Ecoberin and a healthy garden instructions for use

Every gardener dreams of harvesting a rich harvest at the end of the season. This desire is quite understandable, because work on the site takes a lot of time and effort. Achievements of modern agricultural techniques allow to improve the results and get an excellent harvest, despite the weather conditions, which are very difficult to predict in advance. Today we want to tell you about a drug called Healthy Garden. Instructions for use calls it a one-of-a-kind, unique gardener’s assistant. Let’s take a closer look at what these claims are based on.

From the history of creation

There was a time when they tried to increase the yield of the garden and vegetable garden by any available means. And since demand creates supply, a large number of chemical fertilizers have appeared on the market that do improve performance, but it is difficult to say how safe they are for our health. Therefore, scientists continued to work on finding environmentally friendly, harmless ways to improve the garden and protect it from pests. And the first invention was the Healthy Garden. Instructions for use says that it has no analogues in the world.

Short description

This invention revolutionized the world of agricultural technology. It represents a completely new approach to the protection of fruit plants. It is such a tool that gardeners and gardeners who want their harvest to be as natural as possible have long been waiting for. This biocomplex is called “Healthy Garden”. The instructions for use recommend it for use primarily in regions with difficult agrotechnical conditions.

What effect can be expected

In other words, how do you know if a drug really works. Let’s first of all turn to what the manufacturer of the Healthy Garden biocomplex promises us. Instructions for use contain information that this tool allows you to heal plants, spur their growth and protect them in adverse environmental conditions. As a result, your plantings will quickly endure landing in the ground and start growing almost without being ill. Thus, flowering will come much faster.

This is especially critical for heat-loving crops (eggplant, pepper) that stop fruiting when the nights turn cold. In the northern regions, it is the Healthy Garden preparation that allows you to get a good harvest.

Nice addition

This is not the only effect to be expected. Under the influence of the biocomplex, the immunity of plants increases, and, accordingly, effective self-defense of plants is ensured. Of course, no one has canceled the need for treatment from a number of bacterial and viral diseases. However, according to studies, in 100% of cases, self-defense against powdery mildew, aphids and codling moths increases. The drop decreases several times. Under the influence of the drug, the resistance of plants not only to cold weather, but also to drought increases several times. And do not forget that the Healthy Garden preparation keeps the fruits environmentally friendly.

Effective granules

Let’s now take a look inside the package. What is Healthy Garden? The instructions for use describe it as special granules based on sugar structured in a special way.

What happens after the pellets dissolve in water? It acquires a special structure, enhanced by the properties of the listed elements. Now water is able to influence the processes occurring in cells. As a result, metabolisms that were previously disrupted under the influence of unfavorable conditions are restored in green cells. Plants become healthier. That is, this drug is a regulator of the most important processes occurring at the cellular level.

Conducted research

Has the claimed effectiveness been confirmed, or is the use of the Healthy Garden drug experimental? In fact, leading scientists of agrotechnical institutes immediately became interested in him. As a result of the experiments, it was found that the positive results obtained are not an accident, but a regularity. The effect of the remedy has been tested and confirmed by scientists from at least a dozen institutes. A lot of positive feedback from amateur gardeners, who also felt the difference.

When can the drug be used

If we talk about industrial garden nurseries, then so far the owners are somewhat wary of the possibility of abandoning the treatment of plants with chemicals in favor of this homeopathic complex. Doubts are understandable, because manufacturers do not guarantee that the drug will cure any disease and defeat all pests. The stake is on the immunity of the plant itself, which will not allow this. Like all homeopathic preparations, it acts sparingly, does not harm the environment, insects and animals.

In what cases is it most often recommended to use the drug “Healthy Garden”? The instruction gives the following points:

  • The drug is very important for growing plants in open and closed ground. In the first case, it allows you to cope with temperature extremes and other adverse conditions, and in the second, and in the second, it heals a closed system, preventing diseases typical of greenhouses from blooming.
  • Using this tool allows you to provide you with a healthy diet. Fruits are cleared of nitrates, their nutritional and taste qualities are improved.
  • Moreover, the drug “Healthy Garden” is used even in medicine, to improve the human body. The fact is that in the cells of our body, in fact, the same metabolic processes take place as in the green cells of plants.

