Curtains from old things

No one is surprised that yesterday’s fashionable and modern curtains are today becoming a relic. But do not throw away a strong fabric just because it is out of fashion or slightly faded in the sun. Having shown imagination and resourcefulness, you can remake old curtains in such a way that you get new decors for the interior of a house or cottage.
Updating old curtains

How to give new life to old fabrics

First you need to deal with the type of fabric from which the outdated curtains were sewn.


This is a dense fabric made of silk with an ornament, which is made with silver or gold threads. Sometimes fibers made from alloys of these metals are used. The thread with gold in the production process is wound on linen, cotton or silk weft. Natural brocade is an expensive fabric, so imitation is more often used in residential premises, which visually differs little from the original.

It is a pity to throw away such products, therefore, it is in the power of every housewife to renew old curtains, giving them a new life. The easiest way is to make new ones from old curtains.

In addition, bedspreads, chair cases are sewn from the fabric, and the composition is complemented with brocade pillows stuffed with batting. Nuance: when sewing up a pillow, cotton wool is knocked down to the opposite end, and then evenly distributed.

Linen fabric is made from the skin of flax, resulting in a pleasant to the touch smooth fabric.

You can sew beautiful curtains from old curtains. In the case of brocade, it is preferable to choose the Roman version. To do this, prepare materials:

  • old curtains;
  • matching color threads;
  • sewing machine;
  • braid;
  • cornice strip.

Roman curtains

To alter the curtains in the kitchen, the simplest sewing skills are enough. The main thing is to make the correct calculation of the fabric in the process of work, as well as evenly distribute the folds. Sewing instructions are taken from specialized sites that show a step-by-step algorithm.

You can use old curtains to create a rigid lambrequin or tiebacks for other curtains that match the style. They also make new, rustic-style watches out of worn material. To do this, cover the dial with linen cloth, after removing the arrows with numbers. After the fabric is evenly stretched and fixed at the back, all fittings are inserted into the grooves again. Rustic clock is ready!

Old linen curtains are an excellent source of material for making tablecloths or table napkins. And if decorative embroidery is applied to the fabric tightened into the frame, then a panel for a bedroom or hallway is obtained.


Synthetic fabric is obtained from inorganic compounds or synthetic and natural polymers of organic origin.

Synthetics are wear-resistant, so they are ideal for upholstery of the backs and seats of old chairs. To alter the curtains, first take measurements, taking into account the overlap, then cut out the details and, after a preliminary fitting, sew them from the inside out if they are made in the form of covers. But it is easier and more convenient to work if the pieces cut from the old synthetic curtain are glued to the base with interior glue or nailed with a stapler.

Tulle is considered a kind of synthetic materials. After prolonged use, it turns yellow or gray, as a result of which it is replaced with a new one. But it is always possible to use an old tulle curtain to make the interior more comfortable and aesthetic. To begin with, the fabrics are returned to their original color with bleach. To do this, use a strong saline solution, blue or whiteness.

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Ready-to-use material is used to make decors for flower pots, decorations for frames on old photos. If you are decorating a country house or a summer house, baskets or pillows are decorated with tulle. For a pillow, you will need a base stuffed with batting or holofiber and an openwork material folded several times. The tulle pillowcase is sewn up from the inside, put on the pillow, and then carefully sewn up by hand.

Old tulle is used to decorate tablecloths: it looks especially beautiful outdoors in the garden

Decor from old tulle

Ideas for old curtains

By turning on fantasy and creative thinking, even the oldest curtains lying in the chest are “reanimated”. To implement the idea, you need the simplest sewing skills and a little patience.


It happens that many small pieces from old curtains have accumulated, and they are all different in style, texture and color. In this case, make patchwork curtains for the kitchen. Assembled from pieces, they become the most striking and exclusive design element that attracts attention. The result is pretty do-it-yourself curtains from old curtains: the pride of the hostess and the surprise of the guests.

Tip: if you wash all the pieces before work and iron them well with a steamer, the fabric will not shrink and will not shed during operation.

Practical options for sewing curtains or patchwork bedspreads are:

They are unpretentious in care, easily withstand frequent washing, which is so important in the case of a kitchen room.



From heavy brocade or old silk, aesthetic lampshades for old lamps are obtained. Often the frame of the lamp remains the same, and a washed and ironed piece of old fabric is pulled over it.

It is important to ensure that the lamp does not touch the fabric, otherwise this will lead to yellowing of the fabric at the point of contact or the appearance of a burnt hole.

