All bees do this too.

Game “guess the words” (for android). what words at the level can be made up of the letters S Y K C A O V K

From those letters that are here, you can make the word wax . Everyone knows that in addition to honey, bees produce other products. In this case, this word is perfect, which consists of four letters and is a product of beekeeping.

2) Indian woman (4 letters):

3) Letter of the Latin alphabet (3 letters):

4) The name of the brightly shining headlights (6 letters):

5) Legal requirement (3 letters):

6) Inert gas used in luminous advertisements (4 letters):

7) Soldier (4 letters):

8) The area of ​​​​the human head between the ear and forehead (5 letters):

9) A book with the interpretation of dreams (6 letters):

10) Hides his eyes (4 letters):

11) Mop’s younger brother (5 letters):

12) All bees do this too (4 letters):

The author Alina Ackles asked a question in the section Crosswords, scanwords

bees do it, 4 letters and got the best answer

Answer from Arkady Zheleznyak[master]
wax, honeycombs

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