The big plus is that when processing the garden you do not need any protective equipment. The drug can be safely sprayed on the site, the more it gets on fruit crops, on the ground and on your skin, the better. Gardeners know that with the onset of the spring period, cracks, wounds and inflammation do not go away on the hands. Skin treatment with the Healthy Garden biocomplex can significantly reduce cosmetic defects.

Use of the drug

Let’s talk a little more about how to use it. As you already understood, this is a multifunctional preparation that is desirable for every person to use, even if he does not have a garden at all. You heard right, the drug was originally developed for expectant mothers, and only then expanded the range of its action.

How can the Healthy Garden help a woman’s body? Instructions for use (we will give reviews below) tells us that the drug was originally used to remove pesticides and nitrates from products. It is completely harmless to humans, even if you eat the entire package.

So the first application is very important. All purchased vegetables and fruits must be soaked in a solution of the drug for one hour. As a result, about 70% of harmful substances, nitrates and other nasty things leave them.

garden work

Active use of the “Healthy Garden” can significantly improve the growth of your fruit plants and yields. In order to get the result, you must remember that the treatment must be performed weekly. It is advisable to process all the plants in the garden. If the trees are very tall, it is enough to process the lower branches, the composition will disperse throughout the crown.

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Not all garden preparations can give such an amazing effect. There are no scabs and aphids on apple trees, the leaves are bright and green all summer. All fruit crops feel great. Plants from early spring grow healthy, and not “too tough” for pests.

Biocomplex “Ekoberin”

This is another homeopathic remedy, also completely harmless to humans and insects. It significantly enhances the effect of the Healthy Garden preparation, which is why today many recommend using them in pairs. Let’s figure out what this combination is for.

To begin with, we will tell you what Ecoberin is. These are also sugar granules structured under the influence of unique, medicinal plants. This biocomplex is an ecological umbrella on your site. It protects plants from the effects of harmful substances and poisons.

Application of the Ecoberin complex

It can be used on its own. According to numerous studies, the result is increased plant resistance to ultraviolet radiation. This is the only drug to date that is used to protect coniferous plants from sunburn. Growing Christmas trees and cedars is fraught with certain difficulties, so Ecoberin will be a good help for you. Very effectively, the drug restores the needles of evergreens after a spring burn.

It is no secret that the soil today is everywhere contaminated. This drug helps protect plants from harmful chemicals. Thus, the germination of seeds increases by more than 50% and the development of seedlings is accelerated by 90%. Moreover, these experiments were carried out on soils contaminated with oil and chemical waste.

Dosage of the drug

To prepare the solution, 2 granules per liter of water are used. They are initially dissolved in 100 g of water, and then topped up to full volume. An adult tree will require 5 liters of solution, 2 liters of solution per bush. For garden plants, 1 liter of solution per square meter is used. Due to regular treatments, the yield increases and the keeping quality of the fruit improves. According to the instructions, they can be made every week, if after treatment it rained heavily, then they can be repeated the next day. In any case, there will be no harm from this drug.

The perfect duet

Each of them individually is an effective tool. This is confirmed by numerous studies. However, their properties are best manifested in the duet “Ekoberin” and “Healthy Garden”. Instructions for use recommends using them together, alternating with each other. It is very important to apply this wonderful duet in early spring, when the leaves are just blooming. The consumption of biocomplexes is as follows: 1 granule per liter of water for irrigation and spraying, as well as for soaking seeds.

If you regularly use the preparations “Healthy Garden”, “Ecoberin” on your site, even leaves damaged by burns will be restored. Plants will quickly gain strength and enter the high season in full sap. Judging by the numerous reviews, many gardeners have already seen from their own experience how effective this method of stimulating yields is. Laboratory studies, in turn, prove that the drugs are completely safe, which means they can be used everywhere. Replace all the chemicals in your garden with them, and ripening fruits will become much cleaner and healthier.