Stuffed Toys

What else can you do with old curtains? Yes, anything! They even sew home-made soft toys for kids.

Parents, having prepared everything necessary for work and interested the child, spend several hours with the whole family, immersed in an amazing creative process. This makes the family close-knit, gives pleasant memories. And besides, the kid gets a new bear or a hare: albeit unsightly, but made with all my heart.


Artificial flowers can be made from old satin or silk, which are then used as decor for curtains, pillows, ties.

To do this, they use the Kazansha technique, master classes for which are found on the Internet. Following the step-by-step instructions, amazingly delicate flowers or petals are made from square pieces of old curtains.

fashion elements

Fashionistas show ingenuity and receive unique designer products:

For this, decorative fabrics for curtains are used, which, after processing, receive a “second wind”. Old curtains are a wonderful opportunity to spend time with benefit, as well as develop a creative vision in yourself.

I recently visited a friend of mine from high school. She is currently on maternity leave and has two mischievous twins. It cannot be said that she has a lot of free time, but what Olga did just amazed me. Here is a find! Probably, every mistress of the house has preserved old sheets and pillowcases that have already gone out of use, but it’s a pity to throw them away. Often they are used as rags, but there are also more sophisticated ways to reuse such fabric.

The second life of old things

Reusing old items is now in vogue to reduce waste and significantly reduce the cost of acquiring new items. Who would have thought…

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Patchwork quilt

In order to make a quilt, you need to sew multi-colored pieces of fabric and lay pieces of cotton wool between them. If you choose bright shreds, then in general you can get a very stylish bedspread that will decorate any room.

It is believed that the patchwork style is rather monotonous. But by playing with color, patterns and textures, you can create a wide variety of decor and interior elements: soft and delicate, warm in autumn or, conversely, bright and funny.

Decor for small pillows
Any pillow, especially a sofa pillow, can be easily decorated using pieces of fabric from old sheets. Fringe, various patterns, flower petals are all great ideas for decorating a gray or black sofa cushion.

What will be the design of your new pillow is up to you. Just trust your imagination and start creating!

Children’s tent
And here is the craft that I saw visiting a friend. Simply amazing, isn’t it?

What could be better for children than their own tent, and besides, made by their beloved parents! True, in order to build such a structure, mom and dad will have to work hard.

Bright sheets are ideal for a children’s tent, although solid white sheets will also fit perfectly into the interior.

Wicker rug on the floor
As you can see, it is not so difficult to make a bright rug in the bathroom or in the hallway out of sheets. To do this, you will need several multi-colored canvases, a base frame for the rug, a sewing machine and a little patience.

To create such a colorful rug, you need to cut the sheet into small strips, twist a lot of braids from them and attach them to the base. The work is a little laborious, but the result is gorgeous!

After viewing these photos, you will definitely think about whether or not to throw away old pillowcases and sheets. I would be glad if these ideas inspire you to create your own original products.


Patchwork curtains will be the highlight of the interior. To make them, you will need different pieces of fabric. You can use old pillowcases, duvet covers, sheets.

Trinket box

From a cardboard box and a pillowcase, you can make such a box where it’s good to put toys, threads, medicines and other gizmos.

Pillowcase without sewing in 3 minutes!

Sew mattresses for children!

This is a very original idea for making useful crafts for the home. You will need simple materials, your desire, enthusiasm and minimal sewing skills.

These bed mattresses are very practical and you can make them for adults too – in this case, you just need to consider the length of the fabric and the number of pillows. In addition to using them at home, you can also take them with you on nature and on any other trips. After all, they are compact, easy to fold and easy to wash.

So, are you already fired up with the desire to start as soon as possible?

You can buy pillowcases or make your own. You will need about 4-5 pieces. Their color, print and fabric can be completely diverse, because it all depends on your taste and preferences. Next, these pillowcases must be sewn together, and the holes for the pillows should be on one side – place them all on one side.

You can also make pillows yourself, or, in my opinion, it will be much easier to buy about 4-5 of the simplest and most inexpensive pillows. Insert the pillows into the resulting compartments from the pillowcases, and you’re done! It’s so simple, fast, not expensive, and most importantly with YOUR HANDS, you can make a mattress for all occasions.

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As far as you could understand, caring for it is simply elementary – you take out the pillows from the compartments, throw the cover from the pillowcases into the washing machine – and that’s it!

grocery bag

A great accessory for going to the market.

And this video tells how to make a rug from an old sheet … But what’s stopping us from making a rug from an old pillowcase!

More amazing stuff here

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