Frankincense extract properties and uses


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Frankincense has a second name – boswellia. Frankincense grows on the Arabian Peninsula and neighboring islands. The beneficial properties of this plant have been known since ancient times, but recently the number of trees has been rapidly declining, as local residents use wood to heat their homes, but no one makes new plantations.

Frankincense – useful properties when applied

There are many varieties of incense and the chemical composition may vary. But almost every incense has useful properties and contains:

  • resinous substances.
  • Gum.
  • Essential oils.
  • Camphen.
  • triterpenic acids.

If you cut the bark of the frankincense tree, then a resinous substance is released, which hardens in the air and forms droplets similar to amber. It is this resin that is the source of essential healing oils.

The following medicinal properties of incense can be listed:

  1. Frankincense has an anti-inflammatory effect, it can perfectly replace drugs from this group.
  2. The oil of this tree has a rejuvenating effect on the body.
  3. Frankincense has antibacterial properties.
  4. Perfectly restores.
  5. Serves as an excellent strengthening agent.
  6. It has a hepaprotective effect.
  7. It has a stimulating effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
  8. If we consider the healing properties of incense, then one of them is the ability to dissolve old scars.
  9. It has the ability to improve memory.
  10. Frankincense, when applied, stops bleeding.
  11. Frankincense is also distinguished by its wound-healing properties.
  12. Frankincense exhibits antiseptic properties, it is not in vain that it is used for fumigating rooms.
  13. It has a strengthening effect on the immune system.
  14. Frankincense oil is also distinguished by its analgesic properties.
  15. Normalizes the metabolism of fats.
  16. Helps reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.
  17. Calming effect on the nervous system.

The use of the properties of incense in traditional medicine

Folk healers advise using incense in the treatment of the following conditions and pathologies:

  • For respiratory diseases, it is recommended to dissolve 10 grams of frankincense in 30 ml of medical alcohol and take 10 drops of medicinal potion until the disease subsides.
  • The use of the properties of frankincense is useful for the treatment of diseases of the joints. It is necessary to prepare an ointment for this: grind 20 grams of raw materials with 100 grams of petroleum jelly, you can use homemade lard, but not salty. Put in a water bath until completely dissolved. It is necessary to store such a composition in a glass container and in a place inaccessible to sunlight. Excellent remedy for arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Frankincense is also famous for its cosmetic use. Frankincense oil can be added to masks, shampoos. It has an excellent regenerating effect, the skin is rejuvenated, the hair becomes smooth and silky.
  • To normalize the state of the nervous system, it is necessary to add a mixture of 8 drops of frankincense oil and 50 grams of honey, milk and sea salt to a bath of water.
  • A few drops of oil can be used for inhalation for respiratory diseases.
  • Even in ancient times, healers used the healing properties of frankincense oil to treat diseases of the kidneys and bladder.
  • The use of incense is justified for a cold, diseases of the throat, tonsils.
  • With the accumulation of excess fluid in the body, frankincense oil can normalize the situation.
  • If you prepare an incense tincture with alcohol, then it will serve as an excellent remedy for pain in the stomach and abdomen.
  • The use of the properties of incense is also recommended for inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Strengthens the immune system, which is especially important during the cold season.
  • The resin of the plant is often used in constipation remedies.
  • The properties of frankincense oil when applied will help get rid of poorly healing wounds, abscesses on the skin.
  • Frankincense oil perfectly restores cartilage tissue, which is simply indispensable for joint pathologies and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • The constituent components of the plant oil are able to relieve pain and swelling.
  • Antiseptic properties explain the use of oil as a means that inhibits the growth of pathogenic microflora.
  • If you suffer from nervous disorders, then you definitely cannot do without the healing properties of incense.
  • It will help to significantly reduce the amount of bad cholesterol.
  • The use of incense normalizes the functioning of the liver.
  • Frankincense will help normalize night sleep and make it calm and strong.
  • The use of frankincense to activate the lymphatic system has proven to be effective. Lymph nodes take their normal size, metabolism is normalized.
  • Incense increases the tone of the uterus.
  • If you use oil for the skin, then it will only thank you: fine wrinkles are smoothed out, elasticity returns, and the aging process slows down.

Healthy Frankincense Recipes

Frankincense tincture

You can prepare an alcohol tincture of incense on your own:

  • You need to take 7 grams of incense.
  • Connect with 15 ml of alcohol.
  • Leave to infuse in a dark place for a week.
  • It is necessary to use the healing composition 2 times a day, 10 drops before meals.
  • The composition perfectly helps to get rid of abdominal pain, sore throat, gonorrhea.