Biocomplex “Ekoberin”

An innovative product designed and manufactured in St. Petersburg.

The effectiveness of “Ecoberin” is confirmed by scientists and practitioners: Agrophysical Research Institute, St. Petersburg State Forestry University named after S.M. A.V.) and numerous amateur gardeners.

The production technology is protected by the RF patent for the invention No. 2298399

Ingredients : granulated fructose*, structured under the influence of barberry, goldenrod, ginseng and rosehip.

* the color of the fructose granules may vary from ivory to brown from batch to batch of the product, depending on the color of the feedstock, which is acceptable and is not a marriage.

Structured fructose granules are a “ fructose flash drive ” on which information is recorded in the form of a pattern of molecules … Read more about the technology in the article “What are structured fructose granules?”

Please note that the shelf life of granular fructose is 2 years. After 5 years of monitoring their further storage process, the manufacturer will increase the shelf life depending on the results of the test.

Mechanism of action

After the addition of Ecoberin fructose granules, water copies the matrix created under the influence of barberry, common goldenrod, ginseng and rosehip and acquires a special cluster structure. Water structured in this way transmits this information to all living things, including plants in the garden, cut plants and harvested fruits for food. In their cells, bioenergetic processes of life support are launched and resonantly amplified. Powerful, fresh and healthy plants are the foundation of a healthy diet. Their living energy is transferred to a person with food, improving the quality of life in the polluted ecological space of modern cities.

The results of the use of Ecoberin in the garden and vegetable garden

Since ancient times in Russia, food products have been used to care for the garden.

Regular use of the structured fructose solution “Ekoberin” in the garden and in the garden gives the following results:

1. The effect of heat, excessive humidity, and cold on the plant body is reduced

2. Increased resistance of plants to high-intensity ultraviolet radiation

Scientific studies have established that when using Ecoberin in the epidermis of plants, the content of its own protective phenolic compounds increases, forming a screen that protects the underlying chlorophyll-bearing plant tissues from damage.

3. The stress load on plants is reduced when exposed to agrochemicals and pesticides.

4. The viability of plants is restored when harmful substances, such as crude oil, enter the soil. After soil contamination with crude oil, it is necessary to irrigate plants with Ecoberin structured water, as a result of which seed germination is restored by 51.5% and plant sprout growth by 89.3% compared to the same indicators in the control group, which was watered with ordinary water.

To increase the resistance of the garden to adverse environmental and climatic factors, spraying and watering the plants with a freshly prepared structured aqueous solution of granular fructose Ecoberin is used.

Preparation of a structured solution “Ekoberin”

Take a 1 liter container with a tight-fitting lid, pour 100 g of unboiled drinking water into it and add 3 Ecoberin granules. Close the container tightly with a lid and shake vigorously until the fructose granules are completely dissolved.

Take a break for 3-5 minutes.

Add water so that it does not reach the neck of the container by 1/5 of the volume, this volume must contain air. And again shake the resulting solution for at least 25 seconds.

If more solution is needed, proportionally increase the amount of Ecoberin fructose granules and water.

During the preparation of the solution, your calm mood and cheerful state are very important, as this affects the quality of the prepared Ecoberin structured solution and, accordingly, the plants treated with this solution.

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To prepare 1 bucket (10 l) of Ecoberin structured water, first shake 20 Ecoberin fructose granules in 2.5 l of water until the granules are completely dissolved (and then see above). Then pour the resulting solution into the sprayer, add the remaining 7.5 liters of water, mix thoroughly.

Consumption of Ecoberin Granular Fructose: 1 package of fructose (15 grams) – for the preparation of 200 liters of structured water.

Spray and water any plants with the resulting Ecoberin structured solution.

Application in the garden and at the dacha

  • For spraying 1 adult tree in the garden, 1 – 5 liters of Ecoberin solution is required, depending on the size of the tree,
  • for 1 bush – 2 liters of Ecoberin solution,
  • for 1 m 2 of plantings of any garden, flower plants, lawn – 1 liter of Ecoberin solution.

