Beech wood chips for smoking reviews

The volume is 1 liter, as it is written on the label. For smoking, I try to use larger wood chips. In this case, it is medium in size, which is quite acceptable for me.

One package is enough for me for one time bookmarks in the smokehouse. Thus, I can cook, for example, 3 kg of smoked meat, brisket.

How to use wood chips for smoking “Beech” Hot Pot correctly – I do this: I pour the wood chips into the bottom of the smokehouse, damp, moderately saturated with water. Accordingly, before laying it, I soak it slightly in water. If you put the chips in a dry state, they will char, thereby giving heavy smoke and bitterness. That’s why you need to put the chips in their raw form. And be sure not to forget to wrap fat, meat in cheesecloth before smoking, and preferably in two or three layers. The gauze will play the role of a filter, thereby preventing the product from being too black and getting rid of bitterness. Chips use only deciduous trees! God forbid, spruce, pine, spoil the whole product.

My choice is wood chips for smoking “Buk” Hot Pot! But when there is no way to get it, then I simply saw off the unnecessary branch from the apple tree and “make shavings” with an ax, which, believe me, is no worse, if not vice versa.

Beech chips for smoking

For home or industrial production of smoked meats, you will definitely need wood chips. For the manufacture of smoke chips, hardwood trees are used: oak, birch and, of course, beech. It is extremely rare to make wood chips from coniferous wood, they release a lot of resin and the finished product is bitter. Such breeds are used only on the White Sea, on the banks of the Volga and in Savoy.

Properties of beech chips

Ribs smoked with beech chips

Beech, both Forest and Eastern, is the best material for making wood chips. Its wood is well crushed and dried, contains a minimum of resin, does not spoil the taste of smoked meats. Characteristics of beech shavings are stable, it is stored without loss of properties for a long time. There are almost no carcinogenic substances in beech, the aroma is neutral when burned. Chip consumption is small, because it is dense and burns for a long time. Smoked meat and fish acquire a light golden color, which does not change after cooling and further storage of products. Light unobtrusive aroma, uniform smoke release makes the final product delicate and uniform in taste.

What products to use

Products smoked with beech chips

Beech chips are used for any products. Industrial producers use it in the manufacture of cheeses and fish, because beech has little effect on the final taste of the product, and the color is attractive. Finished products retain their natural smell with a slight hint of smoke.

It is known that in Germany there are sausage producers who are famous for their smoked sausage all over the world. And they use beech wood chips to smoke their sausage. Their products are so good that US companies are copying their smoking recipes!

Beech is also suitable for meat or poultry. Chip smoke quickly penetrates the entire depth of a piece of meat, especially when hot smoked. To some, the aroma of beech smoke seems too tender for smoked meats. To enhance the taste, add alder chips to the beech. It will add astringency, make the smell richer and sharper.

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How to smoke beech wood chips

Smoking beech wood chips in a home smokehouse

Chips are used in industrial and home cooking of smoked meats. At home, smoked meats are even made in barbecues, barbecues and grills.

  • Before smoking, prepare the products, dry and salt them.
  • Warm up the smokehouse for 20 or 30 minutes; no preparation is required for a brazier or grill.
  • Hang the products so that they do not touch each other.
  • Spread a layer of heat-resistant foil, which is sold in supermarkets, on a flat surface. Spread beech chips over it, layer height 3-5 mm. You can add bay leaf to it (add bitterness to meat), dried vine (strengthen the spice of fish), alder chips (for meat) or fruit trees (for cheese).
  • Wrap the edges of the foil with an envelope and make holes for the smoke to escape at the top, all over the surface. Place foil with wood chips on hot coals.
  • For ignition, do not use gasoline or purchased special liquid, they will spoil the taste of the product.
  • Smoking will begin as soon as the chips begin to smolder and release wisps of smoke. The fish will be smoked in 20 minutes, the chicken will be ready in an hour, it will take an hour and a half to make a small piece of meat.
  • Such products are best stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days maximum or consumed immediately.

Cold smoking is a laborious process. Products are cooked up to 4 days, at this time maintaining the same temperature. The first 8 hours are especially important. But the shelf life is longer – from six months to 2-3 years under ideal conditions.

Production of beech chips

Production of beech chips

Beech chips are made only from high-quality wood, without fungus, mold or rot.

