5 comfortable shoes for going to work

There are quite a few possibilities for choosing women’s shoes. Depending on the season or the occasion, we generally tend to prefer one model over another. To go to work, for example, the emphasis will be more on sobriety and elegance, without forgetting comfort. This last aspect is also of great importance when you know that you will have to wear these shoes for a whole day. If you’re struggling to find the perfect models for going to work, check out 5 comfortable shoes here that you can put on to your business.

Moccasins: comfortable shoes, ideal for going to work

To go to work, your shoes should be stylish and comfortable at the same time . It is precisely this need that moccasins come to answer. Long unloved and intended solely to a male audience, they are now considered basic in shoesings any working girl at the forefront of the trend. Timeless, they can be associated with all types of outfits. Plus, loafers don’t compress your ankles, and they feature flat soles that allow your heels to rest. These are all elements that make them the perfect shoes for long working days .

Part of choosing your moccasins for work is to pay attention to the material of your shoes. On this point, you will mainly have the choice between leather (much more formal), suede or suede. Also take care to choose the right size shoes , this will prevent you from ending up with models that will squeeze your feet and turn out to be too uncomfortable. On premium sites such as elorell.com, which specialize in marketing comfortable shoes available in all sizes, you will certainly find the pair that suits you best.

When it comes to colors and patterns, there are also quite a few possibilities for choice. However, we advise you to opt only for moccasins in solid colors that you will have no trouble wearing with all your work outfits.

Sandals: comfort at the office

If what you are looking for above all is comfort, then exit the pumps with vertiginous heels which are far from practical in everyday life. Instead, turn to sandals. These can be flat or have small heels.

Flat sandals

Flat sandals are a staple when it comes to comfortable footwear. However, to go to work, avoid models with pompoms, sequins or without straps which will rather give you the impression of coming back from the beach! The ideal is to opt instead for more dressy shoes which can cover your feet a little better and which are equipped with beautiful small refined details.

In the category of flat sandals, gladiator sandals and tropéziennes, for example, are perfectly suited to a professional setting. As for the straps, avoid materials that can hurt or injure you and prefer those that are gel. When it comes to the soles, opt for materials such as cork or rubber in order to benefit from better stability.

Heeled sandals

If you find it a bit difficult to go without heels in your workplace, then heeled sandals are sure to be a hit. However, for a style that is at the same time refined, dressed and comfortable, the ideal is to opt for small thick heels, at most 5 cm . Beyond that, it causes some instability as well as discomfort. When it comes to materials, choose only those that are natural, especially if you sweat quickly. Both beautiful, resistant and comfortable, suede and leather, for example, are perfectly suited.

The Richelieu: elegant and comfortable for working

Stitched to men’s shoes, the Richelieu are city shoes that appeal to many women in search of comfort and elegance on a daily basis. If you fall into this category, then feel free to adopt them to go to work. Timeless, the Richelieu can be worn all year round, regardless of the season.

While they are often available in leather models, you will also find them in imitation leather or suede. On the color side, you usually have brown, beige or black, but also burgundy red, blue, white, silver, etc. You can also bet on colors of laces that contrast with your pair of shoes (a combination of blue laces and black shoes, for example, can be interesting).

Also, avoid models with too round or too sharp ends. In addition, the Richelieu are much more recommended for narrow feet . If yours are not, then the ideal is to turn to derbies instead.

The derbies: the panacea for office work

Practical and elegant, derbies are perfectly suited to wide feet . For maximum comfort, the ideal is to opt for models made of leather. As for the colors, the range of choices is quite varied, even if the most neutral tones are the ones to favor for the days at work.

At the time of your choice, also be careful to opt for models perfectly adapted to your feet. Indeed, while it is true that leather can relax a little over time, this never allows you to gain one size more. So if you are wearing a 40, no need to opt for a 39 in the hope that your shoes will become more comfortable with use.

Sneakers: the relaxation to go to work

It is far behind us this time when we thought that sneakers had no place at work. From now on, these shoes are invited to the workplace and are available in ever more refined models that are unanimous with everyone. It must be said that in terms of comfort, sneakers are highly recommended . However, to avoid the fashion faux pas which could give you the appearance of a teenager (to be avoided absolutely), the ideal is to bet on sober models. White sneakers or slip-ons in plain tones will do the trick, for example.

In summary, if you want to bet on comfortable pairs of shoes to go to work, then sneakers, Oxfords, derbies, moccasins and sandals are quite interesting options.

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