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In appearance, these apples are very attractive: bright, burgundy in color, all of the same size, large and shiny. It also bribed the fact that this variety is well stored. It was not possible to buy seedlings immediately, they were ordered from the online store. There were some doubts as to whether the variety was real, but in the 3rd year it was possible to verify the decency of the seller. They arranged a good drainage system in each hole – they added large pebbles to the bottom of each. We don’t water often – we already have enough rainfall. The soil near the trunk was mulched 2 times a month.
In the first 2 years, much attention was paid to the formation of the crown of apple trees – those branches that began to grow inward, towards the trunk, were removed. Harvesting is just before the frost. It is necessary to remove each apple without squeezing it – otherwise it will not be stored for a long time. After harvesting the fruits, we sort them carefully. Those that are at least a little crushed – let them go for juice. We sprinkle the rest with sawdust and lower it into a cool, dry basement for storage. And in winter, apples delight us with their sweet and sour taste.

This variety has a very high resistance to scab and other fungi, therefore, it is necessary to treat apple trees less with all sorts of chemicals. Frost resistance is also good – they can withstand 35-38 calmly. For our own peace of mind, of course, we wrap all the trunks, but they have been wintering with us safely for several years. In autumn, before frosts, we always mulch the soil, this serves as additional protection when there is little snow.
Trees were planted in the 1st half of October. The pits were prepared for a couple of days before landing. The depth was made 80 cm, the width was the same. They brought it into the pits – humus and mineral fertilizer, specially bought in the store, were mixed according to the instructions. We watered thoroughly not only in the 1st year, we do it all the time – the harvest directly depends on this. We have medium-sized trees, the harvest began to give from the 3rd year. Apples are just amazing! Juicy, large, with light creamy flesh.

Apples are a favorite fruit of the inhabitants of our country. We eat it all year round. The Enterprise apple tree is a winter variety and is characterized by late fruit ripening. The tree is characterized by ease of care, which makes it possible for anyone to grow it in their garden.

Description of the species

The Enterprise apple tree is characterized by late winter ripening. The variety was bred in the United States of America at the end of the last century. It was obtained by breeders by crossing two varieties of apple trees – Macintosh and Golden Delicious. The tree is characterized by medium vigor. The variety has a rounded crown, which is easy to shape.

The apple tree has oval fruits. The average weight of one apple is from 150 to 200 grams.

Fruits are characterized by dark maroon or bright red color. They have a smooth and shiny skin. Due to the high level of its density, a long shelf life of the fruit is ensured. Apples have dense creamy flesh with a sweet and sour taste. During the storage of fruits, a significant improvement in taste is observed.

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Benefits and features of the variety

The enterprise apple tree is often grown in our country due to the presence of a large number of advantages. The main ones include:

  • winter hardiness
  • yield
  • Good palatability

The plant is characterized by resistance to various diseases, which makes it easy to care for it. The fruits of the apple tree have a bright color, which provides them with a marketable appearance. That is why they are in demand in our country. Despite the average size of apples, the variety is quite productive.

Enterprise bears fruit almost every year. The fruits have a fairly dense texture, which makes it possible to store them until spring. The apple tree is unpretentious in care, which greatly simplifies this process. The plant is characterized by a high degree of resistance to low temperatures. The Enterprise apple tree is a unique variety that combines ease of cultivation and excellent taste.

Growing features

To ensure the most successful cultivation of a tree, it is necessary to provide it with the appropriate conditions. The apple tree is unpretentious to the features of the soil. But, it is best to plant it in slightly acidic soils. To do this, you need to dig a hole, the size of which is slightly larger than the root system of the cutting.

Pebbles are laid at the bottom of the hole to ensure a high-quality drainage system. The tree is placed in a hole and covered with earth. After that, it must be watered. Young apple trees do not like weeds, so it is recommended to regularly weed the soil around them. It will also saturate the soil with oxygen, which will significantly increase the survival rate of the crop.

After planting a young tree, it is necessary to water it once every two weeks. In this case, it is recommended to take into account the peculiarities of precipitation. Mature plants need to be watered several times a season. Fertilizing is recommended to ensure a high yield of the variety. For this purpose, mineral fertilizers are used. They must be applied under the root system of the crop in the spring.

In the first few years after planting an apple tree, it is necessary to prune it to form a crown. To this end, it is necessary to remove internal and excessively long branches. Harvesting should be done before the first frost. This must be done as carefully as possible so that the fruits do not hit, which will significantly extend their shelf life.

Video about the correct planting of an apple tree:

In order for the apples to lie for a long time, they are placed in wooden boxes, which must be stored in the cellar. Despite the fact that the apple tree does not need special care, all of the above points must be strictly followed. Proper cultivation of the Enterprise apple tree is the key to high yields.

Benefits and applications in cooking

Apple fruits include a large amount of vitamins and microelements, which ensures their positive effect on the human body. That is why it is recommended to regularly consume them fresh. You can also canned apples.

Soaked fruits retain all their qualities. Juices are often made from apples of this variety, which have a pleasant sweetish-sour taste. Also, the fruits of the plant are used to make jams and preserves. Thanks to the universal taste of apples, they are used to prepare a variety of fruit and vegetable salads.

Apple pies are delicious. The Enterprise apple tree is a valuable variety, which is explained not only by its high yield and excellent fruit taste, but also by its ease of cultivation. That is why this variety of apple trees can be planted on the site by any person who wishes.

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Need to expand the variety of apple vitamins in the winter with the least effort and money? There is an interesting contender – the Enterprise apple variety.

This foreigner has long found a worthy place in our gardens and proved to be the best.