You can also prepare an ointment at home:

  • Take 10 grams of raw materials.
  • 100 grams of vaseline and combine everything.
  • Place in a water bath until completely dissolved.
  • This ointment perfectly helps to cope with pain in the joints, get rid of purulent wounds and boils.

If your child is sick, then you can put a napkin smoked with incense on his chest at night. Recovery will come much faster. To soothe loosened nerves, you can massage or take a bath with the use of plant oil.

Before you start therapy with such an excellent remedy, you need to find out if there are any contraindications to the use of incense. Otherwise, you can only harm your body.

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Contraindications to the use of incense

There are a number of conditions in which it is best to avoid using the properties of frankincense for therapy:

  • In the presence of psoriasis, incense treatment is prohibited.
  • Parkinson’s disease is also a contraindication to the use of frankincense.
  • Lupus erythematosus does not allow the use of this plant.
  • The presence of oncological problems is a contraindication for the use of incense.
  • The period of bearing a baby is also a contraindication to the use of incense.
  • If there is an individual hypersensitivity to the plant.
  • You can not simultaneously carry out therapy with incense and take drugs with iron.
  • With multiple sclerosis, it is also better to choose other herbal remedies for use.

Before using the oil, you should always check the reaction of the body, for this, apply a drop on the elbow bend and wait 20 minutes. If the skin does not turn red, then there is no allergy and you can start therapy. In the process of using the oil, you must be careful not to get into your eyes.

Any therapy, even if it is the use of herbal healers, needs prior consultation with a doctor. Do not neglect this advice, then you can get the maximum benefit from the treatment.

You can also share your skills in using Frankincense for medicinal purposes at home. If you have any questions – ask them in the comments below, we and other specialists will answer them.



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Sunday, October 13, 2013 5:46 pm + to quote pad

Useful and healing properties of incense

Recently, my sister brought me a bag of incense and gave me a couple of tips. The main thing is disinfection of the room and not only.

Breathing incense means healing. – He is afraid not only of the devil, but also of the disease

A beautiful low tree grows in the Red Sea region and in northeast Africa.

From cuts in the bark, a resinous substance is released, which thickens and hardens in the air in the form of amber resin. Pieces of opaque incense resin are valued above all. The resin of trees that grow in Oman, Yemen or in the North of Somalia is considered the best. The frankincense tree grows in the mountains at a certain humidity and temperature; no one has been able to grow it anywhere else. In some other places (very limited) – in East Africa, India – other types of Boswellia are found, but their resins are different from real frankincense.

Frankincense, a given life that has become a healing

and the magical power of resin, petrified tears of Love.

Why do these tears of trees, these resins, have such power

that they are burned in the Name of God?

It is with the place where the trees grow that the names “Indian incense”, “African incense”, etc. are associated. Their quality is much worse.

To collect incense in February or March, cuts are made on the tree, from which the resin continuously flows out for quite a long time, covering the entire trunk of the tree – until, finally, the wound is covered with drying juice. Then the dried resin is collected from the tree and from the ground, then the raw material is divided into two varieties: selected incense – Olibanum electum and ordinary – Olibanum in sortis.
Composition of incense

Selected incense is round or oblong pieces, like drops, light yellow or pinkish, with a waxy sheen. From above, they are usually covered with dust from friction against each other, have a pleasant balsamic, tart smell and taste, and when rubbed, they turn into a white powder.
Frankincense is not completely soluble in water, alcohol, ether, etc. When rubbed with water, it forms an emulsion; when heated, it softens without melting and spreads a strong, pleasant, sweet balsamic smell; when heated further, it lights up and burns strongly smoky flame.
gum, about 30%;
resins – 56%;
essential oil, about 8%;
other substances.

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Eliminates apathy, depression, fatigue syndrome.
Increases performance. Eliminates neurotic headache.
Increases visual acuity with eye fatigue.
Eliminates neurodermatitis, stress spots on the skin.
Relieves hangover syndrome.
It has an anti-sclerotic effect.

Even small amounts of frankincense smoke have an antidepressant effect, suppressing fears and anxieties.

The “secret ingredient” of incense has been isolated, giving its smoke an antidepressant effect. Contrary to the popular “urban legend”, this is not the active substance of marijuana, but incensol acetate. A brain cell receptor responsible for its absorption has also been found.

