Eucalyptus for a bath how to brew

For the prevention, treatment of colds, it is recommended to take a steam bath with a eucalyptus broom. Its color can be from blue to slightly green with a silvery tint. The branches and leaves of a beautiful elongated shape contain useful substances that have an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. High concentration of essential oils. Their aroma has a relaxing effect and eliminates fatigue.

In addition to fighting colds, eucalyptus is effective for:

Eucalyptus boosts immunity, improves memory and mood, allows you to tune in a positive way. Small wounds on the skin, cuts heal faster after visiting a steam room with a eucalyptus broom. The healing properties of the plant have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Step-by-step process of steaming a eucalyptus broom for a bath

It is not so difficult to prepare for visiting a steam room with a eucalyptus broom. It is enough to listen to the advice on how to properly steam a eucalyptus broom for a bath. Before preparing for steaming, the broom must be rinsed in cool water.

Follow these steps to prepare your vaping accessory:

  • take 2 basins;
  • type boiling water in one, cold water in the other;
  • alternately lower the broom either into hot or cold water for 15-20 minutes.

The fact that the broom is ready is evidenced by the appearance of a rich aroma of eucalyptus and softening of the leaves. It is worth steaming a broom for a bath 20-30 minutes before visiting the steam room.

How to soak a broom for a bath from eucalyptus?

A good alternative to steaming is soaking a broom.

How to soak a broom for a bath from eucalyptus will be discussed further.

  • rinse the broom before soaking in a tub of warm water;
  • prepare a basin or other container with hot water;
  • soak the eucalyptus broom;
  • a broom can be steamed after 30 minutes.

If the broom is ready for bath procedures, do not rush to pour out the remaining water after soaking. The liquid can be used for washing or poured over rocks and walls.

How to take a steam bath with a eucalyptus broom?

It is noteworthy that the soft branches and leaves of eucalyptus provide a more gentle massage than fir or birch brooms. Therefore, people with sensitive skin can take a steam bath with caution. Sometimes sprigs of eucalyptus are mixed with sprigs of juniper or oak. Such a broom is durable and definitely does not fray at the first stroke.

In the steam room, a broom is lightly patted all over the body, catching up hot air. The time of acceptance of the procedure should not exceed 3-5 minutes. It is necessary to completely exclude sudden movements, since the branches and leaves of the broom are thin and fragile. In order to prevent colds, a bath accessory is leaned against the face and hot air is breathed through it. Through such inhalations, it is possible to saturate the lungs with useful volatile substances, remove toxins from the body.

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After use, the broom is dried, stored away from sunlight.

Eucalyptus grove in Batumi

One of the most popular bath fragrances is eucalyptus leaf decoction . As a rule, it is purchased in pharmacies or stores in the form of tincture and used for watering on hot stones of a sauna stove. But you can easily make it yourself. To do this, just take its dry leaves and boil them, as stated in my article on making decoctions.

Everyone knows about the healing properties of eucalyptus. Even being in a eucalyptus grove, a person feels freedom of breathing and feels a surge of strength and vigor. Insects and various bugs do not like this tree and never start in its wood. Eucalyptus is a giant southern tree reaching a height of up to 150 meters.

Originally from Australia, it was brought to the southern part of Russia and the countries of the former USSR, not only because of its healing properties, but also for its ability to dry up swampy areas. So, thanks to the plantings of this tree, the Colchis lowland was dried up in Georgia.

Eucalyptus leaves, which contain a huge amount of essential oils, are especially useful for humans. They are widely used in modern medicine for the manufacture of various drugs in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. One of them is cineole, used as an expectorant medicine, as well as an antiseptic for dysentery, diphtheria and typhoid fever. In addition, eucalyptus essential oils are widely used as fragrances in the perfume industry in the manufacture of colognes, perfumes, soaps and creams.

A decoction of dry eucalyptus leaves is a well-proven remedy for a bath for colds. It is known that the fastest and painless way to obtain a healing effect from taking a medicine is to take it in a spray form when breathing. As soon as the air saturated with essential oils enters the lungs, the healing effect begins instantly, transferring its life-giving and healing power to the entire body through the circulatory system.

If it so happened that you do not have eucalyptus decoction, then it will be enough to steam out the eucalyptus broom, take it with you to the steam room, put it on your face and inhale its miraculous aromas. Four or five minutes is enough for aerosol inhalation to do its healing work!

Eucalyptus sauna broom is considered an excellent remedy for colds. Inhalation with eucalyptus broom will help to cure inflamed bronchi, trachea and get rid of cough and runny nose. The leaves of the tree contain a lot of tannins, so this is one of the best remedies that will help restore vitality and energy.

