Enrocoli instructions for use

Dosage form

reg. No.: PVI-3-3.6/01867 dated 06/06/12 – Indefinitely

Enrocoli 10%

Release form, composition and packaging

International non-proprietary or chemical name:
enrofloxacin and colistin sulfate

“SP Veterinaria, SA”, Ctra, Reus-Vinyols, Km.4.1, 43330 Riudoms (Tarragona), Spain

“SP Veterinaria, SA”, Ctra, Reus-Vinyols, Km.4.1, 43330 Riudoms (Tarragona), Spain

Dosage form:
oral solution

Qualitative composition and quantitative composition of active ingredients and qualitative composition of excipients:
AI – enrofloxacin, colistin sulfate, excipients – sodium metabisulfite, lactic acid, distilled water

Quantity in consumer packaging:
1 and 5 liters in bottles and canisters



Pigs / Cattle / Sheep

Cattle / sheep subcutaneously , pigs intramuscularly at a dose of 0.5 ml / 10 kg of animal weight.

Pigs: Bacterial enteritis, colibacillosis (colideinteria), colienterotoxemia, edematous disease, salmonellosis and MMA syndrome in sows.
Cattle: bacterial enteritis, colibacillosis, colisepticemia, salmonellosis, respiratory infections and pasteurellosis.


We draw your attention to the fact that there have been cases of falsification of SPVeterinaria, SA products on the Russian market.

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The sale of products under our logo that have never been produced in our production is noted:

  • Rex Vital Electrolytes + Selenium,
  • Avimutin Hydro in vials of 8 ml.

In this regard, we ask you to be vigilant and before buying products with the SPVeterinaria logo, make sure that you are buying the original product .

In doubtful cases, you can contact our official distributors in the Russian Federation or write us a message on the website in the “Contacts” section.



An antibacterial drug in the form of a solution for oral use, which has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity.


Enrocol is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for colibacillosis, salmonellosis, pasteurellosis, mycoplasmosis, infectious synovitis, bordetellosis, infectious rhinitis, staphylococcosis and other infectious diseases caused by microorganisms sensitive to the components of the drug in poultry, colibacillosis, salmonellosis, enteritis and other diseases in pigs .

Enrocol is used orally with drinking water in the following doses:

– poultry: 0.1 ml/kg of bird body weight or 1 liter of the drug per 2000 liters of water once a day in a group method for 3-5 days. For poultry, the solution of the drug is prepared based on the need for water for one day. During the treatment period, the bird should receive only water containing the drug.

– pigs: 0.3 ml / 10 kg of body weight once a day for 3 – 5 days. Before use, the drug is diluted in a ratio of 1:1 with water or at the rate of 1 liter of the drug per 3000 liters of drinking water for 3-5 days.

In severe form of the disease, the dose is increased to 0.5 ml / 10 kg of animal weight.

In recommended doses, Enrocol does not cause side effects and complications.

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