Apple variety Enterprise

Let’s get acquainted with the main characteristics that the Enterprise apple tree has in order to make a choice in its favor when growing your garden – small or large.


The variety of American selection was created from the wild apple tree Floribunda by crossing with the genetic material of cultivated varieties Golden Delicious, Mackintosh, Beauty Rum and Starkrimson.

Apple tree Golden Delicious.

He received the best qualities of varieties – parents:

  • Late maturing variety
  • Designed for long-term storage and fresh consumption.
  • The fruits are large, rounded, saturated red or even burgundy.
  • The peel of the fruit is thin, but strong, slightly damaged during removal and transportation.
  • The trees are medium sized and easy to maintain.
  • Of particular value is the high resistance to scab and other fungal diseases, laid down at the gene level.
  • Various regions of the country are suitable for cultivation, except for the northernmost ones, where the fruits simply do not have time to ripen due to the short summer.

additional characteristics

Advantages and disadvantages 


  • High yield;
  • Fruit transportability;
  • Disease resistance;
  • Long shelf life.

There are no serious shortcomings in the variety.

It is easy to care for, responsive to any agrotechnical measures.

Mature tree size

Basically, the variety is grown on the dwarf rootstock M9 and medium-sized MM106.

The height of dwarf trees does not exceed two and a half meters, medium-sized – three and a half meters.

The crown of the apple tree is compact, medium thickened.


Differs in high productivity .

The average fruit weight is over 200 grams.

Tasting assessment

The fruits have medium density, fine-grained, juicy texture and delicate sour-sweet taste.

Light-creamy pulp does not loosen during long-term storage, and its taste becomes sweeter over time.

The tasting evaluation of the fruit is high.

winter hardiness

Resistance to low temperatures is rated as high.

In the northern regions , it is necessary to insulate the trunk of young plants and mulch the soil over the root system.

disease resistance

It is the main advantage of the Enterprise variety.

Resistance is created by breeders at the immune level. The presence of the Vf gene makes a variety:

  • Scab resistant;
  • Weakly susceptible to powdery mildew and fire blight.


But I’m very grateful for the advice. Apples by the winter become very juicy, tasty. The color is colorful. They keep well and for a long time .

Apples easily endure long-term transportation, do not lose their presentation until spring, when apple prices increase. Apples are beautiful, attractive.

Features of planting and care

The apple tree does not require special events when growing and obeys the general rules.



Planting is carried out during the period when the plant is at rest, and the soil is not subject to frost.

Autumn planting is carried out from late September to mid-October, in spring – from late March to early April.


Seedlings are planted in pre-prepared planting pits.

As the main dressing , a mixture of fertile soil layer with humus (2-3 buckets) or rotted manure, wood ash, 1-2 tablespoons of complex mineral fertilizer is used.

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The roots of the seedling are freely immersed in the pit, covered with the prepared mixture, tied to a support and watered abundantly.


Seedlings on the dwarf rootstock M9 are planted according to the scheme 1.0 – 1.5 m X 3.0 m, on the medium-sized rootstock MM 106 – 2.5 -3.0 m – 3.5 m.


In the first year after planting, the apple tree is regularly watered so that the plant forms a good root system. With proper preparation of the landing pit, fertilizing during this period is not required.

Agricultural technology

The complex of agrotechnical measures includes:

  • Watering,
  • top dressing,
  • row spacing,
  • weed cleaning,
  • Treatment against pests and diseases. As a preventive measure, plants are sprayed in early spring before bud break and during the flowering period with copper-containing preparations.

Pruning and crown shaping

Formation starts from the second year.

The main trunk is cut at a height of 60-80 cm, which contributes to the development of lateral branches.

In subsequent years , the next level of skeletal branches is formed at a height of 40–50 cm above the previous one.

Pruning is carried out in order to:

  • Prevention of thickening of the crown,
  • Rejuvenation.
  • Remove shoots directed inside the crown and intersecting with the main branches.

Pollinator varieties

To improve fertilization , other varieties of apple trees of medium and late ripening periods with coinciding flowering periods are used:

The Enterprise variety is also a good pollinator.

Features of ripening and fruiting

Beginning of fruiting

The first fruits of trees on a dwarf stock appear at 2-3 years , on a medium-sized one – at 3-4 years.

Five-year-old plants reach full productivity.


Flowering and ripening

Variety Enterprise blooms late and depending on the region and weather conditions.

This time is from the beginning to the last decade of May.

fruit storage

In dry, cold basements, apples are stored until spring , and in special refrigerators – until June.

A good feature of the variety is that during long-term storage, apples do not lose their consumer and commercial qualities for a long time.

And at the beginning of storage, these qualities even improve.

Growing in regions

In outskirts of Moscow

The climate of the region allows the variety to be grown without special conditions.

Young trees are warmed with spruce branches or covering material, and the soil is mulched with peat, rotted manure or sawdust. Insulation will also protect against rodents.

In Ukraine

On the fertile lands of Ukraine, the variety gives good stable yields , but in a hot dry climate, watering of the plants is required, which is stopped during the fruit ripening period in order to prevent them from cracking.

To reduce the evaporation of moisture , the soil is mulched .

Useful video

Watch the video review of the best varieties of apple trees:

Watch the video for expert advice on how to choose the right varieties of apple trees for the garden

Watch the video agronomist’s advice on the selection of apple seedlings:

Watch the agronomist’s video lesson on how to properly plant an apple tree seedling:


In summer, there are enough different vitamin products in the garden, but it is not always possible to keep it in winter.

The variety of apples Enterprise due to its very late ripening and the ability not to deteriorate its consumer qualities under long-term storage conditions will become a source of vitamins during the winter period .

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