Effective 7 days diet for weight loss

It is necessary to prepare your figure for the summer season in advance, so we recommend revising your diet in favor of a balanced diet menu . It will help to improve metabolism and start the process of burning body fat, and in conjunction with moderate physical exertion, extra pounds will go away even faster. Our 7 Day Weight Loss Diet includes five meals daily for a week. With it, you will not limit yourself in food, count calories and wait for the day when you can eat enough. We made sure that the diet was not only dietary, but also satisfying.

Three diets for a slim and fit body

Grow Food nutritionists have developed three lines of nutrition that promote weight loss. The programs are designed for people with varying degrees of completeness, which will allow you to choose the most optimal option.

Vegetarian menu “Vega”

A diet for all non-meat eaters. It contains 1,500 kcal, which is below the daily norm established by the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences). According to the Institute of Nutrition, healthy women with low physical activity need 1800 kcal per day, and men – 2100 kcal. This means that the Vega nutrition program will allow you to lose a couple of extra pounds. It is suitable for people with a slight obesity.

Despite the lack of meat, you will not be lacking in protein. The menu is enriched with vegetable proteins, as well as dairy products and eggs, which contain the required amount of proteins. The daily diet involves five full meals. The daily amount of carbohydrates is about 180 g and 70 g are for proteins and fats.

Hearty ration “Daily”

The nutrition program is designed for four meals, the total daily energy value of which is 1400 kcal. It is suitable for gradual weight loss with the subsequent transition to a more strict diet. Unlike the vegetarian menu, the Daily includes meat dishes:

  • Scrambled eggs with meat filling;
  • Fish and meat cutlets from a mixture of dietary beef and pork;
  • Chicken breast with various sauces. It can be boiled, smoked, baked, grilled or deep-fried.

As a side dish, we offer pasta and various cereals such as bulgur, rice, oatmeal or buckwheat. The menu also includes vegetable salads, soups and desserts. Eating on this program, you will always be full and satisfied. Due to the low calorie content, your weight will not increase, and with moderate exercise, it will begin to decrease.

Strict diet “Fit”

The calorie content of the menu is 1200 kcal – the minimum daily allowance, thanks to which you will be able to notice the first results in 14 days. Such nutrition involves aerobic exercise, for example, dancing, running, jumping rope. The fact is that with a strong excess weight, the skin stretches, therefore, a sharp weight loss leads to its sagging, flabbiness. Sports will prevent this, making the skin in problem areas supple and taut.

Developed a diet to 7 days , but it can be used indefinitely, until you reach the desired result. Unlike short-term diet menus, our “Fit” line provides the correct ratio of BJU , it is enriched with all the necessary nutrients. But the main advantage is the variety of dishes and the absence of dietary restrictions. With Grow Food, you will forget about hunger forever, because we cook healthy, tasty and satisfying food!

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