How easy is it to sew a simple dress?

How to quickly sew a dress for the summer with your own hands without a pattern from silk, knitwear and chiffon?

With the onset of summer, you want to add colorful summer dresses to your wardrobe. But there is not always the time and opportunity to buy yourself a few new products. Therefore, we suggest that you sew them with your own hands! Your product will be exclusive and exactly the way you want it!

White simple dresses and sundresses made of light fabric are very popular this season. They can be both classic and with embroidery or other accessories. Such models are suitable for girls with any type of figure and height.

How to sew a simple dress for the summer with your own hands?

This dress will be as simple as possible, so it is recommended to give preference to bright fabrics with catchy prints . And stock up on some already available ready-made outfit – you can rely on its outlines in order not to use the pattern. It is desirable to make a simple dress from bright fabric.

  • So, spread the fabric on the floor in two layers. Of course, you have to work with the wrong side.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that if you plan to make a new dress from non-stretch fabric, then the stencil dress should be the same. It is desirable that there are no zippers in the stencil either – it can be difficult to sew it in for beginners.

  • Now, leaning on the workpiece, cut pieces from the fabric . It doesn’t matter if you want to make a new thing more magnificent – just take this into account when cutting
  • In total, we got two pieces – the front and the back. The only thing left is to sew them together on the sides and straps . The bottom as well as the holes for the arms and head remain intact
  • Now we mark the waist . For this, even the most common elastic band is suitable. Measure your distance to your waist and mark it on the fabric. Cut a piece of elastic to a suitable size

IMPORTANT: Try to choose such a length so that the waist is not tightly pulled together, but at the same time so that the fabric does not dangle with the bag.

  • Sew the elastic on the wrong side . At the same time, the fabric will gather in a fold in the waist area.
  • Do not forget to machine the hem, sleeves and neck with a typewriter – this will allow the work to look neat and the fabrics will not crumble.

This is what a simple dress we end up with – colorful, comfortable and light

How to sew a simple dress with your own hands without a pattern?

If you don’t want to bother with sewing patterns, a Greek-style dress is a great solution. For this simple yet dramatic outfit, choose something fluid like silk, satin, muslin, velvet, jersey or fine knitwear. In this case, you will need fabrics of about 3 meters.

IMPORTANT: It will be ideal to choose a material that will not crumble at the cut site – this will help save time on processing the edges.

The easiest way to make a dress out of a similar fabric is to wrap it around the body and pin it on the shoulders with decorative pins. You can gird your waist with a beautiful ribbon. And in order to avoid plowing at the slightest breath of wind, the open side must be stitched.

According to the growth pattern

It is very simple to make such a summer dress with your own hands, and in this case, our assistant will be a growth grid, on which we will draw the future product.

Materials and tools

The following materials will be useful to us:

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  • growth mesh with cells of 10 cm;
  • the cloth;
  • threads to match the color of the material;
  • scissors.

We start sewing

To make an outfit, we make a drawing of the future product on a growth grid, as on a sample. We mark on it the points of intersection of the lines of the pattern with the sketches on the grid, we connect these points. All lines should be smooth: avoid straight lines.

If you don’t have a growth grid, you can make it yourself from graph paper.

How to sew a simple straight dress with your own hands?

First of all, choose the right fabric , because this step is especially important when sewing without a pattern. A material that “breathes” is recommended – with cotton in the composition, with synthetic fibers – such a dress will perfectly stretch and not wrinkle at the same time. The best choice is stretch jersey. In addition, a dress made of it will be comfortable to put on and take off.

How much tissue do you need? With an average height of up to 175 centimeters and a clothing size of about 50, stock up on material about 1.5 meters wide. As for the length, if you are planning a short outfit, 1.1 meters will be enough, if the average one is 1.3 meters, if the long one is 1.8 meters.

IMPORTANT: If you plan to make a dress with sleeves, you will additionally need 0.2 meters of fabric for short sleeves, 0.4 meters for medium sleeves and 0.7 meters for long sleeves.

