtime, and pesto pizza during an evening meal will allow you not only to have a delicious dinner but also fall asleep peacefully without feeling hungry.

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