Birthday: transform your garden!

This year, you want to celebrate your birthday differently. As you have a beautiful garden, you want to meet your loved ones in a cool and friendly place. Whether you are thinking of a barbecue, brunch or a night out under the stars, note that you can transform your garden however you want.

Discover these few ideas to make your garden a real corner of paradise for an evening.

The marquee, an essential for an outdoor reception

The reception tent or marquee is an important setup for an outdoor event. Indeed, whether it is sunny or raining, having a shelter is always essential to have a good time with your guests. Well sealed, this installation also brings a touch of originality and aesthetics.

Note that if you need a marquee , you will be able to find the model that suits you among the many choices available on the market. You have the choice between reception marquees of 12m² to 72m² , which can receive your guests in your garden and ensure the evening. The marquees offered on specialized sites are even very versatile, because they are modular.

With modern marquees and party tents, the days when these facilities lacked aesthetics are definitely over. Currently, they are particularly elegant to embellish your event, whether it takes place at night or during the day.

Choose a large diameter metal structure (38mm) to ensure the robustness of the installation. We recommend polyethylene tarpaulins which are lighter than PVC tarpaulins. Easy to install and light, you will be able to reuse it at every opportunity!

Take care of the decor to give your garden a festive feel

For a birthday, the decor must be festive! Whether you are thinking of a particular theme or not, you will have to take care of the decoration to give a festive air to your exterior. Choose bright colors to add pep to your decor. Yellow, red, green or even fuschia, the colors are in the spotlight! Still, if you want a stylish and modern decor, you can go for pastel colors. Gold and silver are also very popular these days.

Do not hesitate to install paper lanterns on your marquee, to light up the space with light garlands , lanterns and candles. Be careful when installing them to prevent your birthday party from turning into a drama! To light up your evening gently (and safely), choose LED candles which come in different forms.

Birthday decoration: pay attention to the small details

Accessories are very important, but be careful not to overload your decoration. Paper decorative accessories are best to give a country side to your decor. To you the Japanese lanterns , lanterns, pompoms in tissue paper, paper honeycomb suspensions, wreaths to mark the spaces …

Flowers are also to be favored, because they will know how to give character to the space without overloading the decoration.

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