Here is such a straight summer dress with sleeves in the end it will turn out
So, let’s start sewing:

  • First, iron the fabric with a hot iron and steam. And look for some T-shirt that fits your figure best.
  • After this preparatory step, fold the fabric along the lobular line in two layers. Put the T-shirt on top and circle it with chalk for convenience.

For a simple straight dress, it’s best to use a T-shirt as a guide.

  • Think about how much the length suits you – so if you are the owner of lush hips, you need to add fabric in the appropriate area. And remember that it is important to leave an allowance of 1-1.5 centimeters. Cut out the received parts
  • Now cut the neck to the desired depth
  • Tie up your sleeves . The T-shirt will be very helpful in accurately calculating the size of the slots.
  • Prepare two piping 5 cm wide
  • Use pins to connect the front piping to the neckline. Step back about a centimeter from the edge and sew. Repeat the same for the back seam.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to stretch the piping slightly while attaching to the neckline so that the cut line will be neat.

  • Finish the shoulder seams. It is recommended to do this in a zigzag – this is how slices are processed better.
  • Sew on the sleeves . If the allowances get in the way, you can cut them off.
  • Now pin the sides of the future dress with pins . Try to do this carefully so as not to stretch the fabric. Check the alignment of the seams. Now flash it all

When making a straight, simple dress, pins will be indispensable.

  • Fitting time! If the hem and sleeves are too long, shorten them. That’s it – you can wear a dress

Straight simple dress ready

Dress with a skirt – flounce

For sewing you need to prepare:

  • a piece of silk fabric;
  • metal button;
  • threads, sewing tools.


We mark the details of the dress on the fabric, cut it out, providing for allowances of 1.0 – 1.5 cm.

Pinning the chest darts, stitching them.

We split the front and back along the shoulder cuts, and carry out the shoulder seams. We process the slices with an overlock or overwrap using a zigzag line.

Sew the sleeves into the armholes.

We sew them along the edge. We process the slices with an overlock.

We fold the front and back parts right sides to each other, sew sleeve and side seams. We process the slices with an overlock.

We turn out the product.

We cut out the front and back panels of the skirt. The length of the workpieces determines the density of the gathers on the skirt.

We stitch them along the side seams, we wrap around the cuts. On the lower cut, we perform a double fold and stitch. We sew a machine line with a large stitch along the upper cut. Gather the skirt up to a length equal to the length of the lower cut of the upper part.

  • A-line dress with raglan sleeves. Instructions for sewing and printing patterns

Sewing the skirt with the upper part, processing the cuts.

The appearance of the product for this stage is shown in the following photo.

We make a small incision along the middle line of the back. We process the edges with oblique stitching.

We process the cut of the neck with an oblique facing. Sew on the button.

On the lower cut of the sleeves, we perform a double turn-up and sew.

The dress is ready!

How to sew a simple long dress with your own hands?

  • Prepare a fabric that is twice your height and a nice belt for the belt
  • Spread the fabric on the floor and mark the middle with a line on it using a crayon
  • Now in the middle of this line, cut a hole for the head . Put the fabric over you
  • Think about how long you want to make the neckline – it can be traditionally up to the chest, or it can be up to the waist. In the latter case, with several ribbons, this cutout will be intercepted across. In any case, mark the desired length with small chalk, and then lay the fabric again on the floor, make a slit up to the mark
  • Now put the blank back on , pin the fabric on the shoulders with decorative pins
  • Tie up the ribbons by tying them under the fabric. Either stitch right away or pin to start for trying on – whichever you prefer

IMPORTANT: You don’t have to mess with the stitches too much, because these tapes will have a binding function. But on top for decoration, you will have to fix more ribbons.

  • Experiment with the backrest to find draperies that work best for you
  • You can sew the future dress on the sides, or you can add graceful buttons

A simple floor-length dress without a pattern can be made frank thanks to the neckline and cutouts on the sides.

Two-piece dress

Making this dress model will not be difficult for you. To make your work easier, it is recommended to make a dress from two identical silk scarves. This will prevent the edges from crumbling, as they will already be processed.

Materials and tools

What we need:

  • two rectangular cuts of fabric, the width of which should be the same as the half-girth of the thighs.
  • threads;
  • sewing machine.