The scheme of application of the solution “Ecoberin”

1. The first spraying with Ecoberin solution should be done in the most sensitive period for plants from the beginning of the appearance of a green cone until the natural falling off of the ovaries (end of May), i.e. 2-4 times a month until mid-summer.

2. Regular sprayings: during the collection of early varieties of apples and, in leaf fall before winter (i.e. three times with an interval of 1-2 weeks).

3. Under the influence of unfavorable chemical factors, including oil, climatic (frost, excessive dampness or heat, etc.), it is necessary to immediately start spraying the plants.

4. Spraying (watering) of seedlings and indoor plants is carried out once a week.

Spraying can be replaced by watering with Ecoberin solution along the perimeter of the crown of plants, or combined with liquid root feeding of plants.

“Ecoberin” can be used in different phases of the lunar month, excluding the days of the full moon ± 2 days and the new moon ± 2 days, regardless of the vegetation phases of plants and harvesting dates.

“Ekoberin” is combined with any agronomic practices and plant care products. For example, 3 Ecoberin granules + 3 Healthy Garden granules, shake until the granules are completely dissolved. Then you can add a solution of EM – cultures to this solution and mix (without shaking!). Then we spray the plants with the resulting solution.

Scheme of application of the biococktail ” Oko ” + ” Ekoberin ” + ” Healthy Garden “”was developed jointly with the chief agronomist of a large industrial garden of the Central Chernozem region, Cand. Agricultural Sciences Vidanov A.V. during the rescue of the garden, with severe manifestations of bacteriosis similar to fruit blight (Erwinia amylovora). Here is a fragment of his observations (see the full text at the link: Observations of the chief agronomist): “… we noted that the effect of these natural remedies does not appear immediately, but gradually and intensifies after their regular use. This is due to an improvement in immunity and a decrease in the stress load on plants due to factors of environmental aggression, chemical load, etc. The decrease in the frequency of damage to adult tree leaves on apple trees treated with Healthy Garden, Ecoberin and Oko was especially clear than in the control.Given the molecular effect of the water structured by these products, one can only be surprised at the high effectiveness of these products, comparable to well-proven standard protection products . At the same time, we are creating new, more favorable environmental conditions.”

Application in healthy nutrition

• preparation of ice to be added to juices, fruit drinks, water and other drinks to protect a person from adverse environmental and climatic environmental factors,

• preparation of water for spraying cut greens and harvested fruits,

• making ice for natural facial skin care.

We use Ecoberin in the kitchen

How to prepare structured ice “Ekoberin” for adding to juices, fruit drinks, water and other drinks:

1. Pour filtered or spring unboiled drinking water into an ice mold.

2. Dip 1 Ecoberin fructose granule into each cell of the ice mold.

3. Place the ice mold in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator until completely frozen.

4. Remove the ice prepared in this way from the freezer, in each cell of the ice mold you will see a beautiful ice flower.

How to use ice “Ekoberin”

1. Add ice to juice, fruit drink, water or other drink.

Using even 1 Ecoberin ice cube per day will increase your body’s resistance to adverse environmental conditions.

2. Wipe the skin of the face and hands with an Ecoberin ice cube. The skin becomes elastic, elastic, resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

3. Add Ecoberin ice to the water you pour over, for example, when hardening or while taking a bath. The skin of the body becomes velvety.

4. Add Ecoberine ice to water to soak cut greens, harvested fruits, and other plant foods to keep them fresh.

Producer: LLC Enterprise “Gomeovenche”, Russia, St. Petersburg

A natural remedy for adapting plants to adverse environmental and weather conditions.

The only known preparation for protecting plants from spring sunburn (conifers, rhododendrons, etc.)

It is used:
– for growing plants in open and closed ground,
– for protecting coniferous and other plants from sunburn,
– for improving the human body,
– for improving the quality of plant food.

It enhances the effect of the “Healthy Garden” remedy, it is also used as part of a biococktail with other drugs.

Packing: 15 g (500-600 granules, 100-300 l solution).

Producer: LLC “Gomeovenche”, St. Petersburg.

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Biocomplex “Ekoberin”

There are no analogues in the world!

