Electric boiler eu 6 kW 220v reviews

ENERGY-SAVING HEATING ELECTRIC INSTALLATION ( EOU ) is designed to heat the coolant in closed water heating systems of cottages, houses, apartments, cottages, garages, industrial, warehouse and other facilities without using a circulation pump.

electrical installation EOU has no analogues. This is an environmentally friendly, modern, autonomous, highly economical, reliable and small-sized heating equipment in Russia. There are simply no analogues in the CIS. Water heating system mounted on the baseEOU is economical, so space heating will cost you two to three times cheaper than when using boilers for liquid and solid fuels (fuel oil, coal, firewood), electric boilers and electric air heating systems.

When two or more heating electrical installations (of the same modification) are connected in parallel in one water heating system, the volume (area) of the heated room increases two or more times (example: two modifications 3/36 heat an area of ​​1500 square meters, three modifications 3/36 heat an area of ​​2250 sq. meters, etc.).

Warranty period of operation of the EOU is 10 years.
The service life of the EOU is 30 years.
Certificate of Conformity No. POCC RU. ME27.H01396 No. 0398405

Mikhail, Krasnodar

I bought a set of EOU in November 2016. per phase up to 50 m2. Installed to test the system in the apartment. Works great. The apartment became warm and you can adjust the temperature at any time of the day. The central heating doesn’t actually work. I think to abandon central heating altogether, because the payment for working with EOU is two times cheaper than payment for central heating, which is not available. Thanks!

Razdorskaya Natalya Gennadievna, city 628331 Poikovsky 4mkr, house 10, kv12

Great boilers! I advise you to buy, you will not know problems with heating. THANK YOU to the company.

Eugene, Starominskaya

set advise works on water electricity consumption is not large 700 r per month per 50 square meter

Alexey, Volgograd

Good afternoon. We sold and installed these boilers in Volgograd and the region.
It is necessary to start the boiler correctly and then there will be no problems. Work reliably time-tested. Entire districts are heated by these boilers. Once again, read the passport carefully (starting the boiler) and your boiler will work for a long time and reliably.
They ran both on melted water and on a mixture (distilled water 70% + 30% tap water). In fairness, I must say that it was difficult to launch on the “non-freezing”. There is simply nothing to break, the electrode is a metal pin of different lengths depending on the power.

Tatyana, Irkutsk

Hello. I had a question about service and I ordered a call back. The operator Julia called me back. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP AND ADVICE! YOU ARE GREAT! A special THANK YOU JULIA! Good luck to you.

Alexander, Bryansk

I bought a 5 kW EOU in March 2008. They didn’t make it to the warranty period of 10 years. Corrosion gnawed a path from the electrode to the body under the rubber gasket on the flange. But nothing terrible happened. ), cleaned the insides, changed the rubber gaskets, assembled it, it works again. But since the electrode was badly corroded, and there was still a corrosion track on the flange cover, I will order a new boiler. Heating my house (80 m2) costs 3-4t in winter .r.per month, which is a little more than heating the same area with gas. In general, I am satisfied. I recommend.

sergey, Alexandrovsky district, Aleksandrovskoe village, Tomsk region

the boiler worked without complaints for eight years, and a week ago, on December 4, 2018, water began to ooze from under the electrode, called the site’s phone and ordered the boiler, well done managers worked clearly and quickly I advise you to cooperate

Vladimir, Yekaterinburg

Bought three years ago, installed in a house of 250 sq.m. heating and underfloor heating, everything works fine, the most important thing is saving, before the eow the heating element worked – more economical than eow. Now we buy for a bath. Thanks to the manufacturer.

Eugene, Ryazan

Compact powerful electric boiler. I like it and the price is reasonable.

Using electricity for space heating can be cost effective. This was proved by the specialists of the Russian company “Galan”, who produce electric boilers Galan of various types in Moscow, Pskov, Ryazan, Stavropol, Belarus. The company’s product range includes Galan electrode boilers of various types, designed for heating rooms of various sizes. In reviews of Galan boilers, you will find brand names such as Hearth, Geyser, Vulkan, Galax and learn the advantages and disadvantages of their operation.

The boiler and after-sales service are one big minus.
Having made a huge mistake, I purchased this miracle electrode boiler from Galan.

I bought a 6 kV electric boiler with a complete set of equipment and inadequately expensive coolant.

For the first month of 6 kV, the boiler clocked up 5000 kV hours !! three times called the service department of the Galan company, gave them another 11 thousand for departures and “professional advice”. If you have already made a mistake and bought this boiler, in no case do not contact them by phone under warranty! Send in direct text. As a result, after 2 months of fighting this miracle technique and the boorish Galan desk, I decided to replace the boiler.

The only plus of the company I can point out the master who came last time and helped to reduce consumption a little. As a person and a master, he is adequate, but at the direction of the company, he took money for correcting their own mistakes.

As a result
, 25,000 for a set of equipment
26,000 per month payment for electricity
11,000 “service”
5,000 replacement of a coolant
4,000 purchase of a sensor.

It seems to me that there are practically no desks “sold – do what you want next”, but I was lucky to run into such “representatives”.

Economics is a big question mark. The cost of the coolant is HUGE, the quality leaves much to be desired. A year later, energy consumption increased markedly. The increase was due to a clear destruction of the properties of the coolant. Three years later, the system clogged up with a black, incomprehensible suspension (they shrugged their shoulders in Galan). A friend of mine has the same situation. It turned out that the expensive coolant works for a maximum of a year.

Its cost is 3100 for twenty liters, I need 80 liters, and that is 12400 rubles + electricity consumption. This is an ideal cost per year. You can use water, but with our power outages, you can get to all the heating. I think that the cost of the coolant should be equal to the cost of the usual one (especially since there are no special processes in the manufacture, just grab more) or improve the quality declared on your website. Yes, three years later a hole rotted in the boiler and in the middle of winter and cold the entire floor in the boiler room was flooded.

I bought without a contract, from a representative in Perm.

I have a building of 36 sq.m, I bought an electrode boiler Galan Ochag-3, installed it, bought an AquaTrust coolant (conduction resistance 5 MΩ) (not Galan), set the machine as per instructions 16A, after 10 seconds of operation it knocks out, although the instructions say, that the maximum current is 13.7A, as later the consultant manager said that this is your trouble, that you need to fill the system with either Galan coolant or distilled water (in order to achieve a conductivity resistance of at least 3.1KΩ), I think okay , well, I bought distilled water in a car shop, measured the conductivity resistance = 4 MΩ, washed the system from the old coolant with melted snow water (by the way, the instructions say that it will also work, I tried it, the same parsley) I think now nothing should interfere , and will run on distilled water to its advertised specifications.Before pouring distilled water and starting, at the direction of the manager, he removed the electrode and cleaned it to a metallic sheen.

In order not to cut down, I set the machine to 40A, turn it on, it works, I take current clamps and measure the current, and about. jumps 29-36A, the measurement was made after 30 seconds of operation (according to the instructions). 35Ax220V = 7.7 kW / h, here’s an economical boiler for you, according to average estimates, it comes out 15 tr / month. I have a house of 48 sq.m. Stove heating (Thermofor stove) during the winter we burn one lawn 53 firewood, the price of a firewood machine is 6.5 tr for the winter (8 months), from all of the above, to summarize, I was led to a tempting advertisement , I’m thinking of claiming the money back, otherwise I’ll write to the FAS, let them figure it out, for false advertising, which is misleading, and all the other reviews, it feels like they write to themselves.

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