We start sewing

How to sew a summer dress:

1. We process the edges of the segments with an overlock.

2. Decide on the width of the neck to your taste. It depends on how visible your shoulders will be.

3. Determine the width of the armholes.

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4. On one piece, sketch the shoulder lines with a piece of soap. We connect the parts with a needle, then we sew.

5. We make turns on the neck, then we sew them on a typewriter.

6. Sew the side edges of the blanks from the armhole to the bottom of the product.

7. We process the allowances with an overlock or bend them and sew them.

The dress can also be decorated with a strap or ribbons.

How to sew a simple evening dress with your own hands?

You urgently need to get an evening dress, and in the closet there are light scarves or stoles , which are not a pity to use for a good cause? Then you are here:

  • Turn one of the shawls into a skirt by stitching around the edges
  • Sew the elastic at the waist . It is highly desirable that the elastic is of the same scale with the outfit, otherwise you will have to dodge with disguise
  • Take the second scarf, which will serve as the bodice , and with the shorter side, sweep it to the elastic.
  • Stretch the future bodice obliquely and wrap it around the neck . Wrap around your neck and stretch obliquely to the opposite side of the side you were wearing.
  • Baste the fabric on the opposite side as well . Alternatively, you can not throw the scarf obliquely, but wrap some ends around the neck, and put others behind your back and sew them
  • Tackle the part of the fabric that is adjacent to the back of the head – sew it beautifully
  • Sew and fabric on the neckline

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to fasten the bodice to the skirt with an elastic band – this way it will fit the most neatly.

Here is such a simple evening dress can be obtained without a pattern from scarves.

Fashionable children’s dresses with their own hands: a sea of ​​ideas from famous brands

How fast our children are growing! Before you look back, the sleeves of the clothes are short again and a full set of seasonal equipment is required. I would like to dress my beloved child practical, fashionable, and, preferably, not very expensive.

For those who sew themselves, I propose to spy on ideas for children’s outfits from well-known brands. Skillful hands of mom, good quality fabrics, a little imagination – and now the kids look no worse than models from the catwalks. You don’t have to buy new expensive cuts! Let’s open the “bins of the homeland”!

What I like about this approach is the ability to combine fabrics in one product. Sewing lovers always have some “surplus production”. So let’s put them into action! Do not be afraid of unexpected combinations of textures and colors, it is in such cases that little tailor’s masterpieces are born.

Various stripes and appliques will help to refresh and decorate a nondescript piece of gray knitwear, since now their choice is huge. And you can try yourself – a large catchy applique made of fabric will attract admiring glances. And if you spend time on embroidery, then the result will be to the liking of the most discerning little dandy!

I tried to pick up examples of fashionable children’s outfits from famous designers. Perhaps no one will refuse that his child looks the same as the children in these photos. But the prices for these clothes amaze any normal person to the heart and wallet! However, not everything is as sad as it seems. You can use quite budget fabrics. All that remains is to review your stocks, buy a little of this and that for finishing – and voila, DOLGE & GABBANA nervously smoke on the sidelines, and your most beautiful child in the world delights others!

The publication will be in several parts – I would like to consider all the fittings and details. Therefore, I make them thematic. Today we will look at casual warm dresses for every day. Let’s get ready for the fall-winter season. And in the future we will admire elegant dresses, because the holidays are just around the corner!

So let’s go.

We use all the advantages of knitted fabrics – warm, elastic, not restraining the child in movement, easy to process and practical to wear – they will become a lifesaver for every day. Don’t forget the thin anti-pilling fleece, corduroy and high quality flannel. We generously decorate all this with appliqués, embroidery, cute “highlights” -details, and at the end we get an excellent result!

Cats rule! We embroider a charming face, add flirty ears, combine a plump cotton footer or fleece with tulle or lace in one product – the result is excellent!

As you can see, the silhouettes are the simplest. And kids don’t need tricky styles. And we need bright applications!

And sequins, sequins, they are like magpies, our girls!