Pieces of resin have been found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. From the charred and powdered resin of the frankincense tree, they made a special eyeliner, which, it was believed, protected the pharaohs from the influence of evil forces. The aroma of incense in all ages meant Life. It was used in the main ceremonies of all world religions without exception: at baptism, during the funeral of the dead, or at the sacrament of communion. Of course, not with a pleasant aroma, no matter how modern authors of articles try to convince us of this. Frivolity was not characteristic of the ancients. Everything was too rational for them, unlike our contemporaries, who, having vast knowledge, have no idea how to apply this knowledge. “Many knowledge

Modern science confirms the wisdom and insight of the ancients. The fragrant smoke of incense really relieves depression, fears, self-doubt, anxiety and fear. Moreover, the ability of frankincense to separate normal cells from cancer cells and successfully fight the latter was revealed. Boswellic acid, the main component of frankincense, is capable of destroying malignant brain tumors. Frankincense has been proven to be an excellent remedy for arthritis.

A group of American and Israeli biologists found that incense, when burned, reduces anxiety levels by somehow affecting the human brain.

Since ancient times, incense has been used in religious ceremonies, and most likely for a reason. As a result of an experiment on mice, biologists have found that incensol acetate in the composition of the resin of the frankincense tree acts as an antidepressant. Scientists have described the mechanism of action of burning incense. In particular, it was shown how incensol acetate activates the TRPV3 protein responsible for the sensation of warmth in mammals.

Aerosols and smoke with particle sizes of microns or less can hang in the air for a long time without settling. If such a suspension is sprayed once in a room, then it can hang in the air for a day – this creates a mode of constant inhalation. That is, incense is able to affect the body for a long time.

It is quite possible that it was this property that was taken into account when the patients were fumigated with incense. In the room where the sick person was, aerosols, as the personification of light forces, filled the entire space, displacing evil forces, and, in our opinion, viruses and microbes.

In addition, particles smaller than a micron are able to freely enter the alveoli of the lungs. Particles larger than a micron collide with the walls of the trachea and do not reach the alveoli. Substances are absorbed into the blood in the alveoli. Ingestion of particles of “biblical” incense can be compared with intravenous administration, when the substance acts instantly, and enters the body evenly over a long time.

The history of the use of the frankincense tree goes back to ancient times. Even far before Christianity (4000 years before the birth of Christ), the use of this heavy pungent smell by the Assyrians and Babylonians was known in donations to their Sun God. Later, the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Phoenicians adopted the medicinal properties of frankincense. By the way, the word “perfume” comes from the Latin “per fumium” – through incense or smoking. It is known that this tree was one of the gifts of the Magi to Jesus. Incense recipes can be found in the sacred books of all religions. They have always been given the most honorable place. Even ardent opponents of incense, Christians, and they humbled themselves, making incense a part of their religious rituals, however, ignoring their healing properties.

The ancients were well versed in incense. They were burned not only in honor of God, but also in honor of God’s messengers, the Archangels. Moreover, each of the 7 Archangels had their own fragrance. And turning to heavenly representatives with requests for help and protection, for getting rid of troubles and overcoming misfortunes, the ancients knew exactly which of the aromas would be pleasant, understandable and accepted by their patron Archangel.

Now this knowledge is forgotten. If someone lights incense sticks or cones, they never take into account the fact that fragrant smoke does not just bring aesthetic pleasure with it. It has many other functions – protection from evil forces and negative energy, with the help of them, requests for help, health and well-being reach God faster than words. Finally, fragrant smoke can purify the house and bring health to sick people. And this is true, because in ancient times the composition of incense included not only resins, but also many medicinal plants. . Dioscorides recommended frankincense for the treatment of skin diseases, bleeding, and pneumonia. In the 11th century, they treated soldiers with chest abscesses. How incense is used in India, China, and also during Christian worship. The ancient Egyptians used frankincense to make rejuvenating face masks. For medical purposes, the frankincense tree was used to treat syphilis, rheumatia, urinary tract infections, skin diseases, nervous disorders, and digestive disorders. From time immemorial, the air of churches has been permeated with the aroma of incense. It alleviates mental pain, gives a person a sense of calm and security. Frankincense, in addition, suppresses microbes in the air, water and, most importantly, in the human body.

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Avicenna also wrote about the healing properties of incense. Avicenna said that incense protects against pestilence (epidemics), and advised fumigating rooms during a plague and generally using incense to improve the air. Frankincense is especially effective in healing damp, putrid air poisoned by mold. However, frankincense can cause headaches – in sensitive people or if used in excessive amounts.
In Orthodox monasteries, they drank water infused with frankincense – incense improved the quality of the water. And Eastern medicine appreciates incense because it heals slowly healing wounds, dissolves scars, stops bleeding from the nose, helps with bone pain, and gives energy to the stomach.