In addition to colds, eucalyptus treats arthritis, joints, sciatica and rheumatism. Its use relieves muscle pain, strengthens memory, stimulating the mental abilities of a person. After treatment with eucalyptus, you can notice a good mood, getting rid of fatigue and drowsiness. You are no longer afraid of stress, and the overall tone of the body increases.

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We steam the eucalyptus broom: method number 1

How to steam a eucalyptus broom for a bath in order to keep the infusion from it for a long time? This is a fairly easy procedure:

  1. Pour hot water into a bowl.
  2. We lower the eucalyptus there for about half an hour.
  3. After the specified time has elapsed, it is pulled out, and the decoction that has turned out is used as a flavoring of the sauna.
  4. The broth is poured onto the heater and onto the walls.

Not everyone prefers eucalyptus panicles. The fact is that its branches are very thin and somewhat weak. But everything can be fixed. It is enough to take a birch or oak tree and weave a eucalyptus branch into it. This will give an even greater healing effect. As a result, it will turn out to be good and convenient, and the properties are enhanced several times.

We steam the eucalyptus broom: method number 2

You can steam a eucalyptus broom in another way. It is used by almost all visitors to the sauna. Take it and dip it in hot water for a few minutes. Then place in cold water. Do the procedure several times, alternating cold and hot water. Now he is ready to fulfill his destiny.

How and when can it be used?

How to use a eucalyptus broom for a bath is better as an object for massage. Small pats on the body will definitely do the trick. Thin twigs have a beneficial effect on the skin without injuring it. With a broom of large leaves, you can safely pump steam. In order not to steam water and pour it on the stones, you should immediately put eucalyptus on them. This is a kind of inhalation, which has a beneficial effect on the body.

A broom made of eucalyptus is attached to the face and breathe it for several minutes. This procedure is good for the respiratory system. Especially useful for those who often suffer from a cold. Combined will bring several times more benefits to both the body and the whole body. It is enough to take birch and oak branches and weave them into eucalyptus.

A Few General Tips for Using Eucalyptus

  1. Before steaming with a eucalyptus broom, it should be washed and rinsed well;
  2. Pay attention to the leaf, it should not be flabby and sour. During steaming, monitor their condition.
  3. In no case should water be poured out, it can also be used for medicinal purposes. Eucalyptus infusion strengthens hair follicles, eliminates dandruff and gives a pleasant aroma.
  4. If your panicle is made from fresh branches, it is best to refrain from steaming it. Simply rinse under a hot shower to remove dirt.
  5. They can be used several times in a row, as the leaves retain their healing properties for a long time.

What should you know

Eucalyptus can be:

In the first case, the leaves have an elongated shape of a green-blue hue, flexible and very soft to the touch. Silver eucalyptus leaves are oblong. The broom of them turns out to be more rigid. If we talk about medicinal properties, then in the second they are much more pronounced, unlike the first. It contains a lot of essential oils than blue.

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We prepare the “tool” for the bath on our own

Although this is an outlandish plant, drying it is no different from other tree branches or plants. In order to dry the eucalyptus bath broom, you need to place it in a dark place. It must be well ventilated. Make sure that the sun’s rays do not get there. The temperature in the room itself should not be lower than that in the shade.

The storage of a eucalyptus broom from a birch, fir or oak broom lies in the special fragility of the twigs. If they are not handled properly and are not careful, the leaves can crumble and the branches break. Store them in a dark place that cannot be exposed to daylight. Fold the brooms in two pairs, that is, 4 pieces each. Remember, if someone puts an elbow or any object on them, your efforts will be over. It will be possible to use eucalyptus brooms only for steaming infusion for rinsing hair.

A little more about the benefits

Most often, eucalyptus is valued and chosen for its beneficial effect on the human mucosa. Its medicinal properties are able to penetrate the respiratory tract and clear them of mucus during a runny nose and pathogenic bacteria.

Touching the skin, it whitens it, eliminates defects and damage. Makes it soft and supple. Healthy oils improve blood circulation, and antibacterial substances make it clean. Frequent use of eucalyptus branches will help keep the skin of the body youthful.


Eucalyptus is a tree that is rich in nutrients and essential oils. Eucalyptus panicle is not so easy to get, unlike others. But the results and effort are worth it. The effect that baths bring with its use is simply amazing.

Now you know how to steam a eucalyptus bath broom. As you can see, this process is not at all complicated. Great efforts require drying the branches themselves and the formation of a broom. But if you have no desire to do this, you can buy a ready-made broom and enjoy its aroma and effect on the skin in the steam room.

If you like to bathe in a bath, be sure to take a eucalyptus broom with you. After the sauna you will feel much better. So do not hesitate and be sure to take a steam bath with eucalyptus. Be healthy!

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