With such a decor, of course, you will have to tinker a little longer, but it’s worth it …

And finally, my favorite topic is the combination of different fabrics in one product. Even from small pieces, you can come up with something interesting. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Well, the photo limit has been exhausted, alas … Someone might say: “And in the last photos – knitted dresses!” Agree. But among us there are both sewing and knitting lovers. And do not take the examples as dogma – you can always use the idea – to sew strips of fabric together and make an applique out of it. The result, I think, will be no worse than the original. Create, invent, try!

To be continued.

Simple DIY Maternity Dress

A bustier dress is an ideal option for pregnant women, since both the breast will support and visually stretch the figure. In addition, you can make a very elegant model. And after giving birth, such a dress can be completely used as a skirt.

For such a miracle, you will need 2 pieces of fabric – for the dress itself and for the bow on the chest. As for the one that is intended for the dress, its length should be about 65 centimeters. But as for the width, then to determine it, multiply the circumference of the tummy by 1.4.

Now a few words about the fabric for the bow . Roughly, its width should be 40 centimeters. But the length is equal to the width of the dress, multiplied by 2.

  • We start, oddly enough, with a bow. Fold the fabric in half, sew
  • Now take the material intended for the dress itself. Where it is supposed to top, create folds.
  • Grind the side cuts
  • Now sew the bow to the main piece of fabric.
  • Fold up the bottom and process it

A simple bustier dress without a pattern for pregnant women is a great option

How to sew a dress for plump with your own hands?

In the case of a full figure, there should be some tricks – for example, a triangular neckline is recommended for visual lengthening of the neck, and the style itself should not be sticky.

IMPORTANT: Forget about numerous ruffles, frills, even if they are stored in large quantities in your box somewhere. Puffy beauties such a design will not be at all on hand.

  • So, stock up on a piece of rectangular fabric . You choose the size yourself, depending on your parameters. As for the length, it is recommended that the option is either knee-deep or lower
  • Cut a piece from the top of the fabric – this will be the neckline and neckline. Even if you don’t want to make a neckline, you still have to cut the neckline – in this case, it will be 4-8 centimeters. Sew the cutout
  • Fold the top of the fabric and sew it like a drawstring . Thread in ribbons, ribbons or strings. It is desirable in such a way that they come out towards the neckline. Process the drawstring
  • Do not forget to process the sides of the future dress and the bottom . If desired, you can sew on the sleeves

Cut out the details of the dress

Since our fabric is cotton, before opening and sewing a dress, it must be designed – washed in soapy water, rinsed, dried and ironed with a hot iron from the wrong side.

We lay out the fabric on a flat surface and fold the front side with the front side along and then across. That is, we should get a rectangle of 4 layers of fabric. The longest side of the rectangle is the length of the dress. The one that is shorter is the width. The point of intersection of the folds is the top of the neckline of the dress, from which, in fact, we will build the pattern of the dress.

We take a pencil and a ruler and outline the neck, setting aside the necessary measurements from the intersection of the folds (vertices) of the rectangle. Measurements can be made “by eye” or you can use a detailed master class, where a detailed description was given of how you can cut out a summer dress without a pattern.

Please note that the neck configuration can be round, square, boat, etc., mine is U-shaped.

We measure the volume of the wide part of the hips with a measuring tape. We divide this figure by 4 and add 6 cm to the result obtained. We measure the desired figure on the fabric and draw a side line. Draw a smooth transition under the sleeves to the side of the dress. Cut out.

Cut out a pattern for the future belt from the remnants of the fabric. If you were unable to cut the belt along the entire length, then make it up from separate strips.

How to sew a simple chiffon dress with your own hands?

Chiffon is just a godsend in the hot season, because it is light, draped perfectly, and such outfits look very feminine and romantic. Chiffon makes excellent simple dresses, very graceful

  • So, get a T-shirt that fits your figure, but does not fit tight. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and place a T-shirt on top. It is best to use pins
  • Outline the T-shirt with chalk and cut out the resulting blank. Remember to mark the neck in front as well.

IMPORTANT: Remember to leave seam allowances of about 7 millimeters.