  • It is better to harvest branches in the spring, when the tree awakens and there is a maximum of juice in it. It is advisable to first remove the bark, only then chop the branches. But this is not necessary for a beech.
  • Chopped wood is sifted through 2-3 grids. For uniform smoking, you will need the same pieces, the grid helps to divide the chips by size. Ready-made pieces can be up to cm or 1-2 cm. Chop larger ones again.
  • Dry the separated wood chips in the sun, spreading them in a thin layer on a tarpaulin or other airtight material.
  • Put dry in bags made of natural fabric or burlap, store in a dry place.
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In industrial harvesting, more sophisticated technologies are used, but they are similar to home production. Firewood is chopped with chippers, then the chips are sorted. The standard is divided using sieves into 3 fractions: up to 3 mm, up to 6-7 mm and up to 1.2 cm. Large chips are more suitable for smoking. The fractions are then dried. The moisture content of the wood chips must be less than 75%, otherwise smoke emission will increase excessively. But overdrying is also undesirable: too dry wood chips burn, but do not smolder.

Not just the bottom, but the bottom! I didn’t even understand what kind of beech Pinocchio they made it from, but this wood chips do not smoke or exude the aroma of wood.

Everything tasty is usually harmful and smoking is no exception. But if you use smoked meats within reason, then all the harm turns into a benefit.

A huge plus of smoking is the long-term storage of the product. This method is optimal for fishing. Those. having caught fish, you can smoke it and it will reach home without any problems at least 500 km away. Of course, we also do not forget about salting.

But most importantly, smoking gives a unique taste and for this many people love this type of heat treatment.

On what I just didn’t smoke fish and meat, but on beech for the first time and therefore the review was inspired by beech wood chips for smoking t.m. “Every day” (200gr.)

I took this product in “Auchan”. No, not because I love this store, it’s just that purchases for summer cottages began to bring me there more often. So I went into the department for giving, and there lay this.

The price of such a bag is 11 rubles per 200g.

Wow, I don’t even know what you can buy for 11 rubles now. Probably matches or a quarter of black

This is a classic smoky scent. The soft smell of beech smoke is universal, suitable for smoking any product – ham, brisket, sausages, beef, pork, poultry and game meat, cheese and others. Beech chips improve taste.

In appearance, the wood chips were dry and looked very good. Although it remotely resembled painted furniture that had been varnished.

  • Brand: Everyday
  • Country Russia
  • Producer:LLC “A-FABRIK”
  • Height, (cm) 8:20
  • Length(cm):3
  • Packing width, cm: 13
  • Packing depth (cm): 6
  • Packing height, cm: 21

In general, I like to harvest wood chips on my own, but after the winter, their reserves are excised and I have to buy them. Although it is absolutely certain that its own wood chips are more fragrant. purchased some all weathered, without woody aromas.

Beech chips improve taste. Delicacies cooked on beech acquire a light golden color, which does not change after cooling and further storage of products, as well as a light, unobtrusive aroma. Uniform release of smoke makes the final product delicate and uniform in taste.

The manufacturer claims that wood chips emit fewer carcinogens compared to analogues and burn out longer. In other words, the chips are completely “dead”, dried and. well, you understand.

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Yes, it is dry, but it will burn out longer due to a kind of felling. But at the same time, it does not transfer the aroma of wood to the smoked product. It’s like putting a maple log in a smokehouse and waiting for the product to be ready.

Beech contains a minimum of resin and does not contain carcinogens, the aroma is neutral when burned. Characteristics of beech shavings are stable, it is stored without loss of properties for a long time. Chip consumption is small, because it is dense and burns for a long time. Our wood chips do not contain foreign additives and are an environmentally friendly product.

Of course, this is also the manufacturer’s fable about consumption. After all, no one will reuse half-burnt wood chips. As a result, this plus is nullified.

We’re getting close to smoking.

And here the manufacturer did not bother to write how to use it. And suddenly a person bought wood chips for the first time. All packages usually have instructions for use.

I drowned her for about 30 minutes and then she took the right consistency for the smokehouse.

In the morning I had a good sex catch and decided to partially smoke it. A pair of carp and a small pike silently agreed to smoking. The rest went to the ear and salting.

Usually smoking takes 20-30 minutes (depending on the fish). In this case, I danced with a tambourine for almost an hour.

The fish was cooked from the temperature, but stubbornly did not want to take on an appetizing golden color. This is due to “low-energy” wood chips. Until she really began to fade, then there was no question of color. And then the fish began to turn black already from burning. Uh, this quality is not my manufactory

Yes, 11 rubles, but this is not a reason to mow down an invaluable, freshly caught crucian.

The fish was a success thanks to the thick scales. After peeling off of which all carcinogens and oversmoking were partially gone.

What is the result?

Yes, well, this chip. It is better to chop it yourself or buy a more worthy option. Here, perhaps, I met with the very bottom of the wood chips. Worse than ever.

It can be taken only in one case! If there is no forest around, and in the store, of all the options, only this one. In other cases, it is better to bypass it.

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