Frankincense is effective in the treatment of lung diseases. With its aroma, it strengthens memory and cures forgetfulness.

In places where incense is mined – in East Africa, on the Arabian Peninsula, in Asia – for many centuries there has been a cult of it. In India, the ancient science of Ayurveda recommends rubbing frankincense on the skin for those suffering from muscle and joint pain.
The love of the Russian people for incense and faith in protection from evil and dark forces are fully reflected in the Russian language. No wonder they say: “Afraid like hell incense”

In household chores, I usually use frankincense essential oil. It is obtained by steam distillation. It is a yellow or greenish liquid with a sweet smell. Inhalation and aromatherapy with frankincense oil is indicated for people with increased nervous excitability, severe cough of non-allergic origin and asthma. Aromatherapy relieves anxiety, depression, fear and anxiety. Helps in the complex treatment of insomnia and sleep disturbances. Also, many sources claim that frankincense is a weak aphrodisiac, but there is little evidence for this. The element of the fragrance is fire.

Since frankincense has wound healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, it can be used to make masks for the face, hair and nails. Frankincense oil slows down the aging of the skin, moisturizes it, and helps in the fight against wrinkles. Moisturizes and gently nourishes dry skin, removes inflammatory elements on oily skin. Oil strengthens hair and nails, they are treated with oily seborrhea, dandruff and hair loss.

Frankincense essential oil “is used as an anti-inflammatory agent for leukemia of diseases of the nasopharynx and respiratory organs, runny nose, inflammation of the sinuses, pharynx and tonsils, as well as for spastic inflammatory processes in the lungs and bronchi. Optimizes the natural lymphatic drainage of the body, prevents enlargement of the lymph nodes.
How to use:
Internal: 1-2 drops with 1/2 teaspoon of honey in 1/2 cup of warm water 2-3 times a day.
For massage cream: 7-9 drops of oil per 20 ml base.
For the bath: up to 10 drops.
Aroma lamp: 5-7 drops.

To eliminate fine wrinkles, mix 3 drops of frankincense oil with one teaspoon of any fatty oil and apply the mixture to the skin with light massage movements. In the same way, you need to massage the scalp, only take burdock oil as a basis. It is very useful and promotes hair growth. There is an opinion on the net that you can mix natural essential oils and a cream bought in a store. This is not true. Be careful. The essential oil has a remarkable penetrating power and the cream is not completely natural. Oil can transport not very useful substances into the dermis. Also, a chemical reaction of essential oil and store cream is possible. Therefore, use them in turn, separating them with a sufficiently large period of time. If you mix essential oil, then only with natural ingredients, with sea salt, milk, herbal decoction, honey,

Individual intolerance, do not use during pregnancy.
.Available in natural food stores is a joint cream based on incense or according to the scientific “Boswelia serrata” I sometimes use incense smoking candles when cleaning the apartment,

At home, it is used for cuts, wounds, inflammations, infections.

Frankincense is a fragrance for meditation, the oldest substance of fumigation. Dosage: aroma lamp – 4-6 drops per 15 m2 of room area;

hot inhalations – 1 drop, the duration of the procedure is 5-7 minutes;

baths – 3-6 drops;

massage – 5 drops per 15 ml of vegetable oil.

Frankincense is one of the oldest and most valuable fumigation substances. Restores energy “justice”, returning energy to its owner. If someone wished you harm or jinxed you, and you feel energy discomfort, then after using incense, the dirty energy that was imposed on you will return to where it came from, everyone will get what he deserves. Frankincense is a fragrance for meditation, self-penetration, a sense of peace and nirvana, strengthens faith and strength, increases the resistance of the energy shell to evil, makes it easier to receive energy from space and disinterestedly transfer it to people dear to you. Helps to find love and build a family, enhances intelligence and tolerance. Allows you to avoid hasty assessments of people and events, eradicates bad impulses, allows you to recover from vampirism. Brightens, evens out, enhances the aura,

But frankincense is still exotic, the trees are not numerous, in addition, scientists called for limiting the global production of raw materials. When the milky juice is taken away from the boswellia, the most reproductive parts – flowers, fruits, seeds – suffer, and the plant degenerates. For this reason, frankincense preparations are expensive. Today they are sold in Russia and Ukraine.

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