  • Now cut out the skirt, not forgetting about the allowances in this case . The canvas in this case should be rectangular. Before the neckline, as with the bodice, fold the fabric in half. As for the width, calculate it by multiplying 1.5 by the width of the hips, because there will be gathers. Well, if you want pomp, multiply the width of the hips by 2
  • Attach the blanks of the skirt and bodice to each other, check the sides . Connect the blanks with pins or lightweight stitches
  • Sew the blanks. It is best to do this with a special sewing machine needle # 70 or # 80. The thing is that chiffon is very thin, and a regular needle can only ruin the fabric. First work the bodice from the shoulders, then from the sides.
  • Sew the skirt on top – this will fix the folds.
  • Now sew a skirt with a bodice

IMPORTANT: Pay particular attention to the seam processing. The fabric is thin, so tuck the edges first by 3-4 millimeters, and then by the same amount. After that, you can sew. Decorate the necklines and armholes in this way

How to sew a simple summer dress with your own hands – tips for beginners

Sewing such a model is quite easy, because it has a simple cut. The most important thing is to decide what material to sew it from. Any lightweight material will do: cotton, linen, chintz. But, in addition to choosing the material, you need to take measurements yourself so that the pattern is correct.

When constructing it, you will need the following measurements: 1. Chest circumference and above the chest 2. Neck circumference 3. Shoulder length, from back to waist and the future product 4. Shoulder length

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It is very difficult for mothers with children to find a lot of time for complex and large patterns. Therefore, we will provide you with some simple tips on how to sew a summer dress with your own hands at home . To do this, we need a T-shirt or T-shirt, on the basis of which we will make a pattern.

1. The very first thing is to find a T-shirt that fits well on your child and place it on a large piece of paper, Whatman paper or graph paper. 2.Place and level the product on the paper and trace along the contour with a pencil. Following the photo – instructions below, lengthen the side lines. 3. Before cutting the same dress out of the fabric, you need to measure whether it will fit the child. To do this, you need to measure lines A and B. (See photo below)

Half-girth + 5/7 centimeters – line A. Half-girth + 4 cm – line B.

4. Next, we will use only one half of the pattern, as it turns out to be asymmetrical. Select the prettier half and outline it on one side and on the other, flipping it over. The main thing is not to forget about the seam allowances ! Better to leave about one centimeter!

5. If you want a pleated skirt instead of a straight skirt, then cut the pattern in two. Sew the lower part according to the gatherings. You can add a petticoat in a different color. And trim all edges with tape in the color of the petticoat.

Ball gown for girls with their own hands

This style is already more difficult to sew than the previous ones. For this, you are provided with a video in which the sewing process is described in detail.

Long and straight dress (video)

It is perfect for romantic dates – you can create a beautiful summer evening look.

Off the shoulder dress

This model is very relevant this summer. It is very comfortable, practical and, most importantly, beautiful. For more information on how to sew a model on the shoulders with open shoulders without sleeves, our video will tell you:

How to sew a simple silk dress with your own hands?

Silk gives any outfit an exquisite look, but it is undesirable to be especially sophisticated with details. And one more tip – make a loose dress, as silk tends to creep at the seams.

As in the previous cases, use some suitable T-shirt as a stencil . As for this case, there are some nuances in working with silk :

  • The disadvantage of silk is that it slips heavily when sewing. However, this can be easily eliminated if you first dilute the starch or gelatin and use a brush to gently apply the mixture to the fabric at the processing sites. Then these places need to be ironed through white paper
  • In the case of silk, be sure to sew the liner using the same parameters as the dress itself. Of course, more time will be spent on such work, but on the other hand, the finished product will take on the appearance of a thing made by a professional

You need to connect the lining and the dress from the wrong side to the wrong side – so the seams will be hidden

  • Keep the stitches small and pay close attention to their direction.
  • It is recommended to handle the collar with edging

As you can see, you don’t have to be an experienced seamstress and fiddle with a bunch of patterns in order to create your outfit for the summer. Moreover, you can dress up for any event – both for going to the theater or for a celebration, and for ordinary walks. Be bright and individual this summer!

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