Healthy food

We are what we eat, this truth has been familiar to everyone for a long time, because food is an important part of everyone’s life, it is not without reason that you can live without it for only 7 – 9 days.

Healthy food affects our well-being, because a well-fed person feels much more cheerful and thinks faster.

Everyone wants to be healthy and tries to carefully monitor their diet. Today, unfortunately, the market is full of fast foods, as well as frozen foods or instant meals, so people are less likely to eat healthy and organic vegetables, fruits, and so on. At the moment, modern manufacturers have singled out a whole segment for the healthy nutrition niche.

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What foods are good for your health

Today, when various fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics began to facilitate the cultivation of food, there is practically no normal and healthy food left. Indeed, introducing nitrogen fertilizers into the ground, a person himself attracts various fungi and other microorganisms into it.

Another nuisance is that large yields achieved with different chemicals do not contain all the beneficial properties and vitamins in full. But the earth is also alive, and in the end, from such intensive use, it becomes poorer and stops giving birth.

Another find of mankind, which was supposed to make life easier, but only ruined the health of half of the population, is fast food.

Everyone knows about fries, hamburgers, baked sausages and shawarma that can be bought at every corner; frozen pancakes and pizzas that you just need to microwave and eat. But such food contains many carcinogens, processed oil that is not absorbed by the body, but is immediately deposited in fat and on the walls of blood vessels, cholesterol, an excess of which can form plaques in the veins, but does not contain vitamins and minerals at all.

It is worth remembering that it is best to eat freshly prepared healthy food from natural products, because this is the one that contains the most vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy carbohydrates. Healthy food is determined not only by its composition, growing conditions, and ecologically clean region. For meat products, feed is of great importance, the absence of additives in them that accelerate the growth of the breed; for plant food, it is required to control fertilization, the presence of so frightening of all GMOs.

Not sure if you are eating right? Keep a food diary and write down everything you eat and drink. At the end of the week, think about what was right and what was worth giving up for the sake of health.

Several recommendations for a healthy diet

There are several tips to help you stick to a healthy diet, and everyone knows them from childhood:

    • Include in your diet more vegetables and fruits that contain fiber – fiber that improves digestion and can help you lose a few extra pounds.


    • Meat is certainly healthy, but it is better to replace fatty pork with veal or chicken, which contain more protein and less fat.


    • Every day you need to eat at least two dairy products, because they are rich in protein and lactic acids, as well as calcium and phosphorus.


    • Oil, although a fatty product, but it should be in everyone’s diet, it will fill the need for vitamins A and E, as well as omega-3. But only liquid oils are useful: sunflower, olive, flaxseed and others, but animal, solid oils contain only cholesterol.


  • Give up smoking and alcohol, they are also bad for the health of the whole body.


Nutritionists, thinking about the benefits for people, have long compiled a list of healthy foods that you need to eat at least once every 3 to 4 days:

    • Brussels sprouts (contains B vitamins and fiber),


    • prunes and dried apricots (they improve intestinal motility, and they also contain a lot of useful carbohydrates and iron),


    • cereals: buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barley, rice and barley (primarily fiber, as well as complex carbohydrates that energize),


    • seafood: fish, seaweed and shellfish (they contain a lot of iodine and protein),


    • eggs,


    • bell pepper,


    • greens: parsley, dill, green onions,


    • carrots and beets,


    • apples and pears,


    • tomatoes,


  • nuts.


But manufacturers of healthy products have expanded this list and track production from start to finish, guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances and benefits for the body.

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