The invention of the scientists of St. Petersburg.

A natural remedy for adapting plants to adverse environmental and weather conditions.

Ecoberin is homeopathic granules based on highly refined sugar, structured under the influence of centifolia rose, barberry, ginseng, golden rose (goldenrod).

After dissolving the granules in water, the water acquires a special structure, similar to the structure of the cell sap of adaptogen plants. Structured water affects the processes occurring in cells. In cells, energy and chemical processes that are disturbed under the influence of adverse conditions (bad ecology, stress, weather and climate, etc.) are restored. In other words, Ecoberin is a universal regulator of biochemical processes taking place at the cellular level.

High viability of any biological creatures is ensured.

Today, plants, like humans, are in a state of ecological stress. It was the Ecoberin remedy that scientists developed as an “ecological umbrella” for all biological creatures on the planet from harmful substances, poisons, heavy metals and petroleum products.

The influence of Ecoberin has been tested and confirmed by leading scientists of the Agrophysical Institute, Forestry Engineering Academy, St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, as well as numerous amateur gardeners, including well-known St. Petersburg practitioners L.N. Klimtseva and G.A. Kizima.


Increases plant resistance to high-intensity ultraviolet radiation , incl. under the conditions of the ozone hole. In the epidermis of plants, the content of their own protective phenolic compounds increases. They form a screen that protects underlying chlorophyll-bearing tissues from damage.

Biocomplex “Ecoberin” is the only known preparation for protecting plants from spring ultraviolet radiation, which causes “sunburn” on conifers, rhododendrons, etc.

Regular use of it restores even needles (except Picea conica) and leaves damaged by burns.

Dramatically reduces the effect on plants of heat, excess humidity, cold . This is especially important for the prevention of climate-dependent plant diseases.

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Protects plants from harmful chemicals and oil products . It has been established that “Ecoberin” increases the germination of seeds by 51.5% and the growth of seedlings of plants by 89.3% in oil-polluted and other rivers. soil chemicals.

When using Ecoberin, the crop yield increases and the keeping quality of the crop improves during storage.

The fruits are organic.

Ecoberin is compatible with any agronomic practices and plant care products.

Given the absolute safety of Ecoberin, it can be used regardless of the vegetation phases of plants and the timing of harvesting.

It should only be excluded for processing the days of the full moon (+/- 2 days) and new moon (+/- 2 days).

Spraying and watering plants: 2 Ecoberin granules per 1 liter of water.

Adult tree – 5 liters of solution.

Bush – 2 liters of solution.

1 sq.m of garden and flower plants – 1 liter of solution.

The first spraying should be done in the spring on unfolding young leaves, when the plants are most sensitive to damaging factors.

Repeated sprayings are carried out while maintaining the threat of damage to the plant by adverse factors (excessive dampness, heat, oil products, etc.). In these cases, spraying should be repeated every 3-4 weeks, i.e. 4-5 times per season.

Spraying (watering) seedlings and indoor plants – 1 time per week.

Details on the use of “Ecoberin” for coniferous plants – in the instructions attached to the product, which can be downloaded here.


Ecoberin significantly enhances the effect of Healthy Garden.

To prepare a joint solution, Healthy Garden and Ecoberin are added to the solution simultaneously, 2 granules per 1 liter of water.

It is especially important to use these products simultaneously during the first spring spraying of plants on unfolding leaves. In early spring, the plant is especially sensitive to weather changes, to the harsh ultraviolet of the bright sun. Here you can not do without a solution of “Ecoberin”. In the future, under favorable natural conditions, plants can be treated with one Healthy Garden solution. In a combination situation – and adverse environmental conditions and weakened plants, it is recommended to use both products at the same time. For example, juniper often gets sunburn. Regular spraying with Ecoberin and Healthy Garden solutions restores even plants damaged by burns.


Improves the functions of the liver, intestines, lungs, endocrine system – the main systems that neutralize toxins in the body. Protects blood hemoglobin .

It has a protective effect on the human body through an increase in the protective abilities of the liver during environmental pollution by chemical industry products, petroleum products (benzene, exhaust gases), nicotine, etc. Protects against chronic lead intoxication.

Increases the body’s resistance to increased solar radiation .

o With regular use, there is an increase in resistance to stress, an improvement in mental activity .

Stimulates skin rejuvenation, increases resistance to sunburn . It has been noticed that when Ecoberin solution gets on the skin, cosmetic defects associated with working with the earth (dryness, cracks, inflammation, wounds) are significantly reduced, the skin becomes more elastic, velvety, and resistant to irritating environmental factors (UVR, wind and etc.).

When processing the garden, no protective equipment is required, because the more Ecoberin gets on your skin, the better for it!

“Ekoberin” is used in the form of an aqueous solution.

You can freeze the solution – it turns out healing ice, used for cosmetic purposes for applications on the skin.

Details about the use of “Ecoberin” for recovery – in the instructions attached to the tool, which can be downloaded here.


Ecoberin is a plant adaptogen.

Adaptogens are means that increase the adaptation of living beings to adverse conditions.

In 1990, in terms of doctoral dissertation, head. course of homeopathy at the St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Kovalenko V.S. the development of adaptogens was started , allowing modern parents to give birth and raise healthy children in the environmentally unfavorable conditions of a big city .

The optimal combination of plants was found: centifolia rose, barberry, ginseng and golden rod, used in ultra-low concentration. The composition was called “Ekoberin”.

The effect of Ecoberin proved to be universal for all biological objects.

For example, taking Ecoberin in an experiment with laboratory mice contributed to a decrease in animal mortality in acute benzene poisoning. During such poisoning in animals treated with Ecoberin, the level of protective liver enzymes remained high, while in the control group of mice treated with plain water, their level was observed to decrease below normal.

The use of this drug in the framework of the WHO CINDI-Children health program for children and pregnant women made it possible to reduce damage to the nervous system in newborns by 3 times, the incidence of acute respiratory diseases and exudative diathesis in children by 2 times.

For 15 years of scientific research , conclusions have been drawn about the effect of the plant adaptogen Ecoberin on the human body, as described above.

Taking into account such a high efficiency of Ecoberin for humans and animals, scientists from the St. Petersburg Forestry Academy and the Agrophysical Institute conducted studies on the effect of Ecoberin on plants.

An increase in plant resistance to high-intensity ultraviolet radiation (the “ozone hole” model) was found after the use of Ecoberin.

We all constantly hear about the dangers of oil products and oil disasters. Even slight pollution by oil or its derivatives, which are used by motorists, causes a violation of plant growth. Under these conditions, the quality of plant seeds is necessarily reduced. Seed protection with Ecoberin solution allows you to restore the viability of seeds to its level in an ecologically clean place.

As laboratory studies performed at the St. Petersburg Forestry Engineering Academy showed, when contaminated with oil, Ecoberin significantly increased the germination (+ 51.5%) of seeds of Caragana tree (yellow acacia) and the growth (+ 89.3%) of seedlings, reduced by background of this pollution. “Ekoberin” restored the energy properties of seeds in conditions of oil pollution. Against the background of the use of Ecoberin, the seeds of Caragana arborescens, even in the conditions of an aggressive external environment – oil pollution – completely retained their vitality.

This is clearly seen in the photograph of seeds in a high intensity electromagnetic field. The glow area of ​​seeds grown in contaminated soil, but with the use of homeopathic protection, approaches the glow of seeds grown in a clean environment. The glow of seeds in contaminated soil is sharply reduced.

Change in the area of ​​gas-discharge glow of oil-contaminated seeds of Caragana tree (yellow acacia) under the influence of Ecoberin. Designations: Gas-discharge luminescence of seeds: 1 — in case of oil pollution; 2 – a plant contaminated with oil, watered with a solution of Ecoberin.

Further studies of the influence of the adaptogen “Ecoberin” on plants made it possible to draw the general conclusions given above.

The use of a joint aqueous solution of the “Healthy Garden” and “Ecoberin” products made it possible not only to preserve the specifics of the impact of each of them, but also to increase the effectiveness of environmentally friendly plant care.

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